First time and never better


          I sit in class and stare. I don’t mean to…sometimes I don’t even notice I’m staring until he gives me that “what the fuck are you looking at” look. He’s so gorgeous I just can’t help myself. It’s how his blonde and brown hair sits in a perfect mess on his head. It’s his soft brown eyes and sexy full lips; they make me weak in the knees. I just want to kiss him and have him hold me forever. All I think about is him
          People said we were the perfect couple…the ones who would end up being high school sweethearts and get married…the ones who would last forever. It was true…we were the ideal couple. I was 1000% positive of this that night I dead and went to heaven.
          That day was the day of the big Tucker football game in the dome. I was PMSing and kind of upset, so we fought pretty much the whole time. During the 4th quarter I looked into those deep eyes and wondered what the fuck I was doing fighting with the guy of my dreams, he meant no harm. So I apologized and apologized but by then it was time to go…another day wasted. *So I thought*
          I continued to beg for already given forgiveness, I felt awful I wasted a day over something dumb. I wanted to make it up…I wanted him so bad. I told him this, and told him to come over (half-way kidding thinking it couldn’t happen) but then he surprised me with an “ok.

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  ” My face lit up when I read it…so we began to make a plan. He was to ride his bike to my house and come in through the basement door. As he was signing off he asked me THE question…”Should I bring condoms?” I said yes, because how could I say no. . . He’s irresistible, and I wanted nothing more to have him ALL, than to do the act with the one I knew I loved.
          So I went into my room put on a cami and soft PJ pants, and put that lotion on I knew he loved so much. I walked downstairs to the basement and waited anxiously. It wasn’t too long before I saw his face in the window; my heart skipped a beat. We said our hellos in shaky voices then I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. He took me in his arms and brought me close to his warm body and kissed me hard, of course, I kissed him back. He smelled so good, god his cologne turned me on every time. Then he pulled back and looked at me; he reached down for my shirt. He struggled for a moment until I reached down and whipped it off my body. His eyes lit up (happy to see I chose not to bother with a bra) and I couldn’t help but smile.

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   I helped him remove his shirt and my pants revealing one of the thongs he picked out for me. We started to kiss even harder and he squeezed my ass. *I love it when he does this* I pulled off his shorts and then my thong. I stood there naked and him in boxers. Then he did something that took my breath away, he picked me up and sat me on the bed. * It was quite tall* This just blew me away…little things like that flatter me. I laid back and he got down on his knees. I was already wet as fuck…but who wouldn’t be? I was about to get fucked by the hottest, most perfect, sweetest guy on earth.
          He woke me up from my thoughts as he stuck his finger up my pussy, oh yeah I was in for the best time of my life. He started out slow and got faster and faster until I was soaking myself and his hand, then he switched to his tongue. That does it for me, his tongue is so amazing and he knows how to use it. He licks me so good and I moan in enjoyment. He started on my lips and moved inward…this drove me crazy. I was absolutely ready for the main event now. .

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  . I couldn’t take it anymore.
          He slid off his boxers revealing his rock hard dick, ripped open the condom and slipped it on and then with no hesitation at all slid his huge perfect cock in my pussy. I had a quick pain and panicked…but I told him not to stop. We started out tender and slow, trying to get a feel for it. Even this was amazing…it was a feeling that was indescribable. We kind of struggled for the first minute…his dick kept slipping out, but I didn’t care. He just put it back in place and kept working me like a pro. Every once in a while he’d lean down and suck on my hard nipples or kiss my stomach. Moves like this made me go into even more ecstasy. His thrusts got harder and deeper by the second…and I was loving it. Then he stopped suddenly and told me to sit up and I said okay kind of startled.
          He left me up into an upright position then slid his hands under my ass and picked me up. I straddled my legs around his hip bones with his dick still inside me. He then began to bounce me up and down his cock…oh god this was amazing.

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   I got into it and started moving myself and started to moan kind of loud…he had to tell me to be quieter knowing my parents were sleeping 2 stories above us. We did this for a few more moments until he laid me back down on the bed again and started working me even harder. Then he pulled out getting the feeling he was about to come and I told him to lie down…I wanted to finish the job. I felt on his dick and began to stroke it up and down…making it a little harder…then I bent down and took it in my mouth. I started slow and soft but soon I started sucking as hard as I could and went as deep as I could. While working his cock with my mouth, I began to reach under and rub and squeeze his butt. I love his butt…it’s so thick and sexy. Then I rubbed up and down the top and inside of his thighs. I could hear him gasping and moaning in pleasure and this gave me satisfaction.
          He finally told me to stop and use my hands and rub and fast as I could…so I did. And not long after I touched his dick with my fingers and made a few up and down motions he came all over me and himself. His cum was soft and warm…I loved it. I rubbed it all over me…it was like the best lotion ever…and it was all him. I loved the thought of having little Rions all over my body. That just made me even hornier so I got up and lied next to him.

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          We must have laid there for 30 minutes…just naked, talking, and rubbing each other all over. He fingered me some more…but slowly and lovingly this time as we talked about how amazing that was and how much we loved each other and how we couldn’t wait to get married and do that every night then just lay with each other naked, tangled up in each other. We dreamed of how we’d be fucking each other so hard…then just falling asleep while his dick was still inside me, and how perfect it would be.
          We finally got up, got dressed, kissed a few more minutes…and I helped him to the door. I didn’t want him to leave, but I knew he had to. He slowly walked out the door…releasing himself from my grip on his hand. I ran upstairs and watched him peddle away from my house. As I watched him get farther and farther away I thought to myself “He’s so fucking amazing…I’m the luckiest girl alive. ” And I was…
That night I slept the best I had ever slept in my whole life.
          My first time; it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was everything I could have asked for…plus more. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way or with any other person. It was like a dream come true.



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