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Since the day would be ending early I thought this would be a wonderful time for a ladies night out for the single ladies of the office pool. We had never had a night out together to blow off steam after our long weeks of work. The opportunity had to be taken while it presented itself to us in such a way. I drafted a memo to all the ladies in the office pool:Ladies of the office pool. If anyone is interested in a Ladies Night Out tonight sign your name and department. We will then be meeting for lunch at noon to discuss ideas for this evening. Thank you Tia AdamsWhen the memo was returned there were a few names on it, which was more then I had hoped as most of the ladies in the office were married and had small children to contend with at home. At noon the ladies met with me in the main lobby. We walked to a nearby eatery that was large enough to accomodate us all but quiet enough for us to converse back and forth freely without having to yell over everyone else talking. We all took our seats around the table and got to know each other while we eyed the menus and ordered our drinks. After the waitress brought our food and drinks we began to talk amongst ourselves. "This ladies night out sounds like a wonderful idea Tia. We all have been a little stressed over all the long hours and hard work. " Anna said between bites of her salad. "I agree. I was hoping you other ladies would like the idea as much as I did.

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   Not only does it seem like a great way to blow off some steam but we can also get to know each other a little better. " I replied then sipped my iced tea slowly waiting for the other laides to get in on the conversation. "I love the idea. " said Sonya "But where shall we go. Where is a place we can all go and have a great time?""I thought a little about this already and heard of a bar nearby that has a ladies night on Thursday nights. They have male strippers, who I am told are really hot and great dancers. " I continued so noone could argue until I had finished talking. Anna smiled saying "That sounds like a great idea. Count me in. No better way to spend an evening with friends then watching near naked men dancing on stage. " "I will make all the arrangements then if we all are agreed about the place to go. " I offered. I reached for my purse pulling out my cell phone. Everyone around the table agreed that the night out at the local bar would be a great idea. Most of them also agreed that they had never seen male strippers and this would be a great night out for them all.

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   When the waitress came around again to ask if everything was alright and if we needed anything else i asked "Might I have a local phone book. I need to look for a number to make some arrangements. The waitress smiled and agreed saying "Yes ma'am. I will bring one right back to you. " Then she hurried off. The waitress returned a very few minutes later with the phone book and a big smile. "Here you are ma'am. Might I help you with anything else?""No thank you. " I replied. "This will be fine for now. "I looked in the phone book until I found the number I was needing. I dialed the number and when the phone was picked up on the other end I heard the voice of the manager of the bar. "Yes sir. This is Tia Adams. I work at a local company.

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   I was wondering if there would be any way that I could reserve a table for tonight?" I asked excitedly. "Sure there is. How many people will be in your party? How close would you like to be to the stage? Will you be needing anything special for tonight?" The manager asked. "I will be needing a table to seat 6-8 ladies. We would like a table as close to the stage as we can possibly get. I do not think we will be needing anything special for the evening. " I said as I made notes on a napkin from the table. "Ok Ms. Adams I will have a table reserved for your party of 8 as close to the stage as we can get it set up. When the ladies from your party arrive have them tell the person at the door that they are there for the Adams party and we will have them shown straight to the table. The show usually starts at about 7:30 so plan to be here around 7 as the place will fill up fast. " the manager replied as I heard him making notes himself to get everything set up for us. "Thank you sir. You have been so kind. I will arrive a little before 7 tonight.

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  " I responded. As I hung up the phone all the ladies around the table started talking excitedly about the night to come. Everyone agreed that we would all meet in one place and ride together. One designated driver for the rest of the ladies who imbibed a bit during our evening out. Everyone would be meeting at my house at 6pm so we could arrive early enough to beat the crowds at the bar that evening. As I drove home after lunch I was excited about the night out. I hoped that everyone had fun tonight. But I also hoped that I might get lucky. I had not had a steady boyfriend in over a year as the demands of my job put too much strain on any relationship for it to last. I was in desperate need of a good stiff cock! A year is a long time to go without sex and as most women will agree toys might help take the edge off the need for a cock it is not a replacement. It just is not the same. By the time I arrived home it was getting late in the afternoon. We had spent quite a bit of time at the eatery and now it was fast approaching four in the afternoon. Since the ladies would be arriving at six this afternoon I figured I should get ready and have a quick bite to eat before we left. I made my way to my room where I began to undress.

