I get my fantasy girl pt 1


The events are real and the names have been changed for the safety those involved.

Rachelle had been the object of my desire during my last year of high school, only problem was that she was 3 years younger than me. We both had feelings for each other but it never went beyond that. We were both to chicken to do anything. I longed to touch her feel her. She would always run up to me and jump in my arms to hug me all I wanted was to never stop holding her. She was just great looking. She was about 5’6” small perky breast about a 36A but what really got me going were here piercing blue eyes and her ass. I really wanted to just grab it. Sadly it would be until spring break of my freshmen year in college that I would get my chance with her.
Spring break had finally rolled around and I was going to my brother’s place back in my old home town to relax. I had left school right after class Friday and drove straight to his place. As I pulled up I noticed my sister-in-law was home. I walked in to find her spread out on the coach watching a movie I relaxed next her she raised up and put her feet in my crotch, now I’m not a feet man but the movie we were watching was starting to get me going and I ad to fight it back just to keep me from going to full mast. She noticed and laughed, “Seems I’m not the only one getting excited by this movie. ” She said.

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   Nothing else happened after that. For the next couple of days I decided to relax.
Finally Monday rolled around and I decided to go and try to find some of my old friends. First on the list was my buddies Angelus and Trenton but Angel was chillin at his friend house, it was the house of the girl whom he loved and Trenton was no where to found. Next I went to Ry’s house but he was off at his mom’s house. But who was home was his sister Rachelle. The look on her face when she saw it was me was perfect. She was so happy she jumped in to my arms screaming. I was so distracted I didn’t know she only had a bathing suit on.   I must have looked dumb just staring at her like that. She just looked at me and smiled. “What you’ve never seen a girl in a swim suit before” she said while laughing at me. I could only reply “Uhhhhhhh, yah I have” She asked me to come wit her to her back yard where she was sunbathing so we could catch up on old times. All I could do the whole way was staring at that ass. We chatted for a while I noticed she smiled at me every time I checked her out.

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Finally she looked me strait in the eye and said “You Want to fuck me. ” I literally fell out of the chair I was in. “What!” I screamed at her. She saw the look I had and explained that she had lost her virginity the previous summer to some guy she met from England and while she admits she enjoyed it she wanted something “bigger” and wanted to test out all the rumors that she heard about me. See my Ex at the time had been telling all her friends that she really missed my dick because her boyfriend right now wasn’t doing it for her.  See I had an above average dick. Sex for me was hard, because girls don’t like it when you literally rip them open, so I didn’t have sex that often. So for her to offer like that made me feel uneasy. To show me she was serious she undid her top and let her little boobs free. They were cute just enough to grab. She walked close to me and I just held her. I lifted her face up with my hand and kissed her.
    I began to kiss all over her body. She stopped me and pulled me into the house upstairs to her bedroom. I literally pulled off all my clothes in a hurry.

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       She gasped when she saw “IT. ”
    “WOW,” was all she could mange to say as she went down her knees. She began licking me she stated at the base and worked her way up to the head. Now it was my turn to say wow. Where did you learn to do that,” I stated while trying to concentrate on not cuming. I’ve been watching my brother’s porno,” was all she said. She then began to bob her head up and down real hard even pressing her teeth slight into the skin of my dick. This was starting to really drive me crazy. She stopped soon after that. And said “Just fuck me already. ” I didn’t have to be asked twice. I pulled off her bottom and began to tease her by rubbing the head of my dick against her pussy lips. She began to moan, then lifted her up and told her to lower herself on it. I had to be slow or I could hurt her it took some time but I finally got enough in to start pumping it in her. Her moaning was loud, and really started to make me get aggressive, I began to really put all my weight in to it and began to grab her hips and slamming her on my dick.

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       It wasn’t long before she came; I was no where near close. I told her to get on all 4’s. I just stared at that ass before I took her from behind, staring at that ass the whole time. I knew I was about to cum I held it in till the last second and pulled out I unleashed 3 good stream right on to the ass I so loved. She looked at me and saw that my dick wasn’t going down. “Ooooooo It doesn’t die, good cause I want more” she moving around so that she could kiss me.



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