Magic Trixs - Part 2


'Yeah, I know. He likes you though, I could tell. '"Well I think I like him too. ' she said with thatmischievous twinkle in her green eyes. 'Now where werewe?' She reached down and touched my manhood only tocome up with a disappointed look on her face. 'Whathappened?' 'I guess the moment was lost, so to speak. Let's go inside and dry off. ' I replied. 'Okay. 'shesaid. I turned off the music and the Jacuzzi but justas my hand reached the light switch I thought I sawsomething move near the top of the wall deep in theshadows behind the palm trees. Just then Bo reappearedand what ever it was, was gone, probably only a cat ora bird. I switched off the lights and moved off tojoin Trixy in the house. Bo loped off around the sideof the house. Inside the house Trixy was rubbing herarms to warmup. 'Hold on let's go in the master bathfor some towels.

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  ' And I led her toward my bedroom. Shepicked up her, well I guess you'd call it her purseexcept it was more like a carryall. Why I hadn'tnoticed it earlier I can't say, I guess I was lookingelsewhere. Once in the bed room I turned up the light dimmer andincreased the sound level of the background music. Theroom was furnished in rich mahogany with heavy red velvetdrapery and white on white flocked wall paper the mainfocus of the room was of course the king size four posterbed with a canopy and a fur throw covering it. I couldtell right away Trixy was taking it all in, she came toa complete halt, 'What the hell. . . . . this looks just likea whore house!' then she began to laugh. I began tosimmer at the obvious smack in the face I had justreceived, and said, 'You certainly know how to hurt a guydon't you?' She turned and looked me in the eye and said,'well I don't see you doin' any thing about it. ' I pulledher toward me and shook her, but all I saw was defiancein her eyes. Well, was I going to continue to let herwalk all over me? I suppose I could throw her and herclothes out the door. .

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  . . . no I couldn't, she deserved areal lesson in being a lady. 'So tough guy,' she saidshaking loose of my grasp, 'where are there towels youpromised?' That did it I’d had all I planned to take. 'You selfish bitch,' then I took her by her elbows andtwisting her around I tossed her on the bed. I threw thecovers onto the floor, and took hold of her hands then asI attempted to straddle her body she tried to throw meoff. Suddenly she became a wildcat thrashing this waythen that. 'If you don't settle down I'm gonna tie you tothe bed post. ' I threatened. 'You wouldn't dare youpussy,' She spit out at me. 'and you better not spank meagain either. ' It was all I could do to hold on to her. 'That does it you're gonna get it now. ' I blustered, 'IfI had a pair of hand cuffs I'd tie you down right now.

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  ''If you think you're man enough there's a pair in my bag'she challenged me. That did it I tried to hold her offwith my right hand and my body weight while I reached forher bag with my left. Sure enough there they were abright shiny pair of Smith & Wesson hand cuffs, a quicksnap and all I had to contend with were her feet. Then anidea came to mind, as she panted and glared at me Idragged her over to her pile of clothes and picked up hervelvet rope belt. Then pulling her back to the bed I tiedher left leg to the head board post and her right leg tothe foot board post so that her ass was at the edge ofthe bed and her legs spread wide apart. Letting go of heI ran into the bathroom and got the belts from the twobathrobes hanging behind the door and when I returned Idid the same thing with her arms. This left her securelytied face-up spread eagle across my bed. Completely in mycontrol. Except of course for her mouth. As I stood up and looked down on Trixy, secured to mybed. I felt a power flow through me. 'Let me go you miserablecocksucker, you dirty no good. . . . 

  . . muuufff. . . ' I put my handher mouth. 'That's quite enough of that young lady, youbrought this on yourself. The question now is what's aproper punishment for your shall we say indiscretions?'Lifting my hand I said, 'well, what's it gonna be?''Do what ever you want you heathen I don't care, youcan't scare me. ' Then her defiant look seemed to meltaway to be replaced by an expectant one, a look of almostdesire came over her face. By now the power that I felthad centered itself in my manhood, my cock was so hard itwas throbbing. I looked at Trixy again and saw that shehad lifted her head and was staring at my dick and thather mouth was slightly open. It was then that I realizedSHE WANTED THIS! How stupid, she enjoyed being tied upand forced to respond. Hell she'd been asking for it. 'You want this don't you?' I said shaking my cock at herface. You'd like to suck it dry wouldn't you?' she put ona face that said it all.

