Jungle explorer and the native tribe of virgins


Topic: VirginsHenry stopped to wipe his brow, putting down the machete for a moment.   He looked around at the long column behind him, native bearers carrying all kinds of bundles and boxes and the handful of English explorers.   He smiled at his wife who merely scowled.   She was suffering in the jungle, she wasn't the adventurous type and would have much prefered to be sipping tea in London.   Her clothes didn't help either, as she was still wearing the same long skirts and jackets she'd wear in England and absolutely refused to compromise in the tropical climate.   She claimed that they shouldn't show any sign of weakness in front of the natives, and that if she revealed any flesh it would drive the men wild.    Even for 1834 she was very old fashioned. He sighed, it really had been a bad idea to bring her but she'd insisted, thinking for some reason that it might help to save their marriage.   On the contary, it just seemed to be accelerating its destruction. He turned and surveyed the seemingly impenetrable jungle in front of them.   They were looking for the long lost city of the Matabele tribe, an expedition he had been planning for years, and which he'd invested all his money.   They had been fighting through the jungle for three weeks, and now were traversing lands never before visited by a white man.   Henry hadn't said anything to anyone, but he was afraid they were completely lost. . .
He turned to resume hacking at the undergrowth, when all of a sudden there was a loud wailing, which grew in volume and seemed to surround them.

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    The natives froze, then started to scream in terror.   They threw down their burdens and ran.   Hentry and the others tried to stop them, but in seconds they were alone.   Henry drew his pistol and said grimly, "In a circle chaps!  Ladies in the centre, guns at the ready.   We'll show whoever it is that they don't mess with Englishmen!"  They gathered round, peering nervously into the gloom.   There were four men, all old friends of Henry and experienced adventurers.   Henry's wife, Mary, was accompanied by her maid, Gloria, a young 18 year-old girl who tended to her as best she could.   The two clung to each other, quietly weeping.
From the jungle there came a low buzzing sound, like a swarm of wasps.   The men lookked for the source, perplexed, then Henry felt a sharp sensation in his chest.   He looked down and there was a long, feathered dart sticking into him.   As he watched, it was joined by two more.   He just had time to notice that his companions were similarly pierced, before he passed out. He woke slowly, groggy from the poison, his head throbbing.   His mouth was forced open and water poured in, making him cough and choke.


    As his vision cleared, he looked around and saw he was in a clearing in the jungle, in what seemed to be a small village.   There were huts made of straw and wood, fires burning, women working, laughing, the smell of cooking, everything was just as he'd seen in a dozen other African villages.   The only incongrurity was the sight of his four friends tied to stakes, their arms stretched above their heads, also coming round.
He focussed on the person in front of him, who had given him the water.   It was a girl, and as he looked at her his heart missed a beat.   She was the most beautiful women he had ever seen.   She was tall, at least six feet, and slim but with wiry muscles, smooth ebony skin, and a curvaceous figure.   This was clearly evident, as she was nearly naked - dressed only in a short, beaded skirt and copious necklesses.   She had long, black hair that ran all the way down her back and was braided into many tails and a proud face, high cheekbones and clean, white teeth.   Her breasts were firm and high, large areole surrounding prominent nipples, which were erect.
She barked some words at him, trying various languages until she hit upon a dialect he could understand.   "Good, now we can talk.   The Gods favour us today, bringing us such prizes!  Do not fear, you shall learn to like your life here with us.   We are all here just to serve your needs.   As long as you do not try to leave you will not suffer, do you understand?""What in blazes are you talking about, woman?!  Release me this instant, no one treats an Englishman like this!"
She sighed and turned to say something to someone behind her.