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   I took off my shoes and stretched my feet enjoying not having them cramped up into my heels any longer. I hiked my skirt up slipping my hands in the waist band of my panty hose and slowly began to slide them down over my hips and legs enjoying the feeling of the silky material as I removed them. I reached my hands behind my back and unfastened the waist of my skirt slipping the material from my hips to pool at my feet on the floor. I began to slowly unbutton my silk shirt and slide it off my arms to pool on the floor at my feet with my skirt. I unbuttoned the back of my bra and as it came free my breasts popped out of the confinement of the lacy material. I removed the matching thong panties and let them fall to the floor. I looked at myself naked in the mirror. I was not that bad looking. I have full breasts with large nipples that seem to always be excited and looking for attention. My waist is slender and smooth. My hips are full and womanly. My legs are long and muscular. I went to the closet and began searching for some comfortable clothes to wear this evening. I chose a pair of slacks that showed off my curves and a tight fitting top that accentuated my breasts. Hopefully I would be able to grab the attention of a good looking dancer and have a wild time this evening.

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   I took the clothes with me as I made my way to the bathroom. I placed my clothes on the counter and turned around to start running my water. I truly enjoy my shower as it has 6 shower heads that rain water down from almost every angle to make sure not a single inch of skin is missed my water. I stepped into the shower and shut the door. I could feel the water as it carressed every part of my body. I closed my eyes and just let the water run over my breasts, legs, back, and buttocks. After a few moments I took my sponge and soaped it with my favorite soap that smelled of peaches. As I massaged the sponge over my body I was fully aware of how great my need was growing. I massaged my breasts and stomach becoming completely intoxicated by the scent of the soap and the heat of the water. I ran the sponge down my long legs and over my pussy that was beginning to ache. As I rinsed off and reached for the shampoo to wash my long hair I was very aware of my nipples tingling and aching for touch. I poured the shampoo into my hand and massaged my scalp feeling pampered by the scent of peaches wafting all around me in the shower. As the water started rinsing out the shampoo from my hair I could feel the soap and bubbles as they slid down my back and legs. I was so excited by the feelings that I was a virtual timebomb waiting to explode. I turned off the water and opened the shower doors.

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   I reached and grabbed my plush cotton towel and began rubbing the water from my over heated skin. I was flushed from head to toe not only from the heated water but also from needing release so very badly. I dressed quickly and efficiently making sure that every detail of my outfit was perfect. I dried and fixed my hair then applied a very little make-up for the night. As I finished the last of my preparations for the upcoming night I made my way to the kitchen. I was not really very hungry but I knew that going to a bar on an empty stomach was a bad thing to do. I hurriedly fixed myself a quick bite to eat. Looking at the clock I realized that it would not be long before the ladies would be arriving to go to the show. As I quietly was crunching through my carrot stick I heard the door bell ring. In the quiet house it sounded like the bells atop a church tower chiming the time. Wow! I thought, never had it seemed so loud before. I quickly made my way to the door and saw that two of the ladies going tonight has arrived at the same time. Great I thought we will be able to leave a bit earlier and get settled in for the show before the other patrons started to arrive. Withing the next five minutes the rest of the ladies arrived. I realized we would be having only six ladies with us tonight as one had to cancel and had called Sonya to make her apologies.

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   This would be even better I thought. A smaller number of ladies meant more then likely only taking two vehicles. As we were getting in the vehicles to go Sonya decided to ride with me as there was only room for four ladies in the other car. I thought that there was no big deal about this since Sonya was almost like me in everyway. Sonya had worn a very short skirt that showed off quite a lot of thigh and hugged her curves to accentuate her full womanly hips and nice round ass. Her feet were adorned with a pair of casual leather sandals. Her top was low cut and very tight emphasizing every curve of her palm size breasts and the points of her nipples that were erect from rubbing against the material of her shirt. I realized as she was getting into the car that she had apparently not worn panties. She was trying to slide in the car and not expose any flesh but I had seen enough to surmise that she has no panties on tonight as she too was hoping to get lucky. I started the car and a sly smile strayed aross my face as I put the car in drive and navigated my way out onto the street. Within a matter of minutes we were at the bar that was having the show tonight. We arrived at exactly 6:30 which was 18 minutes before I had planned for us to be there. We made very good time even with evening traffic picking up. I mused to myself that tonight was going to be a night to remember. As we enterred the door the manager was there smiling at us as if he already knew who we were.

