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 By early in 2003, I had been an active member of an internet community for several years.   The community was a NASCAR racing related group consisting of members from all over the United States.   There were even a few members who popped in from overseas.   The community members would spend hours chatting with each other in the chat room of the web site.   Our conversations were not limited to racing.   We discussed a wide variety of topics, especially during the off-season, or anytime there was not a current race to discuss.        One evening, Dawn, a female member of our community, asked if I would like to communicate with her privately on IM (Instant Messenger).   IM is separate from the community and its chat room.   Unlike a chat room which can be accessed by any member of a group, IM is a private means of communication via computer.   IM conversations can be accessed only if both parties agree to participate.  I’m always happy to chat with a young lady, so, I quickly agreed.   Little did I know, what I thought would be a light-hearted conversation, would soon lead to so much more.   Dawn and I were soon chatting on IM almost every night.     Though they started out light-hearted, in very short order, our conversations had taken a turn toward the erotic.   We had begun discussing, in graphic detail, the sexual activities we had tried, and would like perform on, or with, each other.   Our near nightly conversations became more and more graphic as time went by.

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     I should probably mention here that Dawn and I are both married and have children.   Early on I made Dawn aware that I was approximately 20 years older than she.   She was in her mid 30s, and I in was my early 50s.   She quickly soothed my concerns caused by our age difference.   She said she liked older men.      So, I dove right in, so to speak.   I guess the old saying is true.   “There’s no fool, like an old fool. ”    It turned out Dawn had no experience with any type of sex other than the standard missionary position and giving oral pleasures.   She claimed to lack a gag reflex.   That allowed her to give one hell of a blow-job.   Unfortunately for her, she had never been on the receiving end of any oral attentions.       Over the next several weeks, Dawn and I developed a very close relationship, at least over the net.   We discussed our personal lives and the problems we were each having at home.   We even discussed the possibility of meeting someday.

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    The expressed purpose of such a meeting would be to screw each other senseless, with no strings attached.    Dawn said she wanted to find how much more there was to having sex than just laying there while she got screwed.   She wanted more than having some guy climb on, hump her until he came, roll off, and go to sleep.   That’s the type of sex she had become used to.    I too was somewhat anxious to get together with Dawn.   I wanted a sample of her claimed expertise at blow-jobs.         One day, several months after Dawn and I began our cyber relationship, my wife told me she would be going out of town for several days.   When I told Dawn of my upcoming lonely weekend, she quickly suggested we get together somewhere.   She suggested we could meet in a city about half way between our respective homes.    I had reservations.   Talking about sex is one thing, but planing to really meet was quite something else.   I was again concerned about our age difference.   My ability to keep up with a woman in her prime caused a great deal of anxiety.   Dawn was so sweet about it. She convinced me I would do fine.

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    She said it would be her job to make sure I rose to the occasion.   She promised a night to remember, even if she had to provide the Viagra.    So, with lingering reservations, I agreed to meet her.    A short time later, we had made our arrangements.   We would meet at a mutually known spot in a major city in an adjoining state.   We laid out plans to for a nice dinner and a visit to a club for drinks and dancing.   Any further activities would be left to our desires at the time.    As the day of our date approached, I was getting more and more apprehensive.   I was still concerned about my ability to satisfy a woman more than 20 years my junior.   As I drove the freeway on the way to our rendezvous, I began having feelings of nervous anticipation.   I hadn’t felt like that since I was a teenager.    We had arranged to meet at a restaurant we both knew.   I was so nervous, I could barely keep from shaking as I turned into the restaurant’s parking lot.   At least I didn’t have to wait long.   Dawn pulled into the lot just a few minutes behind me.

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   When I first laid eyes on a live, flesh and blood, Dawn, many of my fears melted away.   Though we had exchanged pictures, and I knew she was a nice looking girl, seeing her in the flesh made my heart jump.    Her dress added to the excitement.   It was a snug-fitting, black velvet, spaghetti strapped, little thing.   Its hemline struck her at mid thigh and revealed a shapely set of legs.   Dawn was about 5’7” with just enough body fat to make her soft and nicely curved. She had a wonderful set of tits.   Though they weren’t over-sized, her tits quite adequately filled out the low-cut neckline of her dress.   They seemed to be trying to escape the confinement of the dress by spilling over the top.    As she bounded out of her car, her tits nearly bounced out of her dress.   No plastic in those babies!  She was smiling broadly.   Her blonde hair created a golden frame for her round face.   Her light blue eyes seemed to twinkle, and her full lips just begged to be kissed.    As she approached, I had her stop and slowly turn.   Her hips and ass filled the lower part of her dress as nicely as her tits filled the top.

