Honeymoon Squared


Honeymoon Squared - Chapter 01
 I could not believe that I had been talked into letting my new bride's mother join us on our honeymoon. Having adjoining rooms really put a crimp in my plans for a nonstop orgy of sex and freakiness. However it might not have mattered since my brand new wife had developed cold feet when it came to delivering the pussy. All I had ever gotten from her were some average handjobs and a few chances to feel her up, but only above the waist, and never any bare tit. After the first night I still had no idea what she looked like naked.
 I was down by the pool seething and wondering whether or not it might make sense to get an annulment. That's when her mom showed up in a bikini that left very little to the imagination. For a woman who was closer to fifty than forty, she had kept herself in great shape. Her belly had a little pad of extra flesh, but on her it looked sexy. The tits trying to pop out of the tiny top of that provocative suit must have been at least 38Ds. When she bent over to say hello, they almost fell into my lap, which got me going, but good. I thought to myself that mom would have been a better choice than her daughter when it came to getting me off on my honeymoon. After chatting with her for nearly an hour I was not only convinced, I was ready to tell my wife to take a hike.
 My new mother-in-law insisted in being called by the name of Roxy or as she liked to say, Roxy the doxy. When she was younger she put out for every serious boyfriend she had, and there were plenty considering how good her body looked today. She made no bones about the fact that by the time she was sixteen, she had done it all.

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   You name it, she did it; handjobs, blowjobs, straight, anal and women as well. In high school she was fucking two male teachers regularly for good marks and going down on an older teacher at least twice a week just because she liked the way her pussy tasted.
 Her first and last husband, the father of my wife, lasted only time enough to knock her up. He was gone before Gwen was born. Since her ex-husband was a rich man and had not aquitted himself very well in the bedroom, she took him for a big chunk of money and some stocks that made the money seem paltry   when they finally took off. Her financial advisor was a good one and he took out his fee in services. For six years Roxy spread her legs twice a week and took a pounding from his nine inch cock that never seemed to grow soft. It was this man who taught her how to give a professional blowjob when he wasn't turning her cunt inside out. Unfortunately for her he passed away a few years ago and she never was able to find a stud like him who also was smart as a whip when it came to making money for her in the stock market.
 So here on her daughter's honeymoon she propositioned me;  her body in exchange for my silence concerning her daughter's lack of interest and knowledge, and a promise not to divorce her until mom had a chance to shape her up sexually.   At first I thought she was kidding, but when she leaned close and fed me a yard of hot, wiggling tongue and rubbed those big tits against my chest, I knew I had just struck gold on my honeymoon. She thought it was funny that I had to sit there for the next five minutes because I had a woody that wouldn't quit. I promised her a sound pussy thrashing for her impertinent behavior. She grinned and suggested I might also want to give her a sound spanking for her cheekiness once I finished molesting her. I countered by suggesting that her daughter be made to witness what happens to women who annoy me.

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 Gwen was out, probably shopping at the local shops clustered around the resort. In less time than it takes to tell, Roxy popped out of that skimpy suit and showed the rest of what she had. Except for a patch of thick dark hair extending about an inch around the perimeter of her fat lipped cunt, she was devoid of pubic hair. Her big tits wobbled some without the miniscle support of the bikini top, but not so as to deter me from wanting to suck those milk bottles dry after I fucked her brains out. She suggested a shower, but all I wanted was to sink my hard cock into that furry slot and start stirring up her cunt juices.
 Roxy proved to be a revelation when it came to her ability to deliver top grade pussy. Had I met her instead of her daugher, this connundrum would never had occurred. We'd either be celebrating our marriage in the normal fashion, with not much thought being given to her daughter, or shacked up in one of the finer local resorts completely oblivious to the existence of her mousy child. She was delighted to discover that I had no problem going down on her well fucked cunt and sucking my cum from it. Roxy was like a little kid, begging me to let her have my cum so she could swish it around in her mouth and then swallow every delicious drop. Personally I did not share her opinion of the taste of my cum. To me it was more salty and even reminded me of chlorine at times.
 About an hour later as Roxy was demonstrating her oral skills to get me hard enough for another go at her juicy twat, in walks my bride and lets out a shriek that nearly burst our eardrums. Her mom immediately pulled rank on her mousy daughter and ordered her inside and told her to take off all her clothing before she ripped them off. Little miss priss, the one with the sealed up cunt and even tighter asshole sniffled and wept but managed to get down to her panties and bra in short order.

