Late Night Drive-Thru; Chapter Four


She sat laid back on the chair with the towel open, her legs spread, and her weight on the balls of her feet. Her thighs lifted up a little and she envisioned it between her legs. Oh god, how sexy. She felt her pussy was dripping when she imagined him. Was he sitting there also thinking of her? What would he look like naked? She had the image and closed her eyes. There he was, in some place that was indistinct. He was laid back on a bed, his legs spread a little, and there was his cock. Oh god, she saw it as she saw it in the car. So so sexy. Raine ler her right hand slowly find it's way to her pussy. She couldn't help it, she touched herself, her finger slid through her soft pubic hair to her lips. Raine opened her eyes and looked down and watched her finger find its way to her entrance. A strange thing happened as she pushed it in. She saw it again. She pictured his dick as her finger. 'Oh god' she almost cried.

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   She was so carried away with her fantasy. She came instantly. Her body shook. She had never felt anything happen so quickly and so intensely before. Oh god, she let it go. She rode the wave and a low moan escaped her lips. She almost slipped off her chair, which brought her back to earth. Her hand was covered in her juices. She stood up quickly and wrapped the towel tightly aroudn her. She was filled with confusion. This was not her. She didn't act like this. As she went to bed she played her music again, as she tried to figure it all out. She couldn't think straight, it was like she was being consumed. It wasn't like she was thinking about anything specific.

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   Her mind wa spretty much a blank. It was that she knew something was happening underneath her conciousness, underneath her waking mind. It was as if her dreams were pushing her. Her fantasies wanted to break loose. It was in this mood that she went to work. Where she spilt two sodas and got three orders screwed up. She was so frustrated by herself, that she had forgotten what had put her in that place to begin with, and by the time she asked for the order, she was sort of back to normal. Then she heard his voice. . . and it was as if a lightning bolt hit her. He asked for $35. 00 worth of food. As she sent the order back, she heard Cory cursing at the work. Then he was there again.

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   Only this time the dashboard lights were off and the black out window was open only a few inches as he handed her the money. As she handed back the change, he kept the window half up and she could only see his face. He smiled as he let his gaze slowly go to her chest. By this time Raine had changed out of her stupid work clothes and into street clothes consisting of jeans that amd eher legs look longer and an orange tank top that showed a good amount of her proud cleavage. She figured it didn't matter this late at night what she was wearing. He grinned as he let his gaze slowly go to her chest. Raine stood there not knowing what to do, but even through the dark window she sensed movement in his lap. He seemed to lean his head back and look right at her. He rolled the window all the way down. He was jerking off two feet from her as he stared at her. Her nipples hardened, pressing against the flimsy fabric of the shirt, unhindered by a bra, and she found herself stretching her chest a little forward. "Um," he moaned, just loud enough for her to hear him as she reached down and felt herself place her hand over her pussy as she stared back. He lowered the window and there it was. He was naked, completely. His dick was hard and glistening.

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   He grasped it and pulled it up. As his balls were exposed Raine found herself letting out a little gasp. He had to be at least nine inches and her eyes widened. Not a word was spoken. She reached down and undid her button and zipper on her jeans and reached inside the front of them and shoved her fingers in herself. He responded by lifting his hips and sticking his cock right toward her, pumping up and down. Raine put one hand under her shirt and grabbed her breast, squeezing it as she shoved two fingers in her cunt. He lifted higher, throwing any caution to the wind and actually had his hips above the window as he started cumming. The first shot landed on Raine's stomach, her shirt had been pushed up with her hand playing with her breast, he had shot his cum almost two feet, and as it landed, Raine came with a shudder. She rubbed it into her belly with the hand she had on her breast. Then she didn't know what came over her, but Raine lifted it to her mouth and tasted for the first time in her life, the salty taste of a man. .