Lost and Lust


I am a regular camper and frequently go to a most secluded place near a river where I have over a year or so set up a reasonably comfortable camp site. I need a 4wd to get to this place and to my knowledge nobody else has visited my site. From the time I arrive till the time I leave I am naked. I occasionally take a girl friend but she has difficulty getting the time off her job to spend with me over 3 or 4 days at a time.
I was laying in the sun drying off after a swim in the river and I was gently playing with my cock.
I must have dozed off and then something woke me. I opened my eyes to see two girls standing over me with big backpacks on their back. They were looking down at me lying naked. I was a little startled as I had never seen another sole there, and being girls I was a little embarrassed being seen naked by strangers.   
I said sorry I wasn’t expecting visitors I will slip a pair of shorts on.
They said don’t worry if we can we would like to clean up as we have been walking all morning and we are lost.  Would you mind if we camped here the night, you have a lovely spot.
I said that would be fine, not because I wanted them to, I was a bit ashamed to say no seeing that I had the entire valley to myself.
They said if you don’t mind we can set up our tent over here and indicated a spot a few metres away from my camp.
I said fine. I went to get some pants on and they said don’t worry we will be swimming in the nude ourselves as we will do a bit of washing while we can.

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   We haven’t had a wash for two days and we are a bit smelly.
I said suit yourselves and lay down again to watch them make camp. They were obviously experienced campers and hikers as I could se that from their equipment. They both had good stuff and had been used more than a few times by the look of it.
Within a few minutes the tent was erected and they stripped off and I was most impressed. One had her pubic area shaven completely and the other a strip. Both had reasonably small breasts my guess about 34 or 36 C. They were firm and had prominent areola and nipples.
 Neither took any notice of me and they made no attempt to cover their naked bodies. They took their clothes they had on and some underwear from their packs and went to the river to swim and wash.
The completely shaven one came over and said is there a problem with soap in the river. I said no as far as I knew there was nobody down river for miles. As she stood with me eying off her naked body I could see her eyeing off my cock and it extended an inch or so as I reacted to her stare, not erect but at least it showed her it was alive and well and liked what it saw.
As she turned toward the river she said in a sort of soft voice, nice cock, and just walked on. I thought this is going to be interesting.

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I watched the two of the play and wash their gear in the river and when they were finished came over and said can we hang our stuff on your line. I said be my guest and if you are lucky they may be dry in an hour or so. The one who had spoken to me before said we are in no hurry. Then I said would you like a cup of tea. They said thanks and sat down and began to ask me about the area and my camp site as it was obvious to them it was reasonably well set up and used. I had a great fire pit and could cook great meals on it. We talked generally about bush walking and it seems they are regular hikers and were in university vacation and taking a week to walk the track they were following. I was able to tell them how they could regain their track by taking a route. They asked about sharing an evening meal with me. I said no problem. Sue the one with the shaven crutch said she was going to go for a little walk to have a shit. Jane the other one stayed and as Sue left said don’t do anything I would do to Jane and she laughed and said first in best dressed and Sue collected a handful of toilet paper and I said there is a pit down there about 20 metres. She said I want to go further than that and walked off.
Jane didn’t waste a minute and said how do you feel about having two girls in your camp.
I said it wont bother me I wont mind the company for a few hours.

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She said you are not gay or anything are you.
I said no I am not.
Then she said do you have a girl friend and I said well not as such, I have a friend who is a girl and she comes here with me occasionally if she can get time getting off work. We are friends with benefits really.
She said what do you do all he time you are here.
I said well lets just say we relax and enjoy ourselves and she said good heavens you could fuck yourselves silly here and not have to worry.
I said you have a fairly vivid imagination.
Well its true is it not, she said.
 I said I don’t know about the silly bit but we do enjoy an occasional session of lovemaking.
Then she came straight to the point and said how about you and I – would you mind if I said I wanted you to fuck me.
I said I wouldn’t mind but wow you don’t waste time. She said Sue wont be back for about half an hour we could have quite a good time before she comes back.
Then she saw my cock was about half erect and said ha, ha, I am not the only one interested look at that, and she came over and took my cock in her hand and within seconds it was hard and ready for anything. She put her other arm around me and kissed me and I responded and the two of us began the foreplay of lovemaking holding and feeling for each other. Her hand closed around my cock and she squeezed it as my finger slipped into her cunt wiping her juice around to make it nice and slippery for the penetration of my cock.

