Jenny and Maggie part1


JENNY & MAGGIE  1. It was the summer that Alice Cooper’s, ‘Schools Out for Summer’ was high in the charts.    Living on the coast near Margate, I’d started a summer job - before going to university - at the chain of Butlins hotels as a porter.   This required doing all sorts of jobs that did not fit into other employees job descriptions.   After five days I’d changed over to the night shift.   This started at 10pm. and finished at 6am.   Duties included sorting out any problems, or passing them on to the duty manager.   Also to lock the doors at midnight, but let in any guests than could not find their keys, and clean the snooker room and guest lounge on the ground floor near the reception desk. It was now about 1. 30am; I’d put all the glasses in the bar from the snooker room and lounge and collected the ashtrays to clean later on, after swiftly vacuuming the two rooms.   The bell at reception rang letting me know that someone wanted to be let in.   I went to the door and was surprised to see two of the chambermaids who I had chatted up earlier in the week hoping to have a fling before university.  They were two girls from Glasgow.   I had found out they too were off to college in September, and they had been friends for several years.   They were living in the rather grim staff accommodation at the rear of the hotel.

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    I let them in, and it was clear that they were slightly drunk.   They said they had run out of coffee and milk and could I make them some in the reception office.   They went into the lounge and made themselves comfortable on two adjacent leather sofa’s, kicking off their shoes.   I went into the reception office to make the coffee. When I arrived in the lounge Jenny said that Maggie was asleep. I handed Jenny a coffee, put the rest on a nearby table, and sat next to her.   We made small talk till Jenny had finished the coffee.   Then she said was I slow on the up take?  Then leaned over and started to kiss me.   I was quite surprised, as when I had spoken to them in the previous week I had not noticed that they were particularly interested in me. Also in all my previous relationships I’d made all the first moves. Jenny was about five foot eight, with short, very light blonde hair - which I thought, had to be bleached - and I guessed she was a size 14.   ‘Built for comfort not for speed’, but not what you could call fat. We kissed, becoming more animated.   I started to pull the shirt out of her jeans, and to unbutton it.   Jenny started to undo my shirt, which become a bit of a race to see who’s shirt came off first.

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    With our tops off I took a more detailed look at her, at the same time I leaned forward and undid her pale blue front fastening bra.     As her bra sprang open her breasts - which were large - hardly drooped at all.   They were firm and round. I reached towards them, cupping and squeezing them while starting to kiss her again.   My fingers rolled her nipples around.   This made them very stiff, so I stopped kissing Jenny and started on her nipples with my lips and tongue.   As I did so Jenny started to moan, then started to undo my trousers.  I took this to be a sign that shag was on the cards.   So I then started to undo her jeans.   Jenny broke away and pulled her jeans off.   The front of her pale blue knickers was already damp, and had made a crease down the cleft of her cunt.   “Get yours off then” Jenny commanded as she pulled her knickers off, and dropped onto her other clothes.   So I kicked my shoes off and pulled my trousers and briefs off, followed by my socks.   We then sat back on the sofa and started to kiss.   My hand moved onto Jenny’s cunt - which was also as blonde as her hair - tracing the groove of her cunt so that it started to open up, then I eased two fingers into her and began to finger fuck her.

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    Jenny opened her legs to make it easier.   Jenny then took my cock and saying that my finger fucking felt so good, began wanking me. Jenny started moaning and soon shouted that she was cumming, and pushed down onto my hand.   Then she stood up, turned around, and keeling on the sofa gripped the back of it, and told me she needed a cock up her cunt.   Positioning myself behind her, I ran it up and down her wet cunt.   Jenny was impatient and pushed back so that I slipped most of the way up her love channel.   I gripped her hips, then pushed the rest of the way in.   We had built up to a very quick rhythm and we made loud slapping noises as I thrust into her, and soon Jenny said she was cumming again, and that I had to be careful as she was not using anything.   As she came her cunt tightened on my prick.   This started me on my way to spunking, so I said I was about to cum too.  As I took my next backstroke, Jenny eased forward and I slipped out of he.   She turned and sitting down, took hold of my cock and easing me forward so I was kneeling on the edge of the sofa with her legs between mine.   Jenny moved slightly and pushed her breasts together, encasing my prick between them and at the same time rubbing and pinching her nipples which caused her to cum, yet once more.   The sweat on this warm night acted as a lubricant and after a few strokes I shot jet after jet of spunk over her chest, neck and face.   We collapsed next to each other.

