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I had been unemployed and looking for work for close to a year when I finally got a break. A new and fast-growing restaurant-chain had built a local establishment and in turn offered me a Job as a Nighttime Grill Cook. Now, I like food service work, and having been penniless for so long I jumped at the opportunity. I was interviewed two days later and started work thirty minutes later. It was in those first 5 minutes of my shift that I saw her. Her name is Kristina, and she stands about five feet, three inches in height, and is very slim and petite. Her hair is sandy blonde and hangs to about her shoulders. But when wearing her hat, is pulled through the back in a fashionable ponytail that seems to give her that girlish and innocent appearance. Add the longest set of perfectly toned legs, that climb to a small, but firm, and well-rounded ass, and her beautiful green eyes, that captivate you with their emerald glint. Combine these things with her impish yet unnervingly sweet smile, and you will envision one of the sexiest, vixens I have ever lain eyes upon. My mouth went dry, and my voice just seemed to crawl so deep inside me that when she introduced herself, and extended her hand. All I could manage was a brief nod and strangled hello. Now hear I am, at a total loss for words, and my mouth is so dry my tongue feels like sandpaper in my mouth. Yet here before me stands this sensuous, and sultry woman who has instantly became the object of my desires. But who also happens to be… One of my Supervisors. I knew right then and there, that all the ideas and thoughts of wishful thinking, and fantasies of lust and sin had just been tossed right out the window.

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   Not only is it “Specifically Stated” in our employee handbook. That fraternization between Management & Supervisory staff, and crewmembers was not a line to be crossed. Termination from one or the other’s, or just possibly, even both person’s job being the foremost consequence to be considered. My only thoughts were that know matter how much I wanted this little nymph, “that happens to be my supervisor”, I had no intention of becoming the reason why either one of us became reliant on the local want ads. Unfortunately, lust and heat generated from working side by side with her got the best of me. So for the sake of attempt and measuring her interest; I began to flirt with her rather blatantly. Nothing overly bad just dropping little subtle hints here and there about how much I admire her. A comment here, telling her how hot, and sexy she is and barely above the pitch of a whisper. A slight brush of the hand there, or a gentle bump of a breast here, combined with pressing close to her when I would get hard, and making not even the smallest attempt to hide it when my cock raged, and jumped from just the slightest touch from her. Everyday that we worked a common shift, I worked on her, very subtly, I worked on her. Being cautious enough about it that no one else could see or take notice of it. But blatantly enough that she could not help but realize that it was indeed intentional, and aimed at her and her alone. I wanted Kristina to know just how badly I wanted her. I wanted her to want me just as badly, and was hoping with each, and every passing day that my efforts would bare the fruits of this lovely vixen. For two months I tried, and with each day gone, the less likely it seemed that I would see any of the harvest.

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   In fact, I gave up on it all together, out of fear that I was pushing my luck, and crossing too many boundaries. It was when I finally gave up that steered things to an interesting and quickly building crescendo. That crescendo was soon to open the door to a handful of the most amazingly erotic times that I have ever had. During the weeks that all my flirtatious actions were unfolding, I had been given a promotion to Lead Grill person, and moved to days. This move to days had been more than satisfactory with me because that meant that my shifts with Kristina would increase dramatically. Not to mention that I would be working with all the Big Bosses, which meant bigger opportunity for advancement. She caught me by surprise one day when I arrived at work. I had arrived quite early that day. Almost ninety minutes too early and Kristina was the opening manager that day and I rang the door buzzer looking to enter the building. It was not an unusual sight to see her answering the door. Especially between the hours of 8 and 18 when we are prepping the store to open. Anyhow this particular morning I had arrived there to find that we were both still half asleep. Myself having been awake and moving less than 20 minutes earlier, and her about 45 minutes earlier. I went into the office and grabbed an apron, tying it on as I entered the Kitchen. I was just starting the initial stove products when I turned around and my jaw hit the tile and I froze in place Right then and there… My most comforting thought about what would happen next, was that the only other people with a key to get into the store, were not scheduled in for another six hours.

