How did this happen to me?


"How Did This Happen To Me?"

***I was sitting on my bed when my boyfriend had called to tell me good night.
"Hey babe. " He had said. "I just wanted to tell you before you went to sleep, that i love you and i want you to really think about the party tomorrow, it would be fun and cameron wont mess with you i promise. "
"Okay, but if you leave me alone for one second this will be the last. "
"Okay" He had said, and we hung up.
My ex boyfriend cameron was out to get me he told me if he ever catched me alone he would fuck me up, so i was scared. Everyone from my high school was going to be there, (at the party) and it was the party of the year, the one everyone looked forward to.
***Me and my boyfriend sat in his car talking about how he needed to talk to Troy, about keeping an eye on Cameron for me. He was being such a good boyfriend!
John and i walked inside the party as he say Troy right away. Cameron was no where in sight and i felt like i made a good choice on coming to the party.
I looked at john and told him i would be right back, i need to use the bathroom.
"Okay baby. Be safe, I love u. "
"I love you too!"
I made my way to the bathroom and closed the door behind me forgetting to lock it.
I leaned over the sink and splashed water on my face.

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   As i lifted it up cameron was standing behind me!
I ran for the door but he got there before i did.
"You fucken open your mouth and ill cut your through!" He said as he face looked angry.
I crawled in the bathtube and curled into a ball crying, not know what was going to happen next.
He climbed in with me and began kissing my neck and my grabing my boobs. I did not do nothing but cry softly hoping he would stop soon. He then pulled up my skirt and began fingering me really fast and repeating the words, "You like that baby you like that?" Then he pulled his paints down and pulled my thong off, and stripped me down naked all the way, and stuck his cock inside my pussy, he forced it into me and began pushing in and out of me, fast and he pounded as his speed began to pick up. I was so nervus it hurt, it felt like i had never had sex before, and it was my first, i scream in pain once, but not again because he hit me really hard. So hard my lip began to bleed.
"Im going to nut im going to nut. " he said and he nutted inside of me.   "Baby i did it, i did it inside of you!"
He grabed a towel and wipped of some of the cum that remained on his dick, and threw the towel at me. He pulled his boxers and paints up and looked at me.
"You say anyhting about this i will kill you!"
Five minutes later John and troy found me and the cops were called and i then took cameron to jail, for rapping me.
Today, Cameron is in jail, for what he did to me! That could have been any other girl, it could have been you, it could have been your sister or daughter!!! Think about it! I know this, and ill tell you i will never forget that night, ill never forget the look on johns face when he saw me naked in the bathtube with blood between my legs.


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