Leapers Wood Finale


Two weeks after our get together with Father Brian and Jim, John and myself were on the bus to Morecambe.  A few little lies to Mum left her thinking I was visiting Foxy, a friend of mine in Hestbank I knew she wouldn't check as telephones weren't a common feature in peoples houses back then. We got off the bus  at Happymount Park and were picked up in a large car that I gathered was a Rolls Royce and were driven to a large house in its own grounds. I was led in through the front doors to a huge glassed area with a swimming pool inside, that amazed me as I never knew that people had their own pools, the only ones I had seen were public pools.
The pool was already occupied by a number of men and boys, I saw Jim near the steps and gave him a wave. Dave the man who had picked us up told us to strip off and join the others, minutes later I jumped into the pool next to Jim. He gave me a smile and a kiss, I kissed him back acceppting it as part of his nature, he also stroked my cock under the water I also accepted that. We soon joined in the horseplay going on round us I was picked up and thrown into the deeper water a couple of times, I was also touched on my cock and bum more than a few times by the men I didn't know. I pulled myself out onto the side after a while to catch my breath and was encouraged by Father Brian to get a sandwich and drink from a large table near the pool, I was joined shortly by Jim. We sat chatting Jim telling me he lived with his mother his Dad had been killed in Korea, he said Father Brian looked after him and his Mum. I asked how long they had been special friends, he said since he was eleven.

Dave came over and asked us if we would like to see some of his photos and led us to a small room near the pool, this one had lots of photos on the walls as well as lots of albumns. In one of the albums I was surprised to see a photo of myself and Jim, Jim giggled and said my cock had felt nice inside him. Of course galloping hormones had taken over and my cock was hard again, I could see Jim and Dave had the same problem. We were soon all together on a large rug playing with eachothers cock, for a man Dave's wasn't much bigger than mine he was encouraging me to suck Jims cock then said it would be nice if Jim sucked mine at the same time, so I knelt over Jims head allowing him to suck my cock as well. I was in this position when I felt dave applying vaseline or something similar to my bum hole then he knelt behind me and pushed his cock inside me.


   I really jumped and would have pulled away except for Jim still sucking my cock. Dave continued sliding his cock inside me making grunting sounds my own cock seemed to get even harder as he was doing it and I soon shot my load of cum in Jims mouth. By now we seemed to have a bit of an audience and as I pulled my mouth away from Jim's cock I was replaced by one of the other men I had seen earlier. Dave suddenley pulled his cock out of me and I was splashed on my back with hot cum, I was about to move away when I was grabbed by the hips and held in place. This time I was impaled by a cock a lot bigger than Dave's thankfully I had been loosened up by Dave otherwise I would have really screamed as it was I cried out. This cock really stretched me and I was not helped by the fact the Father Brian shoved his cock in my mouth. Now I was getting angry, these weren't my special friends and I wasn't enjoying this cock in my arse Jim I liked, Dave I put up with but this was too much.
    The guy finally came I felt his hot cum pumping deep inside me before he withdrew he walked off laughing with Dave leaving me sore and angry. I noticed Jim was in tears he had been used by another guy he hadn't known as well and Father Brian had told him not to be such a big sissy and to just get used to it. I went off to the toilet to clean up the paper nearly disappearing  inside me as I tried to wipe the cum out. I went back to the pool area to see one of the other boys being used by John and Dave, it seemed like it was what we were here for as John called me over and told me to suck Steve (the boy) off at the same time, I did that because the boy was round my age but when John pulled his cock out of Steve and jerked on his cock until his cum spattered on my face while somebody else took a photo it was too much. After Steve came I found my clothes dressed and left, I don't know if anyone noticed and I didn't care I was just bloody angry, so angry I phoned the police and said about some men with young boys at a certain address.
     I don't know if the police did anything as I never saw anything in the local paper and the local 'bobby' never came to our house but John's house was empty the following week and had a 'for sale' a couple of weeks later. I never saw John again, I kept friends with Jim, Father Brian had been moved to another Parish so he felt alone. I used to visit his place and we enjoyed each others company up until I found girls, Jim still preffered boys and moved to London we lost touch later.

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       I occasionally like to get together with a guy for a bit of fun but thats few and far between these days. And I hate Peodophiles with a passion.