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The following day Tracy returned home to her apartment outside of town where she had been living for the past three years. She cherished her privacy away from her family and was glad to be back ‘home’. As she unpacked her clothes and gifts from her birthday party she came across the Journal. Looking at it she grinned mischievously. Oh how much fun it was going to be to fill these pages she thought to herself. Tracy walked to her bedroom closet to pull out a box that was marked in bold red print, “Private Breakables”. She gently took the box to her bed and opened the mysterious box. She had packed all her memories in this box and was excited to get the chance to re-live her experiences as she logged her memories from her youth until now in her new Journal. Opening the box the first of the objects was yet another box, her favorite of all the objects to be found. Tracy opened the box to find Polaroid’s of all her favorite men over the years, 18 to be exact. She fumbled through the pictures until she found the picture marked “Cock shot # 1”. Her mind was flooded with the memories of being 18 again and how she came to have this photo of Mr. Green, her first in many men to be photographed for her ‘cock box’. **** Tracy had just been released from school. It was the summer of 1997. Her 18 year old body was tired but excited that summer had begun .

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   She was making her way home down the back streets of her neighborhood. Slowly walking and enjoying the muggy air against her skin. The humidity was thick enough to cut with a knife and it made for a perfect day to hang by the local pool. Tracy’s catholic school uniform started to cling to her body as she continued walking her way home and she wasn’t the only one to notice. Mr. Green her neighbor was intensely watching her budding body as it made it through his back yard to cut into her own yard. “How many time’s do I have to tell you kid’s to not tread through my yard to get to yours? I’m sick and tired of you kid’s making a trail through my back yard!” Allen Green frowned at the young Tracy and motioned for her to come to the back porch where he stood. “Come here I want to talk to you Tracy, this must stop!”Tracy giggled to herself as she made her way to the porch, Mr. Green had always had such a bad temper. She couldn’t help that his yard was behind hers and even if she could she would probably still decide to cut through his yard to just irritate him. She loved the way when his temper fared that his 40 year old neck would get a irritated vein that would pop up as if he was going to blow up at any given moment. “I’m really sorry Mr. Green, It’s just too hot to walk on the hot road’s today, ya know?” Tracy smiled at her neighbor. Watching the vein in his neck start to pop out right on cue. “No, you’re not sorry at all, in fact I’m afraid this time I’ll have to talk with your parents about this.

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   How do you think they’ll feel about that? You do realize you’re trespassing and I do have it marked in clear eye sight that there should be NO trespassing!” Allen looked over Tracy’s sweaty body. She had grown up so much this year. He remembered the last time they had this conversation the past winter. She was nothing but knee’s and elbows and now she was a budding woman. She was probably around 5’7 now, long blonde hair, bluest eyes, and her slim waist was more pronounced due to her budding breasts. She was easily a B cup now and still growing. Allen took note of how shapely she was becoming and how her little school girl uniform was beginning to become even more erotic to him. “Mr. Green, let’s go inside and talk about this. I can’t stand out here another second I’m feeling faint. ” Tracy wobbled a little and started to feel dizzy. The sun was beating down on her skull and the 100 degree weather was about to have the best of her. Mr. Green must’ve felt pity for her because before she knew it she was sitting on his living room sofa and holding a glass of ice water. “You look a little better out of the heat, but this is still no excuse to go on someone’s land without their permission young lady.

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  ” Allen watched as Tracy sat on the couch and slouched down into the cushions of the couch. Her skirt was hiking up and he could see a pair of red panties playing peek a boo with him. Feeling paranoid he looked at his watch and felt better knowing his wife wont be home for another couple hours. Glancing his way back down to Tracy’s shapely young legs and back up to sneak another peek at her fire engine red panties. “I understand you’re upset but I think we can work something out. We don’t gotta tell my parents anything!” Tracy exclaimed. She didn’t want her parents grounding her for a second this summer she had plans! This was the first year her friends would be driving and this would be one of the most amazing summers for her. She couldn’t let this old fart ruin her plans for an awesome summer. “I am upset, but maybe you’re right. ” Allen felt a hot rush through his body. Tracy definitely didn’t want to tell her parents anything maybe this could work out better than he had thought. “Tracy, I won’t tell your parents anything nor my wife. We’ll keep this to ourselves…. . ”“Great, that’s terrific!” Tracy interrupted Allen by sitting down her drink on the coffee table and standing up to jumping up and down.

