Lin Long Tongue part 2


 Lin Long Tongue Ch. 2
By LustyLee77

Lin decided that she wanted to let Beth know that Laura was her little submissive cunt lapper and that Beth's role was to service as many horny women as she could handle. She arranged for Beth, Jin, and an extremely wealthy client of Jin's from Rome by the name of Maria to come to the house at 9pm. Laura was told to come over at 10pm.

Beth got there at 8:45 while Jin and Maria arrived at 9pm sharp. While soft Oriental music played and they sipped wine Lin shocked Beth when she revealed, “The sexual exploits you are having at Jin's place are not just fun and games. Women of means that crave sex with other females and want to live out their fantasies pay dearly for the services of Lin's girls and you are one of them! Your daughter Laura has become my lover and you are to continue with your new position as a pussy whore. ” Lin handed the visibly shaken mother a thick wad of money and told her that it was her cut.

“But, b. . b. but my daughter? And I am a prostitute? I don't want Laura to be involved in this and I am not a whore!”

“Your little girl is not a hooker, she is my lover but you are and stop bitching because you are getting paid to do what you love doing and paid quite handsome I might add. Now stop whimpering and strip naked; then go to the center of the room and get on your knees. Your place in life is to bring pleasure to other women; the sooner you learn that then the better off you will be. ” Beth submissively obeyed. Lin and Jin let the Italian sex goddess go first.

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   The 22 year old was a vision of loveliness, she stood 5' 7”, had long flowing black hair, dark eyes, and curved in all the right places.

The voluptuous vixen sexily strolled over to the kneeling redhead and stood so close to Beth that her trimmed pussy was in tongue's reach of the submissive mother. Maria lifted the trembling hands of the shamed but aroused mother to her heaving breasts. Beth squeezed the glorious globes as her tongue flicked out to sample the dew drops that were dripping from the sweet pussy lips. Beth kissed, licked, and sucked the smoldering womanhood of the Italian woman with vigor. Maria held Beth's head tight to her climaxing cunt and bellowed out in Italian as her juices flowed into the sucking woman's hungry mouth. Both Chinese women took their turn before Maria went back for more of Beth's pleasure giving mouth.

Maria stroked Beth's red hair and praised Beth for her wonderful pussy licking skills. Beth was shocked to look over at the sofa and see Lin sitting on the sofa with her lovely legs spread wide while Laura was on the floor sucking the exotic woman's toes. Laura then kissed her way up Lin's legs until she reached her goal. The blond girl then greedily devoured the scrumptious pussy with passion. A tear fell down Beth's cheek as she watched her daughter eat the Chinese pussy but she also felt her own juices flowing again and was ashamed to admit to herself that watching her own daughter eat her lover's delicious cunt was turning her on more than anything ever had before. Beth was amazed that watching this taboo, lewd, and perverse act by her own daughter filled her was a consuming lust.

Beth's train of thought was broken when Lin demanded, “Get the hell over here slut and eat your daughter's pussy and ass from behind while she worships her mistress. Don't just stare at us; crawl on over here and eat your little girl's sweet pussy!” With tear filled eyes and lust in her heart Beth complied and crawled up to her daughter's swaying buttocks.

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   As she licked her daughter's pussy, she noted how wet it was and how delectable it tasted. Beth's head was spinning and she was out of control. She fingered Laura's squishing pussy as she hungerly licked the enlarged clit. Jin and Maria got behind Beth and roughly pushed her head into her daughter's sopping pussy.

The two women taunted the mother saying, “Lick up all of her cum and then stick your tongue deep up your daughter's brown-hole. Come on slut, that little brown hole is puckered and demanding attention. Tongue fuck it and make her cum again!” Beth felt so debased and perverted as her tongue probed her daughter's ass hole but at the same time she was overcome with carnal desire to make Laura reach another orgasm and drink it all up. As her daughter gyrated her hips and humped back at her mother's tongue Beth felt fingers in her own cunt and ass. She exploded in orgasm at the same time that her daughter did.

Maria consoled the shaken mother and soon they were engaged in a passionate sixty-nine. Laura was helped to the sofa, laid back, and screamed out in ecstasy when her mistress lovingly probed her young pussy with her long and talented tongue. Jin straddled the blond head and lowered her puffy pussy lips to Laura's mouth. The room was filled with the smell of aroused pussies and female cum but that only served to further arouse the five horny women. Finally they were all sated and went home. Beth and Laura agreed not to talk about or engage in any sex between them unless the mistress told them to do so.

