Hanah the RA


Back in college I lived in the dorms, like most people do when they’re living away from home their first year. In the dorms, we had these people called RA’s, or residential assistants that would basically work as student supervisors. They were students, usually 2nd or 3rd years who didn’t get paid but got free housing and meal plans and stuff for supervising floors and making sure everything goes alright. On my floor we had a guy RA who knew the girl RA above us. Threw him, I got to know her, and this was around the time facebook first started, so eventually, we became friends on that, chatted threw that a few times and became decent friends. Her name was Hanah, a 2nd year. She was Korean, but born in the United States. She had creamy white complexion, long black hair, brown eyes, a button nose and, although a slender girl, the perkiest tits you’d ever seen. She would always wear tank tops and stuff, and her nipples must have been super sensitive, since they were always poking out.
Anyways, so during the Thanksgiving weekend, the dorms are completely dead. Everyone leaves back home, and I was planning on too, but could only get a flight on Thanksgiving day, leaving me to stay in the dorms an extra night. Like I said, the dorms were dead, and maybe in the whole building there were only like 18 of us. One of the other ten was Hanah, since an RA always had to be on duty while there were students in the dorms, she was stuck not only at the school for the night, but in the dorm building, as she couldn’t leave just in case. She made the rounds and when she got to my room, told me what was up. We were decent friends now, and I told her since she was stuck in her room if she wanted me to get food and maybe we could watch a movie on a laptop or something. She agreed and later than night I picked up Korean bbq for her and pizza for myself from nearby.

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We then ate in her room, and talked. She told me about this class she took, the “famous” female sexuality course you could take at our school for an easy 1 unit. She told me that the class was really about getting in touch with your own sexuality and they did stuff like visit a sex shop once and see the vagina monologues and stuff like that. She even showed me the book. Now I was getting a little turned on by all this and luckily the conversation stayed on the topic of sex and relationships. We both learned we were both single both a little lonely in college so far. She did tell me though she was still sexually active; being on the pill even though she hadn’t been with a guy in a few months. She jokingly showed me the pills, shaking them in her hand. We kept talking and she asked me if I masturbated. I told her I did sometimes, but felt like a tool pleasuring myself. She then told me she did actually quite a bit, even busting out her chrome vibrator to show it off. She then asked if I ever had gotten a handjob or a blowjob. I told her, even though I wasn’t a virgin that I hadn’t, which was sad but true. I began to think what would happen next but the door seemed to shut when she said “aww” and hoped that I would experience it someday. I thought we were about to change the subject or maybe begin to watch the movie when she blurted out “fuck it, let’s make it happen now”.

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I asked her if she was serious, and she was. She then told me to lie back on her bed, and she pulled my shoes and pants off. I took off my shirt and I was left just in an undershirt and boxer. She then stood in front of me and took her clothes off, stripping down to her panties and bra. Man she was so hot, and I had an instant hard on. She then pulled it out, noticed I was aroused, laughed a little, and began moving her hand up and down my shaft. I couldn’t believe what was happening, and while she was jacking me, she made me promise not to tell anyone else in the dorms, which I agreed to quickly, since I could care less about bragging right now. Before I knew it I was about to come, and I yelled to her this. She just kept on going, and finally I spurted like a volcano all over her hand. She laughed at the sight, took some tissues and cleaned her hand, while I took some tissues as well and cleaned my dick. The then stood in front of me, me still laying back on the edge of the bed, and began to unbutton her bra, with her perky breast popping out, her brown nipples erect and pointing right at me. She then took off her panties, revealing a trim bush in the shape of a triangle. At this sight I had an erection in no time and she began to suck me. I lay back, looking at the ceiling taking it all in, with the feeling of her sucking and her tongue on my penis blowing my mind. Eventually I looked down and saw her going at it, a great sight, and she looked up at me and smiled.

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   Before long, I was gonna come, and I told her, but she kept going. Eventually I shot into her mouth, she taking it all in, and then she opened her mouth a little, giving me a peak of my white cum in her mouth made me hot. She then swallowed in quickly, and took a few sips of her soda on her desk.
I figured it was all over and almost began to get dressed but before I could, Hanah looked over at me and told me that she was really horny now and it was far from over. She then pushed me back onto the bed and began to crawl on top of me. I couldn’t believe what was happening. She got closer, and we began to kiss, as I began to rub parts of her body and caress her back and arms. I then moved to her perfect breast, and even began to feel her erect and perky nipples. She then lowered herself onto me, guided my penis in with her hand, and I was in instant heaven. I knew Asians were tight from what I heard, but this was ridiculous. The rode up against me, not letting my penis really move inside her, but instead shaking her ass and hips and just grinding it. I could feel her pubic hair brush against my waste as she moved, all the while we would kiss and I would caress her back and breasts. After a while, she stood up a little, and rode me, still going slowly, never fast. Her tits bounced ever so slightly up and down, her face a constant smile, her eyes never looking away from mine. Eventually, I began to feel a climax, and was about to let her know I was gonna come, but it felt so good I couldn’t stop.

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   We kept going and eventually, I came, with a big breathe, and I think she knew what happened. She bent down toward me, asking if what she thinks just happened did just happen. I told her yes and began to apologize, all the while still inside her, squirting whatever cum I had left. She said it was okay and laughed. She then laid back as well and slowly eased herself off my sensitive penis. When I finally exited, I could see my white cum slowly ooze out, as she joked, saying I’ll be in her for at least a few more hours. We then cleaned up, and eventually watched that movie we were going to.
After that, I went back to my room and the next day flew back home. Me and Hanah would have sex a few more times, but never dated or anything. Eventually by my sophomore year, we were friends again, but nothing sexual every happened. But I will never forget the best night we had. Hanah was the best RA ever.



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