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    As he looked around he noticed something odd, there were only women visible.   And they all seemed to be young, and if his eye didn't deceive him, all attractive.   Maybe all the men were out hunting.   The girl turned back.   "I'm sorry you take that attitude, we'll need to educate you I think. "  She clapped her hands and several scantily clad girls dragged two struggling, screaming people into the clearing.   Henry realised to his horror that it was Mary and Gloria.   he struggled and shouted at the women, but they ignored him.   The two English women were strapped to posts like the men, and the beauty who had spoken to him, who seemed to be some sort of leader, approached them and took out a wickedly sharp knife.   The two girls screamed and struggled, the African just laughed.   She looked at the two, appearing to choose, then went over to Gloria.   The young girl sobbed as she cut at her clothes, tearing the long dress away, then the petticoats, and then other undergarments.   The other African girls looked on, marvelling at the quantitiy of clothes these strange folk wore, and laughing at Gloria's cries for mercy.   Finally Gloria was naked, her shame exposed for all to see.   Henry blushed and tried to avert his eyes, but not before noticing how shapely and attractive Gloria was, even as he felt ashamed for feeling that way for such a young girl.

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    Her body was still developing, her small breasts mere cones topped with tiny pink nipples, her hips swelling and a small tuft of blonde hair failing to hide her sex from the gaze of all the women and the four men.   Hentry couldn't help but look back, fascinated.   He had never seen a European woman naked before.   Even on the infrequent occassions he had made love to his wife, she had only revealed the bare minimum to get the act done as quickly as possible, lying there rigid and unfeeling.
The dark, sexy native girl slowly examined Gloria, pointing out the marvels she found.   They were all amazed at her pale skin, her blonde hair and they seemed particularly fascinated by her sex.   Henry admitted to a similar fascination, and despite himself felt a lump developing in his britches. The girl stroked Gloria's skin, gently squeezing her nipples and running her hands over her body and down her flat belly.   She knelt down and without ceremony, opened Gloria's labia with her fingers, examining it closely then, to Henry's amazement and shock, bending her head to lick deep inside.   He suddenly realised that Gloria's sobs has stopped, and even though her eyes were tightly closed, her breathing had quickened and a moan escaped her at the touch of the long, pink tongue on her most secret parts.   Henry's erection grew until it was clearly visible to all, and some women noticed and pointed with amazement. The girl left Gloria and strode closer.   "Your women are ours now.   We will do as we like with them.   If you want them to be well treated you will do as we say, otherwise they shall suffer endless indignities.

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    I, Lisha, Queen of the Umberta, do swear this by the Gods!"
 Henry realised that she was serious and that it was unwise to anger her further, so he nodded his agreement.   At this she relaxed and smiled a brilliant smile, lighting up her face and making the lump in his trousers grow even more.   Then she said something strange.   "You are a man, aren't you?"  He looked confused, but decided to humour her and nodded again.   "She raised her face and said, "At last!  We have been delivered that which we prayed for!  For these long years, since we were children, there have been no men since they were taken from us.   We have had to live alone, incomplete, unable to bear children.   Now that is over!"  A cheer resounded around the village as the women went wild with joy.   Henry looked at the other men, and they were as puzzled as him.   There weren't any men around, or any children.   Could it be true these women had never seen a man?
Lisha had developed a fascination for the bulge in his crotch, and she pointed and said, "What's that?"  he was mortified and tried desperatley to make it go down, but the sight of all the near naked women, and little Gloria, now being carressed by several women, made that impossible.   Lisha took up her knife again and moved to cut his trousers off.   he shoulted for her to stop, but it was too late.   The keen blade sliced through the material and it fell away, allowing his penis to pop out, happily waving in the breeze.   he had always been a bit ashamed of his member, as it was very large when erect.   Now it was displayed in all its glory for all these women to see.

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    They gasped at the sight and crowded round, poor Gloria forgotten and left panting and writhing on her pole.   Mary cried out in shame, trying to hide her eyes.   "What's it for? Why is it sticking out like that?  Does it do that all the time?"  Lisha fired questions at him, eagerly examining her discovery. "I, er. . . it is my, er. . . penis.   It only gets that big sometimes. "  Henry answered weakly.   Out of the corner of his eye he could see his friends being stripped by a bevy of chattering lovelies, their cries ringing out as they discovered their own treasures.   Lisha grabbed his penis, causing him to gasp.   She awkwardly squeezed and pulled, causing sudden pain.