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    She climbed on top of me as I was fondling her breasts as she rubbed her crutch against my very erect cock which was now squeezed between our bodies and she was rubbing herself against it as we kissed. God she said I have wanted this, I havnt had a cock for nearly 3 months and we couldn’t believe our luck when we saw the smoke from your camp fire and then saw you asleep on the grass. We knew we were lost and from the map believed we could get through pretty much the way you have told us but for the moment I want to enjoy this valley of love with you.
She turned and went down toward my cock and before I realised it she had me in her mouth and was positioned for a 69 workout and I didn’t need any convincing. She was soaking wet with her legs open and gave me access to her wonderful pink well of sexual pleasure. Having just washed herself she was clean and tasty. I licked and sucked on her and she responded by giving me as good a session of oral sex as I had ever had. Her tongue was licking and flicking around and over the head of my cock and then sucking and sliding her mouth up and down the shaft with her soft lips and applying a gentle sucking sensation. With one hand she stroked the base of my hard cock pulling the skin even harder as she held the top with her lips.   She also alternated her hand between my shaft and balls. She would gently fondle each egg and feel each one softly with her fingers . I was licking and working her clit over and had just begun to squeeze and suck her clitoral hood between my lips when she came in a rush and forced her vagina down over my mouth as her cunt released a flood of love juice which I was licking and sucking as fast as I could. She had to stop her magnificent oral treatment of my rigid cock so she could release her feeling of orgasmic pleasure by moaning and groaning each time I touched a nerve around her clit. My actions kept her going for at least a full minute and I was fairly certain she had cum twice. As soon as he had got over he initial surge of orgasmic ecstasy she resumed her excellent sucking and oral sex on my cock and having been excited by her orgasm I came in less than a minute.

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   As I filled her mouth with repetitive spurts of hot cum she swallowed and drank my cum as quickly as I filled, and refilled her mouth, as she swallowed to make room for more.
She rolled off me and turned and came and held me and we kissed again and I could taste faintly the taste of my cum on her tongue. Shit she said I didn’t realise I would be that quick and I made it happen twice. I cant remember having a double climax before.
I said I think the both of us were more than ready for that. You really know how o bring a guy on.
She laughed and said well the foreplay is over lets get onto the main act. Sue will be back soon and we both agree we would fuck you. We drew straws to be first and she lost. .
I said I hope you two wont fight over me. She said after that I might and laughed. Then she took my cock in her hand and slowly got it hard again for me . She had obviously done this before and knew how to bring a guy back on heat.   I was hard in a minute or two and I guess I was ready to give her a good old fashioned fuck, missionary style.

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   She lay there with her legs open waiting, I looked down on her pretty face and lovely breasts and I leaned over and kissed each nipple and she shuddered with delight and then we kissed and I drew back and took my cock in my hand and slowly aimed it at her pink and engorged lips and a very wet cunt. I could see her juice laying in the slit between each of her outer labia, and as I went forward she opened her legs wider exposing the opening to her cunt and her inner labia soaking wet. Her vagina was just open enough for me to see her pink wet flesh inside to her. It was there waiting to be plugged by my now hard and red hot cock just beginning to ooze a bit of pre cum, or cum left over from my earlier pleasure.
She looked down and could see my cock resting on her outer lips and then as I slowly applied a little pressure the head of my cock slipped slowly into her. She watched me slowly enter her and when I was about half way into her she let out a sigh as I began to completely fill that wonderful opening waiting for me to thrust my now straining cock down deep into her. When she could see my cock had disappeared into her she said that not only feels great it looks so fucking hot watching it go in.  She lay back now and I was ready to fuck her, hoping it would be as good as she hoped.
Oh god she said that is fucking, fucking magnificent. I didn’t realise how much I wanted this. I then slowly withdrew and slowly went down right into her again as far as I could go and she squeezed her eyes shut and said That is magnificent, I can feel it right up there and tight around my cunt. As she said that she squeezed her kegels and held me tightly inside her.
I was ready to fuck her now, really fuck. I hadn’t fucked a girl for a week or so. My female friend and I would fuck but it was more a friends with benefits fuck rather than emotional, and for some reason I was feeling this was something special.

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   I gradually raised and lowered my self up and then down into her, slowly and with some pressure she was holding her opening tight so as to give me and get for herself a great feeling of my cock fucking her.  I kept this going for a minute or two suspending my body on my arms like doing push ups. Then I lowered myself onto her and our bodies were as one joined at the vagina and mouth as we caressed and kissed passionately, and our bodies slipping around with the sweat we had generated. I could feel the softness and warmth of her breasts rubbing against my chest. Her hands were on my back pulling me hard against her body and her nails biting into my skin as the passion of our embrace took control of our emotions. She pulled me down into and onto her as my cock slid into her once more; she now had me laying hard on her. We were both wet with sweat now and this added to the erotic sensation of me being with her. She had moved her legs up and had them wrapped around my waist and she was locking the two of us together. I didn’t think it was possible to go any further into her but she managed to force me so tightly into her I could feel my balls getting squeezed between us as the scissor action of her legs locked and squeezing us together so tightly and she was really forcing me down onto her. I was tight and deep inside her and unable to move. She gave a bit of a shudder and said ahhhh that’s what I want, I can feel your cock rubbing against my cervix, it feels fantastic. Never has a girl done this to me so forcefully before. She was basically calling the tune at the moment and she was smiling up at me and I could see the absolute pleasure she was getting from our embrace that she was controlling. She wasn’t saying a word and didnt need to I could tell she was having a ball, and so was I . The look on her face said it all.

