Life of Alexandra Ch. 1


My brother and I are twins and grew up outside of town far enough that we had no close by neighbors to play with. We are fourth generation Swedish (both of us have blond hair and blue eyes), third generation nudists and as far back as we know our relatives have been Pagans, we are Wiccan and our parents actually have their own coven that they started twenty years ago. Local people really never understood our family and because of that through grade school we were pretty much shunned, kids weren't allowed to play or talk with us, some kids were actually violent towards us. We were left to play with each other. That was fine because we actually are very close. It was pretty nice growing up without the need of clothes, to this day we prefer nudity to clothing. Our real only contact came when we went to summer camp for two weeks each year at a nudist campground/resort that our parents are members of and so are Al, my brother, and I. I know you probably want to know what I look like. If this was fiction I'd give you glowing report about how hot I am, but, that's not the way it is. I'm actually pretty average looking. I'm 27, 5'8" and weigh between 130 and 135 pounds, it fluctuates a little. I have natural curly blond hair, blue eys and a hint of freckles across my nose. I don't wear makeup other than a little mineral foundation and sometimes some light lip gloss. My eyes are kind of squinty and if I had to pick my best feature it would be my ass. As for breasts, they are small, not much more than mounds with very light pink nipples. OK, there is a weird part of me.

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   I'm not built quite normal and at first it was embarrassing when I found out I wasn't normal. My clit is very large, not like a cock, but it sticks out beyond my pussy lips by about 3/4" when I'm not turned on, much further when I am. In addition my labia is really large and sticks out beyond my pussy lips as well as extending all of the way to my ass hole. It's just a little bit on the different side. Due to our upbringing, we were taught to never have sexual intercourse unless we are ready and willing to accept the consequences of pregnancy. Well, it's a little embarrassing but also I'm a little bit proud of the fact that we are both still virgins as far as intercourse is concerned. I never wear or have owned a bra other than sport's bras and I only wear underpants when wearing shorts, slacks or when I'm having my period. The only under pants I wear are ladies boxer briefs. I almost always wear skirts, mostly denim mini and knit tops or sport's bras. I like to show skin. In particular in the summer I love nothing better than to be wearing just a mini skirt and sport's bra or mini T. Knowing that men and boys are checking me out gets me so turned on. Since I said we are twins, my brother's name is Alexander but I've always called him Al. He's 6'2" and has a really good looking body. He has been doing body building, not to extreme, since a teen.

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   I used to be overweight but now I exercise every day, I don't want to get that way ever again. Growing up nude led to lots of exploring each other's body when we were young. Before we were in our teens we were both very comfortable with each other's body and with each other. We have never been afraid to tell each other everything, there are no secrets. Al is my hero and he watches out for me, it's a burden he shouldn't have but he does it anyway. When we were young I used to get jealous of Al because he could stand and pee. I always had to squat and when we were outside playing near the river or in the woods I didn't want to go back to the house. I started practicing in the shower, peeing standing up. It isn't that hard when you're naked and it wasn't long before I made the big show. We had been outside playing for quite a while, Al made the comment he had to pee and he walked over towards a bush, I followed, I liked to hod his cock while he peed, it was "my firehose" he didn't mind. As soon as he quit peeing, I shook his little cock and smiled at him and spread my legs, reached down with one hand to spread my pussy open a little bit and let go. I stood right there peeing in front of my brother and he became instantly fascintated. He wanted to watch and see where it camefrom. Every time I peed in front of him he'd bend over to watch. This eventually led to Al's only big fetish. 

   He really likes to watch women pee. He likes it so much that as we were growing up our bedrooms shared a bathroom. At night during shower time, I'd go into the shower before Al showered so that I could stand over him and pee, he gets almost immediate erections now when that happens. Growing up we shared everything including a bed until we were five. Then we got our own beds but in the same room and sometime around eleven or twelve we got our own rooms. I hated it. I can't stand to be alone, I would sneak into Al's room after mom and dad went to bed and get up and go back to my bed in the morning. Even today I have a serious problem being by myself and being away from Al for more than a day or two. We started experimenting with each other at about the ripe old age of twelve, I think, it might have been a little earlier. We did some of the typical kid stuff. The most innocent was kissing, we practiced on each other to see what felt or tasted good as far as kissing went. It really didn't turn each other on, it was more like an experiment, we both wanted to make sure that when we got the chance we wanted to do it right. Because of our families beliefs and the negativity in town, this chance waited a long time. I really never was asked out on a date all through high school and Al was turned down every time he asked. We were teased a lot and had a few fights, not a pleasant childhood.

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   When we hit our teen years summers were nice. We got jobs at the nudist resort working with the campers, being on the clean up crews, doing mowing and trimming, ets. It was terrific. All summer totally nude and around folks that were nice to us. Al and I lived in our parents RV at the campgrounds so we didn't have to stay in the dorms. This is when I found out I liked cum, no not liked, loved. Al had started to masturbate quite a bit in his early teen years and I loved to watch. It would get me turned on and I'd join him and we would watch each other. After a couple of weeks of jerking off two or three times a day I just had to try it too. So I asked Al if I could jerk him off, his cock went to attention almost immediately, he liked the way his sister's hands felt on his cock. When he came I got some of his cum on my fingers and I tasted it to see what it would taste like, I loved it. I cleaned him up and my fingers but I didn't like the way it made me sticky. To this day I don't like cum n my body but that's OK. Al totally loves it when he gets close, he tells me and I put his cock in my mouth and let him cum in my mouth. I found out over time that if I left his cock in my mouth until he got soft, I got a lot more cum.

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   After I'd make Al cum, he'd watch me masturbate, he liked to get his face down close to my pussy so he could watch what happened when I climaxed. I get extremely wet when horny, about two or three times more than most women. I've been told by my gynocolgist that some women get even wetter than me and if it becomes a problem I can have minor surgery to stop it. I like it and I've found most boys and men I've been with find it hot. Al had to taste me after about the fifth or sixth time I ate his cum, he likes the way I taste and oral sex has been part of our lives ever since. I do miss the days of three or four times a day but I guess age has taken a bit of a toll. When alone we still can manage twice a day. I hope you like finding out about my life. If there is some positive feedback I'll go through our sex parties and other things we do. Especially some of my exhibitionist exploits. I'll probably post other stories under Group or Voyeur. .