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    "Please, no!  That hurts!  More softly!"  She apologized and treated it more gently, causing his head to swim and his loins to burn.
"What do you do with it?" She asked innocently, and he realised that these strange girls had no idea of what sex was or what men and women did together.    How do you start to educate an entire village in such matters?Mary rudely interrupted his pleasure as she screeched, "Henry Jones, you put that slut down this instant!  How dare you wave your thing about for all to see! Wait till I get you alone!"  She was the only person still fully dressed,and she was sweating copiously in the tropical heat.   A group of young girls were attracted by her cries and went over and began pulling at her clothes.   Mary was horrified and Henry felt for her, he knew she was acutely embarrassed by nudity and wouldn't even look at herself in the bath.   In all their years of marriage he had never seen her body.   But despite all their protestations the teenagers' curiosity couldn't be contained and they stripped away the layers of cumbersome cloth.   Henry couldn't believe his eyes when Mary was finally revealed, she was gorgeous!  Her body was trim and pale, high firm breasts topped by large nipples, a flat belly and flaring womanly hips, a bush of dark hair nestling between her thighs.   She sobbed and twisted, trying to hide herself but unable to.   Also unable to stop the curious hands that touched her in places he had never had access to, causing her to gasp and scream.
Henry's attention was distracted by his own predicament.   Lisha has stopped waiting for an answer to her questions and had decided to find out for herself what this strangely attractive pole was for.   She had closed her mouth around the glans at the head of his penis and began to suck.   Henry was trasnfixed, he wasn't even aware that this was something people could do.   The wonderful wetness and heat and her swirling tongue was too much, before he could stop it he came, pumping a stream of hot semen into Lisha's mouth.

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    She gagged and spat, white seed dribbling down her chin.   The other girls clapped in excitement and cheered, and his four friends immediately had their own girls kneeling and sucking, with similar speedy results.   Mary and Gloria expressed their disgust, but Henry thought he saw a glint of envy in Gloria's young eyes. "Is that what is supposed to happen?" Asked Lisha excitedly. "Errmm, not exactly.   You see, I should put it in your, ermm, you know, your place. . . . "  He gestured vaguely at her nether regions.
 She looked confued, before suddenly saying, "Oh, you mean my pussy?" And lifting her skirt to reveal an exquisitely manicured bush, just a stripe of hair, pointing at a small slit between her legs.
      Henry was starting to realise how young she was, none of the girls could be more than 17.   Lisha was probably only 18 or 16.   "No!  Really?  That's insane!  Let's try it out!"  She excitedly cut him down and he slumped to the floor.   She tried to straddle him but they collapsed in a heap, he was overwhelmed by the heat and scent of her nubile body and her soft skin.

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    "Wait, you need to wait a minute, I can't. . . . "  he gestured at his now flacid member, still dribbling.   Lisha reached down and gripped it, and both marvelled at how it bucked to her grip and started to grow again.   Henry couldn't resist reaching out and sliding his hand between her legs as she squatted, and it was her turn to gasp and squirm.   He found her little slit and stroked, and it opened to him allowing him to slip a finger inside her.
    "Ohh, that's so much nicer than when Naima does it. . . . "  She murmured.   He rolled her over and pushed eagerly between her legs, his newly erect penis pressing against her young virgin sex.   "Ahh, my pussy is too small for that big thing.

