I'll Never Leave


            I try to leave, she grabs my arm, begs me not to go. I tell her it will be okay, that I will see her tomorrow. She won’t accept that, she never wants me to leave her side.
            I look down at her, her pink penguin pajamas all shiny, the silk feels good to my hands as I grasp her shoulders and lean in to her for a kiss. She doesn’t let go of the kiss, she pushes her tongue into my mouth. I wrap my arms around her; hug her body close to mine. My tongue and hers break, and I look her in the eyes and say “I’ll never leave you. ”
            I pick her up and carry her from the front hall back to her room in the back of the house. I lay her down on the bed gently, and I lock the door. I straddle her and start to kiss her again. While I kiss her, my hands wander around her torso. I get to her full breasts and I squeeze ever so softly, she moans and I feel the nipples harden. I love when she doesn’t wear a bra. I keep kissing her, looking her in the eyes as she looks into mine.
            I pull away from her, and begin unbuttoning her shirt, one button at a time. As I open each button, I kiss the flesh that has been exposed, starting with her neck.

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   She loves when I kiss her neck, it drives her crazy. I unbutton the second button and kiss her upper chest. Button three, and I kiss the flesh between her breasts. Button four next, and I’m below her breasts now. Lastly, button five, and I dip my tongue into her bellybutton.
            I sit up straight, and open her shirt fully, exposing her perfect chest. I could stare all day at it, the little nipple like pencil erasers so hard and inviting. I take the invitation, and suck the left nipple into my mouth. Her eyes close and I feel her body relax as she surrenders herself to the pleasure. I move to the right, and I clamp it between my teeth and she lets out a cry that is part pain, part pleasure. I kiss her again and get off her.
I lay beside her, and I slide my hand from her lips down her chin, tracing a line only I can see down her body. I pass between her breasts, down her stomach, and draw a circle around her bellybutton. I continue down, and I slip my hand under the elastic of her pants. Much to my delight, she isn’t wearing anything under these either.

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   She’s so hot when she is so ready like this. I slide my finger against her lips, and she grunts, I begin to massage her clit in slow circles, causing her body to start rocking.
I stop circling her clit, and I slide my middle finger up into her. Her whole body responds with great pleasure, she grabs my head and brings it back to her nipples, I obediently begin licking again. I only tease her for a few minutes before I stop and pull out, and tell her that I need to have her, NOW.
She undresses and then takes my clothes off for me. She tells me to lie down and I do. She spreads my legs, sits between them, and begins to rub my already hard cock. One of the things that I find very sexy is watching her pleasure me, it makes it so more erotic. She only plays with it for a minute, and then I watch as the bends down and takes it into her mouth.
The moment I feel her lips on the head, I feel like I am going to lose it.
    I always do when she gives me head, she is very good at it. She bobs up and down till I feel like I am going to pass out and I tell her to stop. She looks sad as she lets go, and I sit up.
    I turn her around; get her on her hands and knees.

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       I get behind her, I grab her hips in my hands, and I push myself into her. She moans as I fill her hole, and I rest a moment, she is so tight it almost hurts. I grab her by the hair; make her look into the mirror beside us. She put it there a few months ago, right after she discovered that she is turned on by watching me thrust into her. It was strange the first time, but in time it turned me on too, so we use it every time. We watched as I thrust into her slowly and then pulled out fast, then back in slow, and kept doing this over and over.
    I’m getting near my end and so is she. I thrust her hard and fast, and she moans at every thrust, each moan louder than the last. She buries her face in the pillow and her toes curl as I feel her pussy clench down on my cock and I feel her flooding. The clenching sends me over the edge and I start pumping my sperm into her, covering her insides with it. I collapse on top of her, whispering in her ear that I love her; she says I love you too.
    I roll her over onto her side, and pull the covers over us, never pulling out of her; I want to stay in her all night. I brush her hair from her eyes and kiss her one last time, and long after she is asleep I whisper “I’ll never leave you. ”



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