Topic: HallowickedHallowickedThe night beforeA place where anything can happenA fist full of fuck upsAnd a show full of freaksThis is a raging party you can't beatChange into your costumePaint up your face with that plastic gooOn Hallowicked anything becomes trueHalls. . . Halls. . . Crowded. . . Empty. . . I'm running behind. My feet carry me through the empty hallways of Van Buten College. I'm wearing a button up shirt over an under shirt, slacks, and my favorite par of black boots; though my boots are tattered and old. The halls are dimly light and there are no signs of anyone, no people, no footsteps, no shadows.

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   I've got my costume in my bag, nothing special, this year I'm dressing as a scarecrow. There's a restroom, I can change in there. I duck into the bathroom, a unisex one, it's dimly light like the rest of the school. It's a relatively large room, maybe 30 by 30 feet, there are urinals against the left wall, and stalls against the right, between them are sinks with mirror. A few feet away from the sink, near the center of the room, there are a few long thin benches along the length of the room. I lay my bag on one of the benches, and sit down beside it, I start untying my boots, getting ready to change for the party. I pull my boots off and lay them down under the bench. As I do this someone pops their head in, looks around, and withdraws, "Hey!" I shout to the person, "Don't worry, I'm the only one in here, plus it's a unisex bathroom. " The person sticks their head in again, and finally walks through the door. She's short, and pretty cute. She has cute little blue eyes, magnified by her small black-framed glasses, and long curly hair; blonde. "Hi. " she says in a way of comfort, she's apparently not shy. She looks about 5'1'' or 5'2'', but she's not thin, though she's not fat, she looks somewhere in between. She looks like she's got a perfect little body under her green striped T-shirt and faded jeans.

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   "How's it goin'?" I ask casually, tucking the shoelaces into my boots before I slide them under the bench, "Could you remind me I put those under there?" I ask motioning toward the boots, "I'd like not to forget them. " She smiles and nods before sitting a little green bag on the bench next to the one I'm sitting on. She sits down beside her bag and starts taking off her shoes, similarly to what I'm doing. I start taking my watch off just before she does the same, "So what are you dressing as?" I ask,  tryng to start up a little conversation, I feel the need to break the silence, it's a bit annoying. She looks at me and smiles, she has a cute smile, she has pouty lips that thin at the edges, and when she smiles the edges curve up into a cute little grin. "Well. . . " she says looking at her bag, "I'm dressing as a witch. ""Like what kind?" I ask, not looking up. "Like a good witch. " she says, looking at me with her little grin. "Like. . .

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   The Wizard of Oz?" I ask, now looking up. "Yea,likeGlenda. ""Well,  thats a coincidence," I say, finally returning her smile, "I'm dressing like the scarecrow. . . " I pause for a second, thinking about what I just said, "I know it's not very original, but I liked the idea. ""Well, if it works for you, go for it. " she continues to smile as she stands up. I do the same, but she starts to pull off her socks, I turn around and reach into my bag, finding my costume shirt. I find it, a tattered shirt with bits of straw sticking out. I start to unbutton my shirt. She steps around the bench and steps up to the sink, washing her hands, and checking her hair a little bit. I slide the shirt off around my arms and lay it on the bench. She turns and comes back to the bench, apparently her hair was satisfactory. But instead of sitting on the bench with her cloths she sits down on the same bench as me, though on other side of my bag.

