Kita's Dance


Sensually running her hands down to her skirt she grasps the thin material, clawing it up her long thin muscular thighs. When she almost reveals what everyone wants to see, she smiles a teasing promise and opens her fingers. Lifting her arms above her head she shudders and bucks as if in the throes of intense orgasm. A cymbal crash breaks the trance. With a toss of her head, her hair becomes an obsidian cloud as she prances around my table. Her Kirghiz eyes have never left mine. Although in a crowded bar, she spins, undulates, gyrates and hunches for me alone. Her hips swivel forward & up toward me, forgetting her invisible partner. Her bold look promises untold secret pleasures awaiting only my slightest signal and sends a squadron of chills goose-stepping between my shoulder blades across my shoulders & out my arms. You are that vision of clawing needy pleasure. My scalp prickles as I watch you perform for me. My cock crawls along my leg as your performance takes you behind me where you whisper unintelligibly… sounds with unmistakable meaning, ending with, "I am Kita. . . I am yours. " My smoky blue bedroom eyes and appreciative smile encourage you to even more suggestive moves.

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   Beads of perspiration form on your upper lip from the exertion as you whirl and undulate. Leaning close to my face you lick it off with a tongue that also promises unearthly delights. Wetting your lips. . . your brown skin beads with perspiration and reflects the dim, colored lights of the bar. Spinning and groaning you work for me, shaking your hips like a belly dancer, so close I smell your unwashed sex, your cloying, musky aroma. . . . I am dreaming of where that honey-sweet woman musk must originate when there is an explosion! Fear shows on your previously concentrating features. The room fills with a choking, eye burning smoke. . . blinding me.

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   The lights are extinguished and the police burst in screaming for no one to move. Amid the bedlam you grab my hand and rush with me through the tumultuous confusion and darkness out a rear door into a narrow alley behind the cabaret. I trot behind you in a slight daze, admiring the legs, that hiking up your skirt to run has exposed and the inviting shapely behind they support. After many zigzags and turns, leaving the noise of the bar behind, we pause to catch our breath in the secluded doorway of a dark shop. Your body's heat warms more than my skin as you peer around the doorway with me behind you. My hands reach out & slide caressingly around your waist pulling you against me. With an appreciative groaning release of pent up lust my mouth fastens upon the soft skin of your neck. Your soft round ass pushes back into my crotch as our bodies melt together. An artery in your neck throbs under my lips, your pulse racing. Your knees weaken and your weight leans into my arms. My hands squeeze your high firm breasts and my fingers pull and pinch your nipples mercilessly. The latent heat of unquenched animal need gnaws at your stomach. Biting your lip, you scream into your closed mouth. Your already cream coated thighs up between your legs are drenched with a new foamy flow when I take your chin in my hand and turn you to face me. I whisper, "Lift your skirt, Kita.

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  " After brushing your lips with a kiss I step back, waiting, encouraging you with my eyes. A little hesitant, your hands reach down to obey. "Show me your legs, Honey. " As if directed by my mind, your fingers clutch the hem, raising the dark skirt up strong shapely thighs, just as I wish. Openly admiring your legs I point for you to lift your skirt higher. "Open your legs, Beautiful, dance for me. " Excited by my boldness, you move your hips slowly, the performer knowing her audience, the woman, pleasing her man. Sensing the hunger in my demeanor, the undeniable fierceness of my demand, you open your lovely legs. The hollows of your inner thighs shine wetly in the moonlight. As softly and sweetly as a kitten in heat for the first time your throat emits a growling whining purr. Excited beyond all limits, the fire of naked lust burns in your brain & gleams from your eyes like red coals beneath a film of ash. A hand pushes your long black ropes of thick hair up and over your head, your hips move and your thighs open further. Gripping your skirt, you boldly raise it to your hips, revealing a shiny wet bald protuberant mound with fat thumb sized swollen labia pouting open. Blatantly hunching toward me, you simulate what you need so badly. .

