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My name is Nick; I’m 18 years old with blue eyes, brown hair with dyed blonde streaks, about 5’ 10’’ and 130 pounds. I’m not extra built, or extra skinny, just average. I just started as a freshman at a new school with new friends and a completely new school life. I was used to the laid back, do things if I want and still pass, lifestyle. My new school told me I couldn’t have that frame of mind. I’m no wonder with the ladies, but I could still get my share of girls, not the extremely gorgeous ones though. This is where my story starts out. I’m sitting at home on a Monday morning in the summer (no school) and playing a game. Every other monday is cleaning lady day, where three or so cleaning ladies come over and clean the house, and I usually go downstairs to the basement and hang out until they are gone. Lately I’ve had sex on my mind, not lately but always. I’ve been wondering what would happen if I were able to “get on” someone. The last Monday I wondered what it would be like to get on one of the cleaning ladies. I know two of them for sure are out of the question because they are old. But one of them seems to be around her late twenties and not too bad looking. All of the cleaning ladies are foreign, possibly Czech, I’m not too sure. This one lady is about five inches shorter than me, blonde hair shoulder length usually put up in the back, with nice sized tits, maybe high C’s.

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   As my friends say, “Shes fuckable”. So over the days since the last cleaning day I've been thinking of ways to get her to. . . mingle. I've come to the conclusion over having her leave the vacuum on when she comes in (she coincidentally cleans my room) so as to not get the attention of the others. I've also thought of having a porn picture or something sex related shown on my computer screen for when she comes in, and then I'll walk in on her when she’s looking. "I'm leaving for work Nick! Don't bother the cleaning ladies, and get some lunch. I'll be home around 2. Bye!" My mom shouted from downstairs. "Alright. Bye!" Was my response. When I heard the garage door close, I put on some pictures on my computer screen and walked downstairs to get breakfast. Within 18 minutes I heard the front door ring and let the cleaning ladies in, slipping off a wink at the blonde one soon to be involved in my plan. I stayed downstairs, but came upstairs and got drinks or food every so often to check the progress of the ladies.

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   After about 30 minutes I saw the blonde lady go upstairs with the vacuum and duster in hand. Taking this as my cue I walked up the stairs also. As I walked up I saw her open the door to my room and then push it closed, but not all the way, leaving a crack open. With anticipation I walked up to my door, took a deep breath and walked in. The lady was standing there with both hands on my desk leaning forward peering at the pictures, unaware of my entering. Taking advantage of my quietness I closed the door without a sound and walked over to her. Not wanting to lose this situation forever, I walked forward and placed my right hand on her ass and said, "Like those?" and I pointed to the screen with my left hand. She whirled around, mouth open and faced me. Her cheeks turned a deep red, and she looked to the ground. She then started moving past me towards the door. I placed my left hand on her stomach to stop her and whispered for her not to leave. Hesitantly she looked up at me, and I knew she understood what I was saying to her. I smiled at her and turned her towards the computer again. "Do you like those pictures?" I asked again and pointed to them to implore my question. Looking at the screen still, she shrugged her shoulders.

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   I turned her toward me and leaned forward and planted my lips on her. She gave no resistance, but did not do anything else. Then I felt her hands on my head and she began to get into the kiss. I parted my lips and pushed my tongue forward. Her lips opened and our tongues met. We kissed passionately for a little then I raised my left and from her lower back to the front of her shirt, and cupped her breast from outside the fabric. Immediately she stopped kissing me and backed up a step. I panicked for a second thinking she meant to leave. Then I watched as she undid the vacuum wire and plugged it into the wall. She then flipped on the vacuum and walked back over to me. The three steps she took to me consisted of her unbuttoning her shirt, and opening it revealing her red bra covered tits. Since they were the first tits I saw up close and not because I was looking down a girls skirt, or truth or dare, but because she wanted them to be seen by me, they were AMAZING. My breath was stolen from me as if I was punched, and I just stared open-mouthed. The lady (Rosey as I learned) smiled at me and let her shirt fall completely off. Rosey stepped forward and resumed kissing me while I handled her breast through the bra.