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   Maria expressed a desire to Jin to see the mother and daughter again while Lin sipped her wine and planned future adventures.

The next day Lin called Jin to ask when her next cruise was planned and was delighted to find out that it was in three weeks. Once a year Jin took her good customers for a 18 day cruise that had no destination but just sailed out to sea for fun and frolic. Jin always made certain that there were plenty of girls along, at no charge, to satisfy every need of her wealthy clients. Lin excitedly called Beth and told her and Laura that they were going on a sea cruise. Jin sent a limousine to pick them up and transport them to the dock. Jin was there to greet them, she was accompanied by a blond with a stunning body and another woman with light brown hair.

Jin introduced the women as Cathy and Nancy. Cathy, the blond with big blue eyes and a rather large bosom was a minister's wife and Nancy was her friend and neighbor. Their husbands were off to Europe for a convention of ministers and their assistants for a month. Jin found the women on the pier crying their eyes out because they had planned on taking a cruise but they were late and the ship set sail without them. The two women gratefully accepted Lin's generous offer to accompany her on the cruise. Lin was taken aback by the minister's wife's stunning beauty. She wondered how a woman could look so sexy and act so innocent. She noted that the slender, brown eyed Nancy was quite attractive in her own right.

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Jin instructed a crew member to show her guests to their rooms while she spoke to Lin for a moment. Jin explained that there had been a change of plans. Beth was to stay with her and Laura was to share a cabin with Lin but now Cathy and Nancy would stay with her while Lin would have both Beth and Laura stay in her cabin. Lin exclaimed, “You sly fox, you plan on seducing the minister's wife and her friend, don't you? Do they know that this is a lesbian cruse and how do you plan to go about it?”

“No, they don't know that yet but they soon will. We will have to keep mother and daughter occupied while we seduce the two innocent darlings. I just love to introduce straight women to our world and you are the best seductress there is. I am getting wet just thinking about watching you fucking them with that long tongue of yours. Once that is accomplished they will be putty in our hands and will be only too glad to put their sweet lips on our horny Chinese cunts. ”

“It does sound delightful, I can hardly wait. How old are they anyway?”

“Cathy is 24 and Nancy is 21. I don't know what their sexual experience is but I suspect that it is limited and we are going to open new doors for them!” The six woman enjoyed a fine dinner in the dining room and then went topside to watch the awesome sunset from the deck of the ship. With no land in sight it was a breathtaking event. As they strolled the deck Cathy asked where the men were and observed that even all the help were Chinese women. Jin informed the two sweet women that it was a women only cruse and that the ship was owned by a Chinese company.

The women all went to their rooms early as they had a busy schedule planed the next day starting with some fishing, then breakfast followed by a workout, lunch, and then some swimming.


   After dinner they would listen to the band and meet some of the other passengers. Lin was enjoying a little threesome with mother and daughter but Jin decided to play it cool with the two naive white women. She planed to ply them with wine the next night and with the help of Lin she would get into their sweet little panties and acquaint them with woman-to-woman sexual bliss. There were two beds in the cabin and it was decided that Jin would have a bed to herself and the two friends would share a bed. Jin enjoyed the flustered looks of embarrassment on the white women's faces as they put on pajamas and gasped when they saw the nude Chinese sexpot.

Jin did not hurry to get between the sheets; she smiled when all eyes were on the stiff, brown nipples and her lush bush of silky black pubic hair. In a low sultry voice Jin stated, “I hope you don't mind me sleeping in the nude; it is how I always sleep. ”

Cathy replied. “Oh, heavens no, please be comfortable, after all, we are your guest and we don't want to be bothersome. I don't know how we can ever repay you for your kindness. ” The sexy oriental woman got in bed and told them to get a good sleep. It turned her on so much to have the prudish women admire her sensuous body. Before going to sleep the sex goddess thought of how they could repay her. She smiled as she thought that a tongue in her steaming pussy and one up her ass would be a great way for them to repay her.

They were up at dawn, washed up, put on shorts and tee shirts and met Lin and the mother and daughter topside.