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  I walked up to the counter "I am Tia Adams. I made the reservation for the group tonight. " smiling as I talked. "Ahhhh Yes Ms. Adams. We have the table ready for you ladies. Please follow me. " and he came around the counter and lead the way for us to follow him to the table that his employees had set up for us. When we arrived at the table I was amazed at how close to the stage we actually were. The table had been set up against the stage and had eight chairs around the edges of it. From this vantage point I am sure we would be able to see everything on stage and then some. All of us ladies took a seat at the table and began to talk excitedly about the night to come. After a few minutes a waitress came by asking what we would like to drink. "Buttery Nipples" I responded very quickly. "What is that?" the waitress asked apparently never having heard of such a thing.

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  "Butterscotch liquor and Irish Cream. Mixed 2 shots each in a glass over top of ice. " I explained casually"Wow! That sounds good. " The waitress said. Sonya being the heavy drinker of the group ordered a pitcher of beer and 2 shots of Jack Daniels. I could tell by this that she was planning on enjoying tonight to the fullest. The other ladies ordered rather modest drinks to begin the evening. As it approached 7:30 the ladies were feeling a bit buzzed from the amount of alcohol they had been consuming. Though myself I had only had the one drink then had been ordering soft drinks. At about two minutes til show time the building was so packed that it was almost standing room only. The lights thoughout the room had been dimmed and the stage lights had come on. The spotlight came on shining on the club manager who began to speak to the enclosing crowd of female bodies awaiting to get glimpses of near naked male flesh. "Ladies Welcome to our very own Ladies night. We have a treat for you all this evening. The men who will be dancing for you have travelled from all over the country just to please you all.


   Let's give them a big hand and begin the show with Tarzan. "The crowd of women all around us went wild. There was screaming, yelling, whistling and catcalling going on all over the building. As Tarzan stepped out I could see why the place had gone crazy. He was a fine hunk of man meat. The jungle music started to play as Tarzan started his routine. He danced and bounced his firm physique all around the stage while slowly removing his jungle print suit. When he was down to his leopard print skivvies I was in lust. Ladies all around the stage were placing dollar bills in his g-string. Tarzan stopped in front of our table and was giving us all one hell of a show. He was dancing and bouncing around making us all sweat. I took out a five dollar bill and snaked it into the front of his g-string. As my hand was securing the bill I could feel his manhood that had been carefully tucked in the thin material. I felt as though I was on fire with need. Just the fluttering touch of my hand on his manhood had sent me into shivers all over.

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   I knew right then I had to have him. I had to have him tonight. I had to have him now, right this second, there could be no waiting. I was beginning to formulate a plan in my mind as I watched him continue his dance routine. Now that the plan was forming in my mind I had to act and act quick I did. I made my excuses to sonya who was sitting next to me drooling all over the table oogling over the body of Tarzan. I told Sonya that I had to run to the restroom but I would be back soon. Sonya didn't even make a coherent reply as she was busy drinking and drooling. I stood up from the table and made my way to the restroom which was close to the door leading to the backstage area of the building. When I saw that noone was watching me I slipped through the door quietly as to not attract any attention and alert anyone of what I was doing. I had no sooner closed the door and I heard Tarzan's music end. This was my one and only chance. I could see Tarzan making his way from the side of the stage and walk ahead of me to a closed door where his changing room aparently was at. The sign on the door said Nick Youngblood. Nick is a nice name I thought as I lightly rapped on the door.

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   From inside the room I could hear a muffled "Yeah come in, it is open. "I grasped the door knob and turned it ever so slowly afraid that at any moment I would be caught at what I was about to do. When the knob turned enough for the door to swing open I gave a little push and the door opened about halfway exposing only part of the room. From the partially open door I could see a huge mirror making up one wall and thought to myself this would be the greatest place to have sex. Then I had to drag my eyes away to look even further into the room. I saw a big wooden desk covered with a black cloth in front of the mirror. There was a cushioned chair in front of the desk covered in a similar black material. I swung the door open a bit further to reveal the end of a black covered couch where Nick was sitting still in his g-string. His eyes travelled up my body then a huge smile broke out across his face lighting up his dark green eyes. Being under the lights on stage I had no idea the extent of how handsome he really was. He had Dark brown hair that was cut short and looked soft as silk. His eyes were dark green and full of expression. His skin was tanned very dark and the muscles of his body were rippling just beneath the surface. He was very toned and fit. The contrast of color between his tanned skin and the leopard print g-string was amazing.