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    Overall, Dawn presented a very tempting package.      When I held out my hands to her, Dawn came forward and we embraced.   Without a word, she put her arms around my neck, firmly hugged me, and softly kissed my lips.    Wow!  What a way to meet a girl for the first time.   This date did indeed appear to be headed for a night to remember.    Dinner was good, but uneventful.   Well, I can’t quite say that.   Dawn and I were seated in a dimly lighted corner of the restaurant, and we had a difficult time keeping our hands off each other.   In fact, we failed miserably.    While I ate, I rubbed her thighs under the table.   I soon had, with a little assistance from Dawn, gotten her dress to ride higher and higher up her legs.   Now and then, between sips of wine, I would give her panty-covered crotch a gentle swipe with my two middle fingers.   Her panties were becoming very damp.    Dawn, in turn, was stroking my swollen cock through my pants.   She would give it an occasional quick squeeze.


       We had finished dinner, and ordered a second glass of wine, when Dawn excused herself to use the restroom.   She returned quickly and, as she sat down, pulled her dress back up nearly as high as it had been before she left.   The next time I stroked her crotch, I found her pussy bare.   No panties!  She had removed them in the restroom.    “Air cooled, huh?”  I softly asked.  With a giggle, she whispered into my ear, “My panties had gotten so wet, they felt like I had sprung a leak. ”    After dinner we drove to a nearby club.   There, we drank and danced until about midnight.   As we danced, we not so discreetly fondled each other.   Grabbing her by the ass with both as we danced caused her dress to ride up.   The lower part of her bare ass was being displayed to anyone who cared to look.   By the time we left the club, we were blatantly feeling each other up on the dance floor.     We headed for a nice hotel nearby.   We had noticed it near the restaurant before dinner.   We checked in, and I carried our two small overnight bags to our room.

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     As soon as we got inside the room, Dawn spun me around to face her, and firmly kissed me.   Our tongues darted in and out, exploring each other’s mouths.      She then dropped to her knees.   In a matter of seconds, Dawn had my cock out of my pants, and was licking it like a lollipop.   She was expertly using her tongue on my cock as she ran her mouth up and down its length.   She bathed my entire cock and balls with her tongue.   When she took my cock into her mouth, she took it to the entrance of her throat with her first dive.   Whatever other skills and experiences she may have lacked, this girl could suck a cock.      During our IM conversations, Dawn had told me she didn’t have much of a gag reflex.   She proved it.   Holding me by my hips, she shoved my cock into her throat as far as it would go.   With her nose in my pubic hair, and my balls resting on her chin, Dawn swabbed my cock's shaft with her tongue.      She pulled completely off my cock, took my hands, and put them on her head.   She said, “You be in control here.   Go ahead and fuck my throat.

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    I really want to taste your cum. ” I didn’t need any further encouragement, and I pulled Dawn’s head toward my crotch.   When she opened her mouth, I buried my cock down Dawn’s throat with one thrust.   After holding myself deep in her throat for a few seconds, I began working her head back and forth.   As quickly as my cock left her throat, I’d shove it all the way back in.    Given the excited state I’d been in all evening, and the expert deep-throat blow-job I was getting, it didn’t take long before I was ready to cum. Just as the first spurt of cum erupted from my cock, I pulled Dawn’s head tightly forward burying my cock deep in her throat.   I held my cock in her throat as I pumped my load of cum down her gullet to her belly.    She never flinched.   Indeed, rather than back off, she hugged my hips, and pulled me even deeper down her throat.   As the last few drops of cum dribble from me, she pulled back and licked my cock and balls clean.    “Wow!”  That was the only thing I could say.   Dawn smiled, stood up, and hugged me tightly.  As we hugged, I unfastened her dress and let it fall to the floor.   Unhooking her bra allowed it too, to fall off her arms to the floor.

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    Carefully removing her shoes, and stepping out of her dress, Dawn stood before me in nothing but her stockings.   What a beautiful site she was.    As I gazed at Dawn’s body, I noticed her pubic hair.   Like she had told me during our computer conversations, her dark pubic hair was trimmed to form a narrow strip above her pussy.   She called it her landing strip.  Taking her by both hands, I pulled her toward the bed.   As we sat on the edge of the bed, I told her, “It’s your turn, baby!” “What do you mean?” she asked.  “Didn’t you say you’ve never had your pussy eaten?” “No!  No one has ever done that to me before. ”  She said.  “Well it’s about time someone did. ” I told her.    I finished undressing and stretched out on the bed while she removed her stockings.   Lying close and holding each other snugly, I began by kissing her soft lips.   Softly at first, then progressively firmer.   My hand quickly found a breast and began kneading it.