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   She rushed over to him and wrapped her arms around his waste and gave him a huge unexpected hug. “I wasn’t finished…. ” Allen cleared his throat, “We’ll keep this to ourselves if and only if we work out a deal. ” Allen smiled knowing this was going to work out great. “Huh? What kind of deal? I don’t have any money except for my allowance and that’s not much Mr. Green. ” Tracy started to pace around the small cool room trying to think of a solution. “How about…. you give me a massage?” Allen stated. Holding his breath to see what the young girls reaction would be. “Just a massage?” Tracy thought she had lucked out. What an idiot! She was thinking money and he’s thinking a rub down. ‘Hmm His wife probably is disgusted with him and doesn’t give him any but that works to my advantage. ’ Tracy’s mind was going a mile a minute. She was thinking of all the ways to get out of the mess she was in and finally figured it out.

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  “Yep a massage and I want it now. ” Allen pulled off his black T-shirt and threw it to the ground and went in search of his Wife’s body lotion. Tracy watched as Mr. Green stripped his shirt and was amazed at how great of shape the 40 year old man was in. She had to admit it, he was hot. 6 ft tall, Brown hair, golden brown eyes, nice smile when ever he’d use it, broad shoulders, slim muscular waist . Not bad at all…. and even nicer when he walked away. Tracy attempted to hide her school girl giggle as she watched Mr. Green’s ass as he walked away. As her friends would say, definitely a two palms up award! Allen walked back towards Tracy watching her grin. She was just too damn happy about this arrangement. However I guess both of us will get what we want. I get to be around her sexy little body she gets to stay out of trouble with her parents. A win, win situation.

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   “Here’s the lotion, I’ll lay on the bed and you coat my back with lotion and massage. Pay special attention to my neck too I always have knots there. ” Allen led Tracy to the bedroom as she nodded and just followed along like a little lost puppy. Finding his way to the large king size bed Allen laid down on his stomach and stretched his long body out and relaxed against the softness of the over stuffed comforter. “Okay I don’t have all day girly. ” He growled out at Tracy. “Okay already, you don’t need to get an attitude about it all. ” Tracy crawled up on the bed with the lotion and sat on her knees beside Mr. Green’s side. Trying to find the best angle to massage his back. Looking around she only found one obvious answer. She pulled one knee up to her chest in a very unlady like manner. “Mr. Green, I’m going to have to sit on your lower back to do this, that okay?” She knew that to get herself in the clear of Mr. Green telling her parents and getting her grounded that this had to be the best massage she had ever given and she was set to do just that.

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  “Sure, kid. ” Allen had the best upskirt view he had in years. Pretty as you please Tracy sat with her knee tucked under her chin with her skirt wide open to see those fire engine red panties. Taking a closer look he noticed not only were they red they were thongs. Allen couldn’t hold back his teethy grin and definitely didn’t hide his gaze. He was impressed by Tracy. All this time he had thought she was Miss Innocence. He was surprised she even knew what thongs were much less wore them. She probably was full of surprises and if he played his card’s right he may just get to learn them all. With Mr. Green’s approval Tracy climbed on top of Allen and tossed a leg on each side of his lower back. Straddling him and using her legs to hug his hips. Tracy squeezed her legs around him and tucked her feet under his thighs to secure her position on him. Smiling down as she heard Mr. Green growl.

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   What an animal, Tracy thought. Tracy poured a generous amount of lotion into her hands and warmed the liquid in her small hands before applying it gently to Mr. Green’s back. She began by just lubing him up by soaking his back in the floral scented lotion. “I have some of this lotion at home, it smells sexy don’t you think?” Tracy whispered into Mr. Greens ear as she leaned down to begin stroking and massaging her fluid fingertips over his neck and shoulders. “Yes. It’s Mrs. Green’s lotion but I don’t think she will mind us borrowing it. ” Allen was in heaven. The young female on his back was an expert with her hands. She was moving them unlike any girl her age and if he didn’t know better he would’ve thought it was the hands of a very experienced woman. Tracy deliberately pressed her chest against Mr. Greens back while she massaged his neck. Knowing he could feel the heat of her chest through the fabric of her thin white school uniform.

