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Topic: Coming Home FuckI took you by your hand into your bedroom, and proceeded to strip off all your clothes and lie you face down on your bed. . . There were massage oils, and I rubbed them all over your body while you relaxed. You were getting quite turned on by this point, so you slipped a hand under yourself and began rubbing yourself while I massaged you. I slid one hand down to join yours while I continued rubbing those warms oils all over you legs and back. Moaning and cooing in pleasure was getting heavier at this point, but I didn't want it to go too quickly, so I stopped you, stood you up and had you lie down on your back this time. I felt you deserved some attention from me down there, so I briefly slid between your legs and devoured your soaking pussy for a while. I stopped again when you were getting worked up and slid my whole body between your legs so that the bulge in mah boxers was grinding against your crotch. Again with the oils and massaging your body while you were grinding your hips into mine. Again, moaning and panting. . . Okay. . So by this time you were concentrating very hard on grinding very hard back against me and you were playing with your boobs, squeezing, pulling, sucking, etc.

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   I leaned forward a little bit to help out in this regard, sucking on them gently. Your eyes were closed at this point, and I noticed so, so I quietly pulled out my cock and slowly slid it's entire length into your drenched pussy. You let out a huge moan, arch your back and press back into me. I begin fucking you slowly, but you make me keep building up the pace. . . . Finally we are fucking pretty hard and and you let out a scream as you cum hard all over my dick. I stop as you lay there panting and gasping. AND WE ARE NOT DONE YET. You can't really stand to be touched down there for a while at this point, so I lean forward and we kiss passionately and make out. This continues for a while, yada yada yada, I pull out and you get on your knees in front  on me and begin slowly sucking and licking up and down the entire length of my cock while staring up at me with those gorgeous gray eyes. This continues for a while until you decide that you need me inside you again. You lie me down on the bed and forcefully mount my swollen cock which is dripping with your spit and hot pussy juices. You start fucking yourself up and down really hard on my stiff rod.

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   You're screaming, moaning, almost crying with how good it feels. You bury my cock  as deep as it can go in your pussy at each bounce, and you are so wet that your juices are splashing all over us as our sweaty bodies slap together. Again, your body shudders and you collapse forward onto my chest as you come all over my cock and scream in pure bliss. You are exhausted but I still need you. I pull you off of me and you get on your knees again and start sliding my throbbing dick between your amazing breasts. Both my cock and your tits are absolutely drenched with sweat, saliva, and your fuck juice. Juices are still running down your legs in torrents and your pussy is swollen as fuck. And everything is about to get waaaaaay more drenched. I start cumming all over your tits and you grab my cock and begin jerking it all over your chest, face, mouth, hair, everywhere. I cum like a goddamn pornstar and it just doesn't stop. Your face, chest, everything is completely covered in my hot cum. You try  to catch as much of it in your mouth as you can, but you can't swallow fast enough. Finally I stop shooting but you keep stroking and sucking my cock to get every last drop out of it that you can. You wipe up all of it that you can and suck on your hands. I quickly lean forward and kiss you deeply and we make out, our tounges sliding past each other, sharing my cum.

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   I slide one hand down and begin rubbing  your clit and fucking SODDEN pussy lips while you moan into my mouth. Exhausted, we finally fall down into the 69 position where we keep sucking and licking each other for a long time, even though we are both too tired to cum again. The bed, floor, walls, and our bodies are all splattered with sweet juices. I slowly pant over and over, "Holy fuck baby, I love you. " I'm shaking from pleasure so much that you can barely keep a hold of my still swollen cock. FIN. .


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Dacă te gândești la o vizita către Bucuresti, în Romania, și ești nerăbdător sa găsești ofertele pe care le are aceasta republica, în materie de servicii de escorte constanta, ai grija sa știi municipiul și viața de noapte de aici înainte mergi mai departe cu scopul tau. Întotdeauna e o idee calumea sa fii informat despre localuri, despre prețuri, despre cluburi locale, și așa mai departe. Asta îți va da ajutor sa te bucuri de o experienta minunata, încă de când te decizi asupra genului de serviciu de Escorte reale bucuresti pe care îl dorești.
Romania este o țara minunata cu oameni buni, așadar găsirea de locuri bune pentru cele mai tari Escortelux ar trebui să fie de-a dreptul simpla. Totusi, ar trebui ca întotdeauna sa te sa vezi mai multe situri online, înainte de a lua o decizie. Una dintre cele mai tari sugestii dacă ne referim la căutarea de fete Escorte lux - pe bune, este aceasta sursă.

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Putas Madrid is a popular adult entertainment destination for a variety of reasons. The city, for starters, offers a great variety of putas. You may locate a beautiful puta in Madrid regardless of your hair colour choices. Moreover, putas Madrid are well-known for their beauty, charisma, and seductive nature, which makes them ideal companions for people in search of an exciting and memorable encounter.There are several possibilities for renting an escort lady in Madrid. You have the option of booking via an agency or directly contacting independent escorts. Both alternatives offer benefits, and it is up to you to choose which one best meets your requirements.

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Of course, sex in Madrid isn't just about the business. The city is also home to a strong LGBTQ+ community, with many bars, clubs, and events for this group. Madrid has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a wild night out or a quieter place to spend the evening.Madrid is renowned for its attractiveness, culture, and entertainment. The city is constantly bustling with activity, and there is always something to do. However, navigating the city and finding the finest locations to visit can be challenging if you're travelling alone. Here is where an escort enters into play. They know the city inside and out and can recommend the best locations to visit, whether it be a fashionable restaurant, a popular nightclub, or a hidden treasure that only the natives know about.
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If you're seeking for sex toys or other adult items, Madrid provides a plethora of options. These stores provide everything from vibrators and dildos to lingerie and BDSM gear. Erotic Feel and La Boutique del Placer are two of Madrid's most prominent sex boutiques.Escort ladies in Madrid are a hot commodity since they hail from various corners of the globe. Here you will discover women from all over the world, each with her own distinct look and character. Thanks to all the options, I'm certain that everyone can find the ideal escort women for them.

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However, Madrid escort females have many more uses than simply going out. They may accompany you to work dinners, social gatherings, and even on vacation. They are the ideal companion because of their high level of education and conversational ability.Madrid is a lively, international city known for its long past, cultural assets, and busy nightlife. But did you know that Madrid is also a place where people go to explore and find sexual pleasure? If you want to spice up your sexual life or try out new things, Madrid is the place to go.