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  “Well? Do you like it?” Kristina asks as she giggles and pirouettes in a circle for my eyes alone. There she was her jeans and work shirt having disappeared and she was wearing a black leather corset, a matching leather thong, and what I had previously figured to be stiletto heeled shoes, were actually thigh-high 5 inch stiletto heeled boots, and one of those leather beanie hat’s or whatever they are. I could barely squeak out two intelligible words as my eyes roamed across her exposed flesh. I seemed to step towards her without even realizing I had revealed the slightest reaction. “Oh MY!” Was all I barely managed to croak out as my arms went around her and my hands took a hold of two of “THE" most amazingly firm and silky smooth ass cheeks I have ever in my life had the pleasure of grasping! But the cherry that topped this leather and flesh sundae was not the sight of her dressed in such away. It was the complete and total lack of resistance that met me as I took her into my arms caressed my hands over her smooth and supple flesh, and drawing forth the most deliciously soft moan as she wrapped her arms around my neck and shoulders and ground herself against me. So here I am in a restaurant kitchen, holding my supervisor who also happens to be dressed in a thong and corset, as she presses herself against me. I dipped slowly and lifted her, wrapping her thighs around me and carrying her to the back by the office. Setting her gently on one of the prep tables for the fax line. Once back there my lips are hungrily pressed to hers as I slowly and gently slid my thumbs up her inner thighs. While rubbing my thumb over the leather thong teasing and tantalizing her sensitive sex. By now the sweet musky scent of her arousal is spreading it’s aromatic scent through the air and intoxicates me. My thumbs slowly hook inside her thong, and fights and tugs it down her smooth and creamy ass and legs. The scent of her sexual perfume dominates the air as I kissed down her neck and across her chest, teasing and flicking my tongue between the soft Globes of her small and perky breasts. Now I love corsets, and I think they are the sexiest item of undergarment a woman can wear.

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   So I have no problem going on about my ministrations without removing a corset, and in this case, that is exactly what I did… I left the thigh high boots and corset on her as I dropped slowly to my knees. Starting just above the line of her boots I began softly and gently kissing, nibbling, and licking my way up her thighs. Then slowly and teasingly I dragged my tongue in a long circle around her soft and warm wet center. I took my time teasing and savoring every moment of her tortured pleasure. Continuing this agonizing ritual for a good 20 minutes before I began lapping and licking her sweet and delicious pussy. By this time if there is anyone else outside, they are definitely hearing Kristina as she bucks, and thrashes against my face. Her squeals and moans are drowning out any ambient noise and the screams of her pleasure and the prep table she is writhing on thuds loudly against the wall.
    Over and over again she continues her mewling and thrashing as I send her over the edge into one blissful orgasm after another. Licking, sucking, and pulling hungrily on her erect and engorged clit as I simultaneously slip my two middle fingers inside her without ever breaking my tongue’s rhythm. After nearly 45 minutes of sending her into agonizing tortures of delicious oral pleasure she pulls my mouth to hers and kisses me deeply. Lapping every last glistening drop of her juices off of my cheeks and face, while simultaneously tearing loose my pants and belt. I am in rapture as the vixen of my deepest desires fiendishly attacks my pants trying to get to my cock. Finally after what must have been too much anticipation, with an exasperated moan she grasps my rigid and granite hard member, and pulls me into her wet pussy. In one smooth thrust, Kristina pulls her heels against my ass and urges me deeper into her dripping pussy. My eyes lock with hers and I give her a wicked smile as I grasp her hips and thrust myself into her.

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       Grasping her hips firmly, I lift her petite form and press her back down on my rock hard cock. Her powerful muscles and pussy walls grip me like a warm wet hand as she fights back the urge to set her own pace. Her face is buried in my neck and shoulders as her arms wrap tightly around me. Her only change of movement is a slow, hard grind at the end of each thrust of her body on to my rigid shaft. Her moans and cries of pleasure grow louder and more drawn out as the intense and warm tingle begins to build deep inside my groin. My own body begins to Respond heavily, as my breathing is deep and erratic. Short, pleasured moans, combined with loud growls and gasps as my own orgasm becomes inevitable. Pulling out so that only the very tip of my cock is still inside her, and slamming balls deep back inside her. Each time I enter her bringing mewling moans of pleasure and lustful groans of pain as my cock batters her cervix. While each, and every thrust causes the pressure in my groin to increase as I hold my release in check. Faster and harder I slam in and out of her hungry pussy, pounding her in long hammering thrusts. The sounds of our combined passion louder than anything else in the store. Growling even louder as the pressure is almost too much, as I look directly into those striking green eyes that are right now glazed over with passion, and lust. Kristina looks back at me with those twin jewels of sparkling emeralds and licks her lips as she senses my impending orgasm. Each pounding thrust tearing a loud squeal, and mewling whimper of pleasure from her.

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       Throwing our heads back simultaneously, as I pump my cock deep inside her vise-like pussy and explode in thick creamy torrents of my hot seed. The walls of her pussy are like a clamp around my cock holding me deep inside her hot core. The first shots of my cum splash and coat the walls of her womb, send her crashing mercilessly over the edge and plunge her into yet another orgasm, bucking and thrashing on my cock as she does. For the next several minutes we just stood there. Our bodies still locked together, as the velvet walls of her pussy milk my cock of every last drop of my thick semen. Our arms still wrapped around one another as we remain motionless. Neither of us in any particular hurry to come back down to Earth. Our last shudders of pleasure have barely passed through us when we are torn from our shared euphoria by the door buzzer. Like a shot Kristina is sliding off my cock and in her office closing the locked door as I quickly and silently fix my clothes, before letting my co-workers in. For some reason I was now sure that this was shaping up to be one seriously great day. One that I truly hoped would be the first of many. .


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