Jason Behr and Me


     I had scored tickets to Jason Behr's newest movie debut. I had become obsessed with him after watching all the episodes of Roswell. I won the tickets, along with our flight and hotel, off of the radio. Me, and a couple of girlfriends had reservations at the Hilton.      When we arrived at the hotel, the girls and I couldn't believe how nice it was. We started unpacking our suitcases and showing each other the outfits we had decided to wear. But when I went in my bag, my dress wasn't there. I searched and even took everything out. But no dress was to be found. One of my friends said she would let me borrow some of her clothes but I had bought that dress especially for this occasion. Her dress was so skimpy and not really me. I decided to wear it anyway, There was no way I was gonna miss the movie.
    The day went by quickly as we bathed in our temporary wealth, ordering food from room service and acting like movie stars. Around 5 we started to get ready for the movie. I had to wear heels to match the dress. It looked really good on me I had to admit but I still felt kind of slutty wearing it.

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   My cleavage was very visible and when I walked I felt like my butt was showing. Around 6:30 we went outside and tried hailing a taxi. It seemed to take forever. Finally when a taxi came, we all started to get in. But as I stepped off the curb to get in, my heel broke and I almost fell but I caught myself on the door of the taxi. I couldn't belive how this day was going for me. The girls yelled at me to get in and go anyways, but there was no way I was gonna limp into this move. There would be famouse people there. I told them to go ahead without me and that I would catch another taxi after I changed shoes. They finally listened and headed out.
     When I got to the elevator I pushed the button for our floor and got in the elevator. When it seemed I was waiting forever, I hurried the elevator along. When it got to my floor I hurried down the many hallways to my room. When I got to the door, I began to shuffle through my purse looking for my card key. But the more I looked, the more I remembered leaving the card on the bedside table.

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   What an idiot. I leaned against the wall and began to cry. This day couldn't get any worse. I let myself fall to the floor and cry.
      As I laid there with my head in my hands, I suddenly heard voices coming down the hall. I tried to hide my face and save myself all the pride I had left. But as the voices got closer I thought I recognized one of them. It sounded alot like Jason Behr. No way. There is no way he was in the same hotel as me. I then  prayed that he would just walk by and not even notice me. He would probabley laugh at me. Tell his friends about some dumb girl crying in the middle of the hallway in this million dollar hotel. I pressed my face inot my hands harder, willing myself to disappear. But as the voices got right beside me, the footsteps stopped.

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     "Umm, mam. Are you all right?" It was him  and he was talking to me. I couldn't answer him back. I couldn't move. But then suddenly it felt so unreal and I had to look up to see if he was really there beside me. If it was really his cologne that I was smelling. I forced myself to look up at him. It was definitly him. When I looked up at him, a small sweet smile came upon his face.      "Are you ok? What hapenned to you?" his voice was so sweet and unreal. I thought I was in a movie.
    "Here," he said reaching his hand out to me. "You look like you need a drink. " He was offering me a drink. Jason Behr was offering ME a drink.

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   I couldn't talk I took his hand, somehow, and he pulled me up. He lead me down the hallway and to another hotel room. The other man that was with him I'm not really sure who he was but I never looked at him, my eyes were either on Jason or on the ground.
    "Here, this is my hotel room. We can grab a drink real quick. I have a. . . a thing to go to. " I guess he thought I didn't recognize him, or maybe he didn't want to brag. None of it mattered, I just wanted this moment to last forever, but then again I wanted it to be over, I was so nervous. He opened the door to his hotel room and motioned for me to sit down. I looked for a chair or  something to sit on but there was nothing but the bed. So, I sat on the bed. The other guy must have left because he didn't come in the room with us.

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   Jason walked over to the fridge and pulled out 2 of those tiny bottles of alcohol. I had never drank before but I figured this would be a good first time. So I took the dink he offered me and I drank it down quickly. It burned my throat but I thought maybe it would wake me up from this dream. But when I opened my eyes, Jason was still there, drinking his drink a bit slower then I had.
    "Now what hapenned to you to make you so upset?" He asked, his kind eyes looking down at me.
    "Well I, umm, I fell and. . . " I trailed off pointing at my broke shoe.     "Did you hurt yourself?" He asked as he walked over to me and started rubbing my ankle. His hands were so warm and it felt so good. I hoped I would never wake up from this dream. Suddenly I did start to feel dizzy and I wasn't sure if it was him or the drink but suddenly I couldn't sit up anymore. He must have noticed because he stopped rubbing my ankle and picked me up.

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   He laid me down on the pillow at the top of the bed. After he stood back up I noticed him looking down at my legs. My dress had creeped up and my thong was showing. I quickly pulled my dress down feeling embarassed.
    "Oh, I'm sorry. I just. . . You. . . you have very nice legs. " Was this really hapenning? It was like I had stepped out of real life into one of my fantasies.
    "By the way what is your name?" He asked me as he covered me up.
    "Kayla," Was all I could get out.


   He looked so beautiful standing over me.
    "Kiss me. " I heard myself say. But when I heard it I opened my eyes out of shock. Was that really me?
    "Wh. . . what?" He stammered. He looked more shocked then I was. I just shook my head and waved my hand at him.
    "It must be the alcohol talking. . I just. . .

