FROSTBITTEN. (by VelvetDresss)
Ich hatte einen Traum über Sie. Es real jetzt walked across the white snow in her bare feet.  
The snow was ice cold and she felt the breeze blow up under her long buff  deer-hide jacket to her nakedness underneath. The wind blew her  dark auburn hair wildly about her pale skinned face, licked coldly  around the splattering of light freckles on her nose to underneath THAT spot just between her ear and neck.   Her keen hazel eyes  pierced the evening black.   She was searching for HER wolf between  the trees of the Black Forest.   Looking for the shine of his eyes.    She knew these dark woods like the smell of his hot sweat mingled  with the cologne he wore.   She WOULD find him. There had been many  wolves, but  he was her wolf and he was the only one who could give  her the wild she was born to.   The wind blew aside her jacket to  reveal her smooth hairless white tiger. She was chilled to the bone  and needed to find some warmth somewhere fast.   Clutching her  jacket tightly around her gorgeous breasts, she ran her right hand  to the smooth wet skin between the tops of her legs. The heat from  that spot sent a slight fog over the air.   Her scent from there was  a call to the wild.

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    She wanted her wolf to pick up that scent,  take her there against the tree.   Roughly. Wildly. She was wild,  but no hair there.   Very very wet, very hot, burning up in the  cold, cold snow. The only  hunger she felt deep within her gut was  the hunger of desire to run with the wild and the heat of  HER wolf  breathing hotly over her cunt.  She need him so desperately just there, just there.    Slow, just  there.   Just there.   Oooh. She growled.  She was thirsty, took her fingers from between her legs, sucked the  salt off them slowly. She called his name out into the night, but  he was no longer there.   He no longer came to his name. The utter  sense of despair made her gut clench and she moved her pale long  feet quickly through the thick white snow to the burning lights in  the distance.

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    She had to find sanctuary fast or all would be lost.   She would find him. She must, to survive.  The Huntress heard a low soft slow growl not far behind her, a  feral sexual noise, she turned swiftly and stared into the dark  behind her.   It frightened her, yet somehow excited her beyond all  comprehension.   She was alone out here and needed her big silver  wolf, it was the dark wolf who came for her though she was sure.    But she wanted silver.   Some wolf was there following her alright.    But which one? She only wanted one.   Her wolf.   Her heart thumped violently against her breasts, her nipples hard, she moved swiftly  towards the lights that called to her like a moth to the flame, she  moved away from the Black Forest. The wet burned slowly down her  thigh and dripped onto the snow.    She left her trail for him.   The  moon glowed like a pale yellow ball in the dark indigo sky. No  Stars.

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   No light. Darkness and the howl of the wild.  The wind pushed her towards a small dark wood cabin just on the  parameter outside the Black Forest, she could see the smoke rising  from the chimney.   There would be warmth there.   She needed to feel  her body warm in front of a fire. Lie down, sleep.   She hadn’t  slept peacefully for a very long time.   Sleep next to her silver  wolf, rub her beautiful pale warm skinned arse up against his hard.   Sleep.   Feel his hard between her wet when she woke.  She moved to the cabin’s window pane fogged from the heat with  inside.   She peered through the window before she knocked on the  door, her survival skills were keen and she wanted to make sure  whoever dwelled inside was safe and accommodating.  She pressed her palms against the glass, her breasts aching, her  nose slightly freckled up against the cold, her  hot breath fogged  the windowpane, she took her hand and wiped the glass  clean. The  cold made her feel alive.   But it would kill her soon.

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    What she  saw inside made her draw her breath in sharply. She lowered her  hand to between her smooth warm wet again.   Aching.
A very very tall, handsome man lay on the white fur rug in front of  the hot glowing fire.   He lay flat on his back, with a glass of  red, claret perhaps, behind his head on the floor.   His arms were  placed nonchalantly under his head.   He seemed relaxed but his body  read another story.   He gazed at something unseen, unknown from the  Huntress and he smiled at that something.   His smile lighted his  whole face and his eyes were mirrors of desire.   His manhood was  large, hard and erect amidst the dark wolf hair at its base.   He  said something to the distance and laughed, but of course the  Huntress could not hear what he said.   He stirred something deep  and animal within her.   Would she be safe here?  The Huntress let go of her coat, the wind blew it away from her tall lithe frame to  reveal her beautiful skin. Wild feremones made her glow, she nearly  shone in the moonlight.  A golden skinned woman walked in nakedness towards the handsome man  who lay on the white fur rug.

