Internet Adventures


It was a Sunday afternoon and I was sitting in front of my computer which was fairly normal after playing some football and then wanting to catch up on stuff that was happening with various forums and shall I say interests.   Basically I wanted to check my gamign stuff at a couple places and look around the sites that youtry to get local friends for discrete relationships with.  
I'd been playing with those sites for a couple months, trying to send off emails and flirts and winks and what have you to women who sounded interesting.   Few and far between were the ones that seemed like they would have a real conversation, even fewer were though that would look at your profile in return let alone respond.   So one day I was browsing and I came across this profile that had no picture.   I don't usually go for those because it means the person is just trying to hide what they look like (I weigh 165lbs, and not to be crude but having sex with a 300lbs woman is just awkward).

  I digress I sent her an email after reading her profile because she actually took the time to list some her interests and discussed what she was looking for and I really felt she and I had some in common.   For instance our  love for hockey; yes it's not a sexually related thing, but it is great when you can share passions with people.  
After a couple of emails on the site she sent me her messanger name.   I added her as quickly as I could and awaited the day when she and I would be online together to chat some.   At first we just spoke about hockey and life when she and I first started chatting but then we moved quickly to the fact she is 40 and I'm just 23.   She was curious if I would have a problem with that.   My response was an immediate no, I'd had sex with women older than that and honestly for all the young guns out there women over 35 are horny like 18 year old boys; they want it all the time and they never want you to stop.   Which is good since most 23 year old are still like that.
From there we moved on to discussing sex, and she started talking about blow jobs.   Well I've never cum from a blow job and I've never had a woman take me all the way deepthroating (I'm far from huge, it's just the women I've slept with).

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    I expressed that to her and she responded that she could make me have an orgasm with one of her blowjobs.   I was all ears curious to know what she had in mind.   The next day I received an email on the hook up website.   She had laid everything she would do to me out in this awesome message (I still get rock hard thinking about it).   It went like this:
I would start by taking your cock in my hands and rubbing you while kissing you.   And then move down kissing your chest until I gave the tip of your cock a little kiss.   Grasping your balls with one hand, I would kiss and lick your head.   Then I take your head in my mouth and suck on it like a pacifier, tonguing around the edge as I did that.
After that I would slide my tongue down your entire shaft licking your whole cock making it nice and wet, lubing it up.   then I would go down and suck your balls, rolling them in my mouth.   Flicking my tongue across your crack every now and then.   Taking your balls with one hand, I would wraping the fingers from my other hand around your shaft and slide back up to the top of your cock and making sure I had lubed you again.   Then I would go all the way down to the base of your shaft.
 I would deep throat your cock feeling it's hot hardness throbbing in my moist mouth