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Topic: props roomWhen I was in my early teens, probably 13, or 14, I knew that i wasnt going too be one of those girls who didnt have sex till they were married probably not even at 17, or 18. I knew I was ready then. . . I mean was just to curious and way into porn and masturbation. I mean i watched porn @ the very least every other day and sometimes that just wasnt enough and I masturbated every day most of the time more than once. And I think the biggest sign telling me i was ready was that mi fingers and toys were never enough. . . . I craved i mans hard dick and firm arms to overpower me, or a woamans juicy pussy and soft tits to pleasure me. . . . i knew from an early age i was bi.
Even though i craved sex i also feared it in a way, i was always afraid it wouldbe ackward going into it, or once i got mi clothes off the person wouldnt be interested anymore.

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   i guess you could say I fearred rejection.
i was always constantly worrieing im too fat or somthin but i shouldnt have because mi figurewas actually kind off slender. I always thought my boobs needed to be bigger too, i wore a large b or a small c, but too bequite honest i take that worryback because it balenced out my body quite well. pair all that with a pale complection and natrully straight jet black hair and peircing blue eyes i guess you could say i was fortunate. THough i didnt quite fit the bill of traditional bueaty. I also marched to the beat of my own drum you know?? kind of the quiet yet loud rebel, the one who was depressed but every oineseemed to like anyways. . . ya i had lots of friends. . . . and if it had exusted bac then i would hav been part of the scene or emo crowd.
i met him in 7th grade though this story takes place in 8th. .

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  he wasnt my type at all he was shorter (only by a small bit) than i was blonde ocean blue eyes warm smile had the friendly jackass type attitude going on for him. . . and he was kindof PREPPY! i kno prep+emo=what ya not a good match but we actually had quite alot in common i guess we just clicked. our first kiss was magical. i knew he was probably going to b the one to take my flower of purity. . . . . he was interrested enuf in sex and we joked about it often. . . . .

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  . then one day i asked him seriously if he thought we would ever do it and he said he tought one day we would.
and we did.
I remember that day perfectly. . . we were in drama class and he has gotten his hand down my pants. . . . we were supposed to be rehearsin for our skit. . . . i remeber stifiling moans as he had rubbed mi clit.

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  . . . then moved down to finger me. . . . he had magic hands. . . . i leaned mi head back then looked @ him he seemed to enjoy that. . . .

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  his friend nick said uysur gonna get cought so devon pulled out his gooey fingers. . . then he licked them. . . He whispered in mi ear "oh you taste good. . . . . . . very good actually but im not done lets ask to go to the props room to say we need to look for stuff for our skit" this was one of mi fantisies. .

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  . it was onlylike 18 min b4 lunch so the tearcher said we could go but to hurry cuz lunch was approaching she hadsaid to be in the lunch room wen it wastime unless we wanted to miss lunch we said ok and headed for the door. . . . he said after imdone with u i dnt think ill be hungary ill hav eaten plenty. . . we opended the door and started making out. . i kicked off mi shoes and undid mi pants wich he slid down we kept kissing toungues dancing in passion. . . he moved mi thong to the sideand continued fingering me then he sat me down on the floor and sat beside m,e kissing me so gently. .

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  then started kissing his way down to mi throat where he sucked until he left a mark of his love. . . . he kept working his waydown to mi chest where he gave mi breasts a playful grab then down fartheruntil hislips met mi pussy and he started to lick i let out i groan i was in pure ectasy. . . . he licked up n down till iclimaxed andwas left gasping for breathe on the ground. . . . he came back to mi face n said did u like that mi love???? i said all i could muster a horse definaltly. . .

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  . i finished undresin and so did he with no pants on i could see they outline of anerect cockguessing about 7. 5 inches but it was hard too tell in the dark. . . he sucked on mi nipples for a while before i blew him. . . . upand down around his head and down his shaft i paid clost attention to the spot wherehis shaft met his balls he seemed to like it in that area. . . weni was done he said tht was the besthes ever had which i take as a compliment because hes not a virgin to blowj obs but nor was i togiving them. . .

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  . . . when he enterdme iexperienced a lil pain at first i jumped and told him to take it slow but once he was fully in he fuckedmetill weboth orgasemed it was incredible andhis 7. 5 inches filled me up completely. . . .
wen we were done we reported to the lucnch room with 3minto spare. . . . me with mi silky hair awry everyone had guessed wattook so long but we never did admit it. . im now 22 and were happily engaged.

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  . . we hav brokenup a fewtimes since grade 8 but lways came backto each other no one can defy true love. . . o and im happy to report our sex has gotten way better. . . . . . . .



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