Hi. She said with surprise as she opened the door. Her name was Kathryn and she was my ex-girlfriend from several years back. We had been together for about three years off and on from when she was sixteen to nineteen. Now she was twenty-seven and I was thirty-two we had not seen each other in over seven years. Still she was sexy as hell. Five foot three slightly pale with a b-cup, slim waist and slightly larger than average ass. Her soft brown hair was shorter than I remembered it ever being, a couple of inches above her shoulders. And her big brown eyes were shocked to see me standing at her door.     Hi I said. Come on in Kathryn replied stepping aside, Been a long time. I know it has. How did you know where I lived?Still a small town, I replied no secrets here. Oh, so why are you here?Well I heard you were back in town so I thought I would see how you are doing. Oh. So how are you, how are things, where have you been, are you married or single or…?Whoa slow down one question at a time.

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   I’m fine; things are good I got a job with the local college that’s why I came back. I’ve here and there with this boyfriend or that finally left the last one and got going on own two feet, which is a first for me. So, not married then?No not married. Good that could have been awkward if a husband came in and found you hanging out with another man. Yes I guess so, not that we’re doing anything to feel awkward about. No I guess not. I’m just feeling weird talking to you after so long. Me too. So what about you. You married?No, never found a woman who could put up with me for that long. I never found you that hard to put up with. Really? Then why did we keep breaking up and getting back together?We were young and craved new experiences, new thoughts, and new lovers. Ah yes I remember now. I also remember how whenever we met it was always a long night, long but memorable. Yes I remember that to.

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  She shifted a little in her seat as if trying to get comfortable. I wondered if she was feeling the same thing I was. From the moment I locked eyes with her I begun to feel something stir deep inside, like something that had been slumbering for a long time was slowly waking up. Now I recognized the feeling it was the same one that I had always felt in her presence it was just slower to come this time. Probably because we had been apart so long, but it was the same never the less and I knew that if she were feeling it to we had to cut this reunion short.     You see every time we met up during the years we were dating on and off we would talk for a while, catch up chat you know the usual. But all the while a fire would begin grow in both of us in the old days it ignite quickly and burn all night until we had quenched it sweat and smothered it between our enfolded naked bodies. And now even after all these years it had begun to smolder again. Would you like something to drink? She asked suddenly. Interrupting my sudden reverie. Sure what have you got?I’ve got, tea, soda, beer, whisky, rum. Rum and Coke I said without thinking about what a bad idea it was to add alcohol to this scene. Kathryn went to the kitchen and returned with two cold sodas, she then went to a small cabinet in the living room, which turned out to be a bar. As she reached for the rum I got up saying, Maybe just soda, alcohol may not be a good idea just now. She looked confused for second then shifting on her feet she said, Yeah maybe your right.

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   Good, I thought, she understands what I mean. Then as walked toward her to get one of the sodas I realized that her understanding what I meant about the alcohol meant that she was feeling the old fire to. Our eyes meet as I walked up to her and she handed me a can of soda, when I reached for it I noticed that her hand was trembling. Just as I was about to take it, it fell from her hand as it was to heavy to hold. My momentum carried me forward and with out the can between us our hands met and reflexively our fingers locked. Kathryn stared at me her expression longing but a little afraid, and I stared back like a mirror reflecting the same expression back to her. We managed to let go after a minute or so, and I took a step back. We… we both began. Go ahead, she said. We should be careful, I said we don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past. Yeah, she said quietly her voice a little shaky. I turned to sit down then turned back. Kathryn, why would it be a mistake?What do mean, she said her voice still soft?Well we are both older and more mature that before maybe we can get it right this time. Maybe but if don’t, I don’t want to go through losing you again, she said pain leaking through her voice now. Kathryn I… I mean… What do you mean?The last time we broke up I you were so hurt because I had cheated on you, that I knew I had lost you forever and when that hit me I finally understood that old saying.

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   You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I had to lose you to understand that I… she broke off suddenly going red. Understand what, I asked coming up to stand no more a foot away from her. Her scent was almost intoxicating. I remembered that smell, the scent of her, of my Kathryn. She looked down at the carpet. Understand that I really did love you. I mean really. It wasn’t just some crush of fling or hormones. I loved you I really did and I still… still do. She looked up at me her beautiful brown eyes glossy with tears. I love you, I always have and no matter what I do I…I reached and put my hand on her shoulder, Kathryn I said softly why didn’t you ever tell me?Because I hurt you so bad, I saw it in your when I told what I had done. I could tell that it hurt you so much, and part of went dead inside knowing that you would not forgive me, and that I had lost you forever. I moved my hands to her face and wiped her tears away with my thumbs. Of course I forgave you it just took a while, and I wanted to talk to again you had already left town.


