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A few years ago i had a hot little thing with a woman . . . . I would drive to her condo and we would fuck everywhere in her house. Sometimes we never made it up stairs. Lynn, I'll call her, had very pale skin but large round titz, sensitive to the touch and suck. She told me early in the relationship the only way she would cumm was by oral stimualtion. . . Hey I'm always up for that. She shot her love juices on my face many times. . . but it wasn't until later I realized she wanted to be with women. .

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  . a fat. . . BBW. . . She liked big titz just like i did . . . She liked her dates to have a little roll around the middle and a slopy fleshy pussy. . I fucked her many times. Our bodies thrusted together pounding, slapping our flesh and making that beautiful low slapping sound as my dick slid into her wet pussy. .

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  . It was a Tuesday when I brought a surprize with me to Lynn's house. I brought Yvone, a co-worker- who just happens to love licking pussy as much I do. . . On one occation when it was slow at work we got to talking about dating and one thing lead to another and Yvone described the type of person like to be with . . . . I was shocked because she describe her perfect date as someone I would be attracted to. . . She likes blondes, with outgoing personalities, they would have to be tall thin & titz sized didn't matter . . .

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   but must love having her pussy licked. . . . . . Gee! I was supporting a major boner by the end of that conversation. . . . . . . . .

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  . When Yvone and I entered the condo Lynn was aready in her loose fitting t-shirt and a green thong. . . A time saver I guess. . . . OMG Lynn shouted when she spotted Yvone. . . . WHOA. . .

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   relacks, we are here for you. . . . I explained. . . I introduced the two girls and it was instant chemistry. . . . . . They both stood within a few feet of each other and touching one anothers arms, shoulders and body parts as they chatted. .

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  . I made my way behind Lynn watching Yvones expressions. . . Her eyes, as deep blue as they are, they were dialated, gazing into Lynn's brown eyes. . . and glancing over Lynn's titz hidden only by a thin cotton t-shirt. . . . . . AS they stood there chatting I slid my right hand under Lynn's shirt and my left hand slid slowly over Lynn's t-shirt to her left boob. .

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  . I wanted to see Yvones reaction. My right hand knew its way to Lynn's wet pussy. . . . I pulled the green thong to the side and inserted the first of two fingers into her pussy. . . A sudden shiver came over Lynn's entire body and Yvone recognizing an opportunity grabbed Lynn's boob, caressing it, pinching the nipple. . . until she slid her down over Lynn's flat tummy to the buttom of Lynn's shirt and pulled upward, exposing my busy fingers. . .

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  Yvone stepped forward took one of Lynn's erect nipples into her mouth. . . . Lynn leaned back against me. . . we kissed. . . and watched the second nipple disappear into Yvone's wet mouth. . . . As Yvone kissed her way down Lynn's body.

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  . . stopping at each tit, her stomach and the top of Lynn's panty line . . . . all the while sliding Lynn's thong down past Lynn's shakey knees. . . Lynn's legs opened in anticipation of feeling Yvones tongue licking her clit. . . and Yvone didn't disappoint her. . .

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  . Yvone moved my hand away from Lynn's pussy and inseted her tongue and two fingers. . . . My hand settled at the entrance of Lynn's asshole. . . I rubbed it several times and probed it with my wet saliva soaked fingers. . . Now with Yvone licking Lynn's pussy and my fingers exploring the depths of Lynn's ass. . . the first of many orgasums over took Lynn's body.


  . . she shook as her breathing and moaning increased the closer she got to cumming. . . . the more she felt her legs weakin Her legs gave way but somehow we got to the couch. The couch was the sight of many of our fuck-a-mainia sessions but now Yvone,Lynn and I were going to make magic. . . . . . Yvone stepped out of her clothes. .

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  . . and I stared at her large titz hanging down on her soft round belly and her ass was round cuvy and soft. She had all over tan. Her skin felt smooth and smelled of flowers. . . a soft enjoyable smell. . Yvone looked me with a smile as she offered her right boob to Lynn who chowed down on it. . . . . .

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  . I walked over and sucked on the other. . . . She support her titz by placing her hands underneath and lifting them to our waiting mouths. I placed my thumb at the opening of Yvone's hairless wet pussy and slid it in. . . I drove my thumb in/out as the two of us licked and sucked on Yvone's ample boobs . . . . Yvone sat back against the couch and Lynn continued to kiss and suck on Yvone's big titz. I bent Lynn over the arm of the couch and Yvone sprawled out on her back on the couch with her legs open & upward.

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  . . . Yvone offered Lynn full access to her pussy and asshole and Lynn buried her tongue deep into both. I stood behind Lynn and shoved my cock into Lynn's pussy & at almost every other stroke. . . . I probed my cock at Lynn's backdoor. I was working on my first "cum-jection" When Yvone suggested i take a break. . . . That worked for Lynn because she wanted to cum again. .

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  . . and as much as she liked cock. . . . the sensation she got from a good lickin always sent her over the edge. . . . We leaned Lynn's ass against the arm of the couch and Yvone began probing Lynn's holes with here educated tongue. My hands rubbed all over Lynn's chest and Yvone's head and back. . . .

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  . I watched awhile as the ladies enjoyed . . . . . After a short rest I needed to release the poison . . . . But things were heating up. . . . moans and groans .

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  . . . between the girls - their bodies were thrashing about and those faces were turning bright red as they neared climax. . . . I layed Yvone on her side and slid my cock in her wet pussy as Lynn licked Yvone's clit. . . the tip of Lynn's tongue slid down the shaft of my cock driving me nearly over the edge. . . . I felt Yvone's pussy tighten with each stroke but her ass needed some attention.

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  . . . I slipped the head of my cock just inside Yvone's asshole she said No! No! but he more it entered her the more she pushed back against it. . . . the more she wanted. . . I felt a familiar feeling brewing in my balls. . . And on the 8-9th stroke i shot cumm in her ass filling it and Yvone came all over Lynn's face. .

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  . Lynn's tongue licked my sperm out of Yvone's ass and she shared with Yvone by allowing it to run into Yvones mouth.



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