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   They caught several big fish and quickly became good friends. They found Cathy and Nancy's natural enthusiasm refreshing. Jin and Lin wondered if the goody-goody girls could let go and enjoy themselves like that when they had sex. After breakfast the girls went to the spa and fitness center. They had a vigorous workout, changed into their bathing suits and went for a swim.

The preacher's wife and her friend felt out of place in their one piece bathing suits. Most were in bikinis, some were topless, while others swam nude. Lin asked them what was wrong when they looked upset. Nancy answered, “Well, the women seem to be doing a lot more than having playful fun; some of them are groping each other. Are they lesbians?”

Lin told them not to worry about them and to just have a good time. When they decided that they had enough sun for one day they went to their cabins to shower and get ready for dinner and music. While Nancy was in the shower Jin was once again nude while Cathy was wrapped in a large pink terry towel. Jin desperately wanted to tell Cathy that they would share the shower but didn't want to scare her off and informed Cathy that she could go next. Jin was pleased when the preacher's wife was unable to keep her eyes of of her alluring oriental body and teasingly inquired, “Do you like what you see?”

Cathy's face turned deep red and she apologized saying, “I am so very sorry! Please forgive me, I didn't mean to stare, it's just that you are so beautiful. ”

A wicked grin crossed Jin's face as she purred, “That is quite alright, you can stare at me anytime.

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   I like it when a beautiful woman such as yourself admires my body. ” Nancy exited the bathroom and the confused preacher's wife went inside and wondered why she was so flustered and why she was aroused?

The girls went to dinner, drank wine, listened to the band playing old standards, and Jin made sure that the lovely, young Chinese waitress kept the wine glasses full. The band left the stage and was soon replaced by an all girl group playing rock and roll music. Everyone was dancing and having a good time; after the preacher's wife danced with a woman in a man's suit she came back to the table with a puzzled look on her beautiful face. Lin asked, “What's wrong darling? You look as if you have seen a ghost; what is bothering you?”

The stunned blond replied. “That woman I was dancing with had a big thing between her legs, she was rubbing it against me and groping by breasts and buttocks! What is going on here?”

Jin smiled and inquired. “What kind of thing are you talking about?”

“It was like a man's thing, you know what I mean. ”

“No, tell me Cathy, what are you talking about?”

“Oh, it was like a penis, only bigger. ”

“I see now, it was a big fat cock. But girl's don't have cocks. How could that be? Perhaps you just miss your husband and and you wanted it to be a big cock!”

“No, no, it really was. How could I ever have imagined that? She even whispered in my ear that she wanted to f. . fu. .

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  er, ag have sex with me. ”

“Hmmm, maybe it was some kind of joke. You seem all flustered, did it arouse you?”

“Well I. . . ahh. . no, it was strange, that's all. ”

Lin held Cathy's hand, looked right into those big blue eyes and said, “I think it did turn you on, come dance with me. ” They gyrated to a couple of fast songs and when a slow song came up Lin held the preacher's wife close and whispered in her ear, “You couldn't say the word. Did the woman say that she wanted to fuck you? Did your pussy get wet?”

To her shame Cathy could feel the juices flow and the fire burning between her legs. She pleaded, “Please don't talk like that anymore; it is not right. Please stop now. ” Lin kissed her full on the lips. Cathy almost lost it when she felt Lin's long tongue probing her mouth while both hands squeezed her shapely buttocks.

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   Suddenly she felt her dress being lifted and a hand went to her moist pussy.

Cathy was panting and purring, as Lin's hand pulled her panties aside she felt two fingers enter her smoldering cavern. Cathy tried to fight the feelings that were building up in her fiery frame but the smoldering lust was overpowering, her pussy tingled, her body stiffened as a powerful orgasm flowed from her inflamed love hole like a volcano erupting. Lin sternly told the confused blond, “You act so prim and proper but you are just a slut. I've never seen a pussy any wetter than yours. Enough bullshit bitch; I'm going to take you back to the cabin and show you what you have been missing. ” Lin lifted her sticky fingers to Cathy's pink lips and made the frightened girl taste her own cum.