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   I am a little excited, but I don't say anything, I just keep undressing. I keep standing while I pull my undershirt off over my head, messing my hair up a little bit. After I take off my shirt I can see her looking at me through the corner of my eye, "So, what's your name?" I ask, turning to her, my shirt still off, "I haven't seen you around here before. " She takes her gaze from my torso and pulls it to my face, "My name is Bethany, I've been around, I guess you haven't been looking hard enough. " She smiles, finally standing up. "I guess not. " I say, looking around for my scarecrow shirt. "My name is Benjamin. " I state, meeting her eyes with a smile. Bethany looks around for a second, then proceeds to pull her shirt off. She has a flat little stomach, and nice perky breasts, they look a little large, but are held back by her little green bra. I have to sit down. After admiring her nice little body I got a little too "excited", I've got an 8 1/2 inch erection protruding from my pants, and since I'm not wearing any underwear there is nothing to hide it or restrain it. She looks over at me when I abruptly sit down, "Is everything alright?" she asks, looking a little concerned. "Yea," I tell her setting my hands on my stomach, "I've got a little stomach cramps.

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  "She smiles and sits down beside me, pushing my bag to the side. She pushes her hip against me, and looks me over once or twice. Her eyes land on my groin the third time over and she smiles. I feel my face getting hot, and my neck is warm, I know that I'm blushing. "What. . . " my voice cracks a bit, "What's wrong?" I ask, coughing to straighten my voice. I look down at my groin and see that my erection is clearly visible through my flimsy slacks, my cock is pointing straight out, and even I have to admire how big it is. He smiles wider and leans against me, pressing her breasts on my arms, and this just makes matters worse. I can feel my cock throbbing. "It's just a boner. . . " she says smiling, running her hand up and down the length of the shaft.

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   She rests her hand on the head and rubs is quickly, but soft, with her palm. look down at her strangely before returning her curly little grin. Her other hand slides down to my groin as well, but starts to unzip my slacks, quickly at first, but once the zipper is undone she slowly reaches inside. My cock throbs even harder when I feel her little hand wrap around it, though not totally around it, her fingers don't touch. I unbutton my pants and he lets my cock slide out; long, hard, and thick with veins. "What kinda good witch are you?" I ask, looking her over, head to toe. "The bad kind. . . " she says as she slides off the bench, kneeling in front of me. She starts working me over, running her hand up and down my cock, leaning down and smacking the head against her lips. She smiles her wicked little smile, and I can't help but smile back. I press my palms against the bench and lay back as she sticks out her little tongue, which she runs up and down, round and side to side on my cock. She laps at my balls before taking a bit of my cock in her little mouth. Of course she can't take the full heft of my cock, her mouth seems a bit to small; but it's still very wet, soft, and warm.

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  She's holding nothing back, she's licking up and down my shaft, cupping my balls, and even playing around with my ass. She's developed a trifecta from paradise. She's tickling all my fancies at once, so it doesn't take long for me to reach my climax, "I'm. . . c-coming. . . " I manage to grunt just before cumming. She holds my cock by the bottom of the shaft, and pulls it out of her mouth just before I cum, letting my cum rise in jets, coming to rest on her black-framed glasses. I pant to catch my breath as she takes her glasses off and lays them on the bench, near her bag. She reaches up from her kneel and puts both her hands on my chest, pushing me back, easing me into a laying position. I'm laying back while she gets to her feet, smiling all the while. I bring my head up a bit, just to look over my chest, I see her reaching behind her back, undoing her bra no doubt. After a small click or two she brings her arms back around and the straps of her bra slide off around her shoulders.

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   Slowly she reaches up and grabs the bra with her forefinger and thumb, and slowly pulls the bra away, unveiling her beautiful little breasts; perky and firm, with perfect little nipples. Her gazed raises up from her bra, which she lays down on her bag, and falls back upon me; my face, my body, my eyes. She slowly unzips her jeans, not taking her eyes off me all the while, a bit of a strip tease. She lets them slide down her thighs, past her knees, and to her ankles. She steps out of them and I notice her cute little cotton panties, light-green and tight on her rear; very nice. The jeans, tight on her butt and thighs, we now off and she had a nice set of round hips and a full little butt, this complimented her rosy cheeks and curvy smile. Her gaze fell upon me once more as she stepped toward me, her little grin splitting open to show her pearly teeth, all straight and in perfect proportion. She bent low, peeling the panties off, then stepping closer to me, she strattles me, sitting on my stomach. I smile up at her, placing both my hands on either side of her abdomen, just above her hips. She returns the smiles down on me, running her finger tips over my chest, giving me chills up and down my spine. She teases me no longer, she leans down and lets her feathery soft lips touch my, wetting my mouth thoroughly. She leans up, and brings her head back down. I open my mouth to meet her, letting her tongue slide in and out of my watering mouth, sliding my tongue into hers, playing with her tongue back and fourth. I lean back and run my tongue along the bottom of her slightly upturned nose, taking my turn to tease this time. She smiles as the string of saliva leading from my tongue to the tip of her nose breaks, and I smile back.

