HeartBreak Hotel


Topic: Heart Break HotelHeartbreak HotelThis story is fiction, all similarities to an actual person or persons is purely coincidental. Like it goes:"Well since my baby left me, I gotta find a new place to dwell, its down at the end of lonely street at Heart Break Hotel. ”My woman left me, I don’t know whose fault it was, I wasn't’t listening. She was very pretty, she was petite, she had long blonde hair, and a curly smile, she wasn't’t fat, she was far from it, she didn't’t have huge tits, and I couldn't’t get enough of her. But needless to say I wasn't’t what she was looking for, so she dropped me on my ass. She may have dropped me, but I think I came out richer just having dated her, she and I had the best sex I could have ever dreamt of. Anyway, a day or two after she had moved out I got a massive erection, I got on my computer and started surfing for some hot pictures, and I found what I was looking for, but after having the best sex ever, suffice to masturbation was a disgusting 2nd place, or should I say 3rd place…. I call up my friend Johnny, and I asked him, “What’s a good place to go to get laid?”He had one answer for me. Heartbreak Hotel, I wasn't’t familiar with the place, but coincidentally it at the end of lonely street, which was just a few blocks away. So I took the walk, and as I was walking, the closer I got to lonely street, the lonelier I got. I just kept thinking about Danielle’s top notch blow jobs. I found the place, it was an older brick building, it had an old neon sign flashing “Heartbreak Hotel”, the O and one of the E’s was blacked out. I hiked my collar up over my face as I walked up to the stoop. I pushed the door open and was greeted by the smell of scented oils and vanilla, if that wasn't’t enough there was erotic painting on the wall, not dirty though, it was tasteful. I walked to the front desk, and the clerk was a beautiful middle aged looking woman, dressed in a black suit. She looked at me and knew what I was thinking, she gave me a mischievous sort of smile and pulled a key from a rack of hundreds on the wall, room 18 She handed me the key, “Wait, don’t I needta tell ya what kinda girl I want?” I asked, having never done this before.

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  She just smiled, “We know what kind of girl you want, she be up, waiting for you. ” she said, the edges of her pretty lips curling into a smile. I was still stooped down as I walked up the hall, until the lobby was out of sight. After that I knew what was in store for me, and the more I thought about it the faster I walked, until I was running up the stairs to the 2nd floor. I found room 16. I pushed the key into the key hole, and as each ridge forwarded in it seemed like an eternity. I twisted the key with much anticipation, I turned the knob and flung the door open. I was in, the lights were dim and the smell of vanilla was stronger still. I looked to the bed, it was made and in perfect order, there was a floral pattern, roses and tulips it seemed. The pillows were over stuffed with down feathers and bore the same pattern as the bed cover. There was a small wooden night table off to each side of the bed, and a small armchair off in the far corner. All the light in the room was coming from a lamp situated next to the chair, and in the chair was a shadowed figure, a feminine figure, with crossed legs and her hands lay upon her thighs. I wanted to start with the basics “Hello, my name is…. ”“Frank, I know your name. ” she interrupted, and I couldn't’t see clearly, but it looked like her small mouth curved into a smile, much the way Danielle’s did.

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   I looked at her, stunned. She lifted her dainty little hand up to the lamp shape, and gave it a little push. The light hit her face, and I was hit in the face with a cold bucket of water. She looked just like Danielle. I stared at her, my mouth agape. She slowly stood up and approached me. She lifted her fingers up to my chin and pushed my mouth closed. “The names Barbara, if you were wondering, you can call me barb though. ” she said, her teeth still shining through her lips. She put her fingers in the front of my pants and pulled me closer to her, she pulled her mouth up to mine, “What do you wanna do? Franky?” she said, mischief in her pleasantly squeaky voice. As she spoke she undid my belt and pulled it from the loops. She threw it across the room and unbuttoned my jeans, her fingers flew as if guided by some magic as she quickly undid the fly to my pants. Her small hand floated to my groin and the presser her palm and fingers onto my cock. There was a heat on my crotch like never before, this girl was so hot, she was turning me on like Danielle never had, but lets see if she lives up to her identical counterpart. A pushed my mouth closer to her, as to kiss her, in my vulnerable state she pushed me back using both her hands.

