JP's Story


Title: JP’s Story
Author: ME
Chapter 1: Tiera
          “Hello?  JP?  Can you come pick me up; I really need someone to talk to…”  I had just had one of the worst days of my life.   Why the fuck is this happening to me, I kept asking myself.   What did I do to deserve this?  I hate guys I swear imma shoot him once I get my hands on a gun. (jk)  I had just found out that there were bullshit rumors about me going around school. . . and to top it off James just broke up with me…Well I still got JP right. . ?  I had just told my girls about this, but it wasn’t enough.   I needed to see JP.   He’s a guy, maybe he can tell me how to handle these assholes.
          Well the truth is, I liked JP and I felt that he was the one person who could comfort me in the way I needed or should I say, the way I wanted.  He’s a great friend and every time he’s not near me, I miss him; I always want to be in his arms like the way I dreamed.   I want to see him; to hear his sexy voice speak to me and call my name.   I wished for his lips to caress mine, imagining them being so soft like marshmallows.   I giggled and touched my lips at the thought.

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    I imagined how his hands would feel on my body, any part.   Just thinking about him was pleasure enough.   Goddamn, Im horny.   I want JP. .   And OH MY GOD did I want him…I wanted him in me, tasting me, savoring my flavor-I wanted him to satisfy my longing pleasure; my hunger for him…
          Beep!  Shit!  I cursed to myself.   It seemed that my little daydream had got me all wet.   I hurriedly cleaned myself up and rushed to JP’s van.  
          “Hey. ” I greeted him.
          “Hey,” he replied, “are you okay?  It looks like you’ve been crying. ”  I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that my eyes and nose were slightly red and swollen.   Dammit!  I rushed out so fast that I didn’t clean my face.
          “Yeah, I’m just having a bad day. .

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  ”  He pulled out of my driveway and started towards his house.
          “What happened,” he asked, concerned.
          “This stupid kid started some fucked up rumors about me. . ”
          “What were they?”
          “He told his friends that he had sex wit me and then that started getting around the whole school.   But he had also told these girls that he ass-fucked me.   C’mon that’s disgusting…But I already took care of that by embarrassing him and beating him up,” I said triumphantly.
          “So, then what’s the problem,” he asked, a little confused.
          “Well then James,” JP snorted “broke up with me today. . ”
          “I still get what you saw in him in the first place. . ”
          “Yea, me neither. ”
          “I mean, if he was so sweet and nice like you said than why would he do something like this to you?”
          Because of Ashley, that’s why he did it.   He broke up with me for some ho.

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    Fuck him, I don’t need him.   “Yeah, you’re right.   But thanks for picking me up; I really wanted to be with you right now.   You’re the only person I can really talk to. ”
          JP looked me in my eyes.   “No problem.   Im always here for you. ”  I smiled and felt my heart do a flip-flop.   I turned away.   Looking at him gets me so nervous. . I could still feel his eyes on me after I looked away.   After a while, I turned to look at him and I admired his facial features.   Goddamn he’s so sexy.   I thought to myself.

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    I stared at him and I began visualizing us at his house.   We were sitting on his couch and he was kissing me.   I pushed my mouth harder against his and felt our tongues entwined together.   Im not sure how long we were kissing before I felt his hands move up to my shirt and start to unbutton it, slowly, one by one.   Soon I exposed to him, my bra and hidden beneath them beautiful light brown breasts.  
          JP reached behind me and undid my bra, and I felt my nipples harden as his hands brushed across my breasts.   I noticed his dick harden through his jeans and smiled.   He continued to kiss me as I was beginning to take off his shirt.   We had to detach our lips for a sec so I could pull his shirt over his head.   Once off, he lightly kissed my lips and slowly moved down and kissed my body.   I laid down while JP pulled down my zipper and pulled off my skirt and thong.   He threw them to the side and continued to kiss down my body until he had reached my pussy.   He rubbed my clit, causing me to moan with intense pleasure. . .

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          I opened my eyes and realized that JP and I were still in his van, parked outside of his house and I was lying back against my seat. I sat up straight and noticed that I was really wet; my pussy juice was all over the inside of my thong.   I looked at JP and he was staring at me with a sly grin on his face.   Before he could say anything, I told him to shut up.
          “What,” he asked still grinning.  “So, just out of curiosity, what were you dreaming about?”
          “Nothing. . ” I said, slightly embarrassed.
          “Mhmm. . ”
          “Oh, fuck you. . ” I smiled, because I know I surely do.
Chapter 2: JP
*(if JP has to gimme this prt)*
Chapter 3: Tiera          “Don’t let shit like that stress you out.   Don’t worry about him.

