Lockerroom Blow Show


My name is Mark, and I’ve been going working out at my localgym for the past three years. I loved going to a 24-hour gym, because I couldgo in the middle of the night, when it wasn’t very crowded. Over the last threeyears, I’ve gotten ripped, and I have to admit, I like to flaunt it.
A few days ago, I noticed a new personal trainer at the gym. Her name was Lynn. She had shoulder length black hair and a killer bod. Shealways dressed in spandex workout clothes that leave nothing to imagination. Ihad noticed her checking me out several times as I worked out.
Last night was a particularly quiet night. There were only ahandful of people working out.

Again, I had noticed her checking me out as Iworked out. I smiled at her and she smiled back, suggestively licking her lips.
I was done. I quickly headed to the locker room, veryconscious of my growing dick. I walked up to my locker and peeled off my shirt. I looked down at my body.


   I always looked best right after my workouts andtonight was no exception.
I hit the showers. All I could think about was Lynn. My cockwas semi-hard the whole time and I was thankful no other guys were there.
Afterwards, I walked back to my locker. I dried off, andpulled on my boxer-briefs.
Several guys entered, walked past my locker, and headedtoward the showers. I heard the showers turning on from the back of the largelocker room. I took my jeans and shirt out of my locker, when…
“Lookin’ good, Mark. ” I froze. Her voice gave me an instanthard-on. .