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    Jenny wiped the spunk onto her breasts and rubbed it into her tits.   I kissed her again and then sat back on the sofa to recover.   In a few minutes Jenny had fallen asleep and had started to snore.   So I took back the cups to the reception. When I arrived back in the lounge Jenny’s snoring had woken Maggie.   “You’ve been fucking my friend” she asked  - which I thought was rather obvious as she was naked and had spunk smeared on her tits.   “So what about my turn?”So I moved over to her sofa, and we started by kissing.   Maggie was my height in bare feet - five foot ten - with very white skin, and a thick mane of black hair which run down to the middle of her buttocks, which was pulled back and tied in two bunches.   She was also very slim with black glasses - rather like Nana Mouskouri wore  - and was wearing a sleeveless black mini dress.   Maggie then knelt in front of me and taking my cock in her hand, started to run her tongue around my bell end and dribbled saliva down my length. With her hand she began wanking me, so that the wetness was spread evenly along it.   She now moved up and down my cock, taking all of me into her mouth, tightly running up and down.   It was wonderful, especially as this was the first time a lover had given me oral sex.  Before I started to cum, I reached the zip on the back of her dress and undid it as far as I could.   Very briefly Maggie stopped sucking me off, and shook off her dress letting it slide down so it rested in her lap.

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   She pulled her arms out of it.   As she had tiny ‘A’ cup breasts she had on only the dress and a pair of black panties.   Starting to bob up and down my cock again, and while holding it with one hand used the other to rub herself though her panties.   I was soon near to spurting.   Maggie sensed this, and taken it out of her mouth, squeezed it at the base which had the effect of stopping me shooting off.  Maggie stood up, and stepped out of her dress.   Her pubic hair stuck out of the legs of her panties, which as Jennies had been, was wet with her cunt fluids.   She slipped them off, and I could now see she had a dense bush of black hair.   She then turned so her back was towards me, took her left hand and using her first two fingers opened her cunt lips.    She reached back with her right hand to hold the back of the sofa. Then lowered herself down towards my lap.   I held my cock and guided it to the entrance of her cunt and the fingers she was using to hold her cunt open.   I let her lower herself down, and soon I was fully imbedded in her. Her cunt was very tight, but warm and wet. After a brief stop, Maggie started moving up and down.

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    The sensation was wonderful.   As she did so, she said that she’d only given her boyfriends oral sex and that now, about to start college, and away from Glasgow, she was ready for her first fuck.   No wonder she was tight, as she was the first - and only - virgin I have had. Maggie was now shouting that it felt so good and speeded up her movements.   I started to thrust into her and slipping her two bunches of hair over her shoulders I moved my hands onto her little tits, and using her silky long hair played with them and pinched her nipples which were almost a centimetre long.   She then said “ Oh yes, quicker, I’m nearly there.   Fuck me, fuck me, harder“.   And with a series of judders came several times. As Jenny was not using any protection, I asked Maggie if I could cum in her.   She replied that, she’d prepared herself and was on the pill.    I now thrust even harder, and Maggie soon had another orgasm as I shot deep inside her.    Lifting herself off my still firm cock, she stretched out on her front and gave me another blowjob, this time taking the small amount of spunk I had left into her mouth and then rolling it around before swallowing it down.   Leaving me drained, she said that she and Jenny had better get to bed, as they had to work the next morning. So waking Jenny, they quickly dressed. Before leaving they asked when my next days off were.

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    I told them that I had two days off next week. They said if they could arrange it, could I take them each out to see some of the local sights. They knew I had a BSA 650, and that it would also be their first time on a motorbike.   Another new experience for them.   I did take them to many places during the summer, and fucked them both many times.   It was a really great summer.    Francis.    part 2 continues the story: .



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