Goodbye Max


Her fingers tightened into my ribs as she drew in a heavy breath. Her foot slid against my shin, pushing the blanket down even further. Cool air gathered over our bodies. "Shh. Don't," she whispered, her fingers stopping my lips before I could utter another word. Her body, lithe and graceful, slid around mine so that she was looking down into my face. "I want you inside me once more before I leave. " Her lips spoke against mine, replacing the fingers that slid down my throat to rest on my chest, seeking out the beating of my heart. We melted into each other slowly, the taste of another stirred by the cautious touch of our tongues. Her breasts swung against my chest as she perched over my hips and my hands found their way to the sides of her thighs. A soft groan echoed inside her as I playfully caught her lower lip between my teeth. My fingers kneaded the flesh of her rear and my tongue pushed past her lips with its urgency. I raised one hand to the nape of her neck, sliding under her silken hair. I could feel a moan rising in the back of my throat but it was though the air within me had dissipated. My body tried arching upwards against her of its own violation, like the attraction between two magnets. I could not control myself when I was with her, wanting to give her everything within me.

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   I did not want this to hurry along. I was not a believer in fate, even though she lay in my arms. The time with her was fleeting, I knew, and I was not prepared to let go so soon. I would never know if she would ever find her way back into my arms. I did not want to let the moments I shared with her end so soon. "Oh god," she murmured when my teeth pressed against her tender throat. She tilted her head back, her breasts pushing deeper against my chest. At the same time, her hips shifted over me, letting my stiffening cock free to rise up between her thighs. I imagined I could feel the moist lips of her womanhood waiting to grant entrance, glistening my eager cock with readiness, her heat pressed against me, becoming a smoldering fire wanting to be ablaze. The way her hips twisted, I knew she was waiting as well. We were both waiting, but I was scared to rush forward. "Max," I whispered against her ear, tugging at her earlobe with my lips, my breath sifting against her hair. Sighs slid from me into her, slid from her into me. My hand roamed over her taunt abdomen to furtively cup the weight of her breast. Within the palm of my hand it felt like a soft globe of warmth, set with the hard tip of her aroused nipple.

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   I began twisting her nipple slightly, just enough to elicit a moan from deep inside her. "Please," she murmured, her hands pushing down on my chest. "God, please. " She slid down onto me, my cock slowly pushing into her warmth, blood throbbing in its veins. She moaned almost silently as her fingernails bit into the flesh of my chest. A slight quiver ran through her and her breath began to quicken. I tried to hold back, to enter so slowly, but she slid down until I was buried tight inside her and a delicious shudder shook my body. My hips rolled up to drive deeper into her, the muscles in my thighs shaking. Her lips were trembling as she looked down at me, her eyes still slightly moist as they met mine. I reached up and touched my fingertips to her cheek, then brought her face down to mine. Our lips met in a fevered kiss, engulfing the both of us in its heat. Her hair fell across my face and her nipples traced warm lines on my chest. Max twisted her hips as she rode me, going slow, drawing all of me into her before rising up until only the head of my manhood was tucked inside her wet lips. Sinking softly back down until I could feel her button gyrating against the base of my cock. I raised myself up into her thrusts, matching her rhythm, waiting for her to want more.

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   She wrapped her arms around my neck tightly, kissing the soft flesh below my jaw, breathing words against my ear that made me cringe at the thought of letting her go. Her name seemed to be carried out on every breath that left my lips. We turned over in unison, rolling across the bed so that she lay under me. I raised myself up so that I could look down at her, so I could look at how beautiful she was. I let my hand smooth a caress from her arm to her breast, cupping her and tracing my thumb around her hard nipple. She arched upwards as I drove my cock into her, staying deep inside her as I ground against her aroused clit. Her mouth opened in a silent gasp as she dug the back of her head into the pillow. "Oh please. Please. Fuck me," she said between breaths. "Make me cum. " I sighed heavily from the stirring effect her words brought to me. Listening to her talk when lost in the moment sent shivers through me, making me want to drive over the edge with abandon. Her hand replaced mine against her breast as my hands slid to the flare of her hips. I looked to where we were joined, watching my cock sliding in and out of her repeatedly with quick, even thrusts, pausing only when I crashed against her flesh.

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   She lifted herself to meet each stroke and each time I drove all the way into her, a sharp breath left my lips. My fingers intertwined with hers at her hip and I heard her say my name. "Don't stop. Don't. . . oh yeah," she breathed out with her eyes clenched tight. I could feel that thickening begin to start, the need to explode coming closer. My mouth seemed to shiver with each breath and my fingers dug deeper into her skin. Drops of sweat rolled down my cheeks and I could taste her in the air. "You feel so good," I said against her lips. "I don't wanna stop being inside you. " I held myself against the length of her body, trying not to slow down the tempo we had found but wanting to feel the heat of her skin and the curves of her body against me when I went over the edge. I felt so perfectly connected with her, as though this was the way life was meant to be. As if this was where I belonged.

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   Her nails burrowed into skin as she pulled me tight against her, her moans hot air burning my cheek until her lips found mine. At the same moment, my lungs seemed to refuse any more work and my heart pumped hard one last time against the wall of my chest before seizing up as it always does right then. Muscles strained forward, trying to bring the rest of my body inside her as my cock found its release. I heard incoherent words push their way out of my mouth as I slowed my pace. Each thrust dragged my cock against the sides of her shaking walls, sending electric trembles through my skin as her body shuddered in pleasure against me. I held her in my arms, her warm, soft skin feeling like the only place that I ever wanted to be. I kissed her cheek, feeling her breath cool the dampness on my neck. I wanted to say something more but I didn't know if the words belonged at this moment. I didn't know what she would think. I lifted my head to look into her eyes and kiss her and tell her how beautiful she was, but I was stopped short. Her lips were slightly parted in that content smile of hers, but tears were running from her eyes down into her hair. She looked over to catch me watching her and, though her smile showed her joy and affection, the tears seemed to quicken. I brushed my thumb over the wet path and gently touched her lips with mine. "You are so wonderful," she whispered, taking my hand and clasping it between her breasts over her racing heart. The pusling beat found its way into my skin and felt like it was my own.

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   "No," I said, gently shaking my head. "No, but you make me feel wonderful. " We laid there staring at each other for a while, letting the silence speak the things we could not say aloud. Our fingertips gently stroked each other's bodies, seeking to make memory out of touch. When the sun finally made its way through the curtains, we were dozing lightly in each other's arms, lost in the contentment we had found in each other. ________________________________ Several hours later, when her bags were thrown in her parents’ car, we stood next to the road holding each other tight. Neither of us wanted to let go and neither of us could say what might come. I felt heavy inside, a weight placed over my heart that would not be lifted for some time. I did not want to relinquish the feel of her body in my arms, nor give up the sight of her so near me, nor the thought that I would see her soon. I wanted to lie to myself, convince myself that it would not be that long, but I was never much for optimism. Our kiss felt so short, so denied. The thought that I may never again feel the touch of her lips hovered above us and I pulled her even closer into my embrace. To have to let go of her seemed too wrong but I knew the reality would not bend for all that I felt inside. When our kiss broke, I stared into her eyes, wishing to see some glimpse of the future but only finding my sadness mirrored in her. When I said goodbye to Max, my voice hid the words I feared to say.