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   I fell to the bed. As I landed on my back I landed in an unmade bed, fluffed and comfortable, strangely enough, I was naked as well. My cock was steaming hot and red, the veins were bulging, like a body builder’s. my erection was strong and stone hard, it stood straight up and I was truly proud of it. She jumped on me, her butt landed on my stomach and she pulled her face down to mine, she was naked too. She kissed me on my lips, her were feather soft and silky smooth, god it was so great, my dick was so hard it hurt. He kissed my again, deeper, and again moving to my bottom lip, then to my chin, she bared her face in my neck, she moved down, kissing my collar bone, then my chest, she tongued my nipple for only a second before moving onto my stomach, further down, and down, getting closer to my nether regions. Her lips met the head of my cock and I was about to cum as it was, she kissed it gently, her velvet lips doing so much more then any tongue or cheek could ever do. Finally her pressed her tongue against the bottom of the head of my dick, were the head meets the foreskin. She saliva was warm and watery, it trickled down my shaft, tingling all the way down to my balls. She tongued my cock around and around, then finally her small wet mouth engulfed it, she was so small, but she got all 8 inches down, all the way down, her lips rubbed against my pubic region still soft and tingling. Her mouth was tight and wet, it was like a pussy, tight and warm, but she used her tongue in a way I never dreamed of, I can hardly describe it, I was on the verge of cumming within in seconds. I held off as long as I could, nothing escaping my mouth but small moans and deep breaths. Finally I got out, “I’m about to cum. ”She pulled my cock from her mouth and started stroking it, more of a massage then a stroke, but you get the idea.

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   A stream of hot white cum jetted straight into her open mouth, she swallowed it without hesitation and without a gag or whimper, she pursed her lips and sucked the remaining cum from the head of my cock. Just the look of her face kept my erection straight and going strong, she stood up over me and impaled herself on my cock, her pussy was so tiny, it was so wet, and it was warm, just like her mouth. She pulled herself up, and pushed herself down, taking my big cock in her virgin-like pussy, she made no wince of pain, nor a gasp of breathlessness. As she slid up and down I reached up and took hold of her perfect breasts, they were firm and just perfect and every way. I played with them and kneaded them, I loved it. I moved down and with my left hand and pinched her little clit, I rubbed it and gentle pinched it, she loved it, I could tell by the way she was trembling, her body stiffening for a moment or two. I moved my hands around her waist and helped her on her way up and down my cock. “I’m about to cum. ” I said, still breathless. She pulled my cock from her tight little cunt and started sucking on it. I came hard and long in her mouth, and she swallowed it, she swallowed it all. And she loved it, she peered up at me with her large green eyes, and her lips curled into that smile that I love so much. She and I stood up, my head was light, and I felt like I was high. She put her palms and the bed and pointed her ass at me, I slowly walked over and put the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy, “No, my ass, please. ” she said, in her sweet voice.

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  I repositioned myself and noticed her ass hole was small and pink, it was hairless and just as wet as her pussy. I slowly pushed my cock in, I pushed it in as far as I could, to the hilt. I was loving it, if I could keep my cock here for the rest of my life then I would be the happiest man ever. I pumped my hot action cock into her tight little ass, it was just as sweet as either of her other orifices. I pumped in and out, in and out, taking special care to move in a gyrating motion. The inside of her as we velvety sweet, just like her mouth and her pussy, just as tight and wet, just as warm and excepting of my thick cock. I kept pumping in and out, now I got her going, she was moaning, moaning like crazy, she loved it, and I loved it that she loved it. Her legs started to buckle, so she laid on her back on the bed, she threw her legs over my shoulders and I continued pumping into her ass. She was now moaning and out of breath, she was glistening with sweat, then she screamed, and she squirted, cum sprayed out of her pussy I was covered in her sweet smelling juices. This didn't’t deter me, I kept pumping, sending her into a wave of orgasms, the streams of her juice seemed never ending. Finally I came in her ass, and I fell back into the chair, exhausted. As I sat in the chair she gathered herself and walked to me, she sat on my lap kissed me on the nose, her lips still as soft as ever, now even wet with her own juices. She was spectacular, I would be coming to heartbreak hotel again, and again and again until I died. I don’t think it would be going to far to say this place was truly a paradise. I’m a hunk’a hunk’a burnin’ love and she’s

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