Loving Little Julie - Part 4


His wife sat up and eyed him seductively, the brilliant green of her gaze announcing her intentions. Leaning closer, she pressed her lips to his mouth and inserted her tongue. They kissed for a moment and Jake began to lose himself in the feeling. Michelle was such a wonderful kisser, very erotic and sensual. Working her body tight against his, she slowly explored the inside of his mouth, swirling her tongue delicately, sucking his lip in, and moaning softly. Just as he lifted his arms to pull her closer, his half-closed eyes saw movement and he looked at Julie. She was staring at them, her eyes filled with hurt and accusation as she watched Jake kiss his wife. Using his eyes, he pleaded for her to understand as he allowed all the conflicting emotions that thundered through him to show on his face, but the girl just flounced over on her other side so she wouldn’t have to watch them kiss. Hearing Julie’s movement, Michelle pulled away and looked over at her. “She must be uncomfortable. Why don’t you help her get to bed while I have a shower? Then we can take this to our room. Okay?”“Sure,” he said, rising to his feet, grateful to get a small moment with Julie. Michelle went upstairs while Jake locked up and turned out the lights. When he heard the shower start up for one of his wife’s half hour cleansing rituals, he went to Julie and stroked her hair. “Julie, honey, are you all right?”She ignored him, keeping her face turned away. “You have to understand sweetie.

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   Michelle is my wife; I have no choice really. Please baby, don’t be mad at me. ”When she turned to face him finally, he was relieved to see a glimmer of understanding in her eyes. Reaching out, she ran her finger down his cheek. “I love you so much Jake. I do understand I guess, but I don’t like it. I want to be the one in your bed tonight. I feel so… left out. ” “I’m sorry about that angel, I really am, and I love you too. I want you in my bed just as much as you want to be there, but it has to be this way until I can figure something better out for us. Okay?”“Okay,” she said in a small voice. “I don’t feel good Jake. ”“I know honey, you’re sick is all. I should have left you alone today and put you to bed instead of making love to you, even though I enjoyed every minute with you and every inch of your body. ”The girl moved closer, putting her head against his chest.

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   He put his arms under her and lifted her up. Squirming, she cuddled close to him, wrapping her arms around his neck as he carried her up the stairs. “Where are you taking me?” She murmured sleepily. “To bed. You need to get some rest. ”“To your bed Jake?”“No angel. I’m taking you to your bed. ” She was light as a feather and incredibly warm. Worrying over her, he slid her between the cool sheets and started to cover her up. “I’m hot Jake. Take off my pajamas. ”“Um, not a good idea sweetheart. You do it. ”“Uh uh. You.

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  ” Jake listened for the shower for a moment then tugged Julie’s top over her head. She sighed, her eyes still closed, and lifted her arms to allow him to pull it free. He watched as she breathed deeply, her lovely chest rising and falling with each inhalation. Helpless to resist, he leaned over and kissed the stiff nipples that topped each beautiful breast, then he pulled her pajama bottoms down. She was bare underneath. Jake stared at her soft pussy lips, remembering the way they’d snugly held on to his cock as he’d fucked her. The young girl stroked his face and smiled with her sleepy blue eyes. “Kiss me Jake. ”He leaned toward her lips, but she pushed his head down along the front of her body instead, shivering as she felt the moist trail he left behind on her hot skin. Tenderly, he laid his lips on her mound, breathing her sweet scent in and kissing softly. Julie groaned and spread her legs, encouraging him to work in deep for a liquid kiss that would hold them both until they could join their bodies together again. Jake’s cock hardened right away, his young love’s naked sex so tantalizingly close to his face. Slipping his tongue out, he teased her plump lips, licking up the trace fluids that coated them. In her feverish state, her moans were even lower in pitch and full of such need. Watching her body’s reaction from the corner of his eye, and hearing the passion in her voice drove Jake high up the scale of arousal.

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   Amazed at how strongly he always wanted her, he tongued her clitoris for a few seconds before reluctantly pulling away. “What is it?” She asked softly. “I can’t stay here. I have to go now, besides Julie, you really need to rest and get better. ”Groaning just a little, she turned on her side to face him. “Cover me up Jake, and give me another kiss before you go. ” Smiling, he pulled the bedding up and tucked it under her chin. She snuggled down and gave him a sweet smile. His mind flew, imagining the curves of her body as it must look arranged under the blanket that covered her. He brushed her hair from her face, kissed her cheek and just stood there looking at her until he heard the shower stop. “Go now Jake. I’m fine,” she whispered. Leaning down, he pressed his lips to hers firmly, tasting her once more before standing and walking towards the door. “If you need anything Julie, just call out, okay?”Sleepy and warm, she answered with a murmured okay, then let her tired eyes close. Jake made a final check of the house, filling his mind with images of Julie as he carefully tried the doors and windows.

