Island Getaway, Part 1


It also crossed Dave’s mind that he had never felt quite so horny as he did just now, watching his beautiful, tanned wife move away from the table, just glimpsing the outline of her tight little ass in the white bikini bottom beneath her wrap. Calm down, he thought. Give it a rest man. No need to get yourself all worked up, ‘cause there’s nothing happening tonight. And you know it. Dave and Lydia had been married for twelve years, long enough to carve out a comfortable, if somewhat boring, life for themselves. They had two young children, and they both still worked hard to keep their careers moving forward. Unfortunately, it seemed like they had less and less time to spend with each other, and the frequency (not to mention the passion) of their lovemaking had slowly waned over the years. This trip to the islands was their first vacation alone together since their last son was born, and although they hadn’t spoken about it explicitly, they were both hoping that it would be an opportunity to finally revive their sex life. “All set?” Lydia had returned, and she snapped Dave out of his trance. “Oh. Yeah. ” He laughed and looked up at her, then got up and headed to the path leading away from the beach, back to the hotel. She grabbed his hand as they walked, and the touch almost immediately gave him a huge hardon. Real nice…I’m back in fucking eighth grade, he thought. As they reached a fork in the path, Lydia pulled Dave to the side, “You up for a quick soak?”The space between the beach and the hotel was occupied by a long, low hill filled with manicured tropical gardens.

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   Narrow, paved paths weaved in and out of the foliage, and Dave had gotten lost more than once trying to get back to their room. It was on one of those occasions that he had discovered a very large Jacuzzi, basically a small swimming pool with air jets, tucked inside a pocket of thick brush and low trees. What the hell, he thought. At this point, Dave was willing to do anything to prolong the evening, not to mention his chances of relieving the enormous pressure that had built up in his still-throbbing cock. “Yeah. I’m up for it. ”They ducked down the side path and found the Jacuzzi totally empty. Very little light filtered in through the dense vegetation, and they had to rely on moonlight to find their way. Dave dropped his sunglasses on the nearest chair and jumped straight into the middle of the steamy pool. He settled on one of the benches and watched as Lydia carefully placed her canvas bag down next to his glasses and then slowly, it seemed purposely slowly, turned her back on him and slithered out of her wrap. Jesus God that ass, he thought. Twelve years and two kids later, and Lydia still had the body of a college student. She had always been consistent about exercising - not fanatical, but consistent - and that consistency was paying big dividends now. Lydia slipped into the pool and immediately glided over to her husband. His eyes got wider as she approached and he thought…Can it? Can it be? As she reached him she wrapped her arms around his neck and straddled him on the bench, kissing him deeply and grinding her crotch against his rock hard dick.

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   Oh thank fucking God it can, he thought. She fucking wants it. Although he could have ripped off her bikini bottoms and exploded inside her within thirty seconds, Dave was determined to savor the moment. He pushed her hair back and lightly bit her ear, then slowly kissed his way down her neck, as she moaned softly and dug her fingertips into his shoulder blades. She continued to grind against his cock, up and down, up and down, as he kissed his way down the front of her chest. He reached up and slipped one strap of her bikini top over her shoulder, and gently lifted one of her breasts free, taking the pink nipple in his mouth. Her breathing got heavier with his gentle sucking and biting, and she reached both hands forward and down, down the front of Dave’s suit, and wrapped them around his bulging dick. Dave reached around her back to undo her bikini top there was suddenly a loud splash on the other side of the pool. Dave and Lydia both froze and stared at each other for a moment, eyes wide, and then turned to see a young man sitting on the bench opposite them. Dave immediately recognized him as their waiter from earlier that night. Damn, man, Dave thought. I wish I could give that dude a big tip to get the fuck out of here, like, right now. Oh well, it’s back to the room, where I’m guessing Lydia will be out of the mood and I’ll do my best to sleep with a lump of concrete between my legs. But then Lydia did something that shocked him: she grabbed Dave’s head in her hands and kissed him deeply and hard. Dave wasn’t an exhibitionist by any stretch of the imagination, but in the steamy darkness of that Caribbean hot tub, with eight ounces of rum on board and a raging hardon…at that point he just didn’t care.

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   He hesitated for only a moment and then kissed his wife back with the same intensity, immediately renewing his efforts to remove her bikini top. Let him enjoy the show, he thought. We’ll never see that guy again anyway. Dave successfully unclipped the back of her suit and pulled it off as Lydia moved both her hands back down the front of his shorts and started to work again at his cock. She kissed and bit his neck as he sucked her breasts and shifted his hands down inside her bikini bottoms, cradling and kneading her tight ass. She was still straddling him, and in that position he had no chance of getting her bottoms off. Oh well, he thought, we’ve gone this far. Let’s give him a real eyeful. He grabbed Lydia’s waist and lifted her up so that she was standing in front of him, her wet breasts steaming in the moonlight, and then turned her around. Still sitting, he kissed her lower back and slowly slid her swimsuit bottom downward, licking and biting Lydia’s tight, naked ass.
    He slid his tongue between her cheeks as she bent forward slightly and pressed toward him, and with one hand he reached up between her legs and slipped a finger into her dripping cunt. He kept at work with his tongue and his fingers, and he thought about how much the waiter must be enjoying the show. Lydia continued to grind against him, her eyes half closed, moaning with her hands on her breasts. Jesus, Dave thought, I can’t take this for much longer. Dave pulled back and reached down to slip off his suit.

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       Lydia turned back toward him, and smiled at his obvious excitement as he struggled to remove his shorts. He finally flipped his suit outside the pool, and Lydia immediately spread herself on top of him. She planted herself directly onto his throbbing dick, and he let his head fall back as she started grinding away. His eyes were closed, and Lydia’s splashing masked the movement of the waiter. Dave only thought to open his eyes when he noticed that Lydia’s moaning had changed – it suddenly sounded muffled. He looked up to see the waiter standing behind her, cupping her breasts helping her maintain her rhythm. Lydia had turned her head, and they were kissing each other deeply. She suddenly broke free of their kiss and started moaning loudly, obviously on the verge of a powerful orgasm, and she moved her hands behind her. Was she? Yes, she was, Dave thought. She’s fucking reaching around for that guy’s dick. And he’s obviously fucking enjoying it. The waiter quickly removed his suit, and Lydia worked his dick from behind while she shuddered toward an orgasm. She suddenly cried out and arched her back, clenching her entire body. Her hands were still working the waiter’s cock, pumping it up and down, and he held her breasts tightly as she came. The entire picture was too much for Dave to handle, and much as he wanted it to go on, he exploded inside Lydia just as she reached the peak of her orgasm.

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       He shot what felt like gallons of cum up inside her, and she collapsed against his chest. Dave felt light-headed, dizzy, and for the moment, at least, pleasantly satisfied. The same couldn’t be said for the waiter, and he leaned forward to kiss the back of Lydia’s neck as she softly kissed Dave. Dave could tell that she was still working at his rod behind her, and from the way she was moving, it appeared that her expert stroking was starting to work. And that the waiter’s cock was extremely large. Lydia stopped kissing Dave and gave him a long, questioning look. Dave knew what she was asking. “Yeah. I’m up for it” Dave said. .



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