  She looked up at me again, hope in her eyes this time. You mean that you…?Yes, I said I forgive you. Like you said we were young and crazy. Shit happens when you that age and you end up regretting most of it. She wrapped her arms around me her tears gone, she began trembling again, this time with joy. We held each other for a long minute then she looked up at me again and said, I love you. Remembering a silly thing we used to do to each other I replied, I Know. We laughed and hugged then we broke apart and looked at one and other holding hands. That was it for some reason this pose sparked the old fire and it flared up alive and hungry like a great beast roused from a to long sleep. Our lips met in a rush and we began to kiss passionately, hungrily until the world faded into the background and nothing but her and me. Her, my Kathryn, she was in my arms again at last. Her scent filled my being with desire and I lifted her up off the floor her legs instinctively wrapping around my waist as she sighed with pleasure the sound like the release of a long held breath. I carried her through the only other door in the room (not the front door or kitchen door) and into the bedroom we sank onto the bed still kissing. We writhed together on the bed, bodies flowing and shaping with each other’s movements as if we had never been apart. Clothing melted away as if by magic and our naked bodies slid together like two pieces of a puzzle.

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  Then I raised up from her, looking down at her she was so beautiful. I kissed her passionately and worked my kisses down her neck to her chest and her breasts. Kissing and licking her soft mounds and teasing the nipples. My tongue circled her areolas and then my mouth settled around her nipple I sucked and licked the hard dark flesh of her nipples while she moaned and writhed beneath my loving mouth. Finally breathing hard she could take no more and pulled my face to hers and kissed me her tongue lashing into my mouth and dancing with my own. Then I lowered my self to her belly and tenderly kissed the soft flesh around her belly button, which I was pleased to find still bore the small ring I remembered. My tongue dipped into her belly button and I licked and sucked her piercing. I then worked my way down to her waist and hips, I squeezed her right hip with my hand massaging gently (she had always been aroused by having her hips massaged) and licked across the left one pausing to suck briefly at top of the pelvic bone. I proceeded down to her legs kissing her soft smooth thighs then settled between her legs, which she parted automatically for me, and began to lick her luscious pussy. Still massaging her right hip I licked gently at her outer lips then worked my tongue into her inner labia and vaginal opening. Then finally I lashed my tongue across her clit she bucked and sucked in a quick breath, which released as a long low moan as I fastened my mouth around her clit licking and sucking with tender passion. She began to buck and cry out moaning with pleasure as I worked her clit with a practiced tongue. I moved my other hand up to her left hip and was now firmly holding both her hips as I sucked and licked furiously at her clit. I tightened my grip in anticipation of what I knew was about to happen, and then it did. She thrust her hips upward violently, only my firm grip keeping her tearing wonderful pussy away from my mouth, and screamed in uncontrolled bliss, Oh God I’m cumming! OH GOD! OH GOD! YES! YES! YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! A warm gush of girl cum flooded my mouth.

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   Oh Fuck! Oh God! Yes! I forgot how good you could make that, she breathed. Kathryn lay there breathing heavily for a moment than she got up straddled my legs and began kissing my neck. She worked down my chest pausing at each nipple and my abdomen between my belly button and my cock. Then she slid her butt down my legs, took my cock in her hand and slid it into her mouth. She sucked me deep and slow sliding her mouth down my shaft gently then back up slowly and licking the head in slow circles with her tongue. She repeated this technique for ten minutes or more drawing small moans of pleasure from me until I was ready to blow my load over her waiting tongue. As if she knew I was about to cum she sank her mouth down my shaft suddenly and I felt the head of my cock slide down her throat. She had never quite been able to deep throat me before but now she could and as my cock slid into her throat I let out a long moan and then yelled, Oh Yes Baby! Oh God I’m gonna cum! OH FUCK YEEEAAAHHHHHHH!!! I collapsed back onto her bed and tried to remember how to move. It did not take long to remember. As Kathryn lay next to fondling my semi-soft cock I reached over and pulled her over on top me her legs spread instinctively to straddle my hips. As we kissed furiously and said each other’s names over and over the fire took us. My dick sprang to life between us she slid up and then down my body burying my stiff rod completely in her soft flesh in one smooth movement. She began to raise and lower her self on my cock moaning as she did. Then she sat up and began to impale herself on my repeatedly with long fast strokes she rode me like a thing possessed moaning, screaming, yelling my name. She bucked wildly on me screaming, Oh Yes! Oh Fuck! Oh Yeah! Oh God Baby, Yes! Oh Fuck, Yes! Oh God! Yes! Yes! Yes! OH MY FUCKING GOD YES! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! YES! OOOOOHHHHHHHHH! Yes! Oh God Baby I love you, she whispered after her second orgasm.