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   Mostly, he was killing time as he thought; he simply couldn’t understand why she excited him so much. Maybe it was her eager youth; when it gave way, allowing her sexuality to emerge, she was like a volcano, spewing her passion far and wide, surrounding him with liquid heat, and God, he just wanted her all the time. He entered his bedroom a few minutes later. Michelle sat naked at her vanity table brushing her hair. Jake took a moment to look at her. She really was very beautiful, with no sign of having birthed a chubby baby boy some nineteen months earlier. Her hair fell like shiny beach sand around her face and down her back. Straight, long, and naturally blonde, it came to just above her buttocks and had always drawn Jake like a magnet. He often imagined feeling it wrapped fully around his entire body and wouldn’t even discuss her cutting it. At thirty-seven, Michelle’s body was in perfect condition. She stood five feet, ten inches tall, her long muscled legs attesting to her dancer history. Her waist was narrow, her tummy flat, her arms firm, and as always he admired her large, high breasts with their light brown, oh so exciting nipples. He knew his friends envied him; Michelle was a real prize and he was proud of her beauty as well as her strong, vibrant personality. Her sultry green eyes caught his in the mirror, her lips curving into a promising smile as she beckoned to him. Despite his preoccupation with young Julie, Jake began to harden as he looked at his wife.

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   She set the hairbrush down, rose from her chair and approached him gracefully. As her lips fastened to his, he tasted the cleanliness of toothpaste, smelled her exotic perfume, and responded by pulling her to him roughly. There was none of the coy, slow seduction that he employed with Julie. In its place was hot, fierce passion, rapidly building and re-igniting the embers that he had effectively banked just a little earlier. Michelle was ready for him; she wanted him. He put his hands on each side of her face and held her still while he drilled his tongue into her mouth. She responded with a moan and he felt her soft hands pulling urgently at him. Flashes of Julie’s sweet face entered his mind, inflaming him as another woman’s body yielded to his attention, and he kissed her deeper, his tongue stroking at hers, urging her to come inside where it was warm and moist. When they broke free, Michelle was looking at him strangely, a glint of mischief in her eyes. She turned and walked to the bed, Jake hot on her trail. Taking his favorite submissive position on her hands and knees, something she rarely did, she thrust her shapely ass up and out. He approached, placed his hand on the small of her back and pushed down just a little, his cock once more raging hard. Michelle allowed him to push at her until her chest lay against the cool sheets, her feet dangling just off the edge of the bed, her ass high and vulnerable. Those lovely twin globes felt soft and firm in his hands. He pulled at them, allowing his fingers to explore every pore of her skin.

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   Leaning down, he traced his tongue around and around the fleshiest part of her buttocks, worshipping her ass as he so loved to do, imagining the feeling of her tight, puckered hole squeezing his shaft. Beneath him, Michelle moaned a little and thrust back at him. Moving stiffly, he slid his shorts down and rested his cock between her cheeks. He was stiff and dripping, wanting to fuck her quickly as he watched her muscles ripple beneath their covering of lightly tanned skin. Somewhere from the back of his mind, Julie’s face swam into view, her large blue eyes trusting, her lips quivering with passion. But she wasn’t here right now; his wife was here instead, and she was primed for a night of sexplay and fucking. That didn’t happen often enough and Jake planned to take full advantage. “You’re hot tonight Chelle,” he whispered, stroking her soft bottom, “You want me to fuck you?”In response, Michelle reached between her legs and gripped his hot erection. She gasped as it filled her hand and coated her fingers with a slippery stream of pre-cum. Settling her face into the pillow, she began to jerk on his cock, pointing it toward her juicing pussy hole. “I missed you Jake. I missed your cock. I want it inside me. ” Her voice little more than a hushed groan, “Fuck me. ”Leisurely, his hands moving of their own accord, he followed the path between her luscious ass cheeks, trailing his fingers downward until they met with her slick, overheated sex.