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   Just standing here looking at him was making my panties wet with need. I had to have him. I had to have his hard throbbing cock deep inside me now! I could not wait a minute longer. When I saw Nick sitting on the couch I had stopped looking anywhere else in the room. Which as I think back on it now I am so glad I did stop looking or I would have lost what nerve I had gained to come here in the first place. I quickly shut the door behind me looking at Nick with pure lust in my eyes. I could hear his chuckle as he looked at me and realized why I had come to the dressing room. I looked him in the eye as I started to undress. I removed my shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor. I then unbuckled and unzipped my slacks pulling them over my hips and letting them fall to a pile at my feet. It was then that I heard a groan from the corner of the room behind me. When I turned to see who was behind me I was looking straight into the face of another one of the dancers. My mind began to race, here I was naked in the room of one of the dancers and there was another dancer standing behind me looking upon my naked flesh. As the light began to turn on behind my vacant stare I began to put together the possibilities of this situation. This was a once in a lifetime chance I had here within my grasp.

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   I thought it over for the briefest second before I decided what the hell I have always wanted to have a threesome with two hot hunky guys. I made my decision instantly and reached a hand out to both men at the same time beckoning them to come to me. I was standing in the middle of the room with both hands outstretched hoping beyond all hope that would take me up on my silent offer. When Nick stood up from the couch I knew his answer as I could see his erection growing beneath his shorts. My eyes were on Nick as I felt a pair of hands grasp my waist tightly and pull me hard back against the taught skin of the other dancer. That was all the encouragement I needed. Being roughly pulled to the body behind me a moan escaped my lips. A deep throaty groan that sounded more like a growl of need. I felt a flood of juices flowing from my pussy and begin to seep out from between my engorged lips wetting my whole sex and even my thighs. The dancer behind me had me grasped tightly against his rock hard erection. The feeling of the hard rod being rubbed against my naked ass made my legs begin to tremble from excitement. Nick came forward and was facing me as he began to run his hands all over my breasts massaging them in turn and grasping my nipples between his fingers to pinch the already excited protrusions. The hard buds of my nipples became even harder under the ministrations of Nick. Shivers were running across my skin with each touch of flesh on flesh. My body was pulled so close to the dancer behind me that I felt as if I was molded to fit just like that.

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   Nick’s hands felt so good massaging my breasts that I was hoping this could go on all night. Nick leaned his face in toward mine. When Nick’s lips touched mine an explosion of fireworks went off inside my head. I parted my lips beneath his to allow his tongue access to mine. Our tongues met in a flurry of excited movement and need. I moaned into Nick’s mouth as my need was growing so out of control at this point. The hands behind me were working their magic on every inch of my skin. His hands were making trails from my neck to my knees and massaging and grasping every inch of flesh he could get to. My skin felt on fire. The heat emanating from my core was blazing out of control. The need for release was great. I reached a hand around behind me and grasped the hard member that had been prodding me from behind. I slowly began to stroke the hard flesh rod up and down. I could hear his breathing increase as my hand made his organ reach new levels of erection. I could feel his hips as they bucked against my hand.

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   I grasped his member even harder and began to move it up and down a little bit faster. I was in no hurry to make this end. Nick began stepping back from me as he broke our kiss. As he stepped back I leaned over at the waist. The hand I had grasping the hard cock behind me I moved just a tad bit until the rod was close to my wet lips. I slowly rubbed the head up and down the slick engorged lips of my sex and heard him groan. The head of his rod was at the entrance to my wet tunnel and I could feel the pulsing of his manhood as he prepared to penetrate me. I moaned loudly as the head of his manhood began to enter the tightness of my tunnel. I reached a hand forward and took hold of Nick’s erection and began to rub it up and down licking my lips in anticipation. I pulled Nick closer to me and licked the slit at the head of his cock tasting the tangy sweetness of his pre-cum. I opened my mouth and took the head in between my lips flicking my tongue over it. With a lunge at both ends I was filled to over flowing. The member that had once only been resting just inside the entrance of my wet tunnel was now buried to the hilt. The cock I had between my lips was now buried at the back of my throat. I moaned loudly at the sudden turn of events and enjoyed the feeling of both holes being so full.

