Hi, everyone this is my very first erotic story! I'm Roxy, Asian, 19 and I've always been into crossdressing as a child, and as I grew so did my lust for more beauty as well as men. I can't say I'm not attracted to women, it's just that I'm (more) attracted to men, totally love masculinity. Anyhoo, this is actually a semi true story and everytime I thought about this experience it got me sooo hot, I just HAD to write about it. I met Richard on a local dating site for transgendered individuals, as I was scanning through the many profiles his totally stuck out. I remember it said, Very dominant, caring, masculine ''I'll treat you like my little bitch'', I was so interested in him. (Really into loving guys. )For a couple days we chatted alot on yahoo messenger, and he really wanted to meet. So I told him to pick me up at my place at around 10PM. He was so stern on the phone with me, he gave me all these rules for when we met. 1) I had to be totally dressed when he came to pick me up. 2) He didn't want to hear the word ''no'' from me. 3) I had to refer to him as ''daddy''Well, not to be a masochist, but these rules turned me on so much and I complied. I wore a tight strappy pink blouse, to go with my pink bra and thong. It really showed off my abs. If I haven't mentioned yet my figure is veryyyyy feminine. :) For my bottom I wore a really slutty denim skirt, and some strappy black heels to finish it off.

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   I did my hair, straightened, got totally made up, the works. Soon Richard was there to pick me up. Rich was alot older than me, 45ish If I'd guess. He was fit for his age, I could tell he had just shaved. He looked at me like I was his. ''Daddy?'' I said, "What do you think?''I turned and showed him my outfit. "Baby are you ready to go home with Daddy?" ''Mmm, Hmm'' I replied, I tried to be as cute as could. He suddenly came in closer. We were face to face now. He didn't kiss me yet. I felt his hands feeling up my newly shaven legs, all the way up to my ass. I started breathing heavily. I couldn't take it. . .

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  "Daddy. . . ''He wouldn't kiss me. "All you have to say is please, baby girl''I was at his mercy, I felt myself getting wet. Pre cum was leaking out of my sissy cock. "Don't make me beg. . . " I was clutching his sleeves as he continued gropping me, touching my inner thighs. . . ''Daddy. . .

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  Please. . . . '' I finally said it. We kissed. I couldn't feel my body, It was so hot. He knew, he was in full control. . . . (Daddy's Place)By the time, I was Rich's place I was about to blow my load. You couldn't really blame me. . .

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   He kept groping me in the car. . . He sat down in a white leather chair, and ordered me to felate his manhood. He told me not to use my hands too, only my mouth. He's such a meanie. As I unzipped him with my teeth, I could tell his cock was already hard. It was at least 8'', So pretty. . . cut all the way. It smelled like sweat. and THAT turned me on even more. "I want you to smell it'' Daddy's words were absolute. It smelled so manly, such a strong smell.

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  I kissed the head of it, and saw that pre cum was already leaking out. Daddy's balls were already tight.
    . . Did I turn him on that much?I was so hard, I couldn't believe this man wanted me so much. As I serviced him, he stuck his leg between my thighs. I moaned in pleasure. . . I couldn't think straight anymore. I started grinding myself on this leg, I almost came. I was down to my bra and thong. He pushed me down, as he stood over me, he said ''Your fucking loving this arn't you whore?''I couldn't speak, I was so flushed. I opened my legs in reply. ''Such a dirty little slut.

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      . . can't take it anymore?''He took my rock hard 5'' sissy cock in his hand. He didn't jack it off. . . yet. ''Can't take it anymore?''I nodded. He leaned over, lying face to face. His hand still on my begging cock. Not moving. "Like I said, All you have to say is please baby girl''"Please. . . '' I rasped and moaned.

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       He just laughed. We made out like no tomorrow, as he carefully stroked me. I was in heaven. He upped the tempo a bit. I couldn't take it. I was about to cum!Then he stopped. ''Eh? Don't stop please. . . I'm so close. . . Daddy'' I was whimpering''Haha, how fucking selfish are you slut?" He was in control. ''You can't cum before me slut''I almost cried "Your so mean daddy!''''Haha, fine then. .

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      . Make me cum. . . '' He looked at me lustfully. ''Make me cum, with this fucking tight body of yours slut''I bit my lips. . . and opened my legs. ''Thats more like it'' He smiled ''Look at you, your so wet!''He was in me. Pain. But. . . I was moaning! .

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      . . moaning so much!Did it feel that good? "So tight, I can fuck this hole forever!'' He grunted. I grunted. I was like his dog. His bitch. ''Aah. . . Don't. . . it hurts. . .

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      daddy stop. . . ''I whimpered at him"You fucking liar, look at all your pre cum, it's all over you!'' He was in control. . . ''No. . . thats not true. . . aah. . .


      " I was in blissDaddy increased his speed. I. . . . . . started wrapping my legs around him!I grabbed on his neck in full embrace as he fucked me. I loved it. I was being a slut, and I loved it. He fucked me faster again. He was just ravaging my hole now. ''I'm coming, baby. . .

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      ''''Mmm. . . Daddy. . . Come inside. . . '' I begged''Please. . . "He held onto me tighter, I screamed in pleasure. I bit his shoulder, as his liquid poured inside me. "It's so warm daddy.

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      . . I feel it inside" I was still in ecstacy. . . As he pulled out, my own cock ejaculated without my consent, covering my body with my own hot sperm. I loved it. I was being a slut. And I loved it. . . . Thank You For Reading This!! I hope it turned you on as much as me!!If anyone wants to contact me, my email is roxyizfoxy@yahoo. com. I'm on messenger alot D:- Roxy <3PS: I attached my ass pic hee hee.

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