Learning Loving from my Sister-In-Law


In this particular case, it was a scene in a bar. Naturally, there was only one female in this bar and 20 or so hard and horny bikers. The one female was named Lisa and she apparently belonged to Rock, the “Grand Poobah” of this biker gang. One of Rock’s favorite pastimes was making Lisa take care of his “flock”. She was good at it, too. She was lying naked on a small rectangular table that appeared to be made especially for this type of event. Surrounding the table was at least six members of the bike gang, all standing there naked while watching Lisa squirm on the table. If Lisa turned her head to the right, there was a cock to suck on. If she turned her head to the left, there was another. Each hand had hold of a piece of meat. She even was massaging one with her feet. Rough, biker hands were roaming over her body leaving no area untouched. Soon she was moaning predictably and the two cocks nearest her face began to reach their respective climaxes. Before you know it, there is cum flying everywhere…. . and most of it is landing on some part of her body.

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   Meanwhile, I am lying in my bed watching this unfold on the tube, and a tent forms under the cover between my legs. My hand reaches down and I take hold of my own member which had grown to it’s full length and girth and was pulsing. Throwing the covers down to set him free, I continue watching the scene before me while I stroke my own cock with vigor. Getting closer and closer to my own climax, as luck would have it the phone rings. Disappointed, I reach for the remote and pause the movie then grab the phone. It was my wife, Robin. Apparently her sister was on a flight that was to change planes here in Atlanta and the fog had grounded all of the flights. She was not scheduled to continue her trip until 8PM, 9 hours from now. Robin’s sister Jean, was a knockout. I had always had a secret desire to fuck her, but she was my wife’s sister and therefore off limits. Didn’t stop me from thinking of it, though. Now and again, I had been in the room when my wife had been talking to her sister on the phone. Although I was only able to hear one side of the conversation, it was pretty obvious that my wife Robin was trying to get her sister Jean to settle down. Robin felt that Jean was just a little too wild for her own good and felt it was her duty to try to match her up with a “nice guy”. Robin had ideas of Jean getting married and having 2 and a half kids and a mini-van.

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   Obviously, from listening to this side of the conversations, taming Jean was not going to be an easy task. Jean was just not the “settling down” type. Tall, thin and gorgeous, she was just having too much fun in life to change now. In her mid-30’s, she actually looked like she was in her early twenties. Long flowing blonde hair, 36 X 24 X 34, muscular, tanned and highly sexed……what more could you want. Men fell all over themselves to be with her. She was successful in her business dealings and was quite a catch. Since we live only 18 miles from the airport, Robin asked me to go pick up Jean and bring her back to the house. Looking around me and seeing how messy the place was and thinking of how mad Robin would be if I brought her sister into a mess like this I frantically ran around picking up things and throwing them under the bed and into the closet. Anywhere I could hide them. Within 18 minutes I had a clean house again……or at least my version of clean. Off to the airport I went. Jean was waiting at baggage claim and I met her and gave her a big hug. She had just come from Miami, where it was obviously very warm. She had on a very short skirt and a sheer, sleeveless blouse.

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   The weather in Atlanta was foggy and nasty and she was not dressed for it. I asked about her luggage and she said that all she had was the carry on bag and that she had been told that the rest of her luggage had already been sent on to Chicago on another flight. The ride to the house was uneventful. Just small talk meant to catch up on things. Talk of my employment status and how Robin was doing. I found myself having difficulty keeping my eyes off of her legs and her very short skirt. The hem of the skirt could not have been more than 3 or 4 inches from that forbidden area where her legs join. The rain began to get very heavy during the short ride and by the time we got to the house, it was pouring. Since the garage is full of junk, I had to park the car in the driveway. After getting her carry-on bag from the truck, we had to run to the door. Soaking wet, I was fumbling to find my key and dropped them twice before getting the door unlocked. Laughing, we entered the house. I placed the bag down and turned towards her. What I saw made me freeze in place. The rain had soaked her blouse, and the sheer camisole that she was wearing under it did little to hide her beauty.

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   Dark nipples stood proudly at attention as the fabric molded to her. I smiled and thought quickly of something to say, as I couldn’t take my eyes off her chest. “Are you cold or just glad to see me?” As it left my mouth, I wished I could take it back. I felt so stupid, but to my surprise she just smiled at me and began unbuttoning her blouse. “I’ve got to get out of these wet clothes. Do you have anything I can put on while I dry these?” When the bottom button was undone, the blouse came off and she handed it to me. Then she reached down and pulled the camisole over her head and held it out to me as well. “Be a dear and put these in the dryer for me. ”As I took them from her, she proceeded down the hall to my bedroom. I just stood there watching. Just before entering the room she turned to me and smiled. “Bathrobe?” was all she said. “In the closet. ” I replied and she turned and closed the door. After putting her clothes into the dryer and setting the temperature on hot so that they would dry fast, I returned to the bedroom door.

