Finding His Fate


Finally after he finished registering he walked through the double door that led to the choir room. The one thing that made up for having to move before his senior year was the fact that he was moving to where he would go to a school that was nationally known for its choir. Josh has grown up in a musical family and had learned to have great control over his voice at an early age. If it weren’t his good looks that could get him the girl his voice would do the trick. It was too late for Josh to realize that he was about to run right into someone. He staggered backwards as the girl that he had spent his time watching earlier picked herself off the ground. “Well this isn’t the usually way that I meet new people but I’m Chelsea, everyone calls me Chels. ” She held out her hand to this stranger, who blushed as he took her hand. Chels could help but take in strength that radiated off of this man she had never met. “Christ I am sorry, I didn’t see you there. My name is Josh. I just moved here and needed to talk to your choir teacher and see if it was to late to join. ” Feeling her hand in his grasp he couldn’t believe how soft it felt against his skin. “That’s awesome, maybe if you are good enough she will put you in my choir. Then you can compete with us. Then we will be able to see more of each other.

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  ” Chels was hard pressed to believe how right her hand felt wrapped tightly in his, it was a feeling that she didn’t want to go away. Josh held onto her hand tighter not wanting to let go but he knew he had to. He needed to meet his new choir teacher and he didn’t want to be late, now he all the more reason to do well during this audition. “Well since you are the only one that I know here I can only hope that I will get to see more of you. But as for now, I have to go sing. So maybe I will see you later. They both parted ways, Josh went to his audition and nailed just as he thought he would. The teacher was highly impressed with his voice and told him that she though there would be no problem finding a place for his voice in her choir. Feeling happy with his prior meeting with Chels and with how well the interview went Josh made his way to his truck. Chels had waited around with some friends using talking to them as an excuse to wait for Josh to finish his interview. She saw him walk out the doors and she trotted off to catch up with him. “Hey Josh where are you going?” This stopped Josh cold in his tracks, had he imagined this familiar voice calling out to him or was it really her. Slowly turned to see his beauty walking towards him. “Well I don’t know where I am going exactly but I was planning on driving around and trying to get a feel for the place. ”“If you want I can show you around town, take you to all the places worth being.

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   That is if you don’t mind me for company. ” Hardly believing these words had come out of her mouth Chels looked up into Josh’s eye feeling her knees go weak. In all of her life she had never been this forward with a guy but in all of her life she had never seen a guy with eyes that showed as much emotion as Josh’s did. “I would love that, we can take my truck. Do you want to leave your car here or drop it off at your place?” Feeling bold Josh grabbed her hand as she thought it over surprised when she didn’t pull away only squeezed his for a second. “We can take my car to my house. Follow me out there. ” They walked out towards the parking lot hand in hand not even thinking about how they hardly knew each other. Chels jumped in to sit in his truck asking, “where do you want to go, what kind of thing are you into?”“Honestly I don’t care where we go, I’m perfectly happy just having you for company. ” Josh said this as he was looking behind as he pulled out of her driveway. He could feel her eye wash over him, it was a feeling he hope he would have time to grow accustomed to. The day went by quickly as Josh and Chels sang together and drove to all the places in town that people would hang out at. It was about time for the sun to go down. “Is thee a good place to watch the sunset around here?” Chels knew exactly where to go so she directed Josh to the perfect place to watch a romantic sunset. Surprised at how cold night got in Kansas on a summer night Josh and Chels watched the sunset wrapped in a blanket that Josh kept in his truck.

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   He couldn’t believe his luck to be seeing a perfect sunset with someone as beautiful, smart and charming as the girl sitting next to him. Besides physical attraction they had many things in common and Josh was surprised at how comfortable he felt around her. It seemed as if they had known each other for years, not that they had just spent the day with each other. Anytime that Josh felt this feeling the same song always popped into his head and he couldn’t help but sing it. With his singing Chels had felt something tingling inside of her that she had never felt before. She had come out to this place with plenty of guys but it had never felt so right. She started to sing along to the song with him and she knew that in that moment she was falling in love with this guy she barely knew. Hearing her voice mixed with his was more then Josh could take, he couldn’t sing anymore. “Is something wrong, should I of not joined…. ” But Chels never got to finish because Josh had closed all the space between them and pulled her into a kiss. With one hand resting gently on her side and the other running along her jaw Josh felt her mouth open up to him and her tongue slide into his mouth. There they sat as the sun went down, Josh holding a girl that he knew he was rapidly falling for. Pulling away from her mouth Josh heard Chels sigh a sigh of wanting. This in unbelievable he thought, she wants me just as much as I want her. “Sorry I didn’t mean to be so forward but I couldn’t help myself.

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   Its almost midnight, when do you need to be home?” Josh could of kicked himself for pulling back from her but he didn’t want to push things that seemed so perfect. “I have to be back at a decent hour, but if you want we can go to my place and watch a movie. There is nothing left to watch here. ” Part of Chels was hoping he would decline going to her house because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to stop herself if things started heating up between them. If the way he kissed said anything about how he made love then Chels knew she was in for a whirl. “Sounds like a plan. ” Josh jumped out of the truck, holding his arms out for Chels he helped her down. As she jumped down from the truck there bodies brushed together, Josh couldn’t help but hold her there for a few seconds enjoying her warmth against him. He could see the moon bounce off of her in the night making her look sexier. His hands moved from her sides to the small of her back but he discovered that he didn’t need to hold her there because she was pushing herself tighter against him. She reached up to his face and ran his fingers through his hair. Suddenly he moved his hand down and cupped her ass grinding his cock into her stomach forcing a gasp from her throat. Josh didn’t know if he had done the right thing until Chels pulled his mouth to hers running her hands up and down his back. They stood behind his truck in pure ecstasy letting there tongues and hands explore each other until Chels reminded him that they had a movie to watch. On the ride back to her place Josh pulled Chels over to him and gently rubbed his and along her arm gradually moving it to her breast where he could feel her nipples start to harden.

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   Never once did she tense up she just ran her hands along his leg. Even though they barely knew each other they both knew that they were in love, that this was more then right, it was fate. Josh’s hand unbuttoned Chels shirt pulling her breast out of her bra he toyed with her nipple. Gently rolling it between his fingers. He moved his hand to her mouth slowly putting his index finger in long enough to get it wet them retreated his hand back to her breast massaging it with more and more force. As Chels breathe slowed and became more shallow he knew that she was coming close to an orgasm, wanting her cum before they reached her house Josh slowly moved his hand down towards her pussy. Fumbling with her zipper Josh undid Chels pants and she raised her ass up as he scooted down her pants. He started my massaging the insides of her thigh, Chels quietly whimpered knowing what was coming and not knowing if she could wait any longer she moved his hand till it rested on her soaked panties. He rubbed his index finger over the panties pushing them in between her pussy lips, he was able to feel her budging clit. With one quick move he moved his hand under her panties and inserted a finger into Chels. Gasping she pushed her hips forward trying to get more of his finger inside of her. He pulled in and out of her while rubbing his thumb in circles over her clit. He felt her body start to tense as her orgasm approached, he inserted another finger starting to stretch out her whole. This was all she would take, Chels let out a final moan as her body stiffened into an orgasm. By this time Josh was pulling into her driveway but he still pumped her fingers in and out of her waiting for her orgasm to subside s that they could go inside and enjoy a movie.

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