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   She stopped kissing me and started taking off my shirt so I put up my arms to help her off. When my shirt came off, I started unbuttoning her long black skirt, and within seconds it joined my shirt on the floor. I lowered Rosey onto my bed and started kissing her neck, then her collar bone, getting a hum in response, and made m way down to her breasts. I kissed and nibbled on the cleavage showing. I felt her moving and soon her bra became loose. I took this signal and pulled off her bra. I looked down and within 6 inches saw my first pair of bare breasts up close. Immediately I dropped my head down to her right breast and started sucking her nipple while my left hand kneaded her left breast. I could just barely her some moans over the vacuum hum, and I smiled with pride. Realizing that if I gave, I would get, I started kissing my way down her stomach as my right hand replaced my mouth on her right breast. When I got to the elastic band of her red panties, I grabbed hold of the sides and started pulling down. Before my eyes I began to reveal a trimmed bush of pubic hair, then the sweetest sight of my life so far. Her pussy lips glistened with wetness, and the tell-tale sign of a growing clit popped into view. Whispering a thank god, I dove forward. If I could barely hear her moans before, I could hear them now.

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   I licked with a vengeance, and rubbed my left thumb over her clit. Sliding my tongue in and out of her lips, I felt her begin to tremble already. I picked up my pace, licking and rubbing like a madman. When I could tell she was real close I enclosed her clit with my lips and slid my index finger into her pussy. The moaning rose to a high pitch and her backed arched. Rosey was so close to cumming. Her hands were on my head holding me in place. I too my right and moved it underneath her. At the point before her climax, and took some juices from her pussy with my right index finger and hovered over her asshole. Finding the timing right, I slipped my finger into her ass. Like a train her climax came. She groaned like a bear and started convulsing on both of my fingers, lubricating my left hand with her pussy juices. I kept up with the sucking and finger fucking until the lay pretty much still. Taking my mouth and my fingers out I moved up on the bed next to her. Rosey turned and looked at me, then started laughing and then kissed me.

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   With her hands she unzipped my pants and slid them down my legs, along with my boxers. Instantly my hard dick sprung into the air. Although not terribly large it was a normal six and a half to seven inches long. Rosey licked her lips and bent forward to my dick as I lay on my back enjoying. Being my first blowjob also, it felt incredible. I knew I wouldn't last long even though she wasn’t much of a pro at sucking. With her head bobbing up and down, her hand clutched my balls and played with them. Every couple bobs, she would lower her mouth to my balls, suck as little, then lick back up to my helmet head. She wasn’t able to tae all of my length, but got a good five and a half or so. Feeling that tingling down low, I clutched her blonde hair and held her head in place. She knew what this meant and kept her head still with just my helmet in her mouth. With a last squeeze of my balls I unloaded into her mouth. Around seven shots I counted with full power, and she swallowed it all. She may not be a deep throater but she can sure as hell drink cum like a pro. After cleaning up she rose of the bed and walked over to my desk, starch naked still, and the vacuum still humming.

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   I stood up and walked over to her, placing my hand on her ass. Rosey was staring at one picture in particular, one with a lady bending over a couch and a guy ramming her pussy. Rosey took her hand and pointed at her pussy while she bent farther over my desk. My dick sprang back to life with a teenage energy, and I knew what she wanted. I walked close and slid two over my finger across her wet pussy and rubbed the juice around my hard on. Easing forward I placed my head at her hole and started pushing forward. I penetrated forward, with a moan from both of us, and felt Rosey push towards me a little. I took the sign into effect and rammed home. Her groan rose over the vacuum hum, and met my hears like an award. I took pleasure in that and started fucking her with great speed. Her breasts swayed to and fro, which caused me to reach forward and clasp them. Not missing a beat I kept up my speed, and we were like one smooth rhythm. A great idea came into my head. I took two fingers and started pushing them into her asshole. At this point I don’t think she cared too much, so I kept finger fucking her.

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   After a few seconds I stopped ramming her pussy and pulled out. Quickly I removed my fingers and shoved my dick up her ass. A loud groan erupted from her lips, from pain and pleasure. After reading about this reaction before I kept up a slow fucking speed and realized she began to overcome the pain, and started moaning in complete pleasure. Faster and faster I fucked until we both were just about to go. With a few final thrusts, I exploded again, this time in her ass. Although I was first, Rosey came right after. When we were both done, I slumped over to my bed and laid down. I soon fell asleep, completely spent. When I awoke, I saw a post it note on my desk with said THANKS, ROSEY :). .