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   Standing outside the door, my mind replayed the previous 5 minutes. Hearing something from within my bedroom, I was distracted. Leaning nearer to the door, I realized that she had turned on the TV and was playing the DVD. I panicked, wondering what her opinion of me would be after this discovery. Not knowing what to do with myself, I left the closed door and went to the kitchen to put on a pot of soup. I opened the can and emptied it into the pot and turned the burner on. From my bedroom I heard what sounded like moaning and assumed it was the movie. Somehow, I had to stop her from watching it. I returned to the bedroom door and knocked. “Come In. ”As I opened the door, nothing prepared me for what I saw. Jean was lying on my bed, completely nude. Her legs were spread and several of her fingers had disappeared amidst the trim blonde hair between her legs. Her nipples were still hard and her heavy breathing caused them to rise and fall. Her eyes were open wide and she was smiling.

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   She looked at me and said “Naughty boy. Does my sister know you watch these things?”“Actually, her and I watched most of this last night. I was watching the rest of it when she called this morning and asked me to go pick you up. ”“Mmmmm! Does that mean you fucked her last night? “Oh yes, I fuck her every night……. . well, that is, until that certain time of the month”“God, that is such a turn-on. I love to close my eyes and picture you fucking my sister. Problem is, I know what she looks like but I don’t know what you look like. ”During this exchange, she is continuing to work her fingers in her pussy. As I watch her, she stares directly into my eyes and her tongue moistens her lips. “Well, I can think of several things that we can do about that……. but you are my wife’s sister. What if it got back to her that we………. . ”“Look at this body.

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  ” At that, she spread her legs and placed her fingers on each side of her pussy lips and spread them out. “Look at this pussy. Go on. Get a good close look. ”I moved closer to the bed and put one knee on it so that I could get a better look. As I leaned over, her legs snapped shut. “You wanna see……… Well, so do I!”It was pretty obvious what she was saying and I was now so worked up that I wasn’t about to argue the point. Within seconds my wet clothes were on the floor and I was standing naked next to the bed. “Now, let’s try that again. ” I placed my knee back onto the bed and her legs spread. As I leaned over, her free hand reached out and cupped my balls. “I’ll never get over how fascinating these things are. I love to touch them. In fact, I love everything about a mans cock……. .

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  especially how it feels inside me…. ”I needed no further persuasion. As I climbed onto the bed, she stopped me and had me lay down next to her. Leaning over, she lay her head on my stomach and just seemed to enjoy watching as her hand explored my member. Using her fingernails, she traced a line from the tip of the crown, down over the sac and around each testicle. Then she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began a slow, teasing up and down motion as if she was jacking me off in slow motion. Within seconds, a trace of clear liquid appeared from the slit in the tip. This seemed to draw her to it like a magnet. Before I knew it, my shaft was surrounded by the warm wetness of her mouth. Holding her head still, her tongue began to explore my shaft. I was in Heaven. Grasping my scrotum and tenderly squeezing while so expertly working on my shaft, I felt the unmistakable stirrings of an orgasm deep within me. Not wanting it to end, I gently ran my hand through her hair and grasped a handful. Slowly, not wanting her to experience any pain, I gradually pulled her off of my swollen cock. I wanted to be inside her.

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   I wanted to be inside her NOW!!! Shifting myself between her legs and positioning my now throbbing cock at her wet, waiting opening I slammed into her full tilt. Thrusting like a wild dog, I was in another world. Suddenly I felt a sting on my cheek. She had slapped me. “Slow down will you? I’m not a piece of meat. ” My cheek was still burning and it brought me back to reality. My cock was buried inside the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen and I was about to ruin it. Slowly, I removed my cock from her. Lowering my head, I reached my destination. Glistening with wetness, I gently grabbed one of her lips between my teeth and moved it out of the way. Then my tongue entered and began a slow tease, tracing the outside of the lips first one, then the other. Then, separating them with my tongue I dipped into her as far as I could. Further and further into her went my tongue until my own lips were against hers. Creating a seal, I proceeded to suck in all of the juice that I could get. As I emptied her with my sucking, I generated more with my tongue.