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  " I couldn't talk anymore because his lips were on mine and his tongue was in my mouth. I thought I would faint. My eyes felt so heavy but I was drawn into another world. One in which his lips lead the way. But suddenly his hands were under the covers and under my dress. And then  inside my panties. He was touching me in the place that only my ex boyfriend had touched me. But this was different. His hands were drawinf me someplace I had never been, and definitly somewhere I didn't want to come back  from. I felt myself pressing myself against his hand. Then he was taking off my dress and I was undoing his pants. I could feel his hardness through them. I couldn't believe he was so hard for me, ME? He stopped kissing me and took his pants off the rest of the way. He then climbed into the bed with me. I just stared at him.

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   I could not believe that he was in the bed next to me in his underwear. I was only in my panties and bra now and he just stared at me. Not really my face but my body. He must have had lots of girls with way better bodies then mine.     "Are you ok?" he asked me, taking off his shirt. No I wasn't ok. I was in heaven. my biggest fantasy was coming true.
    "Yes. " was all I could force out. Then his lips were on mine again and his hands were touching my body all over. I could feel him better now, through the thin material of his underwear. He was bulging out and he felt so huge. He was rubbing himself up against me and I felt like I was gonna cum right then. But suddnely I wanted his cock in my mouth.

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   I had dreamt of it and I wanted to taste him.
     I pushed his lips from mine and I began to pull down his underwear. When I saw his dick full out and bare, it was huge and oh so beautiful. I just wanted to stare at it for awhile. But then I wanted to taste it more. So I brought my lips down to the head of it and it was wet already from pre-cum and OH GOD it tasted so good. I drank it up like a thirsty dog. I began to take his penis in and out of my mouth. I had never given head to a guy but I always wanted to. I heard him let out a moan and I could feel myself getting wet. I was dripping from my panties. Then I suddenlt felt his hands on my head pushing me on him harder and deeper. I didn't care, in fact, I loved it. He began fucking my face and he just kept moaning with every stroke.
     He then pulled me off of him and laid me back down on the bed.


   I looked into his eyes and he looked like a different person now. His eyes were so full of desire or passion or something like that. He seemed a little rougher this time. He then pulled my bra off and began to play with my breasts. He sucked on my nipples and licked them sending me into a moaning fit. But then he started to bite me. It didn't hurt at first. But then he started biting me harder, and it did hurt but yet it felt so good at the same time. I felt myself cuming and I yelled out. He didn't stop he just kept on biting and sucking. I screamed out as my orgasm ripped through me and I felt myself soak my panties.
    Then my panties were being pulled down and I felt his dick rubbing up against me.   I suddenly felt a little scared. My ex-boyfriend, David, was the only guy I had sex with and he was 18 Jason was a man and much bigger then David. But there was no way in hell I was gonna stop him.

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   He began to push himself inside of me. His eyes were closed like he was focusing on the task. Suddenly as his head pushed in it began to hurt really bad.
    "Ja. . Jason. . please go slow. . it hur. . . " Before I could finsih his hand was on my mouth and he leaned in close to me and said quietly "Did I tell you to talk?" I couldn't believe this. Where had this Jason come from and what hapenned to the sweet guy that was so concerned about me hurting my ankle.
    "But Jason it hur.

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  . " This time I was interupted with a slap in the face. I was in shock and a tear ran down my cheek. Why was he doing this to me? I began to feel fear that he was going to seriously hurt me. I could feel him pushing himself inside of me and God it hurt so bad. Once the head was in I heard him let out his breath and his eyes were closed again. I began trying to push him off because it was hurting too bad. He opened his eyes and grabbed my hands and held them over my head with one hand and used his body to hold mine in place and his other hand to guide himself inside of me. I could feel him getting deeper inside of me, opening me up, and the pain was so bad. But all I could do was let the tears come down. I didnt want to  say anything out of fear that he would hit me again. Then his dick was all the way in and was thrusting himself in and out, moaning the whole  time.
    "Your so tight Kayla, It  feels so good. " He moaned, as if he had never hit me. The pain started to subside and it started to feel good.

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   He was just pushing himself in and out slowly and I felt him hitting all the right places. He then began to speed up and I felt myslef cuming again. Suddenly I didn't care if he hit me again I was moaning and yelling.
    "Oh my God. Oh my God. I'm cumming!" I screamed and he fucked me harder. That was when I realized this was way different then my fantasies. In all my fantasies we made love. But right then, Jason Behr was fucking me. Fucking me really hard. And I was loving it. Every secomd of it.     After I came, I came again and again. Each time I felt more exhausted. I didn't know how he kept going.

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   But then suddenly he stopped and he pulled himself out of me.
     "I wanna cum in your mouth. " He said as he brought his dick to my face. It was gleaming with my juices and pulsing. I could tell he was about to burst. I took it in my mouth and began to suck it as good as I knew how. It was so good. I just wanted to suck it forever. But just then he grabbed my face and started shoving his cock down my throat as he screamed out. I felt his cum spurting down my throat and I began to cum again. I had to reach down and rub my swollen clit. He fucked my face until he colapsed on the bed next to me. I jumped up and licked any cum left on his penis. I wanted to taste it, to remember the taste. When my tongue hit the head of it, I felt his body jerk and I pulled away.

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   I looked into his eyes and saw him looking at me.
    "I'm sorry for hitting you. Sometimes. . . I. . . . I just. . . get out of hand. " He stamered. I wasn't mad at all.

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  . . not anymore. I just didn't want this to be over.
   "I'll forgive you on one condition. " I told him slyly.
   "And what is that?" He asked grinning.
   "You have to fuck my face again. " And he had no objections.    



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