As Lin guided her new bitch back to the table she smiled when she spotted Jin dancing with Nancy and putting her moves on the unsuspecting girl. Once back at the table they drank more wine. Jin and Nancy returned to the table as well, Nancy appeared confused and aroused and the two oriental women gave each other a knowing glance. Jin spoke to the waitress and soon three extremely tall Chinese girls approached the table. Jin introduced them as players for the Chinese National Female basketball team and told the mother and daughter to spend the night with them.

Beth and Laura had questioning looks on their faces but did not protest as they were led away by the tall girls. Jin instructed the waitress to send some wine to their cabin as they guided the confused, aroused, and tipsy white women back to the rooms. The door was opened that separated the two cabins as the wine arrived.

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   Jin turned on some music and started dancing seductively with Nancy. Lin sat on the sofa with the trembling wife and resumed kissing her. Lin was soon licking Cathy's face, neck, and ears with her long tongue. The preacher's wife offered no resistance when her dress was lifted over her head. The blond stared in awe as Lin's long tongue licked her now stiff, pink nipples. Cathy was filled with conflicting emotions. She knew that this was wrong but it felt so good and she was mesmerized by the oriental seductress with the serpent like tongue.

Lin kissed and licked down the stunning blond's inflamed body, she lingered on her flat tummy and creamy thighs. Cathy almost passed out when she felt the awesome tongue slither up her fuming hole. The preacher's wife squirmed, wiggled, and twitched to a rousing orgasm. She saw stars and all of the colors of the rainbow as she exploded on the probing monster tongue. Lin did not let up but kept licking and sucking with fervor. By now Cathy was lost in a cyclone of lust and was being carried away the sublime winds of ecstasy. Nothing else mattered but the pleasure she was felling between her legs. Gone were the feelings of guilt and shame, those feelings were replaced by carnal cravings and a lewd desire to feel the tongue of pleasure up her horny hole.



After several orgasms Lin let Cathy gain her composure while discarding her own clothing. They glanced over to the bed and watched Jin and Nancy engage in a wild sixty-nine. This only increased their arousal as Cathy's eyes surveyed the luscious body of the enchanting oriental temptress. Lin lifted Cathy's trembling hands to her heaving breasts. Cathy squeezed and fondled the soft globes. Lin gently guided the blond's face to her pointy nipples. The white woman found the dark nipples alluring and without being told she sucked with passion. Lin hand fed her rubbery nipples to the sucking mouth of the preacher's wife. Cathy went back and forth paying attention to both succulent tits for over a half hour.

Lin pushed the white woman on her back and straddled her angelic face. Cathy's eyes opened wide as she gazed into the smoldering pussy. The fuming pussy omitted a strong aroma that Cathy found intoxicating; she licked her lips as she watched the honey drip from the puffed pussy lips. With an evil grin on her face, Lin looked down at the succumbing woman and saw the submission and desire in her blue eyes and teased, “You can't wait to taste my Chinese cunt can you slut? Did you ever eat pussy before? Tell me that you want it and beg for the honor of eating my juicy cunt. ”

“No, I have never done this before but you are so beautiful and you brought me so much pleasure that I want to do the same for you. I never thought that I would ever say this but yes, I want to feast on your womanhood and bring you pleasure.

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   Please let me taste you!”

With that said Lin lowered her dripping pussy to Cathy's lips and urged, “Oh yes baby, lick it, suck my clit, yesssss, that's it, good girl, now suck, yes suck my cunt, suck it dry, don't stop baby. Eat the shit out of my cunt! Yessssss!!!” Cathy's pretty face was red from the friction of the hot cunt fucking her and her face glistened from pussy juice and cum.

Jin stood Nancy up and strapped a 10' black dildo on her. She told the bewildered girl that she wanted to watch her fuck Cathy. “I. . . I can't do that; she is my friend. ”

“Now you will become better friends; Get between her legs and stuff that big cock up her tight little hole and make her scream out in ecstasy. Trust me, she will love you for it and you will become fuck-buddies!” Jin told Nancy to spit on it and fuck her. Nancy felt a mixture of fear and lust. Somehow the thought of fucking her best friend was strangely arousing. She felt a sense of power and exhilaration as she stuffed the big fat dildo into her friend's hungry pussy. Cathy fucked and humped back with wild abandon and wrapped her smooth, creamy, legs around her best friend's waist. She cried out in wanton lust as she reached orgasm.