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   'You're in charge, I guess Ihave to do whatever you want. ' then she let her head fallback on my bed. 'Yeah, well I guess I am in charge. So Ithink I'll go get some more wine and let you lay thereand think about what I'm gonna do to you. ' And I walkedout of the bedroom with my swollen dong swinging back andforth. Just as I poured the wine into the goblet thefront door bell rang. "SHIT!"Trixy called out to me from the bedroom where I'd left her"Who's that?' "Don't answer It!' I went into the bedroomand into the bathroom, grabbed my robe and as I walkedback through the bedroom pulling on the robe I said,'Be quiet I'll get rid of whoever it is. ' 'O. . . Okay' cameher reply. As I reached the door the bell rang again, andI reached for my belt only to remember it was still aroundTrixy's wrists back in the bedroom. So I held the robeshut over my still engorged cock with my left hand whilemy right hand juggled the wine goblet and tried tonegotiate the door knob. When I succeeded in getting thedoor opened there stood the most beautiful black girl Ihad ever seen. She had skin the color of cafe' au let,hair that was dark as midnight and large brown eyes,'Hi! I'm Baby, your next door neighbor's niece.

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   I'mvisiting from Georgia, but I seem to have misplaced mykeys and uncle Mike and aunt Tina are at a late movie. Iwas hoping you wouldn't mind letting me wait inside withyou for a while, it's cold and I let the cab go. ' Ihardly heard what she said, 'Sure. . . . I guess. . . . I meanyeah, come on in. . . . .

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  errr. . . well I am kind of in themiddle of something. ' She stepped past me and turn whileI attempted to close the door spilling some wine on theentry tiles and letting my robe slip just enough to letto much show. 'Oh, she gasped, I see what you mean. Iguess my timing isn't quite right. Or maybe it is? Herelet me help you' then she reached out and took the winegoblet took a sip and put it and her purse on the halltable. Stepping closer she took my robe in both her handsand slowly opened it 'Wow, that looks like you could usesome help in this department too. ' Baby shrugged off herjacket and dropped to her knees, She took my dick in herwarm mouth and slowly began to suck and move her head inand out all the while rolling her tongue around the headof my cock. She was digging her long red nails into myass and I had my fingers entwined in her soft hair, I waslost in ecstasy pumping in and out of her mouth, just asI closed in on the point of no return, Trixy yelled outfrom the bedroom, 'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING OUTTHERE?' Baby's head snapped back and I was left danglingin midair. 'Who was that' Baby said, slyly 'Don't tell me thatyou've got another lady here. ' Then she stood up andmoved in the direction of Trixy's voice. I stood rootedto the floor, "Unnn. .

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  . . Wait, I mean. . . . . it's not what youthink, I mean. . . . . no' Then I found my legs and dashed tothe bedroom door just as Baby began to take in the scene. 'well, well, what do we have here? are you two beingnaughty or what?' Looking down on Trixy she asked ' Whathave you done to be punished like this, you, misbehave?''Fuck you! you black bitch, untie me right now cunt!''Yeah, that's what I thought, tough wench ain't she?'Baby said turning toward me. 'I like the nipple ringsthough, nice touch.

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  ' 'You enjoy bein' tied up don'chasweetie?' she said looking back at Trixy. 'What's yourname anyways?' Trixy looked up at the 6' tall black womanand said "What's your's Aunt Jemmima?' Baby smiled in ascary kind of way that twisted her face. Then she reacheddown and grabbed Trixy by the left nipple with her thumband forefinger and twisted it sharply. 'Listen whitetrash, First off I ask the questions, you answer. Secondmy name is Baby, but you call Mam, third you give me anyo'da shit you been given him you gonna regret it. You gotall that scum?' "Y. . . yes. ' Twisting harder Baby said"Yes, what?' 'Ow! Yes Mam. ' Letting go of her nipple Babyturned to me and said 'Now that's better, you know mostpeople is right handed so when they play with themselvesthey squeeze their right nipple and so that one givesthem the most pleasure. You wanna pinch the left one togive 'em pain, Right girl?' "Yes Mam. ' said Trixy in asoft voice. 'Okay. ' Said Baby 'Now what's your name?''Trixy, Mam.

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  ' 'And what's your name neighbor?' Babyturned in my direction and gave me a chilling look. .