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  . approaching my leg, whining & growling in feral animal need. Knowing that you need and expect my touch, I Instead send you reeling into submissive sexual desperation. Sadistically rolling your nipples between my fingers I whisper lewdly what you must do. As your eyes fill with emotional tears you exhale with a shudder. Whimpering, you look up into my eyes and nod your assent. Neck and breasts flushed red with excitement you slide down. Bowing your head submissively you kneel and wait at my feet. Hearing my movement you raise your eyes, expectantly staring, transfixed, as I unbutton and lower my trousers revealing myself to your wide eyes. My stiff cock, freed from its confinement, bobs and sways freely. Under your wide-eyed gaze it stretches & swells proudly, standing up for inspection. The glans darken with blood and hardens into a stiff steely shaft that pulses visibly. You adopt its movement and sway as if in a cobra's trance, softly cooing and humming worshipfully. Opening the bodice of your dress quickly, you slide the material off your shoulders and yank the material aside, exposing your soft breasts to my eyes. Cradling my heavy balls in that sweet valley you rub my warm shaft's tip along your jaw line and over your cheeks, pressing my hot spongey-soft head against your eyelids.

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   You whimper & groan as you hover over my maleness, almost in tears with need. "Open your mouth, Kita. Suck, Baby. Show me your love!" You lean forward and open your soft hungry mouth, enclosing my cock in your wet warmth, holding it in your sweet mouth for a time, savoring my man's taste and smell before sucking back off the head with a loud pop. You lean back a bit to admire your work but hearing me whine you begin sluicing it wetly in and out to make me cum quickly. You feel my hands on your head so you lower your hands to your sides giving complete control to me. But I am out of control! Stroking deeply between your soft full red lips. . . long, selfish, hard driving hunches into your salivating mouth, plunging my cock head against the back of your throat, ignoring your muffled gags and choking snorts. Tugging at your long midnight tresses, swiveling my hips, searching for the right angle until you open your throat as well. Gripping your hair in my fists.
    . . forcing your throat to accept more and more, the gagging spasms of your throat bringing me near orgasm.


       Levering my cock all the way past your breathing passages I push without pause until my balls lie on your chin. I have no thought of holding back. Accepting your services as my due I pour the full length of my throbbing red dick into your upturned face again & again. A breathless animal ululation rips from my throat when my orgasm begins, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" My lust filled command reverberates loudly among the walls of the neighborhood shops, "OH! BABY!! GODDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSS SUCK IT KITA!! OH! GAHHHHHHHHHHWWD!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Withdrawing too far in my excitement, when my hips continue their motion on automatic pilot, my cock spasms and smears and spurts a heavy dollop of thick cream along your cheek. My spunk spurts freely wherever it may land. Powerfully jetting thin semen then flinging thick ropes of lumpy pearl cream over your neck. . . to stickily ooze down over your breasts, clinging to your nipples, stretching, swinging & hanging on. You chase my cock with open mouth, trying to capture my messy member. I am so gone that it throbs and pumps many times before your seeking mouth captures it and sucks greedily. Without waiting, I drive it to it's root over and over again. I’m holding your head hard, my fists knotted in your hair, growling with the effort, plunging, “ungha ungha ungha ungha ungha UNGHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! straining to eject the last large gobbets of lumpy pecker snot directly into your stomach. Oblivious of all but my own animal need I stroke deeply into your throat and hold you there as my cock spurts and spasms, feeding your open oral cavity a thick continuous stream of throat scalding sperm. Coming to myself at last my fingers relax slowly and my fists release your hair.

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       Backing my hips as I hold your head, my long heavy cock slides out of your throat and you gasp for a breath. Swallowing a lingering load loudly, you continue to nurse lovingly at my still dribbling dick, talking to it, watching it twitch & spasm & worshipping its beautiful maleness. Hearing voices and commotion approaching from the distance around the corner you rise from your knees. Tugging my trousers up as you stand you take my fingers in yours and tug. Your hoarse voice whispers urgently, "hurry, they will be looking for me. " Still in a partial daze of bliss I am slow to comprehend. Also, having just used you badly, I hesitate guiltily until you reassure me. You look up into my blue eyes, "It's alright my love". The fingers of one of your hands caresses my cheek, the other my thick, half erect cock. "I will give you more, anything you want, my strong virile man. Just tell me what to do. You are my dream. Come. . .

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      . . . this way. . . . . . quickly. " With your erect nipples tightening in the chill night air and your full breasts swaying in the moonlight, momentarily forgotten, hand in hand we disappear into the streets of that ancient city.



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