Just a Ride


Topic: Just A RideOne afternoon I went to a ride on my quad. I been talking same path down to a little creek with a waterfall. It was a hot day so I thought when I get down there I take a dip bottom of the waterfall. As I rode up there I seen something I haven’t seen there before there was some one there with a tent camping on the property down near the waterfall. I stop and yelled “who’s there?” then I head a woman voice near the waterfall.
I got off my quad and walked up to her. She was in the bottom of the waterfall pool of water sitting there at the pool of water. Sitting there nothing on pulling her hair long curly dark hair back. Then see seen me “Sorry sir I was just passing thought and need to camp for the night”, as she said with a oh shit! On her face. I looked at her and said, “where are u going?” She was trying to cover her up as she sill in the water naked. “My name is Mary Jo and I was going to my sisters house in Belpre I been on the road for two mouth’s now”. She looks very tired. I asked here if she all right. “ Please don’t call the cop’s on me I been though a lot and I don’t need this too”, as she was crying. “Don’t worry I wouldn’t do that” I said to her. “Tell you what I will go to my quad and tuned around so you get dress and I will take you to my house and take a real bath and my name is Bo”.

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She smiled and said, “Thank you very much Bo” with a smile.
Then she stood up nothing on beautiful firm breast and trim pussy hair. My cock got semi hard as she was getting ready. I just told her to leave her things here and well get them later next day. “Ok” she said as she but on her clothes. Then she walks over and got on my quad with a smile. We got to my house and walked in amazed what it looked like. “My good ness what a beautiful home you have” as she walked around. I showed her around and where she can sleep. Then I asked her if she wanted that hot bath? “That sound so good about now oh I don’t have any thing to sleep in,” she said. Don’t worry I have a sweet pants and shirt you can wear. Then Mary Jo started the water for the tub as I went got her a nightshirt to wear.
  Here you go as I handed to her “you been so kind to me today thank you,” with a gleam in her eye. I walked out and as Mary Jo undresses the n she went in the tub. I thought I shut the door but I didn’t I ask her after I walked out if she want it shut “no” she said.

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   I went to the kitchen to make us something to eat. Where the kitchen was I could see right in to the bathroom. At a point she seen me looking at her just relaxing she smiled and ask me to come in there and talk to her. I walk in and sat in the edged of the tub. She asks me why she didn’t see any female clothes or any thing else. I just told her I haven’t found some one that I really care about to be with.
“They’re some one out there for you just stop looking” Mary Jo said. We talked for good bit while she was in the tub. Then she grabs my hand and pulls me to her and kisses me. I felt something that I never felt before. Then she stopped “sorry I don’t know why I did that”. I got up and went into the other room. Mary Jo got out of the tub and dries off and slips in to the sweet pants and shirt that I got for her. As I walk by the bathroom Mary Jo was coming out and I grabbed her and picked her up and kissed her. It was most amazing kisses I ever done to a woman.

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   As we kissed I can feel the warmest body every go though me. Then we stopped and looked at each other. “That was amazing” as the sweet coming down her baby doll look face. I wipe the sweet off of her. Then I let her to her feet and went to the kitchen. She asked me if she can help sure I said to her. As we fixing dinner she keep rubbing against me my dick got harder each time. Every thing was done except the stakes t be done. She ask me some thing that no one asked me before “do you ever been some one that make you hot and just want to fuck the hell out of them?” I told her once or twice that’s it. Marry Jo said, “I have been like that my pussy get all wet and I just cant help my self. ” Then she but her hand back of my neck and kissed me. Her other hand slid down my chest pinching my nipples. That drove me crazy. I pulled her tightly so she can feel my dick next to her pussy. Then I pick her up and put Marry Jo on the counter her legs spread open.

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   I couldn’t help my self that I but my hand between her lags. It was warm and very wet. My finger slid in to her then she mound out loud. I kept going till she had an orgasm. When she did she squirted all over my fingers and hand. Then I pulled her to the end of the counter and but my face in to her cheery pie. The first taste of her I went ape shit it was that good like cheery pie. I stick my tongue up in her and as my finger fucking her sweet pussy.    
She arched back and let out a big moan as I eat her sweet pussy. More I eating here more she moan then she had a big orgasm. I kept on till she can’t take it any more. Then I stand up in front of her. She grab my cock started to stroking it then she looked at me told me to fuck the hell out of her. I grab her off the counter right on to my cock her legs wrap around me. She slid right in but very tightly.

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   Damn she felt so good. She used her legs to go up and down on me fucking fucking me like there no tomorrow. I walk in to the bedroom lay her on my bed. My cock still in her sweet pussy. Mary jo legs pushing me deeper in to her. As fucking her she cum’s again and again. Her moan so load the I thought she will wake up the dead. She told me to fuck her harder and harder. So I did my balls slapping on her ass. The she told me to cum with her. Then all of the at once we did then amazing then happened she tighten up around me then her juices squirted out of her on to my ball’s. That wanted me to fuck her more till it went down. Then I got up and started the shower and ask her to join me. She got up and went in to the bathroom with me. She stepped in then I was right behind her.

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   She looks at me the kiss me like I never had been kissed before. I pulled her closer to me then we stopped. I grabbed some soap and started to wash she did the same. We got done and stepped out and dried off. She just put on my shirt and I but on my sweat paints and went into the living room to watch TV. She laid next to me her head on my chest. Then few min’s she was asleep. I couldn’t wake her up so I let her sleep. Then I feel asleep to on the couch all night.