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    Her limbs were long and fine like  the Huntress.   They were mirror images of each other.   One dark and  feral, The Huntress, one gold and refined, The Goddess. The golden  haired goddess laughed at the man and lowered herself slowly onto  his face so that her sex hovered over his face and the Huntress  keened slowly and low in the dark,  a low feral sound as she saw  the golden haired one lower her sex onto the mans tongue which  darted up between her the Goddess’s legs to her wet hot cunt,  like  a dog licking a wound. The golden haired woman threw back her head,  one hand curled in his dark hair and the other hand squeezed the  nipple of her right breast.   She moved her cunt rhythmically over  his tongue and the Huntress saw the woman let go of her right  nipple and move her hand behind her to grasp the mans hard, erect  cock. Slowly the Goddess squeezed her palm up and down the man’s hard shaft and pumped the air while the Goddess rode  his face like  she was riding a bucking mustang.  The Huntress pressed her naked hard breasts up agains the cold hard rough wood of the cabin, she was beside herself.   A low gutteral,  wild growl sounded very close behind her, she wanted to turn to the  dark, but the Huntress’s eyes were fixed on the scene in front of  her.   She was transfixed. Her cunt dripped wet down her inner  thigh, her feet turned blue in the snow.   The wind blew her hair  wildly about her hungry eyes, the growl came closer………………………………. . . .

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    Softly, softly, fog moved in the air in front of her face.   The  wild had found her, he licked her feet made them warm, ran his  tongue up her calf, to the soft of the back of her leg behind her  knee, she felt the wolf’s  warm breath rise steadily up between her  legs……. . was he her wolf? She wanted so desperately, desperately.    Would it matter at this point. Would it? 
MAGIE KOMMT NUR ZU IHNEN IN IHREN TRÄUMEN………………. .   “Stoppen Sie nicht.   Bitte, bitte, bitte. ” Flüsterte Das Huntress.  The Huntress moved her left hand behind her back, ran her fingers  through his thick hair, not fur, he was hers for the moment. Only a  man. He ran his warm tongue up her inner thigh to her gorgeous wet  silky clit, she shivered with the eroticism of it all, cold  forgotten.   He ran his hot tongue back and forth over her clit,  slid his tongue into her cunt slowly, slowly. She moaned a slow  evocative sound through her lips, the air fogged around the man’s  hot mouth as she crouched lower over his face.

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     She threw her head  back, and whispered, “Nehmen Sie mich jetzt, hier in der Kälte,  hier im wilden, ich brennen oben für Sie. Bitte, bitte, bitte. ” 
She turned around to face him, forgotten the scene inside. Not once  leaving his tongue.   He stopped for a moment, crouched on the  ground like a wild animal, his eyes shining gold in the dark, he  looked hungrily up at her. He was her wolf.   The one she called to  in the wild.   The one she left her scent for.   He ran his hands  possessively up and down her thighs, licked her sex again. Growled  deep in his throat, “Ich bin für Sie so hungrig”.  He buried his face in her cunt.   She pulled him up to her, he was  very very tall, overpowering, well built, she pressed her warm hard  breasts into his chest, moved her hands over his well toned arse,  dug her fingers firmly into it pulled him into her, felt his hard  on against her smooth cunt. The Huntress looked into his eyes, they  were feral, she was afraid of him but compelled to move in closer  to his face, ran her lips softly over his, took her tongue, licked his lips whisper soft with her tongue, ran it into his mouth slowly  found his tongue with hers, groaned her nipples hardening, his hot  hard cock moved of it’s own accord between her legs, sliding over  her warm wet cunt, no penetration. She took her mouth away from his  tongue, licked his neck, sucked gently.   He lifted her in his arms,  “You are cold,” he said, “let me take you inside.

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   Nothing to be  afraid of, I will watch over you. ” “Dieses ist mein Traum mein Wolf. Ich möchte nicht noch aufwecken,”  the Huntress whispered in his ear, licked his neck.  Her wolf opened the door, the golden light poured out into the dark  with its warmth, they moved inside. Sanctuary.   The door closed and  all was dark in the wild again.   An owl hooted and a  low growl  sounded in the space between the dark of the trees.   He was still  watching.   He waited for her. In the wild.   
BINDEN SIE DEN KNOTEN “This is my dream my wolf” the Huntress whispered in his ear,  licked his neck, “This is my dream, that I do not want to wake up  from.   From my dreams come magic. ” The gorgeous wolf-stranger carried the Huntress into the warmth of  the cottage and lay her gently next to the fire.   The handsome man  and the golden haired Goddess had finished with each other long  ago.   The Goddess rose up and moved over to the Huntress, knelt  down next to her, placed her lips on the Huntress‘s lips, slid her  tongue into the beautiful auburn haired one‘s cold mouth, kissed  her long and hard, warmed her while the two men watched on.