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    I kissed and licked my way all around her neck, ears, and shoulders.    Kissing my way lower, I stopped to nibble on Dawn’s tits and their large nipples.   Those nipples were soon standing fully erect and were nearly half an inch long.   Firm sucking and light nips brought gasps from Dawn.   As she pulled my head tightly to her chest, I soundly squeezed both tits.   She seemed to enjoy having her tits handled firmly.        I reluctantly left her tits, and kissed my way down her smooth belly.   Except for the small strip of pubic hair above her pussy, she had shaved herself smooth.    Sliding down the bed, I settled between her legs.   I placed a gentle kiss on her outer pussy lips, and gave her a single, long, lick from the bottom of her slit to near her clitoris.   That brought another deep gasp from Dawn.   She raised her knees and spread her legs a little wider.   The next long lick parted her outer lips and exposed her pink inner lips and hooded clit.   Dawn had begun to moan and her breathing was becoming somewhat ragged.     After I had given her several more long licks to her tender lips, Dawn reached down and pressed my head firmly into her pussy.


    I drove my tongue as deeply as I could into her hole and swirled it around.   As I tongue fucked her pussy, Dawn began thrusting her hips up to meet my tongue.   When I felt she was near orgasm, I wrapped my lips around Dawn’s clit and sucked.   Gently at first, but I was soon sucking her clit almost as hard as she had sucked my cock.       “Oh, oh, I’m cuming!” Dawn gasped.  Flicking my tongue over Dawn’s clit as I sucked on it drove her into a frenzy.   She went wild.   She was bucking and yelling, “Oh yes!  Eat me, Baby.   Oh shit!  Don’t stop!”  With one final thrust, she held her ass nearly a foot off the bed, and forcefully pulled my face to her pussy.    I didn’t stop sucking and licking until Dawn lowered her ass back to the bed and began to relax.   With a few more gentle licks and a kiss to her pussy, I crawled up beside Dawn and held her tightly.   As her breathing began returning to normal, she smiled, and said, “I didn’t think it was possible to cum so hard. ” After cuddling for a little while, Dawn reached down and took my cock in her hand.   I had begun regaining the strength Dawn’s blow-job had sucked out of me.   Her gentle strokes soon had me fully erect again.

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     “Honey, will you fuck me now?”  She was almost begging.    “No!  You’re going to fuck me. ” I replied as I pulled her over me.    Dawn seemed a bit confused.   I had her sit on her knees straddling my hips.   She quickly got the idea.   Reaching between her legs, she aimed my cock’s head at her pussy’s opening.   With one stroke, she lowered herself, and took my cock fully into her hot, horny, pussy.   Dawn had a surprisingly tight pussy.   It was apparent she hadn’t had much loving lately, and her pussy hadn’t seem much action.    Slowly at first, she began riding up and down my cock.   I reached up and took a tit in each hand and kneaded them roughly.   When I firmly pinched both nipples at the same time, Dawn slammed down on my cock, driving it deeply into her hungry cunt.   She then rode my cock hard and fast.    “I’m cuming, again!!”  She said with a gasping voice.

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   “Me too, Baby!”  I replied, as I rose to meet her strokes.   She slammed down hard on my cock, and began grinding it into her cunt with a circular motion.   She soon fell forward and ground her clit on my pelvis while she smothered me with kisses.    In a short time, with Dawn still straddling me, my cock still in her pussy, we fell asleep.   Some time during the night, she rolled off and curled up next to me.  In the morning, I gently rolled on top of Dawn, and gave her a nice, slow, and gentle fuck.   She responded by wrapping her legs around my waist and matching my thrusts.   When I buried my cock in her, and pumped my morning load of cum into her cunt, she used her legs to pull me into her as deep as possible.   She had a great grip on me with those shapely legs.  After showering, we ordered breakfast and talked about our night.   Dawn said, in the past, she had seldom cum even once in a night, and never twice.   She was still excited about getting her pussy eaten for the first time.   She couldn’t believe she had cum so hard, especially without a cock in her pussy.   She made me promise to eat her again, soon.    I told her I'd be happy to eat her again, but there was much more she could learn if she wanted to.

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     With a broad smile, she said, “Next time. ”        I, too, was still excited.   It had been years since I had been able to cum multiple times in a night.       I then walked Dawn to her car.   With a warm kiss, a pat on her ass, and a promise to meet again soon, we parted.    I look forward to our next little road trip.   More new ways of loving await                              



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