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   “Oh, would you look at that!” Tracy gasped out. Mr. Green turned as much as he could to look back at the girl to see what the problem was. Seeing exactly what had happened right away. The front of her uniform was now covered in lotion and was clinging to her breasts more so than ever. “I better take this off before it gets anymore lotion on it. I don’t want it stained for next year. ” Taking her lotion covered fingers she attempted to unbutton the first top button of her uniform. Tracy’s fingers were too slippery and she played out her best pout. “Here, let me do that. ” Allen unmingled his self from the teenager and sat on his side. Pulling down Tracy to lay beside him. She fell against him easily with out a struggle and put her hands above her head in a take me now fashion. Allen took his large hands and ran them down her arm and slowly down her side. Letting his hands rest on Tracy’s firm stomach.

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   Allowing the heat of his hand and his eyes rest on Tracy. Tracy felt a heat flood over her body as she had never felt before. She couldn’t say she had never been sexually turned on before because that would be a lie. She had for some time now fantasized and masturbated in the privacy of her room at nights to help her fall asleep but nothing had turned her on like this. She felt a rush of heat make its way from her stomach where Mr. Green’s hand rested down to her toes. As he moved his hand to untuck her shirt from her skirt the heat that was once tingling all over flowed to her most secretive recesses and she couldn’t help but bite her bottom lip to hide a sensual moan. She wanted to thrust her hand down between her legs and touch herself. Never had she experienced such a pressure of heat and she was just dying to discover where it would lead her. Allen watched the girl before him flush and become aroused. In a matter of seconds the once teenage looking girl turned into a sexual vixen beneath his hands. Tugging her shirt out of her skirt he watched as her hips provocatively arched off the bed into the air screaming for him to touch them. In that moment he knew that this was going to be more than just a massage and he was past the point of thinking it out clearly. Tracy watched as Mr. Green’s eyes turned from calm to a storm in seconds.


   He looked almost animal like as he looked up and down her body. Where his hand laid on her hip was on fire. Tracy squirmed and wiggled excitedly. Allen took his hand to the bottom button of her shirt and unbuttoned it, moving his way slowly up to the top button. He was on auto-pilot, soaring to new heights with this young lady who laid beside him wiggling with lust. Finally reaching the top button, he pulled the shirt open and gazed longingly at her full B cup breasts. They were covered in a thin white lace bra that left little to the imagination. Pulling himself up in a sitting position he pulled Tracy to sit on his lap. Massaging his hand up and down her spine under the shirt and slowly pulling one arm free at a time until Tracy sat shirtless on Allen’s lap. Tracy’s breathing had grown to be deep and full. She could feel Mr. Green’s arousal through his pants as she sat on his lap and it was raging against her own arousal. She could feel her pussy grow moist and her inner walls contract aching for pleasure. Tracy was at a point of no return, she had to leave and run to her bedroom which wouldn’t be near as fun as playing with Mr. Green.

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   As if he had read Tracy’s mind Allen put a hand on her lower thigh and slowly stroked upwards to her inner thigh and back down to her knee in a soft massage that sent tingles up Tracy’s spine. Slowly making his way higher with each passing massage until Allen’s finger tips reached Tracy’s red panties. Allen cursed under his breath as he fought for control over his raging body as he heard Tracy gasp out and moan with pleasure. That was all the consent he needed from Tracy and with that he let his self go. Tracy wanted to be touched and stroked. She wanted more than anything to touch and taste Mr. Green. It was as kinky as her 18 year old mind could think of and the biggest turn on as well. For this past year ever since Mr. Green had been on her case about trespassing in his yard she had secretly had fantasies of situations like these and wondering if that vein that popped out in anger did so in lust as well. Tracy wanted more than anything to find out and she was determined to find out this evening. Allen pulled Tracy around to face him and brought her heart shaped lips to his eager mouth. Touching his mouth to hers in a flash of heat. He could swear he heard sizzling as their bodies touched for the first time in an intimate kiss. Sliding his tongue over Tracy’s honey sweet lips tasting her sweet youth with his tongue.

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   Tracy was experienced in kissing and was going to prove it to Mr. Green. She slid her wet, hot tongue over his lips, flicking and licking at his mouth. Tracing her tongue along his before sliding her tongue to part his lips. Finding him eager to accept her open mouthed kiss. She pressed her mouth to his and let her tongue grind against Mr. Green’s in a hot passionate kiss. Throwing their bodies down to the bed Allen crushed Tracy with his body. Pinning her small frame under him into the bed. Taking his large hands and massaging up her sides and down her hips. Tugging her skirt down a little at a time. Growing frustrated with the clothes binding them from one another. Allen broke their passionate kiss and sat up to pull Tracy’s skirt off and to toss it to the bed. Running his hands up her stocking covered legs and up to her red panties. “What’s a lil girl like you doing with these?” He growled out.