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   The friction from the dildo rubbed Nancy's clit as she pumped Cathy full of rock hard rubber cock. They both screamed out as they reached orgasm, then they held each other with loving arms in the afterglow of their wild fuck.

Nancy found that being in control and making her friend submit to the big cock was the greatest thrill of her life. She shocked everyone, including her self, by bringing the gooey dildo to her friend's lips and demanding. “Such my cock slut! Lick it clean, then I have something else for you to lick. ” After the dildo was clean she slipped it off and then offered her sopping cunt to her friend and ordered, “Now eat this bitch and do it good or I will kick your sorry ass. Yes, gobble it all up you trashy slut. Lick my fucking ass too; from now on you will be spending a lot of time servicing my hot cunt, so get used to it bitch!” Cathy eagerly ate her friends sopping pussy and felt her own juices flow as she drank from the fountain of Nancy's flowing, sticky, and thirst quenching waters.

Nancy held Cathy in her arms, brushed back her hair, and caressed her face with her hands and told her, “I don't know what came over me but I just learned that taking and dominating you was the most fantastic experience of my life. I still love you but in a different way now. From now on you are my bitch and I am your lover. I am going to buy some dildos to keep you happy and feed you my juicy pussy everyday. I had no idea that you were such a submissive slut or how much I would love being your mistress. I love you and you belong to me!” Cathy just gave her a contented smile. They all went to bed but Nancy took Cathy to the other room while Jin and Lin shared the other bed.

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The two oriental women found that they throughly enjoyed each other, especially Jin with Lin's long tongue. Before going to sleep Lin said, “You and your bright ideas; why did you ever tell Nancy to strap that monster on and fuck Cathy? Now Nancy owns the little submissive bitch that could have been ours. ”

Jin laughed then replied, “I had no way of knowing that Nancy was like us. Anyway, we are on a cruse ship filled with horny women so let them enjoy their love and lust for each other. ”

The next morning they ate breakfast, strolled the deck and wondered what happened to Beth and Laura. The minister's wife and her new lover looked at the frolicking females on board the ship with different eyes, they no longer were repulsed by the lesbian activities, they judged others no more but decided that all they needed was each other and didn't want to share. As they approached the bow of the ship they spotted mother and daughter hobbling towards them. Lin inquired, “What the hell is wrong with you two and where are you going?”

Beth sobbed, “We have to get some sleep. There was a dozen basketball players in one cabin, they surrounded us, make us lick their bald pussies, and then pounded us with their dildos all night long. They not only fucked our pussies but they drilled us in the ass and made us suck the slimy dildos. Sometimes we were servicing three of them at once. It was a nightmare, my whole body aches, and we feel so used. ”

Jin laughed out loud and remarked, “You two sluts loved every minute of your violation, did you tell them that you would be back for more? Go get some sleep and we will see you later. ”

Laura thanked them and said, “Well we did agree to attend a party with them tomorrow night and they said that they wanted to take us back to China with them as cheerleaders but we declined their offer. Tomorrow night they want to introduce us to their coaches and they want to visit our house when ever they come to the states.

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   The girls on the team were somewhat demanding but they they were very nice. ” The women just shook their heads and Jin said that she would arrange for them to meet the track team as well.

While walking the deck Lin stopped to talk to an 18 year old blond from Norway and waisted no time inviting the slender young beauty to their cabin. They all went to the room to drink some wine. Lin saw the desire in the girl's blue eyes as she stared at Lin's long tongue licking her ruby red lips. In no time at all Lin tugged down the girl's shorts and was fucking the girl's slushy pussy with her rangy tongue. Jin sat on the girl's face and fucked with fury. Nancy held Cathy's face tight to her horny hole, Cathy could hardly breathe as her nose was all the way up the musky cavern. The girls relaxed with more wine after the orgy as Nancy felt the desire to dominate other women and Cathy lusted after Lin's long tongue they agreed that they would involve others in their love making as long as they were together and not cheating on each other. Nancy told Cathy. “You may be the preacher's wife but you are my cunt lapping little slut!” Lin said that since Nancy now owned Cathy that they would have to go to church with them and get better acquainted with the females of the flock. They all smiled as they realized that there was another week left on the cruise.
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