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   At first she moaned with pleasure.
    As I continued, the moans turned to cries then to screams. I tried to maintain the motions, but it was becoming harder and harder as she began grinding her hips into my face. I felt her hands on the back of my head pushing me into her. Just when I thought I was going to have to pull back to breathe, I felt her shudder and even though my ears were covered by her thighs I heard the loud screams of a mighty orgasm. “OH, MY GOD……. YES……. . YES……. . YES!’The flood of juice was overwhelming. I could not take it all in and a puddle formed on the sheet below. Soon, when her breathing somewhat returned to normal her legs finally relaxed the hold they had on my head. I began to move up and position myself for another go at her. My cock had not lost its hardness and I was anxious to continue the moment.


       As the crown of my tool worked its way towards its target, it came to rest against her now swollen lips. As I tried to push him in she gasped, and reached up and gently placed her hands on my chest stopping me in my tracks. “She’s not quite ready yet. Give her a moment to recuperate. I’ve never in my life experienced anything so wonderful. ”There is no man alive that doesn’t want to hear that. My pride was as swollen as my cock. Instead of taking the plunge, I took the hint. I began to explore her breasts. Gently sucking on each nipple, I found that what I had previously thought to be an erect nipple was actually their natural state. After sucking on them for a moment, I was astonished at how erect they could actually become. I had never seen nipples this long. They actually changed color when they became aroused, turning from a bright pink in their relaxed state to a dark purple after sucking on them. It was fascinating, and I spent lots of time on them. Enough apparently, to allow her ample time to recuperate and to prepare herself for the second wave.

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      Feeling the gentle touch of her hands on each side of my head, she managed to pull her nipple out of my mouth and turned my eyes to hers. “Fuck me now!”I had learned my lesson. It was as if another entity had taken over my body. Where before, I would have just slammed my cock into her pussy and fucked her for all I was worth without regard to her feelings at all, now I wanted more than anything to please her. I wanted to send her to some sexual heaven that she had never been before. I pushed my cock in slowly until it completely disappeared, and then I held it there. Moving my hips downward while still buried caused him to change angles. Now the tip of my cock was pressing against the top of her womb……. and I held it there. That was it. That was the spot. He grabbed me and held me still while I felt her entire body shudder with climax. I had not been inside her for more than 30 seconds, and she was over the top. When her body quieted down, I raised my hips taking the pressure off of that spot. Waiting a few seconds, I repeated the movement and the results were the same.

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       This was amazing to me. I had not yet pulled my cock back, and I had managed to bring her to orgasm twice. When I backed off the second time and then attempted to repeat it, she stopped me. With her eyes closed and her mouth smiling broadly, she said “No. Please not again. I don’t think I could take it again. Just please fuck me. ” I began a steady rhythm of in and out, in and out. Slowly at first, but I felt her hips urging me to speed up and I happily complied. Soon we were out of control. Sweat pouring over both of us, we fucked for what seemed hours. In reality, it was only 20 minutes or so but that in itself was a record for me. I was on my knees and at first her legs were over my shoulders. Sometime during the process I flipped her over and entered her from the rear. Then I lay her on her side and got behind her like spoons…….

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      finally ending up with her on top of me. Eventually I felt the familiar stirrings deep within me. I could hold back no longer. With one last shove, I buried deep and exploded……. my hot seed filling her. She bore all her weight down on me, trying to get him in as deep as she could. So much of my white liquid filled her that she could not hold it all and it spilled out, running down my testicles and again, pooling on the sheets. We lay there motionless for awhile until I looked up and noticed that the DVD had finished and was on the Menu screen. I reached over and grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. Placing the remote back on the nightstand, I turned over and my sister-in-law kissed me with the most passionate kiss that I had ever received. “We’ll keep this our little secret, but I have to tell you. I’ll start arranging my trips to fly through Atlanta whenever I can. That is, if you’re willing to periodically take me to those same sexual heights that we went to today. ”I agreed, and from that point on we became wonderful friends and she kept her word. At least three times a month, I would get a call that she was coming into the airport and had several hours to “lay over”.

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       We never told Robin anything about our relationship. That evening, she came home from work and asked what we had been doing all day. “Just watching TV and catching up” we told her. I took Jean back to the airport that evening and when Robin and I got back home, she was in a playful mood. She turned on the DVD and pulled the covers back on the bed. What I saw scared me. Two huge spots on the sheets where Jean and I had overflowed. Before she got a chance to see them, I quickly took my shirt off and threw it on the bed to cover the spots. Later I moved my shirt and lay on the bed, again covering the spots. I then had her turn the lights off before coming to join me. Positioning her over the spots, we proceeded to create entirely new ones making love for several hours that night. Afterwards, Robin made the remark “I don’t know what happened and I’m not going to ask, but I like the new you. ”My days as a male chauvinist are over. I have learned that whatever pleasure I give is multiplied many times upon its return. Oh yes, and laundry is quite so bad after all………at least washing the sheets is easy……….

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