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    Anyway, you deserve better. ”  JP comforted me.
          “Thanks, I guess you’re right.   It’s just, I don’t know where it came from, you know?  Everything seemed fine to me. . but I guess I was wrong. . ” I started to cry a little bit more.
          “Don’t cry.   He isn’t worth your tears. ”  JP wiped my tear away with his fingers and held my face in his hand.   I looked into his eyes.   He came closer to me and lightly kissed my lips.   “Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up.   Make yourself at home,” he whispered in my ear.

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    I stared at his lips, wanting nothing more than to kiss him again.
          “Ok,” I whispered back.  
          As I headed upstairs to the bathroom, JP shouted, “Feel free to use the shower.   There’s a robe on the door that you can borrow, if you decide to.   Leave your clothes outside the door and I’ll throw them in the washer for you. ”
          “Thank you so much. ”  Well of course there’s nothing I want more than to be naked at JP’s house with just us…;). . I always wanted to fuck him in the shower, but not today…
          I stepped out of my clothes and threw them outside.   I closed the door and quickly washed my face at the sink.   I looked into the mirror and stared at my lips, replaying the scene of JP kissing me in my head again.   Wow I can’t believe that just happened.   I started to examine the rest of my body and wondered what it would feel like to have JP touch my every curve.   I got all excited just thinking about it.
          I turned the knob and water shot from the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­shower head.

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    I adjusted the temperature and jumped in.   As soon as the water hit my skin, I started to relax.   I took a deep breath and thought about JP.   I imagined him in the steamy shower next to my hot and moist body.   I started to touch myself, pretending that my hands were his, going up and down my body.   I felt all over, only stopping to squeeze my breasts and rub my clit.   God how I really wish this was JP…
          I let the water rinse me off one last time before I stepped out of the shower.   I took a towel and dried myself off and put on the robe.   I felt so refreshed and clean.   I felt like I could take on anything; like I was Wonder Woman.   So-it was time to tell JP how I really felt about him.   I checked myself out in the mirror prior to walking out.   I looked sexy as hell!  My skin was shiny and I had a golden glow, while my nose ring gave me that ‘bad girl’ look.   Let’s face it, with that small ass robe on, I was irresistible.   I smiled to myself, admiring how good I looked.

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          I walked downstairs and looked around, but there was no JP to be found.   I went back upstairs and walked into his room.   I found him sitting on his bed holding a cup of tea.   His eyes moved up and down my body, probably realizing that I was completely naked under the robe.   I sat next to him and he handed me the tea, his eyes following me the whole walk to his bed.   I sniffed the tea.
          “Orange tea, my favorite. ”
          “I know. ”
          “Thank you. ”
          “Your welcome. ”  He stared at me while I was sipping my tea.   He snapped out of his trance.   “. . Um, so are you ok now, or do you wanna talk about it?”
          “No, Im ok now.

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    Thanks for all that you’ve done. ”
          “It’s no problem Tiera.   I told you that I’d always be here for you. ”
          “Than-” But I was interrupted by a kiss.
          “No more ‘thank yous’. ”  I bit my lip and smiled.   I looked into JP’s eyes.
          “Ok,” I agreed, “no more thank yous. ”
          “You know, Tiera, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time now. . ” he said, moving closer, still watching me with those sexy eyes of his.
          “Really, what’s that?”
          He leaned in real close to my face and breathed, “I really like you,” on my lips before he pressed his against mine.   That’s it.   I’m about to lose it.   Forget telling him I like him, maybe I’ll just show him instead.


    When he pulled away, finally ending our kiss, I gently grabbed his head back and planted my lips on his.
      When I pulled back, he looked surprised, at first, by the kiss.   But it quickly changed to a look of desire.   He wanted me and I knew it.   I brought him close to me and helped him take off his shirt.
              He was laying on top of me now.   We began kissing again and he slowly tugged at the robe, revealing my lovely light brown breasts and my dark nipples.   I felt his dick harden in his pants and he began to suck on and massage my breasts.   When he licked my nipples it made me go wild.   He sat up a little, just enough to open the robe entirely, exposing my cleanly shaven pussy.   Just like in my dream, he moved down and kissed my body until he reached my pussy.   He began rubbing my clit, making me squirm under him.   He pushed his fingers inside my cunt and then brought them to his lips.   He licked my juice off his fingers as if to taste me.   Then he fingered me a bit more, continuing to rub my clit with his thumb.

