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I was 18, living in my first apartment when a friend introduced me to a 21 yr old woman named Deb.   I was still a virgin at this time but John hoped that this introduction would change that.   Deb and I went out to dinner she told me that she had an identical twin named Sue.   She told me how close they were and she will have ti introduce me to her because she wanted her approval.   We dated for a couple of weeks before we ever did anything besides kissing.   Until we were at my apartment sitting on the couch kissingIt was kissing with our tongues and then she started sucking on my neck.   It was so hot, Islowly moved my hand up her shirt and made contact with her lace bra.   She said the hook was in the front so I undid it and out plopped 2huge beautiful breasts that now I know are D cups.   I sucked on her nipples and nibbled a little.   While all this was going on I was wondering was this going to be the night?  I slowly slid my hand down her pants and made contact with her pussy hairs.   She opened her legs to give me better access.   I slid 2 fingers in and out several times and noticed she was really wet at this time.   I started to unbutton my jeans when she said "NO We are moving too fast. "  With that we got up fixed our clothes and she wanted to go home.
It was about 2 weeks later she called me and said her sister wanted her to invite me to her wedding dinner she was having.   She forgot to mention that her sister was getting married in about a month.

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    They came over and picked me up in her sisters car.   To my suprise the dinner was actually just a gathering in a bar that they rented for the evening.   The best part was that the drinks were already paid for.   So open bar meant I didn't have to worry about showing my ID.   Even though they are twins you can tell them apart just by the way they act Deb was more opened and loud and Sue was shy and didn't talked softly.   We Drank lots of shots and beer.   Was approaching midnight when they said we better go.   Sue was with her fiance but kept looking my way.   I didn't give it much thought figured she was trying to figure me out or something.   We got to the car after we left the car, I got in the backseat when I heard Sue tell Deb she better drive.   So it was Deb driving with me and her sister in the back.   When Sue leaned over and told me how she offered to give a blowjob to a co worker today but he thought she was kidding.   She then placed her hand on the bulge in my pants.   She was wearing pantyhoses so all I could do was rub her pusy through them.   We got to my apartment and Deb said they had to go back to get her purse then go home.

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   The car door was broken so Deb had to get out and yank hard on the outside handle.   When she got out Sue hurried and kissed me on the lips.   I got out and kissed Deb and told them to drive safe and watched the taillights turn the corner.   I just figured that Sue just had way to much to drink and was wearing beer goggles and must of thought I was her fiance or something.   Never the less it gave me a hot fantasy that I used when I was laying in bed that night masturbating. I shot my cum all over my belly and chest.   I figured that this was the only way Id ever get Sue.   I Fell asleep soon after. . .
The very next day,   It was about 18 a. m. there was a knock at my door to my suprise it was Sue, I invited her in she said that she left work early in order to see me.   She wanted me to know that she was serious about last night and our conversation.   And wanted to know if I was interested.

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    I said I was and we agreed not to tell Deb or Gregg.   She said Gregg didn't exspect her to be home for 2 more hours.   She walked me back to my bedroom and I sat on the edge of the bed she pulled off my shirt and told me to do the same with my pants.   This was going to be it.   I was total naked in front of a beautiful woman while she was giving me a strip tease show.   She slowly took off all of her clothes and I knew if she touched my cock I would cum now.   I calmed myself down.   Sue walked over kissed me hard and pushed me back on the bed.   She got on top of me and positioned herself so my 7 inch dick was at the entrance to her pussy.   She lowered down on me and I pushed my dick up into her at the same time.   My cock slid in and out of her hot hole and all of a sudden she started to shake and arched her back and let out a squeal/moan that was more than I could handle I shot my hot cum into ther hot tunnel.   I Did it!!  I thought we were done when all of a sudden she got up and sucked my dick and postioned her pussy in my face in the 69 position.   I started licking her pussy and my cum out of her.   I stuck my fingers in her and pulled out.   My fingers were covered with gooey cum, I held them towards her mouth and she sucked and licked my fingers clean.

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    She continued to suck me until I shot another load down her throat.   We got cleaned up and then she left.   That wasn't the last time we fucked because it continued for 2 more weeks.   I assumed she was married because I haven't seen or herd from either of them for 2 years now.
the end  



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