First Adventure


Topic: First hate visiting my in-laws. Principally because I’m a very horny 24 year old guy and visiting the in-laws means that I can look forward to a weekend (or longer) without sex. I am married and thus have grown accustomed to not having sex but for some reason on trips to her parents’ house my 26 year old wife changes from her usual, too busy and too tired self into a first rate tease. She will make excuses to walk past me so that she can grind her ass against my groin. My wife’s ass can defiantly be attributed to her Hispanic half because no white woman has that much booty. My wife knows how much I love her ass and, just as she wanted, my cock began to swell and fill the crotch of my board shorts. She looked back at me with a deviant grin on her face knowing exactly what she had just done. A few minutes later, when the bulge in my pants began to subside, she came running back into the living room and flashed me her perfect breasts which, despite her attempts to squeeze them into a C cup, are full and natural D’s. This kind of teasing was common on visits to her parents’ house and despite her apparent sexual energy never resulted in any sexual release. The teasing was more effective because her parents live near a beach, giving her the opportunity to prance around in little bathing suits. Being fed-up with the one sided games (and partly in an attempt to cover my once again bulging penis) I grabbed my laptop and began devising a plan to get even.
       Later that night, and following a series of additional mocking grinds and gropes, I tell her that I miss the old days when we were dating and how adventurous and sexually daring she was. She cracked a half smile and asked in a whisper “what did you have in mind?” I leaned in close and whispered in her ear “what kind of a tease would I be if I told you? Are you in?” She bit her lip as she pondered my bizarre request. “Okay I’m game?” she finally responded.
        Several hours later, when I told her it was time to go, she bolted for the keys trying to stay quiet and not wake her sleeping parents. She was sitting in the car waiting before I could even get my shoes on.

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   I begin driving as my wife tried desperately to guess where we were going. She became even more surprised when I pulled into the parking lot of a major shopping super center. She looked at me questioningly but I replied simply “What? You don’t trust me?” She unbuckled her seat belt and exited the car with a questioning smile. We entered the store and refused a cart from the greeter. I strolled through random aisles as I watched her eyes dart from shelf to shelf trying to determine what we were there for. Finally we made it to the aisle containing an overly large assortment of towels. We stopped and she once again looked at me questioningly “towels?” I leaned in and firmly pressed my lips against hers pushing her back against the wall of towels. I reached down and grabbed her ass and pulled her against me, grinding my hard cock against her. While grinding I slide my hand up her back and unfasten her bra allowing her breasts to burst free from their constraints. I slide my right hand up and begin kneading her breasts allowing my thumbs to tease the nipples until they become fully erect.
       Then I stop. Her eyes linger closed for a moment as she fights to regain the breath that she had been holding and her lips seek to reunite with mine. Her eyes open and as she fixes her gaze upon me I say clearly “yes towels. We will need two. ” I grab two towels and begin to walk to the front of the store.

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   She removes her bra in that special way all women can and runs to catch up to me. She finds me waiting at the door having already purchased the towels and we both make our way out to the car. In the car she tries to continue where we left off but despite my hornier side I say “you have to wait. ” I drive back in the opposite direction than we had come and passing her parents house make my way to a competing super center. Feeling her gaze I just smile and shrug. “Are we having fun yet?”
       She bolts from the car and toward the store, this time I’m fighting to keep up. It’s almost 1 AM and the store is nearly deserted. The only workers in the store are the cashiers and the occasional clerk patrolling the aisles. As I enter the store she is waiting for me eagerly tapping her foot in anticipation of what is to come. She follows me as I cross to the women’s clothing section. Once there I look around until I find the skimpiest bikini I can and hand it to her. She takes it, thinking she is beginning to understand my game, and begins to head for the registers. I stop her. “Um. .

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  ?” I ask. “What’s the matter?” She responds. “I don’t think it’s wise to make a purchase until you know for sure that it fits. ” She looks around for the dressing rooms and once we have found them we are both equally eager to get to them. There is no attendant due to the late hour so she quickly makes her way to the first room. Once again I stop her. “No no. Out here in the open. ” She looks at me as if I have gone completely mad. “Um…I don’t think so” she says. I remind her “you were eager to show your body in your game…” She looks around and seeing that no one is looking begins to undress.
       Her jeans come off first as she turns away from me and bends at the waist, giving me a revealing view of her ass and her wet lips. She looks back and smiles at me as I realize that she is playing the game too. She then takes off her tank-top exposing her firm round breasts. She squeezes into the bikini top (a size C of course) and ties it the best she can behind her neck and back.

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   She then starts to pull on the bikini bottoms over the black lacy thong she is wearing until I protest. “You always wear underwear when trying on bathing suits” she replies. “We’re going to buy it. I think it’ll be okay. ” I respond. Once again she looks around and then slides her thumbs under her waistband and pulls the thong to the floor. I find a seat in the bench reserved for men waiting for their wives to return and slide the leg of my board shorts up until my cock is hanging out the leg hole. I return my gaze to her to find her standing there bare and completely shaven from the waist down. I realize she has turned my game in her favor and I begin to lightly stroke my cock. She walks towards me and kneels between my legs and slowly takes my cock between her lips. I push her brown hair from her face and watch as her head rhythmically bobs up and down on my shaft. As I begin to feel the rhythm she stops and ties on the bikini bottoms and walks to the front of the store, leaving her clothes on the ground. I compose myself as I catch up to her, standing at the door already having paid and still wearing the suit. We make our way to the car and once inside she asks “what else you got” taunting me with her latest victory in my game. I smile as I put the car in drive.

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       She continues to tease me during the drive, until I pull into the parking lot of an adult toy shop. My wife is embarrassed by adult stores but none the less loves their wares. We make our way into the store and begin walking around. My wife is very anxious but puts up a front so as not to allow me the satisfaction of winning. I find a small handheld water-proof vibe that I hand to my wife to purchase at the counter. Once the clerk had rung up the vibe he asked if we would like batteries to go along with it. Before my wife could answer I answered “no. ” My wife tuned to me and realized that I had taken back the game. We exited the store and I began to drive slowly to our next destination. My wife staring out the window at all the places we were passing that sold batteries and finally she conceded “you win just stop somewhere!” I pull into the next gas station as my wife bolts to the store to purchase the batteries.
       She returns and as I put the car in drive is tearing through the plastic on both the batteries and the vibe. She assembles her new toy and reclines her seat. She unties her bikini bottoms and begins pressing the vibe into her clit. The light from the streetlights flashing across her lap gets me more and more excited as her moaning gets louder and louder and she is overtaken by an orgasm. She continues to play with the toy until we finally make it to our destination and I drive the car onto the beach.

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   We both get out and bolt for the surf as the remainder of our clothes fly to the sand. We make our way till we are waist deep and I hold her close as I rub the vibe along her submerged clit. She leans into me as my throbbing cock enters her tightness. Our lips meet as I lift her right leg and thrust myself into her. Our thrusting in synch with our bodies floating in the surf quickly brings us both to orgasm. We lazily allow ourselves to wash up on shore where we fall asleep. When we awaken the next morning we dry off with the towels we purchased the previous night. Our only remaining souvenir of our first little adventure.