Lady Client pays off Lawnman!


Yesterday,while doing my landscaping job at a lady client of mine,it turned into something great. Now she is a friend of mine,34yrs old recently divorced,with 2 kids. She stands about 5'6',140lbs,long brown hair,big titties(35c I think!),thick,sexy legs,and a great,round,curvy ass(my favorite!). I'm 47,6'0",175lbs,okay looking,but I have a nice 7. 5"inch cock,which I jack off alot with. My marriage of 18yrs is normal,except for the lack of sex,which I crave so much. I jack off to pornos,internet,sex toys,whatever it takes,at least 5 times a week. I've never cheated, but have thought about it. I have jacked off many times,thinking of my lady client,and if she only knew!. We always give each other a tight hug when we see each other. And sometimes,I can just tell,that if I tried,I bet I could have fun with her,as she is friendly,not shy about rubbing against me,or showing off her ample tits. I casually flirt with her,seeing what she would do,and she seems to like it.

After arriving at her house,she greeted me in a low cut top,showing off those titties,and a short,Levi mini-skirt,which I liked. After about an hour,I finished up my work,and went into the house to get paid. As I walked into the kitchen,and sat down,she spoke out:"I'll be right there. " When she came into the kitchen,I had noticed she had removed her bra,and those big tits were right there staring at me,under her shirt.

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   This made my cock start to get hard,but I just sat there. She asked if I needed anything,and I said:"Just you! as I always do!" She laughed and said:"Only if you want me!" She then bent over the table to write a check for me,and that short skirt rose up,showing me,she wasn't wearing panties! I about came! That ass,that I've beat off to so many times,was 3 inches away from my now growing cock. We continued our small talk,when she said:"Whoops! I misspelled your name,and with that,she bent over farther,to write another check. I was now dying to grab that ass! My cock was sticking up in my pants,wanting to get out,when I made the choice! I reached out and grabbed those round cheeks! She stood up and said:"Do you like that?",as she now saw my cock,straining to get out of my pants. " I said:"I can't take it anymore!!I've wanted to grab your ass for so long,and I'm so fucking horny right now,I'm about to blow!" She turned to face me and said:"I've thought about you and your cock too,and what it would be like to fuck your brains out also. " I then kissed her,it was so nice. Her tongue probing my mouth,and her hands,now pulling my cock out of my pants. Out it came,throbbing hard,when she said:"Can I suck that nice cock?"I said:"I've been waiting so long for this,yes,please!"As she dropped to her knees,I pulled off her top,and out came those bigs tits! My cock loved the sight of them,and grew harder. She slowly put her warm,soft lips,and mouth around my cock,and began to suck. Oh my god it felt good! Up and down she went,squeezing my cock and balls with her hands and mouth,as she sucked away. I was in pure pleasure mode! Her mouth was so tight,it felt like a virgin pussy!(I've never had one!),and in minutes,I yelled out:"I'm going to come. . . . she then swallowed my whole cock down her mouth,to the base of my balls,and continued that for a few seconds,when I screamed:"I'm coming.

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  . . . I'm coming. . . . as she swallowed it whole again! I came like a rocket!She didn't stop sucking until I was dry! Then,she looked up and said:"How was that?" catching my breath,I answered:" fantastic!!,your really know how to suck a cock!,especially mine. "  She said:"I love your cock!" Hearing that,I said:"Now its my turn!" We layed on the floor,opened up those legs,and I began eating her pussy like a wild man! I told her I haven't eaten pussy in over 18 yrs,cause my wife doesn't let me anymore,and I love doing it. In minutes,she was soaking wet. Grinding her pussy hard,all over my face,I began to rub her little butthole with my fingers and my tongue. She went nuts! She said it felt so good,and to make her come. I went faster and faster,now sticking a finger in that ass,wishing it were my cock. She grinded my face harder and said:"Oh my god,here I come. .

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  . . . . . !! and exploded all over my face! I loved it!! Licking her thighs dry,she pulled my head up and said:"Your great at that! I love how you eat my pussy!! I then stood up,my cock now rock hard again,when she asked:"Where would you like to put that?" I answered:"I know your pussy is so fine,but I've dreamed of being in that nice,round ass for so long,can I fuck your ass??I'm dying too!!She turned over,and said:"Fuck my little butthole!! Put your cock deep in my ass!!I slowly put my cock up to her anal heaven door,and went in. It was perfect! So tight,and those cheeks pulling it in farther,as I held onto them. I loved it! In and out I went,all my cock feeling like it was going to pull off my body,as she screamed:"It feels so fucking good,I love your big cock in my hole!! Hearing that,I fucked it faster and faster,then. . . . . . I yelled:"I'm cumming again. .


  . . . I'm. . . . she pushed her ass all the way on my cock,and I exploded again!! I fell onto her,out of breath! She rolled over,kissed me,and said:"Now thats how I like my ass fucked!!Your so good at that too. " I kissed her again,and said:"I want to do this as much as possible,can we?"She said:"I'll do whatever you want!!. . . . . . .

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  . . . More next time!!.