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   I moaned and the vibrations from my throat resonated up Nick’s hard shaft and he moaned even louder and grasped my head on each side holding me by my hair and moving my face faster and faster up and down on the length of his cock. The cock that was buried in pussy had remained still until Nick moaned and began moving my head to suck his cock. When Nick moaned the cock that was buried inside my tunnel began to move slowly in and out as my pussy tightened and loosened on the member trying to milk it for all it contained. Every movement from either man brought new waves of passion flowing over me and I felt the ever encroaching tide of orgasm threatening to wash me away. Each man was pounding against like they were possessed and their very soul depended upon reaching orgasm. The muscles inside my hot wet tunnel were massaging the member buried within. I could feel the twitching of his cock as it pounded in and out of me. I knew it wouldn’t be long and he would fill me with his hot jizz. I could fell Nick’s cock twitching as well. Each time he thrust in and his member bumped against the back of my throat I could feel it jump from the sensations. I could hardly wait to slurp down every last drop of cum from Nick’s cock. I began humping my hips back against the cock slamming into me from behind. Everytime my ass would slam back against his hips I would grind against him to increase to feelings for us both. My tongue was working feverishly up and down Nick’s cock. His momentum was fueling both of our enjoyment.

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   As my orgasm reached a fevered pitch and I thought for sure I would burst into flames. I let out a loud moan that was muffled slightly by Nick’s cock. Nick reached below me and grabbed both of my breasts in a massive grip that made me feel like he might rip them from my body as his cock exploded deep in my throat spilling his seed. I drank down every drop and kept right on sucking at his ever shriveling cock. My orgasm fueled by Nick blowing his load came with a fury that left me shaking and trembling all over. I let Nick’s cock slip from my lips and I screamed out. “Ohhhhhh Goooddddd Yeesssssss! Fuck me and make me cum all over your balls. . ” My head was thrashing all about and my hair was flailing wildly in all directions. The muscles in my tunnel had tightened up from the orgasm I was riding on and the cock hammering me from behind was about to blow from the pressure. I felt the grip on my hips get ever tighter and knew he was about to cum. His cock was growing inside me as his seed built up just before release. His fingers dug into my flesh as I felt his cock jerk inside my pussy and then felt the warm goo that was spurting out and coating the walls of my pussy. I could feel his cum oozing out from around his cock as it began to wither. The mixture of my cum and his was running down my legs.

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  He removed his cock from my pussy and held me exactly as I was. I felt him lean down and then I felt breath upon my thighs. I could not see behind me but I could feel the tongue that began the slow and very tender cleaning of my thighs and swollen lips. Each lick sent shivers down my spine and shockwaves though my pussy. The sensual and erotic act of licking the cum mixture off of my thighs and pussy was making me grow closer to another orgasm. When his tongue dipped into my tight tunnel I was pushed over the edge. My hips bucked back against his face as I clutched tightly to my knees trying to steady myself. He used his tongue to retrieve all the cum he could reach. His tongue was working magic on my tender flash that had so recently been pounded to an earth shattering orgasm. As the lips were removed from my wet skin I felt at a loss but I knew that I would have to return to the group I had come to the club with. There would be nothing more then giving nick my number. I slowly stood up from the awkward position I had been standing in. I tried to walk as gracefully as I could on shaking legs to where my clothes were laying in the floor. I reached down and grasped my shirt and slowly dragged it on over my head. I reached down again and grabbed my slacks and slowly slid them up over my legs and onto my hips.

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   I fastened the button and zipped up the zipper. I made an effort to smooth my hair back a bit into some semblance of order. With a big bright smile of thank you I made my way to the door. Nick walked up behind me and grasped my waist and turned me around to face him. He dipped his head and kissed me deeply once again. His tongue sought out mine in an erotic fusion of flesh. The kiss lasted until we both were breathless. When the kiss was broken I grasped the door handle and made my way out into the hall. The walk back to the table seemed to take forever though I know it was not any longer then the walk to the room had been. As I approached the table it seems that no one had missed me as they had been drinking and enjoying the men dancing on stage. This truly was a Girl’s Night Out that I would never forget. .



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As ancient as the city itself, sexuality in Cairo is a long-standing dance. It's a sensual dance meant to arouse desire and spark feelings of passion and delight. It's a dance performed in plush hotel rooms by the light of candles, with the city's glittering cityscape as a background. The Cairo escort females are expert dancers, with supple, seductive bodies and enticing touch. They are experts at making a man feel wanted, loved, and fulfilled.
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Cairo vacations are about more than simply sight seeing however. The greatest cuisine, the best wine, and the best company are all part of the experience. And no one can provide better company than Cairo's escort females. They are experts at adding that special something to a vacation that makes it feel like a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The escort females in Cairo, a city where history and modernity are inextricably intertwined, represent the ideal synthesis of these opposing but complementary eras. They personify the charisma, vivacity, and sexual attraction of Cairo. They are the very core of the city's allure and mystery. They work as Cairo's escort females.
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