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        Are you sure it's supposed to go there?  Ohh!  It fits! Ahhhhggghh. . . . "  She clenched her whole body around his as he slid inside her, she was so tight he thought his penis would burst with the pressure.   It took longer for him to reach orgasm this time, giving Lisha the opportunity to experience her own explosion.   Her cries rang out, prompting more cheers from the assembled throng who were mostly frantically rubbing between their legs or crowded round his colleagues, all trying to impale themselves on their engorged members.
    Lisha lay there, panting, and shouted, "I hereby pass a new law.   These five men shall, on demand, pleasure all women who ask them too (their strength permitting).   The pale women shall serve as substitutes when  the men are unable to perform or busy, pleasuring us with their hands and lips and taking our pleasures.   So be it!"
    There were 156 girls in the village, all between the ages of 18 and 18 and all absolutely crazy to try this new invention.   The five men were quickly exhausted, drained, but unable to rest.   Every time they ventured out of their huts they were accosted by a new girl with a beautiful smile, wide eyes and eager hands.   Henry ran across the village on the third day of this, pursued by three screaming lovelies, and saw Peter, a young man of only 18, covered with women, thrashing weakly on the floor.   One girl was sat on his face, grinding her hips into his mouth.


        A second was riding him, bouncing up and down on his erect organ, while her squeezed her round, soft breasts.   As he was distracted, he suddenly crashed into someone and was thrown to the floor.   He looked and saw to his astonishment a stark naked Gloria standing over him.   Her hair was wild, her skin marked with scratches, a wild look in her eyes.   "My turn, master!  I've always wanted you to be the one, fuck me hard, lick my cunt you bastard!"  Henry was astounded at this stream of filth coming from the little girl.   She had always been so demure, so correct and shy.   But as he looked at her 'pussy' only a few inches from his face, he could feel the now familiar sensation buiding in his groin.   Her lips were swollen now, after all the attention it had received from the other girls, which only served to make it more erotic with it's little patch of pubescent hair.   Gloria grabbed his head and forced his mouth to her labia.   Henry's mouth and nostrils were filled with her powerful, young scent, her juice moistening his lips.   He was drunk with it, and eagerly lapped and licked (he was getting good at this now, he'd discovered a little button hidden in the folds and when pressed the girls went wild!).   Gloria grunted and moaned, spitting more dirty words which just served to spur Henry on.   He threw her down and forced himself into her, ravishing the 18 year-old virgin, ignoring her cries and the blood that began to seep out.
    "Take my cock you whore!  You love it in your cunt you little bitch, you want me to fuck you hard! "  he was wild, and she screamed more.   He realised it was only partly pain, more it was ecstacy and for some reason this made him angry.

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        He wanted her to feel him, to suffer.   he flipped her over and raised her pert buttocks in the air.   The lips of her vagina were clearly visible between them, still oozing blood and her own juices, but that wasn't his target.   Above that was a little brown eye.
    "Oh, god, no.   Not there, you can't do that to me, I beg you!  My cunt is yours, leave me my arse!"  Her protests only served to drive him on, and surrounded by a fascinated crowd of teenagers, he slowly forced his slippery penis into her ass.   She groaned and ground her pelvis into the floor, trying to escape him but he inexorably slid his shaft into her tiny hole until it was holstered all the way inside her, his balls pressing against her buttocks, his face buried in her hair, licking and biting her neck.   He marvelled at the feelings coursing through his organ as her anus contracted around it, and began pumping in and out, faster and faster, her screams changing in pitch as he sped up.   Impatient with her, he reached round and forced his fingers into her wide open sex, violating her in both ways simultaneously.   He looked around and saw a thick pole used to beat corn with.   He gestured to one of the watching girls, who willlingly brought it over to him.   He paused a moment and inserted the pole all the way into her vagina, stretching her open, the pole penetrating all the way to her womb.   Then he fucked her, hard, using his massive organ and the pole to invade her body.   She was screaming now, sobbing and writhing under him, her face pressed in the dirt, her small, innocent body wracked with pain.   But then incredibly, she was shook by wave after wave of orgasms, crying out as each one struck her.


        "Damn you, you bastard!  I can't stand it any more, fill me with your cum!"This served to spur him on, and he arched his back as he pumped a wad of cum into her anus, then roughly pulled out to squirt yet more over her body.   He marvelled at how she looked, lying in the dirt, covered in blood, semen, vaginal juices, her body opened up for all to see.  
    Only a week before none of this would have been imaginable, now they were fucking like animals. Gloria looked up and grimaced, then gave a low laugh.   "Give me a few days and I'll be ready for round two!"



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