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   She gives a little giggle. I take my left hand from her side and run it up on her arm, sliding up and down, then onto her shoulder. I slide my hand along her neck and finally resting on her face, cradling her head along her chin and cheek. She smiles and leans back down, we kiss with fiery, lusty passion. I wrap my tongue around hers and she does the vice versa while I slide my hand down and let it rest on her breast. I bring my other hand up to rest on the other breast, slowly I knead her perky little breasts, gently pinching her nipples every now and again. She sighs softly and I know what she's ready and waiting for. Great music sounds in my mind while she slides back, about to position herself upon my throbbing parts. Her feet touch the ground and she sits up on my groin, pulling her cute little labia apart and letting my member ease forth into her tight little pussy. She lets herself down as far as she can, leaving maybe two inches of myself out, she gasps a bit, and sighs with pleasure. She slides up and down, heaving in her own time, bringing herself pleasure as she might let herself. She breaks eye contact with me and lifts her head to the ceiling. Mouth agape, sighing and moaning, she keeps one her path, slide up and down, starting out slowly then faster and faster. My ears fall upon the smacking sound being made by her rump falling on my upper thighs, and this only excites my mind, bringing me that much closer to climax. Though with each thrust and fall I am brought closer to my part I am still far off, wanting to last long, and return all the pleasures she's given me.

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   The vigor in my bones will not fail me today, not while I have such a lovely little slice of heaven in my arms, so-to-speak. She lets herself fall once more, then sits on my lap, sighing and panting with pleasure. I lean up, off my back, and reach behind her with my hands and place one of each on her rump, helping her down, to lay back. I push my bag of the bench, onto the floor, to make way for my little lovely. She looks up into my visage, full of passion and pleasure. I plunge myself deeper and deeper into her feminine parts, she sighs and moans with pleasure, and with each and every thrust I put myself deeper and deeper. I wonder, might I be misplacing a bit of her insides as I push in deeper and deeper, maybe pushing her stomach up an inch or two. Though I doubt my misplacing a few of her bits isn't too painful, or else the pleasure I'm giving her is somewhat stronger. I held myself up over her with my arms, looking deeper and deeper into her eyes as I go deeper and deeper into her newly loosened pussy. She can't keep eye contact with my for longer than a mere moment or two, she's compelled to close her eyes, lean her head back, sighing and moaning all the while. The lights of the dim room, what little there were, dance with the shadows upon her heaving chest, rising and falling, letting the shadows and lights mingle in placid serenity. This only helped to bring me closer to climax. I know that, all the while, I'm bringing her closer and closer to her climax, I can feel her tensing and loosening, moving closer and closer to orgasm with each thrust. I can sense her getting closer, her moans are now louder and closer together in timing, I'm bringing her to her climax, moving her closer, I want to push her over the edge. I bring my stamina to its bounds, I bring in harder, though still gently.