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   Their manhood rising harder by the second.   The two women had stirred  something feral and deeply savage in the two men.   They moved  closer to the women and watched with heat and facsination.
 “Only I know how to breath warmth back into you mein liebschen,”  she whispered as her pale pink nipples hardened, she ran her soft  hands over the Huntress’s luminescent skin, moved her tongue down  the Huntress’s chest took the Huntress’s breast softly in her  mouth, sucked like she was drinking nectar, flicked her tongue  around the nipple, moved her mouth down the Huntress’s torso, the  Huntress was warm and awake now. The fire roared, but it was not  the fire in the ornate fireplace, it was the fire of lust in each  women’s hunger to sexually devour the other.   The Huntress sat up,  pushed the Golden haired one onto her back, their bodies were  emanating a burning heat now not only from the fire, but what was  stirring inside their cunts.   The Huntress, the survivor, took  control, lowered her sex onto the hot wet ruby red tongue of her  mirror image, watched the eyes of  her silver wolf, he was very  hungry. Looked over her shoulder at the dark haired handsome man,  his eyes glowed something darker, something wild, which frightened  and excited the Huntress.   He would be the waiter, the watcher.    She had a use for him.   She did not know him.   But they had the same wildness about them.  The Huntress moved her body so that she could taste the other woman’s juices, moved her clit back and forth rhythmically over the  Goddess’s face. “So good, feels so good.   Ooooh,” she moaned.

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    “You  are what I need now, let me fuck you with my tongue my Golden  haired one. Don‘t stop, please don‘t stop”.    The other woman heard  her, spread her legs wider whilst she lay on her back.   The men  moved their hands to their hard erect cocks.   They could not help themselves now.   Magic was about to begin.  The other woman’s clit was salty, the Huntress licked it thoroughly  and darted her tongue into the opening of the Goddess’s slit, she  could not go all the way, the position hindered that, but it was  enough for the golden haired one, who’s hips circled and circled  the Huntress’s wet glistening face.   The Huntress smelled of the  Goddess and the Goddess smelled of the Huntress.   Their bodies  glistened in front of the fire, scent out feremones to the two men  who moved about the women restlessly.   The Huntress slid her finger  gently into the Goddess’s slit, continued to lick the Goddess’s  clit ravenously, while she revelled in her own ecstasy the other  woman’s tongue was sending her wild.   She could not stop herself  from rubbing her clit hard and violently over the woman’s face.   
She needed to feel something harder than that tongue.   Silver wolf moved over to the Huntress who’s beautiful pale arse moved back and  forth over the Goddess’s face.    He grabbed the Huntress’s slim  waist and while the other woman licked her clit thoroughly, he took  what he was hungry for and slid his hot-hard deep into the  Huntress’s lava like cunt, banged her deep, held onto her hips  pushed her hips back and forth onto his cock rhythmically - really  there was no need for the grasping of hips, the Huntress had  crossed the threshold of ecstasy and moaned loudly as she lifter  her head from the golden haired woman’s sex, threw back her auburn  hair and banged her cunt violent back onto silver wolf’s hot hard,  took his hand away from her hip, placed his fingers in her mouth sucked violently on them as she came. “OHHHHHH”, she moaned out.


     Silver was glistening sweat, the other woman slid under their  bodies and took silver wolf’s balls softly in her mouth, sucked  gently on them, while Silver continued to plunge deeper into the Huntress’s cunt, golden haired slid her finger into his arse.   The  pressure was pure ecstasy and the waves of intense climax rose from  his balls all the way up his body through his gut to his throat, he  let out a long, dark, feral moan, withdrew from the Huntress’s  cunt, let the Golden Hair’d one take his hard pulsating cock in her  mouth, she swallowed the hot cum he shot forth.
The Dark haired stranger moved forward with the soft  rope…………………………. . he was tired of watching.   To be continued. . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . .