"I cant. . . " he sputtered, knowing full well what was about to happen. At least, knowing what he wanted to happen. She too wanted it, but felt the nerves run through her body. They couldnt hold back any longer, however. They kissed. She pulled away. He pulled her back. They kissed again. They lingered this time. Lips parting and tongues thrashing between them. Each wanting the other more than ever. They pressed together, arms wrapped around their bodies, rubing, caressing, searching for a way to make it right. He unzipped her jeans.

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  She unzipped his. They pushed the fabric restraints down. He held her close. She sighed. He entered her. She grabbed him. They began slowly, as lovers. Holding each other close, and kissing. Hands forever moving and groping. Feeling the others trembling body. His hips moved away and towards hers, a part of him forever inside her. Her lips found his neck and firmly attached themselves. She breathed heavily, her hot breath on his neck exciting him further. Their pace increased. She held him tightly as he sighed.

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   She looked into his eyes. They were blue, matching hers. They kissed again, their tongues finding each other again. She moved her hips faster, making his movements faster and harder. He slid about below, deep inside her. His hands fondled and caressed her. They found her hair and ran through it. His ring caught a few strands, but the snag was hardly felt as she was deeply involved elsewhere. He knew the end was near. Sadness and relief washed over him as he began to pound out his sexual frustrations. She moaned, but quickly stifled it by biting his neck quickly. He yelped at the surprise, only returning to the task at hand with more vigor. He shuddered. She knew. He grunted in extacy.

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  She held on. They stood a moment more, their heart beats returning to normal. He exited her, a little of him left inside. They knew this was the end, but their desires satiated, they kissed, reassembled, and turned away. He went his way, she went hers. They both grinned. .