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    She locked her arms around my shoulders now and pulled my face to hers and my chest was squeezing against her breasts, it felt awesome.  The kissing was passion in itself and I had a fleeting thought I would not last much longer I would cum just with the intensity of our two bodies locked so hard together. She began to release the pressure of her arms but maintained the passion of our kiss and I knew then she was on the brink of an orgasm and as we kissed I could feel her body spasm, three or four times as my cock rubbed her clit as I finished her pleasure off for her.
     Her head was shaking as we kissed and she had her tongue so far into my mouth I though she would choke me. Then she broke the kiss and she moaned and groaned and she bumped and ground her pelvis into mine and the sweat was pouring off us as she manipulated my cock inside her as she had this vigorous spasm of orgasm. She still had her legs around my waist and she was forcing me deeper and deeper into her as her body erupted into the most amazing orgasm. I had had some good sex with women before but she was exceptional.
    Once she relaxed I said now its my turn and she smiled and relaxed her legs and let me give her the sex I knew she would enjoy She lay back and let me have my way with her. She was an absolute delight to fuck, even though she had just cum she made sure she used her body to give me pleasure while I thrust my cock hard and fast inside her now very wet cunt. Her juices were copious after her orgasm and I could feel my cock slipping and sliding effortlessly inside her. My balls were getting covered in her cunt juice as it began to leak from the well inside her. It didn’t take me long looking down on this wonderful girl who had given me one of the best fucks I had ever had and she whispered to me you fuck beautifully. The force I was using to fuck her had her body shaking and her breasts moving to the rhythm of my fucking of her I got the sudden onset of absolute pleasure and my cock hardened to its absolute extreme and within about 30 seconds of looking at her enjoying what I was now doing to her I could not hold back any longer and I could feel my own climax building up in my balls and through my body as the sensation my cock was giving me tore through my own body and every nerve suddenly exploded and I came with an amazing force. My semen tore through my cock and I could feel it pulse the length of it before ejaculating through the eye of it into her and filling her with the wonderful syrup of lovemaking.  Even though I had cum not that long in her mouth this even exceeded the rapture of that sensation.

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       Like her I had enjoyed one of the best fucking sessions of sex I have ever had. How can a girl that has nothing more than any other girl have such an effect on you. She wasn’t absolutely stunning, but she was attractive in her own way. It wasn’t as though I was fucking some absolutely amazingly beautiful girl, but she really knew how she liked to be fucked and she made sure she not only had her pleasure but made me feel like I was something special myself and I am sure I have never felt the sensation of sexual pleasure and delight whilst fucking any other girl before, and there had been a few. .
    I slipped out of her and rolled over beside her and she turned toward me and kissed me gently and just said did you like that. I said that was the most amazing fuck I have ever had.
    She said that’s nice I know - I enjoyed it too. I hope we can do that again soon.
    I said I could do that a dozen times before I got tired of it.
    She laughed and said don’t forget Sue has got to get her share.
    I said Oh god is she as good as you and she said that’s for you to find out but I can assure you she is hot. We have both had quite a bit of sex with guys and girl/girl sex together as well. She knows how to make it wonderful both men and women I understand. I have never heard a guy complain about her performance.

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    I said or yours either and she laughted again and said thank you.
    I have to admit you are pretty special and no novice either. It’s a while since I came like I did with you like that. I hope we can do that again.
    I said so do I.
    It was then Sue made herself visible again as when she came over to us, both laying there with the evidence of sex all over us she said that was pretty hot watching you two. I can hardly wait for my turn but I thing we should get a meal and worry about my desires after it is dark. Maybe we could all sleep together; your tent looks big enough for four people.
    I said before we leave I hope there are not four or even five people.
    Sue said, That’s highly unlikely, we are both on the pill.  
    Jane and I were now both standing covered in the spoils of our bodies and sexual lust. She had cum running down her thighs and I had a string or two dripping from my cock. It surprised me I had any left. I said ok I want to have a wash and I am sure Jane has some cleaning up to do too. I gave her the best belly full of baby juice I have ever made I think.


       We hugged and kissed in a quick and friendly way. Sue said it is obvious with all her cum running down her thighs. Sue said I even thought of licking you dry but Jane was already making off to the river.
    I joined her in the river and we played around and we rubbed each other clean and touched each other up and got rid of the love juices we had made and filled her with. She slipped a finger in to her vagina few times to wash herself out and I could see her squirt water she had drawn into herself out flushing her cunt out.
    After a few minutes we were both clean and ready for action again but we both swam about for a bit then joined Sue as she had started to prepare our meal. Now it was time to fill our bodies with nourishment rather than sexual pleasure.
    The next episode will be fucking Sue and a threesome with both girls that was a surprise to me.