Lucky Stone Pt 2


I had been looking at the magazines for a while when the phone rang. I went into Dads room and answered. It was Sue wanting to know if dad was home. I told her he was at golf and would be gone most of the day. She then asked if I was staying home and I told her I was going out as soon as I finished making the beds. I returned to her room and put back the magazines and made the bed. I was just starting on dad’s bed when the phone rang again. This time it was dad telling me that he was going to be much later than he thought as golf was going very slow and he didn’t know how he would get this contract if the golf day failed. As I hung up the phone my only thought was “he will have to let them fuck his daughter to get the deal”. Just then I heard the front door open and Sue called out to see if I was still home. I was just about to answer when I felt the stone heat up against my chest. I glanced out the window and saw another car in the drive then heard Sue tell someone to wait until she called. I stepped into Dads wardrobe and slid the door closed. It was a louver door so I could see through the slats but was hidden by the clothes from the outside. Sue poked her head into the room for a quick look then went to her room where I heard her rummaging in her cupboard. She returned with a box and began placing various size candles around the bed head.

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   She lit the candles, put a CD in the player and pulled down the blinds. Then she stood by the bed and called out “come on up”. A few seconds later Jenny entered the room and walked straight to Sue. Both girls stood facing each other as some new age music began to play. Sue reached behind Jenny’s head pulling it forward and began to hungrily kiss Jenny’s mouth while holding her head tight. Jenny responded by placing her hands on Sue’s butt and giving each cheek a good squeeze. They kissed for nearly a minute and then separated. Sue reached up and began to pull the zip on Jenny’s uniform down. She pulled it to her waist and then pushed the uniform from her shoulders to reveal a firm set of breasts encased in a lacy lilac bra. Sue leant back in, her left hand on jenny’s head and her right on Jenny’s tit and the two girls continued to kiss. Jenny worked her hands from Sue’s butt to her back running her hands over every inch while still locked in a passionate embrace. They came up for air and Jenny pulled the zip down on Sue’s uniform uncovering a red satin bra. Jenny and Sue then unhooked their bras and dropped them to the floor. Sue’s breasts were round with the nipple in the middle while Jenny’s were upturned with the nipple towards the top. Jenny moved in and began sucking gently on Sue’s breast while Sue’s hands firmly massaged both tits.

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  I was holding the stone and thinking this is just like a soft porn movie then I thought “come on lets get some action going”. At that moment Sue dropped to her knees and pulled Jenny’s uniform to the floor. Jenny was wearing a pair of lace hipster briefs to match her bra. Jenny pulled the briefs down putting on display a nicely trimmed pussy and then placing one leg on the bed. She then placed a hand on Sue’s head and directed it to her cunt pushing Sue’s face right in and also moving her hips for better contact. Sue was lapping away at Jenny’s cunt, her head bobbing up and down as Jenny ground her crotch against Sue like some table dancers pole Sue placed two fingers in her mouth then jabbed then into Jenny’s gooey cunt pushing then in and out at a frenzied pace as if trying to thrust her whole hand into her friends hole. Jenny was pulling her nipples and while her mouth was open all she was saying was oh’s and ah’s. “Come on girls, crank it up” I thought. Jenny grabbed Sue by the hair and pulled her up leaving her uniform on the floor and her arse exposed in red sheer bikini briefs. Jenny then “threw” Sue on the bed and climbed on top pulling the briefs aside and attacking Sue’s cunt with her tongue and fingers. Jenny said “You like finger jamming then try this. ” She removed one finger from Sue’s cunt and drove it up her arse hole. While Jenny continued to give Sue a finger sized DP and bit and kissed her clit Sue was bucking like a bronco her hips thrusting to meet every down stroke of Jenny’s head. I was thinking if this is a porno movie then let’s have a big finish. Sue asked Jenny to stop for moment and asked if she was ready for a surprise.

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   Jenny agreed and rolled off. Sue reached under the bed and brought out a shoe box. “Do you want a small surprise or a big surprise?” “How about we start small and then big. ” replied Jenny. Sue opened the box and held up a slim vibrator about six inches long and a fleshy pink colour. “Well this is the small and this is the big” said Sue as she then removed a black dildo about nine or ten inches long and maybe an inch and a half thick from the box. “I want the big one” said Jenny. “Are you sure you can take it?” replied Sue. “Two words” said Jenny “coach Shearman. ” “Alright girl lets go” said Sue. Jenny assumed a doggie position and waited for Sue rubbing her clit in anticipation of a thorough fucking. Sue took the slim vibrator and worked it into her cunt. When it was well in she strapped on the harness for the dildo and applied some lubricant. “Well here I come bitch” with that Sue rubbed the bulbous head along Jenny’s crack until she found the hole and then pushed forward with a sudden thrust. Jenny screamed as half the big dildo entered her pussy but Sue just pulled back a fraction before ramming in again and plunging even more into her friends well stretched cunt.

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   Jenny moaned into the pillow as Sue repeatedly thrust the big phallus into her cunt until her hips hit Jenny’s arse. She held it there for a moment and from the look on her face the vibrator up her own cunt was sending her into pleasure overload. “Don’t stop now” said Jenny “let me have. Hard” Sue pulled about half the length out before forcing it home with a slap of flesh colliding. Jenny continued to moan and groan but pushed her butt back to meet each new thrust from Sue. The tempo increased, each girl now covered in a film of sweat, both girls screaming as the vibrator and dildo bought them to shuddering climaxes. They finally collapsed on the bed gasping for breath. Sue pulled the strap aside and removed the vibrator from her cunt while leaving the dildo embedded in Jenny. “Wow that was awesome” said Jenny as she removed the dildo from her stretched cunt. “Well we better clean these up so Mom doesn’t know I used them and then clean ourselves” said Sue. While the girls headed to the shower I headed off to find a place I could jack off and think of the next mission for the “lucky stone. ”.



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