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  “Evidently to make Old men have nasty thoughts……” Tracy said with a devilish grin. Squirming her hips up to Mr. Green’s hand. Rubbing her mound against the palm of his hand as he laid it to rest. Tracy watched Mr. Greens eyes the entire time, watching the storm in his eyes which grew deeper and more intense. Tracy knew it was just a matter of time before the storm took control…and she was beginning to become impatient. “Are you a virgin?” Allen waited for an answer but only got a nod. “Not for long you’re not. ” Was his only reply. Grabbing the thin damp fabric between Tracy’s legs and pulling. Jerking her panties off and sliding his body between her legs. His face inches away from her sex. Her pussy was swollen and completely smooth. Beads of moisture leaked from her velvety smooth slit and the aroma of arousal lifted to his nose.

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       “Watch this…. ” Allen ordered Tracy. As she climbed up on her elbows Tracy looked down in amazement at Mr. Green. He was inches away from her pussy and was about to lick her. She had only read of such things and was now about to experience it. Her head felt dizzy and the world felt like it was spinning too fast for her to keep up. With Allen’s brown eyes he watched Tracy’s baby blue eyes grow large with amusement and curiosity. Sliding his tongue out he lightly licked over her puffy lips. Eager to taste more he dove in. Using his hands to open her untouched lips he swirled his tongue inside her and brought up wetness to her aroused clit. Flicking his tongue madly over the love button to hear her gasp for more. Tracy was lost, how could his tongue feel so much better than her finger ever did? Her entire body jerked with each lick and she felt her first real orgasm about to hit her. “No, no, no, stop I’m going to cum!” Tracy tried closing her legs but it was of no use. Mr.

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       Green was much stronger than she. “That’s the point, love. ” Allen went back to his attack on her clit wrapping his mouth around the swollen nub and he sucked. Lightly nibbling and then back to flicking his tongue. Tracy’s legs wrapped around his head and he felt her stiffen, gasp, cry and then sobs. He pulled free and saw her looking up at the ceiling crying and jerking. Pulling up he crawled up her body and smiled at her. “Now that was an orgasm!” Tracy smiled and then realized that was supposed to happen. She knew what her orgasms before felt like but this was so strong that it had taken her breath away. Realizing Mr. Green was happy made her feel 100% better and ready for more. Tracy took her hands to her bra and pulled it over head, too impatient to even unclasp it. Mr. Green watched as she continued. She moved her hands down their bodies down to his shorts and pulled.

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       Stripping him of all his clothing. Pushing Mr. Green over to his side to pull the remainder of his shorts down. Being the type of guy he is he never must’ve bothered with shorts which was great left more time to other things instead of stripping. Allen could have sworn he died and went to heaven. Tracy was responsive, eager and expressive in bed unlike a lot of women he had known in his life. She was happy, smiling and wanting more and not afraid to show so. Watching her as she laid beside him studying his body he couldn’t help but smile. Her eyes were full of curiosity and he could tell she was wanting answers. It only made him want her more than ever. Tracy let her hands massage over Mr. Green’s stomach and down to his raging 8 inch cock which was standing at attention begging for some lovin’. She slid her right hand around his cock and pulled lightly. Never playing with anything like it she was almost at a loss. She began to fumble and play with it as if to try to figure out how it worked.

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      “Here, let’s try this together…. ” Allen took her hand into his and stroked up and down his cock. Letting her hand do the work but guiding her. She caught on quickly and began jerking him off. Thrusting her hands up and down in fast quick movements which were going to drive him over the edge at any second. “Stop! I can’t take anymore. ” Tracy jerked one last time on his cock and then smiled. Mr. Green’s teeth were grinding and her favorite little vein had showed up to pay her a visit. She leaned in and kissed his neck. Flicking her tongue up and over the vein and suckling. Wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him closer as she finally got to see his neck pop the vein in lust instead of frustration. Allen slipped his hands around Tracy’s butt and squeezed as she kissed upon him. Letting his cock slide against the young skin of her thighs and closer to her pussy. Rolling her around yet again to lay on her back he crawled on top of her.

