Hard Days Work


I heard his car pull in the driveway and I went to meet and greet him at the door. I opened the door just as he was reaching for the knob. That got a chuckle outta him. I basically told him his children behaved themselves, and what we did, as he looked around I noticed he was very pleased with my cleaning job. He complimented on my job, and commented on how long it had been since his house was “spotless. ” I told him I oughta get going, and he immediately whipped out his wallet and started looking threw it. Started with that math, I worked 12 hours, at 25 bucks an hour, that was 300 dollars!!!! Holly crap, it took me a while to get over the shock, but then again, I should have expected it, this guy was friggin’ loaded. He handed me 3, 100 dollar bills and then insisted on giving me a ride home. I told him it was ok and I could just walk, I only lived a few blocks down. He then used the good old, “there are a lot of crazies around here!” line. Crazies? Like he had to tell me there are crazies around here, who’s the one that just paid some girl to watch his 2 kids for 12 hours for 300 bucks? Oh, believe me, I know all about crazies. He told me to hang on just a moment while he went and got out of his suit. I sat down on the couch and, well, I thought about how sexy and sweet he was. I decided to put some of the money away for pizza for me and the kids next time I baby-sat. He then came down the stairs and, jeez, that guy has got to know how sexy he is. He was wearing loss fitting beige khaki pants with a white wife beater and a pair of flip flop sandals over white socks.

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   I never even came close to what I thought he looked like under those damn suits. He had great muscles, very attractive complexion, and a sexy 5 o’clock shadow. I must have been gawking just a bit too long, because he looked down at his shirt as if he were searching for a stain. I just flashed him a smile, stood up and walked toward him. As we headed for the door he stopped me and asked if he could talk to me for a second. I just nodded my head and smiled. He hugged me and thanked me for taking such good care of his kids. I didn’t know what to do, but I didn’t want to seem like the confused girl (that I obviously was), so I just hugged him back. I don’t think Marc was wearing any cologne but he smelled really good. I had just about lost it. This gorgeous guy is damned near grinding into me and I’m was just standing there. What a moron!!! I just closed my eyes, held my breath, and hoped I didn’t seriously “cross the line. ” I kissed him on the neck. He quickly pulled away from me and looked pissed. I looked down, and went to apologize.

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   I seriously didn’t know what the hell made me think it was ok. Then he actually hugged me again, and he kissed me. I grabbed onto him arms and just clung to him, I was still in shock. He actually liked what I did. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t even sure if just standing there was right. I just had to play dumb (play, riiight) so I hugged him tighter. He ran his fingers threw my hair and it almost made my knees go weak, I loved his touch. He asked me if it was alright, the idea of a grown man going for a 18 year old girl. I nodded my head and let out a faint approval. I told him it would stay just in between him and I and he told me he was really glad. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he grabbed my hips and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him on the cheek. He slid one arm around my side and held me really tight, right up against him, while he held my chin in his other hand and pulled me in for a kiss. He kissed me on the lips, it was just a little peck, I was almost a little disappointed. I really wanted more out of him.

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   He seemed so sweet, well he was very sweet, I just thought he’d be more affectionate. Just as I was giving up hope of really getting to know this guy, (if you get my drift) he kissed me again on the lips, but this time it was longer, not so much passionate, I still didn’t feel any “sparks” but he was trying. I smiled at him, and told him to hang on. I put my hand around the back of his neck and kissed him. I wanted it to be a little rough, but sweet too. It was longer than his kiss and I just touched my tongue to his lip, then quickly ended the kiss with a smile and a hug. He gazed down my cleavage shirt and I let out a giggle, I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I ran my hand threw his messy hair and kissed him on the forehead. He smiled back, gave me another peck on the lips smacked my ass. I tightened my legs a bit, pulled myself closer to him, trying to grind into him. He tilted his head back quickly and let out a laugh. I leaned up and kissed him, I couldn’t stop kissing this guy. He turned around and carried me toward that stairs. We went up the stairs, and threw double doors to his bedroom. He walked to the side of the bed and laid me down.