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   Smooth and shaven, her labia molded to his hand as he covered it fully and spread her pungent juices along her skin. He moved his hand as a whole, whipping it back and forth, beating her cream to a froth, as his stiff middle finger slipped on and off of her clit. Michelle moaned and spread her legs, pushing back against him. As his cock jerked and trembled, throbbing for release, Jake singled out Michelle’s clitoris. He teased it with his soaked finger, running around it in a circle, flicking it up and down, feeling it swell under his touch. He pressed his cock against her firm thigh, digging at her tender cunt until her clit stood out tall enough to grasp. “Mmm, yes,” She groaned, “Make me cum Jake. ”He slid his free hand around and under her, spreading her slick lips open. From behind he began an assault on her pulsing clit unlike any other, the memory of Julie’s powerful orgasms making him long to give the same to Michelle. She responded by bucking harder against him, searching for the pleasure his touch promised. A hiss issued from her throat. It was low-pitched and set Jake’s heart to hammering. Bold and confident, he used his slick coated fingers to pull on her hard pleasure bud, applying firm pressure, then backing off to a soft finishing stroke, as he plunged his thumb inside the hot cavity of her sex. Over and over, he jacked her clit as his temples throbbed and his cock lurched. “Oh… Jake! Oh God… that feels so good.

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   Don’t stop baby… please don’t stop!”And she hung there, suspended between denial and release, the stroke of his fingers too intense to give her what she craved, yet feeling too good to tell ask him to stop. The woman ground her cunt down in powerful thrusts, nearly knocking herself and Jake from the edge of the bed. He slowed his efforts a little, easing the intensity to make way for her rush, and began to press on her clit firmly, watching excitedly as her orgasm rolled up her lush body. Her urgent moans lowered to softly punctuated groans as she began to cum in his hand. Holding still, cupping her mound, he moved just the tip of his finger rapidly on her clitoris, feeling the changes in her pussy as it softened, then tensed, then vibrated, her fluids steaming out in high volumes, her clitoris at maximum erection. “Jake!” She hissed, “Oh my God. I’m cumming! Do it baby… yessss… do it… rub my clit!”As she collapsed against the bed covers, her cunt still pulsing, he slipped his hand free and sucked at his fingers, subconsciously comparing her spicy flavor to the sweetness of Julie’s young pussy. They were both intoxicating and he longed to slip inside either one of them and squirt his cum deep into their bellies. Michelle’s breathing calmed and her moans slowed. Jake stroked her back and tangled his fingers in her hair. Leaning down he whispered words of love in her ear as she smiled through the mass of hair that covered her face. “I love you Chelle. You’re so hot… so sexy. Can I have your ass tonight baby? Please?” Stiffening, she gave the answer that he knew she would, “No! No Jake… just fuck me now. Okay?”Frustrated, he groaned, grinding his stiff member up and down between her firm ass cheeks.

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   He’d been trying for a long time to fuck Michelle’s ass. He so coveted that dark, damp, forbidden hole. Against his will, a thought surfaced in his mind. …Julie wouldn’t deny me… she’d let me fuck her ass as deep and hard as I wanted to…“Fine,” he said, “If you want my cock, then you fuck me. ” Rolling over, he lay back on the bed and began to pump his prick under Michelle’s scrutiny. Sighing with pleasure, he fisted its length and pulled up as his other hand closed around his balls. His legs fell open and he shut his eyes, a streak of cruelty surfacing selfishly in his mind. Briefly, he wondered what the fuck was wrong with him. Michelle was so sweet tonight… so receptive to his touch, and here he was filling her with guilt just because she didn’t want to share her own body as he thought she should. That wasn’t like him, yet still he continued to jerk his cock and ignore her. Hearing a soft sigh, he opened his eyes. Michelle was staring at him, her eyes shining, her soft red lips slightly parted, her chest heaving. She was turned on, he thought dumbly. She was enjoying seeing him pull and stroke on his stiff cock. Moving faster, he squeezed the head of his dick on every upstroke until a gleaming flow of pre-cum dripped down his fingers.


  Instantly, Michelle’s face hovered over his cock. Tossing her head, she sent her mane of thick, glossy blonde hair flying as she moistened her lips with her hot pink tongue. “Wanna taste you Jake. I wanna suck you… I wanna swallow you,” she moaned. Surprised, he placed one hand on the back of her head and pushed down, groaning as her tongue flicked out to stab at his heated cockflesh and sweep his juice away.
    Her tiny tongue swabbed… stabbed… licked at his abundant flow, sucking up every drop and exciting him to an extreme he’d never had with Michelle before, at least not for a very long time. “Suck!” he ordered harshly, the tease of her tongue too much to take, “Suck hard on my cock!”Michelle’s lips slipped wetly upon his skin, her saliva suddenly flowing as her mouth watered. Eager to take advantage of his wife’s abrupt attitude change toward their sexual activities, he rotated his hips, pushing his length deeply into her mouth. Gagging, she moaned again, brushing her tongue softly along the underside of his cock. Jake was in heaven. He could count on both hands the number of times his wife had sucked his cock over the years, and even then, she was very reserved. Now here she was sucking hard, trying to swallow his hard dick while all he could do was thrust and groan. “Yes… oh fuck yes… suck my cock Chelle. ”Moving her lips to match the urgency of her tongue, she pulled him in, swallowing, sucking, licking. One tug after another, her strong lips pulled at his hard, hot shaft.

