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"Really?" Matt's eyebrows went up, and a slow smile spread across his lips. "Mm-hmm. I wanted to. . . ahh. . . get myself ready for the. . . mmm. . . next time I see you. ""Yum.

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   I take it that you'll be there when I get home from work. " Matt said. "I don't think I can wait that long. " Jenny said in a pouty little voice. "What are you going to do about it then?" Matt grinned. Maybe it was his imagination, but he thought he could hear soft, wet sounds across the phone line. "Actually, a better questions would be 'what are you going to do about it?' You see, I'm not waiting for you at home. Right now, I'm. . ohh. . . I'm in the basement parking garage of this building, in the backseat of your car. I'm using my cell-phone. ""You are?" Matt loosened his tie.

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  "Uh-huh. So. . . ahh. . . what are you going to do?" Jenny panted. "Break the sound barrier. " Matt said and then hung up. Tossing his tie on his desk, Matt left his office and headed to the elevators. Within a minute, he was stepping out into the basement parking garage. A man with a purpose, he headed towards his car. Coming up alongside his car, he couldn't see into the back because of the tinted windows. Matt walked to the rear door on the passenger side and opened it.

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  Jenny was there, sitting with her back against the opposite door, facing him. Her long, golden hair was in disarray, and one of her hands was busy between her spread legs. Matt could see one slim finger gracefully working between the puffy lips of her smooth pussy. Jenny licked her lips, looking at Matt. "My God. . . " Matt said in a reverent voice. He started to climb in, but Jenny stopped him by putting a foot on his chest. "Oh no you don't!" she said. "You just stay there for a second. " Matt stopped, one hand on the roof of the car, crouched with just his head in the door. Jenny grinned wickedly at him, and both of her hands went at her pussy. She started masturbating at a feverish pace. She was mauling her clit.

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   Matt stared, transfixed. Jenny started gasping, her body bucking in a counter-rhythm. Matt opened his pants, taking out his aching cock, while he drank in the sight of Jenny thrashing in orgasm. Her skin was flushed and her whole body stiffened. She bit down on her lip, choking back the scream, cumming. After a few seconds, jenny's head came up. She chuckled deep in her throat, and started to crawl across the seat towards Matt. "Now I know why you insisted I get tinted windows, you little minx. " Matt rasped. "Mmmm. You don't know the half of it" Jenny said as she reached Matt. Before he could lean further into the car, Jenny dipped her head down and sucked half of Matt's cock into her hot mouth. "Gah!" Matt, startled, stood straight up with his head out of the car. Jenny made a noise that was half growl, half chuckle. Matt placed both of his hands on the roof of the car to steady himself as Jenny's mouth worked on him.

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  On a bad day, Jenny was the best cocksucker Matt had ever known. And now she was really putting effort into it. Her tongue was dancing all around the head of his cock, curling along the underside of the ridge, and then flicking back to his tip. Then she would slurp him in, wetly sucking on the top half of his dick. Pulling her mouth back a little, Jenny gently drew her teeth along his head before licking him back into her mouth. She was earnestly sucking his cock now, bobbing her up and down, increasing the tempo. Matt was starting to loose control. "Excuse me Mr. Conners, are you all right?" a voice asked. Matt's eyes flew open to see one of the garage security guards standing less than six feet away from the front bumper on the other side of his car. Matt's mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. Jenny was no help at all. She slid his cock out of her mouth and proceeded to lick his balls while stroking him with her hand. "Ah. .

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  yes. Yes Tom, quite. . . ahh. . . fine. Thank you. Just. . . trying to let of a little steam. " It was taking all of Matt's willpower to keep a straight face. The guard nodded.

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  "I can understand that. Take care of yourself Mr. Conners. " the guard said, walking away. Jenny licked up and down the length of Matt's cock while Matt watched the guard get into the elevator.
    Matt shot a look down at Jenny. She just grinned at him over the tip of his cock. "Christ girl, are you trying to kill me?" Matt blurted out. "Feh. I've been practicing y'know. I'll show you what I would do if I wanted to kill you. " Jenny leered. Then, without any warning, she dove back down and swallowed the entire length of his cock. "Sweet Jesus!" Matt howled. Jenny grabbed onto Matt's hips with both of her hands and started to piston her face onto his cock.

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       Matt's hands clutched at the upper doorjamb as his body arched back. His cry broke off into a choking gasp as he started to shoot his cum straight down Jenny's greedy throat. Jenny pulled her mouth off his cock, and smiled up at him, her lips glistening. She pulled him into the backseat. They sat there, tenderly holding each other, while Matt regained his senses. He eventually looked at her, his eyes filled with love and awe. "I love you. " Jenny said sweetly. "I love you too. " Matt replied, kissing her softly. Then he laid his head back against the seat. "Hoo-boy. That. . .

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      that was monstrously intense""Oooh, I like that! Yeah!" she preened. "Monstrously intense!""Don't get too cocky there. It's time to reap what you sow. " Matt started to lay her on her back. "What? Whoa! Wait a second here. . . Oh!" Jenny squealed as Matt buried his face in her pussy. .



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