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       The heat of her pussy was driving him on. “I want you……” he trailed off. Shocked to have found Tracy’s hand in the night stand where she found a pair of leather bound cuffs. “What are these for?” She asked swinging the cuffs around on her finger. Then sliding her hand back into the night stand she looked around more. “What other goodies do you have Mr. Green, you naughty man you!” Finding a Polaroid camera she smiled. “This is going to be fun. ” She whispered sensually. “That’s for keeping a marriage going after 18 years. ” He said chuckling in amusement. Taking the cuffs from her he took Tracy’s arms and bound her and cuffed her to the bed. Taking the camera from where it fell on the bed he stood and began to take photos. Letting the erotic shots fall down like rain drops on to Tracy’s aroused body. Watching Mr.

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       Green take photos of her like this made her feel vulnerable and sexy. She could feel her arousal swelling to massive peaks as she watched him crawl between her legs to take close up shots of her wet pussy lips. He was so close she could feel his breath tingle against her sensitive skin. Not being able to take more Allen put the camera to the side and pulled up against Tracy. Lining his cock up against her pussy lips. Guiding his head with his hand to run along her swollen lips. He made sure to pace himself and not go to fast for Tracy. He knew she was a virgin and wanted to make this as pleasurable for her as it was going to be for him. Tracy watched in fascination as Mr. Green slid his manhood up and down her slit in slow motions. Rubbing the head of his cock up against her clit and grinding it against the love button. She shivered and shook in anticipation. Allen gave in to his needs and began to drive his cock slowly to Tracy’s love canal he concentrated on being slow. He allowed his cock to slide inside her just enough to feel the heat around the head of his shaft. Watching as his shaft disappeared slowly inside of her softness.

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       When he suddenly saw a flash of light. There below him was Tracy logging her virginity being taken by camera the entire way. Flashing the camera every inch he let his cock sink. Seeing the concentration and feeling Mr. Green’s body shake she snapped more photos the best she could from her position. The restraints left little room for her arms to move however it was enough to get a few clear shots of her becoming …. a woman. Tracy giggled as she thought of how corny that sounded but knew it was true. Tracy saw a deep frown cross Mr. Green’s face and with one fluid movement he plunged deep and fully inside Tracy. Growling with the effort it took not to thrust Allen controlled himself and tried to pace himself. He felt Tracy’s body give and relax against him and her muffled cries turned into light moans as the pain turned into pleasure. He slowly began to pump his shaft in all the way and out slowly. Going an inch at a time until Tracy thrust her hips up to his own and demanded more. Suddenly they were on a ride to the moon together one thrust at a time.


       Tracy loved having Mr. Green fully inside her. The feeling of being complete and sensual took over her body. She felt hot and knew that Mr. Green found her irresistible in this moment in time. She was in one moment in time vulnerable and bound by leather restraints and in that same moment felt like most powerful creature on this planet. She thrust her hips to meet Mr. Green’s with each thrust, moaning and grinding with pleasure. Allen couldn’t see or think of anything but the beauty below him. Tracy’s full breasts bobbing with each movement. Watching her pleasure only drove him on to want to give her everything he had in him. Allen stroked all the right places and played her like a musical instrument. Tracy felt her own body contract once, then twice around Mr. Greens shaft. With each thrust throwing her closer and closer to a climax.

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       She took one last photo before the camera slipped from her hands and simultaneously she felt Mr. Green Shake. His body grew rigid as he pumped furiously in her body. His breathing irregular and his body was shaking with the need to release. Tracy thrust her hips once more to his and that’s when she felt him explode inside her. Like a lose canyon shooting inside her thrust after thrust. He collapsed down on top of her and pressed his full body weight on her to pump again. With the last energy his body could muster Allen pulled a hand between he and Tracy and fingered her clit while the last few drops of cum released into her body and as quickly as it all began it all ended with her screaming and pumping against his hand. Moments later Tracy zapped back to reality and squirmed to only remember her leather restraints. “Can you please release me?” Tracy asked. Her voice was sounding shaky and drained. “ Of course I can. ” Allen reached up and released Tracy from the bed and she jumped from the mattress to the floor grabbing her clothes and tossing them on. She handed him the fire Engine red panties and winked as she took all the photos and put them in her back pack. “My gift?” “Yes, I have to go Mom will start worrying.

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       Thanks again for not telling my parents about trespassing. ” And with that Tracy made her way home running to her bedroom and closing the door to hide her new photos. ****So there you have it Dear Journal. Mr. Green never said a word to my parents and never again bothered me when I walked through his yard to make my way home. It’s great to have these photos to look back on and even better to now have a leather bound journal to store the beginnings of my photo fetish. The End.



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