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       He plunged in with a flex of his hips, feeling the soft scrape of her teeth as she suckled. At once, her hands were on his tight balls, rolling them, pulling at the loose skin that covered them until her wet fingers were caressing only the tight, hard little nuts that held his boiling cum. At the same time, she used her tongue perfectly. He could feel her caresses… her vigorous, firm licking… her soft sucking… her greedy hunger. Tightening his ass, he began to pump his prick in and out of her mouth, filling her wet cavity with his throbbing hard cock. “Oh fuck! Oh my God Chelle. Feels so good baby. ”Lovely Michelle whimpered and tugged him closer with her hands on his hips, taking his cock all the way to the back of her tender, clasping throat. Drowning in her soft mouth, he could only groan as he felt the imminent eruption of his lava-like cum begin to stir. Suddenly, without warning, she lifted her head and stared at him, as his balls began to cool a little. Confused, his hips searched in vain for the warmth of her mouth, but she was gone. Just as he began to speak, to beg her to suck him off, she straddled him and lowered her cunt onto his dick. In one swift swoop she took him all the way in, her cunt lips spreading fluidly to accommodate him and grunting in pleasure as his cock filled her completely. She planted her feet on each side of his belly, her long, sexy dancer legs flexing as they carried her body swiftly in an up and down motion. She was leaning back on her arms, legs splayed, smooth tummy tightening reflexively, ass pistoning her hungry slit up and down on his cock.

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      Jake was breathless. He had no idea what had turned his wife on so much, but he was enjoying the abandoned way she fucked him. He placed his hands on her hips and stroked her, feeling the way her cunt grabbed at him on each upstroke, loving the way it sucked him instantly back inside when he came close to slipping out completely. Her heavy tits bounced each time she sat down on his cock and he watched as she lifted a hand and pinched down hard on one nipple after another, undulating her belly, rippling atop him. The low, groaning noises she made heated his blood. Silently, he watched her fuck him almost as if he wasn’t even in the room. Wanton lost displayed on her face as she repeatedly swung her hips down onto him. “My clit Jake,” she whispered, “Rub me off baby. Make me cum again. ”Immediately, he used both hands to spread her pussy lips, seeking out her hard pearl, stroking it with both thumbs in an alternating pattern. She went wild above him; her voice groaning so loud it was sure to wake Julie and the baby. He shushed her quietly and renewed his touch. As Jake writhed underneath her, his thumbs teasing her clit, his hips fucking her ruthlessly, his gaze fell on the mirror that had supplied him with so much visual excitement that very morning. A strong vision of sweet young Julie, fucking her own pussy with total abandonment flashed through his mind, and he moaned loudly, driving his dripping tool deeply into his wife’s accepting sex. Again and again, he saw the child and it drove him mad with lust.

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      “Chelle… oh God… I’m gonna cum baby. Fuck my dick hard!”His wife complied, heaving her body up, his cock just teasing the entrance to her pliant pussy, then slamming down until his tool swept against her inner walls delightfully. Opening his eyes, he saw the lust glazed look in his wife’s green eyes as she fucked herself to pleasure on his steel hard, oozing shaft. She twisted her head from side to side, groaning… fucking… losing herself. Chelle and Julie… the visions of each, one in the flesh and the other in memory, took him over the edge and as his wife cried out her orgasm, he unleashed and spewed his hot lava deeply into her milking cunt. “Mmm… Jake… Jake… Oh Jake. Cum in me baby…. Fill me up… ohhhhh… yessss. ”He answered with moans of his own and drew her body down to him, his cock continuing to squirt his seed, shot after steaming shot, inside her. So soft and covered with a fine sheen of perspiration, Michelle moaned against his throat as her satisfied body began to come down from its high. “I love you Chelle… love you baby,” He said sleepily, holding her close. “I love you too Jake,” she responded, kissing him softly. From the corner of his left eye, a movement caught his attention. Peering through a crack in the slightly open door was Julie, wrapped in a sheet and staring at the two of them. Angrily, she flashed her eyes at Jake, then turned on her heel and strode away.

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      Exhausted now, Jake could only lie still and enjoy his wife’s last convulsions around his softening cock. He couldn’t even remember how many times he’d climaxed today and all he could think of now was sleep. Tomorrow he would explain to Julie. He’d explain how he loved them both. Somehow, she’d understand. Somehow…. And sleep took them, man and wife, locked together in a loving embrace. Copyright 2003 Julie Hypnotic.



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