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   I pulled myself up further on the bed and watched him take his sandals and socks off. He walked back to the bed and stood in between my legs that were still dangling off the bed. He leaned into me and kissed me. I loved it, he didn’t make much full body contact with me, but he was getting more comfortable about touching me. He got up on the bed and straddled me. I put my arms around him and pulled him right on top of me. I kissed the side of his neck and moved my way toward his chest. I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off of him. He had great totally kissable nibbles. He sat up on me and looked down at me with his very seductive eyes. He put his hands on my sides and ran them up under my shirt. I put my hands on his thighs as he pushed my bra up and rubbed my breasts. His big, strong hands felt great, his warm touch felt so good on my hard nipples. He started to gently twist my nipples in between his thumbs and forefingers. I smiled and licked my lips, moved my hands higher up on his legs, I was almost to his crotch by this time.

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   I ran my thumbs over his inner thighs, looked up at him and told him to twist ’em harder. He did and it felt so good, my nipples were getting even harder and my pussy was getting wet. I ran my hands up his sides, rubbed his nipples with my thumbs then pulled him back down on me. I kissed him again, this time we were both into it. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I met his tongue with mine. I put my arms around his upper back and held him close to me. He spread his legs even more, so I lifted my leg up and gently rubbed his cock threw his pants with my shin.
    He moaned a little and ground into me. I sat him up and then he got off of me and moved up by his pillows. I smiled at him and crawled over to him. When I got close enough I reached for his zipper, and he went for my shirt. I unzipped his pants, while he took off my shirt and bra, after he was done I took his pants off all the way, and he pulled mine off of me. He laid down and pulled me on top of him. Now I was straddling him and we were almost nude. His cock was hard and it was sticking out of his boxers.

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       It was so tempting, I kept grinding into him, I really needed to feel his cock threw my wet panties. We kept on kissing. I moved down to his neck and licked down his to his nipples. I nibbled on them and sucked a bit. He tasted so great, his nipples were so hard. I ran my tongue back up his chest and into his mouth. I played with his tongue a little and then it went right back down his chest, down his stomach, I kissed my way down his happy trail and pulled his boxers off. He had a nice cock, really nice cock. I licked the head, down the shaft, and around his balls. He spread his legs wider and I crept back up on him. I kept kissing his neck and he rolled me over on my back next to him. He spread my legs and easily slid his cock in me. It felt so good, it was so thick and stiff. I was trying to catch my breath, I was so stunned by him being in me. All of the times I fantasized about it and it was finally coming true, I could barely believe it.

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       He licked and kissed me while he fucked me. He started out slow and gentle, I think he knew I was a virgin. I rubbed my tits together and played with my nipples a bit. Soon we were really wet with our cum and he started going faster. He had his hands at my sides and was grinding his cock into me. It felt so good, spreading my lips, stretching me pussy out. I reached down and rubbed my clit. I started moaning and he started pounding in me harder. My tits were bouncing to his rhythm, he was looking down at them, almost as motivation, trying to see how wild he could make ’em bounce. I reached up and started rubbing his chest hard, he pushed into me to increase the friction. Feeling his hard nipples in my hands got me even wetter. He was looking down at me, with the sexiest eyes ever. He kissed me on the lips and then moved down to my neck while still fucking me. His eyes got really big, fast and he tilted his head down and started groaning loud. I spread my legs wider to give him more room to get further into me.

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       We both knew he was close to cuming, so I started rubbing my clit hard again. I licked my finger to get it really wet then returned to massaging it in circles. My hips almost immediately started to buck and I felt my muscles tightening up. My pussy tightening up must have set him off, because he exploded in me and then took a few more thrusts and pulled out of me. He sat down in between my legs and watched me finish up. He ran his hand up my right leg and slid two fingers into my pussy. He began fingering me roughly and I rubbed my clit harder. I pushed myself down and tightened up my muscles even more. It was gonna be so great. Having him sit and watch me. I pushed my head down into the pillow, dug my feet into the bed and pushed myself up. I started moaning and begging him to finger fuck me harder. The orgasm was so great, and I moaned so loud. I didn’t shake a lot but it was amazing. After I caught my breath, I sat up and hugged Marc.

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       He hugged me tight and we kissed one another again. Him and I pulled the covers on his bed back and fell asleep in one another’s arms…. . wondering what we were going to tell the kids when they woke up the next morning and I was in bed with their daddy. .