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   However there was where she drew an imaginary line in the sand. Roxy proceeded to kick sand into her daughter's face, by ripping off her bra and yanking down her white cotton panties to reveal a nice looking patch of thick pubic hair and a set of knockers that would satsfy almost any man except the big boob fetishers. My dick got rock hard despite all the energy I'd expended in nailing her mother to the mattress this afternoon.
 "Well, do I have to draw you a picture? Get your ass down on the bed and start sucking your husband's cock while I give you a few pointers on how it's done by a real experienced woman like myself. "
 It was really funny to watch as my wife wrapped her mouth around my cock and started hoovering it. She sucked at sucking and I let her know about it,  yanking her hair from side to side as she slobbered and drooled all over my stiff joint. Roxy thought that was hilarious and she smacked her daughter's rump soundly as she gave her some very specific instructions on how to suck my dick so I'd come back for more.   I was all ears by now, after all maybe someone else might need Roxy's sage advice, like that big blonde bimbo in my office who wore the tight skirts and low cut blouses all the time.
 Roxy got into the act and began slowly jacking my cock into her daughter's mouth, warning her not to gag on it or she'd force even more down her throat. At this point I began to feel like a male blowup doll, just lying there like a piece of inflated rubber while my mother-in-law gave her daughter instructions on the care and feeding of her new husband. Things got a bit better when my blushing bride stared licking my balls at her mother's urging, letting the poor, ignorant child-woman know that she wasn't doing such a great job. Roxy got bored with her daughter's amateurish attempts at getting me off and so onto my stomach I went so she could show my new bride another one of her favorite tricks for keeping a man happy.
 I felt her hands prying my ass cheeks part and then her warm breath as she blew down onto my bunghole. Then it was the tip of her tongue pressing and wiggling against the entry to my rectum as my wife made retching sounds to express her opinion of what her mother was doing to my asshole. I loved it, which showed you how much my new bride knew about sex and the married male.

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   My new mother-in-law had enough of her offspring's opinions on her ability to pleasure men and so she confronted her daughter big time.
 I had a front row seat to their cat fight, which turned out to be a massacre, as mom simply overwhelmed my prissy bride. Finally I had to step in to prevent my new wife from being suffocated. Roxy had managed to bury Gwen in a big fluffy pillow and she ran out of air quickly and went limp. Her mother was so angry that she kept on holding it against her daughter's face, not a good idea when my blushing bride was already unconscious. I dragged Roxy off her victim and in the process got a nice handful of one of her big tits. That calmed her down considerably and the next thing I knew she was urging me to pick up where we were when so rudely interrupted by Gwen's entrance.
 To be honest I was sorely tempted, but worried at the same time by what to do with my blushing bride who was about as useful to me as tits on a boar hog. Roxy thought my analogy was pretty funny and attempted to seduce me. I was not in the mood considering my prospects for a happy marriage were hovering around zero unless something remarkable happened very quickly. My mother-in-law winced as she watched my cock go from stiff to soft in less than a minute despite her presence.
 There is some saying having desperate measures and desperate times in it. I thi9nk tht was what inspired Roxy to come up with the idea of turning my honeymoon into a short course on keeping the male member of the family sexually satisfied. She would teach the course wih my help and to keep expenses down, she'd move her things into our honeymoon suite for the duration. In that way we'd save on the cost of her room and have Roxy available for twenty-four hours each day.

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   It made some sense and what did I have to lose at this point?
       ( To be continued - rolf palsy ) 



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