Fridays just got better 2


My cock was suddenly engulfed to the hilt in his warm moist mouth, for myself I tried just as hard but I just hadn't had the practice plus his was much bigger than mine. I worked with my tongue and lips keeping my teeth well out of the way except for erotic friction. Slowly he started to fuck my mouth as I got used to the pressure I relaxed allowing the head to move down my throat. I don't know how Linda Lovelace managed with a big cock, I found it difficult as the head of his cock pushed down my throat.   I held on to his shaft so that just four or five inches was allowed in, I relaxed at that revelling in the taste and feel I slowly stroked his balls with my free hand feeling the heaviness in them. For my own part I was enjoying the ministrations on my own cock knowing that I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer especially when his finger slowly insinuated itself into my arse lubricated by his spit, then he finger fucked me in rythm with his sucking. I began working harder my self encouraging him to fuck my mouth. I felt his cock thicken slightly and a contraction in his balls suddenly my mouth and throat was flooded with his cum and I was gagging trying to swallow but his glans down my throat stopping the action. Suddenly he withdrew his cum splattering my face I swallowed what was in my mouth and then once again engulfed the head sucking out the rest of his load, I then let go my own load ino his talented mouth, he however had no problems swallowing.
I lay back gasping his finger was still in my arse slowly massaging he added another to it with little effort, I expected his cock to soften but I was wrong it stayed hard as though we had done nothing so far. He asked if he could fuck me, of course if I didn't want to that was fine. I truthfully told him I had only done it a couple of times and I doubted I could take his cock but I didn't mind if he tried. Reaching to his bedside cabinet he took out a tube of KY liberally coating his cock and my arse, he then laid me on my back and placed my legs over his shoulders positioning me so that his glans was over my slightly streched hole then he started to push.

I felt his cock butting against the spincter muscle that seemed intent on banning its passage, I forced myself to relax. Then I felt the head make its way in slowly starting to fill me, little by little his cock imposed itself in me the more I relaxed at its intrusion the more went in. Then suddenley he started to fuck me a warmth started to build up and I started to really enjoy it wanting him to go harder.

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   My own cock was hard again harder than I thought possible I felt I would explode if anyone touched it. I lost all track of time everything seemd to revolve around his cock in my arse, it moved slowly until I felt he would withdraw entirely then it rammed full length to the hilt or in short quick strokes, I didn't care just wanting it to go on. Finally I felt his movements get more urgent and again a slight thickening before his cum flooded in my arse, I let out a groan as he withdrew his cum following his shaft as it left my stretched hole. Seeing my still rigid cock he bent his head to it taking it in his mouth he slowly worked on bringing me to orgasm, which didn't take long in my heigtened state of sexuality once again my cum flooded his mouth.
I looked at the clock, hell I had ten minutes before I was supposed to be at the wifes office. I quickly showered taking care not to wet my hair spending time to wash as much cum as possible from my arse that was still so stretched that two fingers easily went inside. I then said a quick goodbye and accepted an offer for another Friday afternoon at the same time in three weeks and ran out the door, or tried to I felt a little uncomfortable after being fucked. I made it just as my wife came out of the office, that night I didn't have the energy for sex with her and put it down to just too hard a day at work when she asked why.