Ian and Jen's Erotic Moments


Ians fingers were gently circling, then gently pullling on her nipples till they were harder than ever. Jen could feel the wettness returning to her mound. As Ian leaned over her an started nibbling down her neck and his fingers doing their work Jen felt shudders in her stomach. She was now grinding her ass up and down on his pants covered cock but could feel the hardness very well. Jen reached back and got her hand on his cock through the pants as he groaned intoher ear. Meanwhile his hands started to dip down her belly making sure to pay attention to her navel. She could feel the heat between her legs as he crept lower and lower. Jen began to run her into the tops of his sweats the feel the cock fleh that laid beneath. As she reached in , she found no underwear to inhibit her, and began stroking the cock right away. Ian now let his hands begin to sink into her sweats and found that she had no underware either. He could feel the heat and the wettness as his fingers grazed over her mound. He could almost smell the delightful flavor of her sex as she moaned standing straight up in front of him now.

Her fingers gently manipulating his hardness at a very slow pace. He felt in between her pussy lips to the wetness there and began to push down her sweats. She moved obligingly as did he and soon they were both standing there with just the tops on. Ian turned her around and went down to his knees and began licking her thighs.

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   His hands went to her ass to try to control her movements as he licked up further till his tongue was on the lips of her vulva. Now Jen just leaned back against the counter while Ian began to work his tongue gently all over her mound. He would goup one side then down the other without actually going into the crack. This slow deliberate avoidance of her center drove Jen into pants and groans as she arched herself out to his tongue. Jens legs were parting a little more with each thrust of her hips to his tongue. She was geatting very hot , very fast. Her body was shaking with anticipation of the moment his tongue would dive into her folds. Ian's tongue finally went softly over the crack and felt like volts of electricity shooting through her body. As Ian's tongue made contact with her clitoris Jen let out a shrill moan. With this, she tensed up and began to shudder all over with her first orgasm of this location. Jen grabbed his hair and pulled him into her hot wet center. He began to lick up and down her slit and dipping his tongue into her opening. She held his head for a moment as her legs bacame weak. Pulled him up a little and pulled herself up onto the counter. Ian started kissing her clit once again and sucking gently on it as his fingers found the hole and began to tease it.

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   He could feel her building up again and began to lick and suck in ernest as his two fingers entered her hot wet tunnel. When he was fully inside he curled his fingers back towards him and began to massage the interior of her pussy while sucking on the clit. Jen was beside herself as her ass was moving around the counter and now she was feeling an intense feeling inside.
    Suddenly she took in a deep breath, tensed up and let out a loud moan as she felt everything in her body shake and quiver. She felt like a thousand little explosions went off in various parts of her body. ian now slowed his pace to let her come down. Jen had just had the most intense orgasm ever and when she finally stopped spasming she felt almost exhausted. Ian stood up and lifted her from the counter kissing her on the lips as he carried her to the couch. After some moments she began kissing down his neck and helped him remove his top. She kissed all over his chest sucking each nipple and licked his belly. As she kissed and licked she took his cock into her fingers and massaged it back to it's original hardness. Then she carfully licked down to the top and licked up and down the side of his cock. Ian layed his head back and watched her lovely face as she played on his cock with her tongue. Each time she rolled her tongue around it he tensed and strained his groin up to her mouth. When Jen felt he couldn't take anymore she finally took it into her warm mouth with one big slide.

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       Ian gasped as she allowed it to almost slide into her throat. Her tongue now started to slide around the cock as it was moving in and out of her mouth. Ian could feel the build up right away and his ass ws all over the couch. Jen put her hands on his ass to control his movements as best she could and began to suck and lick in ernest. She could feel his ass muscles tensing and see his pupils dilate. She could feel the cock swell and tense with every movement of her mouth. Ian was so close he was moaning with each suction of her mouth. Jen knew he was close and looked him right in the eyes as she cupped and played with his balls. The feeling of his balls being manipulated and the look in her eyes set him over the top and he burst into her mouth. It seemed like gallons of cum but it was just the general amount. Ian was thinking this was the best blow job he had ever had. After swallowing it all, Jen moved up and began kissing his face again and whispering the night has just begun. . . .

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