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  I rolled over so I was on top of her and began thrusting my self into her, deep and fast. Until she began to writhe under me and scream. Oh Yes! Oh Yeah! Oh God Baby! OH! OH! YES! OH! OH! OH GOD! YES! YES! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH! GOD! FUCK! YES!Without waiting because I knew that was the way she liked it, one orgasm after another, I pulled out rolled her over on to her belly pulled her up by the hips positioned my cock at entrance to her still amazingly tight pussy and slid myself home. She thrust back in time with my strokes and we pounded each other over and over her moaning and screaming Oh Yes! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck My Little Pussy! Until she came again. When I pulled my still raging hard cock from her pussy I saw that she dripping wet ant red from being fucked so vigorously. She reached back and rubbed pussy soaking her hand with her own juices she licked her hand then wiped her own cum into her ass crack smiling at me. She raised up her ass and thrust it toward me I moved in and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her tight little asshole. I pushed in the head and gave her a second to adjust, then at her small nod I grabbed her cushy butt cheeks and slowly pushed my raging hard-on up her tight ass. She moaned with pleasure, I had been the first one to fuck her in the ass and she had been hooked ever since. But every time we got back together she told me that I was still the only one to do it right. The trick is to go slow until she tells you other wise or you cum whichever happens first. As I thrust slowly in and out of her ass she moaned my name over and over saying, you’re still the only man who can fuck my ass right. Oh Yes! Oh God, Yes! Oh God! Fuck My Ass! Yes! Oh God, Yes! Fuck Me Up The Butt! Oh Yes! Oh God Yes! OH FUCK! YES! I’M GONNA CUM IN MY ASS! OH FUCK! YES! OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh! God yes! She breathed heavily for a moment then said nobody has ever given me an anal orgasm but you, and I’ve had them try. No one could do it. She rolled over and looked up at me running her hands over her small breasts.

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   You still like little tits, she asked?Yes, I said, you know I always have. She reached down and spread her legs with her hands. Fuck me. Fuck me now. Cum in me. I want to feel you orgasm in me, feel your cum fill my pussy, watch your face as you get lost in me. I need you inside me, now. I leaned down and kissed her fiercely, sliding into her as I did as my cock filled her pussy she cried out in pleasure and wrapped her arms and legs around me bucking upward with her hips in time to long, deep thrusts. As I sank into her moaned and as pulled back she sighed. We were lost in each other again as we had been so many times before. We hardly noticed anything but each other, our bodies our movements all became fluid as we reveled in each others flesh. Oh Yes! Baby! Oh! Oh Yes! Fuck Me! Oh! Oh God, Yes! Yes! Oh God! Fuck Me! Oh! Yes! Oh! Oh! Oh God! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Oh Yes, God! Fuck Me! As she cried out wave after wave of pleasure slammed over her. One orgasm, two, three then she went ridged for just a second her arms and legs fell to her sides. Then she lurched up wrapping her arms around my neck pulling me to her and kissing me as her legs wrapped around my hips and her heels pressed in to my butt pulling me deeper into her and a fourth orgasm wracked her beautiful body. OH! YES! YES! OH! OH! OH! OOOHHHH! And as she her pussy flexed and grabbed at my cock I exploded into her with more force than I can ever remember before.

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   OH! OH YES, KATHRYN! OH GOD, YES! AAAAAAANNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG! As my orgasm ripped through me another slammed into her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned quietly into my ear, Oh yes! Oh God! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes! I love you. I love you. My Kathryn in my arms again at last and maybe this time to stay. Together just her and me. Her, my Kathryn in my arms again at last, to stay. .