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              “I wanna eat you,” JP whispered in my ear.   He started nibbling on my neck, and then he slowly made his way down to my pussy again.   He licked my clit with his tongue, which made me ecstatic.   I moaned in pleasure as he stuck his tongue in my pussy and started eating me.   He tongue fucked the juice outta me, lapsed it up to my clit and sucked it off.   I put my legs around his neck to keep him there.
              “Uhh. . ” I moaned with intense pleasure.   I pushed myself up against his tongue, pushing it deeper into my wet and warm cunt.   “Ahhh!  JPPPP!!” I screamed out his name in the pleasure of my orgasm; I exploded on his tongue.   Oh my God. . don’t ever stop, please. .

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      this feels sooo goooodd…But it had to stop because it was time to return the favor, and let me tell you, I was gonna do one hell of a job.  
              We both sat up.   I slowly pulled down JP’s jeans and out sprung a lovely 8” cock.   I knelt down as JP repositioned himself on the edge of his bed.   I took his dick in my hand and slowly started stroking it.   Up, down, up, down and then I went faster.   Like a continuous cycle.   I leaned over and put my mouth around it and started sucking the head of his cock to taste it.   A little rhyme popped up in my head.   I’ll suck your cock like a lollipop, I thought to myself.  And that’s exactly what I did.  
              I moved my tongue in circles around his dick while alternating between deep, heavy sucks and light, teasing ones.  He moaned quietly as I kept pumping his cock in my mouth and drooled all over it.   I licked it all over with my tongue, up and down like I loved the taste of it.   He came right in my mouth and I still kept sucking on his cock, which made him cum some more.

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        I let his cum drip down my chin and unto my chest.   I took his dick and placed it in between my breasts.  JP pumped his dick back and forth in between them and into my mouth.   Back and forth, back and forth.   It went like that for a few more minutes before. . . Squirt. . . I got my first facial.
              I quickly wiped my face and laid back down on his bed, completely open; waiting.   JP mounted me and slowly moved his dick around the opening of my wet pussy.  I can’t take it anymore, I have to have his hard cock inside me, I thought to myself.   My entire body ached for him and his teasing was too much.

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        I screamed, "Come on JP, FUCK ME!!!"  And with that, he took his hard dick and thrust it into my tiny cunt.   I gasped with the pain and pleasure I felt in that instant.  In and out he went; he fucked and fucked and I moved my hips up to meet him.  His incredible meat pushed deeper into my pussy making me scream and yell with pleasure.   I just couldn't get enough and I sucked his tongue as he rammed his cock in me faster.
              I rolled JP over on his back so that I was on top of him.   I went up and down on his cock, my breasts bouncing gently.   He met me halfway, forcing himself further in my tight pussy.   I grinded him and moving in circular motions, I threw my head back and yelled in satisfaction, while I cupped my breasts, pinched my nipples, and ran my hands up and down my sides.   My face grew flushed and I began to moan loudly.   Soon we were both ready to cum and we fucked in unison until we yelled and tensed up at the exact same moment.   My pussy tightened around his throbbing cock, and he came with a huge thrust.   I could feel his cum in me; warm and wet.   As he slowly pulled his semi-hard cock out of me, my pussy remained tight around it; I wanted him in me forever.   It was the hottest night of my life and after all that, I was completely spent.

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    Chapter 4: JP
    *(JP makes this up now)* 
    Epilogue: Tiera          I sighed deeply, excitement still coursing through my veins thinking about the wonderful night I just had.   I was in the shower, yet again, cleansing myself of any leftover cum that was on my body.   A pair of arms wrapped around my waist and I turned and found myself staring into JP’s eyes.   I put my arms around his neck and kissed him.   He picked me up; his hands supported me under my ass, and I wrapped my legs around his waist.   Still holding me, JP rested my back against the wall.   “Ahhhh. . !” I screamed, as he pushed his cock into me once more.  I smiled at him, knowing that I was in for another treat. .



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