Kathy's Crazy Family


Kathy was a wife, and a mother 3 children. Chris 19, Claire 18, Zach 16, Kathy is 45, John 46.
Chris was 5'11, brown hair and 190 pounds.
Zach: Brown hair and weights only 120 pounds.
Claire: very light brown hair, weighted 120 pounds, had 32b tits.
John: dark brown hair, weighed 180 pounds, was 6 feet tall, and a less then average penis, 5 inchs.
Kathy: light brown hair, weighed 150 pounds, average sized ass, 36b tits. was the summer before Chris started college and the senior year in high school for Claire. John was at work, Zach and Chris were with their friends somewhere in town, and Claire was at the movies. Since Kathy was home alone she decided to go over to her neighbors house to talk with her friend Julie. Julie had dark blonde hair, was skinny, 36c breasts not to forget about her tight and round ass. Kathy went over and rang the door bell. Like Kathy, Julie was a stay at home mom, and was almost home all the time. Julie opened the door. She had on a pair of jean shorts, and a tight white t-shirt. Kathy noticed Julie's nipples were trying to poke out of her shirt.

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   "Follow me" Julie said as she walked toward the stairs. Kathy followed her up the stairs. Kathy watched Julies ass sway back and forth. They walked pasted her son Dan's room. He was the same age as Chris and were both going to college. Julie then led her to her daughter Lynsey's room. Julie walked over to the bed and picked up a group of small pictures and handed them to Kathy. The first picture was of Lynsey's boy friend Sam without a shirt. The next was of Sam without any clothes on and he also had a hard-on. It had to be at least 8 inches long. "I know isn't it huge" Julie said, "Keep on going. " Kathy turned to the next one. It was a picture of a girl with no clothes on giving Sam a handjob. "Is that?" "Yeah, that's Lynsey all right. " Kathy's pussy was soon very wet as she continued to look at Lysneys small round tits.

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   All the sudden the down stairs down opened and was soon closed. "I'm home" it was Lynsey. Julie grabbed the pictures, ran to Lynseys dresser and shoved the pictures down to the bottom of the top drawer. "Coming dear" Julie yelled. "Lets go" Julie whispered and walked out. Kathy followed Julie out of the room.
They found Lynsey in the living room downstairs putting her purse down. "Hi, honny" Julie said to her daughter. Hi, mom I'm just going to go to the lake and work on my tan" Lynsey replied. Lynsey was 5'6 had long blonde hair, small tits but had a huge ass that many guys love. "Hi Kathy. " Lynsey said. "Hi Lynsey, how are you?" Kathy said with a smile. "Good" was her reply as she walked to the stairs. Kathy glanced as Lynsey's ass as it move up the stairs just like her mother's ass did.

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   They walked to the kitchen table and sat down. "I'm glad you can over, do you think you could bring in the paper, and feed the cat when we go on vacation next week" Julie questioned. "No, problem" Kathy answered. "Great" Julie said as she grabbed the house key from the counter. "Well I better go to the store before Mike (Julie's husband) gets home. " Julie said as she handed the keys to Kathy. Kathy followed Julie out the front door. They said their good-byes.
Kathy went upstairs to her room and looked out toward the lake. Just then she noticed Lynsey laying outside with a orange and yellow bikini on laying on a lawnchair on the dock. Kathy remembered the naked photos of Lynsey and her boy friend. She wondered if Claire had anything like that. So Kathy walked to Claire's room and walked to her pink covered bed. Kathy looked under the bed. To her surprise there was nothing under it.

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   So she walked to Claire's dressed and opened the top drawer. There was half a drawer of panties and the other half bras. She pikced up a pair of orange panties and set them on the drawer. The next was a thong. She never saw thie before. She picked up two more. Two more thongs. Then something caught her eye. Kathy picked it up. It was a light blue g-string. Kathy put the g-string on the floor. Kathy never wore thongs or g-strings. Kathy countinued looking through the thongs to the bottom. Nothing. She put all the thongs back in.

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   She then picked up the g-string.
    She knew that John would be turned on if he saw this. So she put it in her jean short pocket. She decided she needed a bra. She found a matching light blue bra. She threw it on the floor. She looked in the second drawer, only to find jeans and skirts. Kathy found a very short black silk shirt that she had never seen and threw it on the bra. She looked for a tight shirt to wear in the final drawer. Right on top was a white-see through tank top that she sure was to small for her and Claire. Kathy looked and all the clothes she picked out. Kathy put them in a shopping bag and put it in her walk-in closet. She new John would be surprised.
    A couple hours later Julie called to see if she wanted to carpool to Chris and Tom's summer baseball game, Kathy said sure. At 5:30 Claire and Chris came home.

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       "Ready to go Chris" Kathy asked. "Yeah, let me grab my stuff. " Chris said as he ran upstairs. "Claire, Zach is at Jeff's for the night so it's just you and dad untill 9:30 at least. " "Ok" Claire replied. Chris came downstairs and they left. The game started about an hour into the game Kathy needed sunscreen. Julie didn't have any so they went back to the house. Kathy got out and wlaked to the front door and opened it sliently. She went to the bathroom, grabbed the sunscreen and walked to the door. She suddenly heard a loud moaning coming from upstairs. She walked out of the house, and back to Julie's mini-van. "Julie come with me, quickly. " "What is it" Julie asked. "I don't know.

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      " Julie got out of the car and walked into the house. They heard the moaning again. They quietly walked up the stairs to Claire's room but no one was there. "Oh yeah, oh, it feels so good,uuhhh" "That's Claire's voice" Kathy whispered. "Don't make a sound" Julie said. They tip-toed to Kathy's room. The door was wide open, they walked toward it and peeked around the corner. Chloe was on top of her dad's dick, "Oh, yeah daddy, fuck me, fuck me hard, I'm cumming, uh uh uhhhhhhhhh" Claire then collapsed on her dad's chest as he filled her with cum. When John had finished then began to french kiss. "Lets see mom top that. " Claire smiled. "I hope I don't get pregnant. " Claire said. John smiled. As they both closed their eyes and drifted into sleep.

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    Just a beginner, part 2 will have more sex. A lot more.



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