   "I'm. . . Coming-Coming-Coming" she utters between sighs and moans. I thrust one. I thrust twice. I thrust a third time, I feel her tense one last time, then I can fell little squirts from inside her pussy, I can feel the juices popping out and running out, leaving the bench wet. Uh-uh-huh-uh she moans, "Oh my God" she utters once or twice, recovering from her earth quaking climax. "How as that?" I ask, looking down at her closed eye lids, "Great. " she says in a sigh, her eyes fluttering open, our retinas meeting each other. "Ready for another go?" I ask, not looking away from her. "Definitely. " she says, not breaking her eyes either. I stand up and back away and step. I offer her my hand, which she takes, so I help her to her feet, admiring her nice little body.

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  She turns her back to me and bends over, holding herself up with her hands on the bench. I put the head of my cock up against her labia, but stop when she says "I want it in my ass. " I look at the back of her head for a second before pulling my cock up an inch or two putting it against her ass hole. "You're a wicked little witch. " I tell her before pushing myself an inch or two into her ass. I pause for a second after I get my head into her ass, then push it the rest of the way in, or in this case leaving an inch or two out, not wanting to overwhelm her. She moans a familiar song, familiar but still enjoyable, and I bring my thrusts in and out with the tempo of her moans and sighs. I put my right hand on top of her ass, holding her steady, and bring the other round her side, down to her crotch. I stroke at her clit, pinching it and playing around with it. I bring my face closer to the back of her head, whispering bits of sweet words I breathe and lick on her ear, nibbling on her ear lobes, heightening her senses. Her ass is so tight and sweet inside, almost as sweet as her velvet, golden pussy. My member slides in and out, though on one back stroke I pull back too far and my cock flops out, like a fleshy spring bouncing around, slapping against Bethany's ass. "Oops. " I mutter under my breath while I grab the middle of my member. I steady myself and slide my cock in again, but now my cock is too wet and there's no friction.

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  I reach down for my bag and pick up my under shirt. I pull my cock out and run the towel over and around it, getting rid of some of the juice, then I dab at her ass, mopping up what juice she has on her. I toss the shirt onto the ground and bring my cock back up and slid it in again. Much better. I push in, and pull out, push in and pull out, you know the same old motions again and again. It's time to make this a little more exciting. I toss in an old standby, I slap her ass once or twice, then reach up with both of my hands and cup her breasts. I start just by cupping them, but move onto kneading them, rubbing them, and pinching them lightly. I know I'm doing well, her moans are heightened, her breathing is deeper, she's loving it. I push my cock in, as far as I can, maybe even a little deeper, right on que, when I push it all the way to the hilt, she opens her mouth wide, saying "oh. . . my. . .

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  god. . . " in pure ecstasy. Her hot little ass is pressed against my groin, it feels great; she's panting, bringing my blood to a boil; she's pushing back on me and moving her butt around a little, trying to her get to touch the sides. So I end her anticipation. I pull out and push in, this time at an angle, I rub my member against the sides of her ass, bringing her blood to a simmer, just to tease her a little more. I slow my movement down, but this doesn't sit well with her. She reaches back, behind her ass, and grabs my cock by the base, she pulls me closer, and puts me deeper inside. "Here. . . " I say stepping back, motioning for her to stand up. She stands and I help her to lay back down on the bench, but this time I lift her legs up, and hold them there with my right hand while I use my left to guide my cock to her ass. We keep constant eye contact while I pump in and out, I stop on one forward stoke and push in as far as I can, again she opens her mouth, this time unable to speak.

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   At this sight I smile, and when she opens her eyes again she smiles back, this time weakly. I know I must be getting her good. I let her legs go and they take their place on my shoulders. While I pump in and out her breasts are bouncing and jiggling back and forth, to and from. Her mouth is slightly open, she's breathing heaver still. Finally I bubble over. "C-cumming. . . " I mutter breathlessly. "Inside. " she says, resting her hand on my right, which I have just used to grab my cock; to pull it out. So I leave it in and let it blow. I fall back on the bench, breathless. While I sit trying to catch my breath she lays on the bench, trying to do the same.

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   "That was great. " she says, laying one of her hands on her chest, smiling wickedly. . . I always loved Halloween.



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