Fertility Clinic


Dr. Masters sat in his big padded leather swivel chair at his big polished walnut desk. A clipboard lay in his lap, and he looked over the pages, studying the applications and reports. He would consign most of them to the staff, but a few he would personally check out. Like this one, he thought, looking at one of the applications. Hmm, Shellie Wright, twenty-four years of age, married, auburn hair, green eyes, five foot six, hundred and twenty-five; husband found to be sterile; wants a baby, not by artificial means but by natural; income—sufficient; health—both psychological and physical—good.
Yes, I think I need to check this one out, he thought.
Shellie Wright sat in the waiting room of the Masters Fertility and Reproductive Center. She was sure of what she wanted to do: be naturally inseminated and have a baby. Since her husband was sterile and she didn't want artificial insemination, it was best to be naturally inseminated. She could deal with it. It was better anyway to be naturally inseminated—natural was better all the way around. Her husband wouldn't know—he would assume she would be inseminated by artificial means, and she didn't see why she should tell him. And they could afford it too—no problem with that. The main thing, though, was that she wanted to make sure that the inseminator would sign over an agreement, that he would relinquish all rights to the child, and would not be considered a parent. The looks of the inseminator, his physical makeup? Well, she would prefer that he be halfway attractive anyway and not have any disabilities, but that was not a rigid requirement.

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   The main thing was that he be able to inseminate her and make her pregnant.
Dr. Masters entered the waiting room and checked out the woman sitting there.
Umm—my god yeah, he thought. She looks like Nicole Kidman. This is going to be fun. Um umm.
"Mrs. Wright, I'm Dr. Masters. Do you have any questions?"
"Yes, Doctor, I need to know that the inseminator relinquishes all rights. "
"Oh, yes, of course, Mrs. Wright. The inseminator has no authority or rights for claiming parentage. He will of course sign an agreement to that effect.

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   Now, you are perfectly clear on this, aren't you? That this will be a natural insemination—not artificial. "
"Yes, I'm clear about that. I'm wondering about your success rate, and any guarantee. "
"Our success rate is ninety-nine percent, and the guarantee is this: We charge you one flat rate—a one-time payment. That's all you will pay. If, by some very small chance, you do not get pregnant, we refund your payment. We will have sessions until we successfully inseminate you. There should be no problem whatsoever with that, as you are by all accounts quite healthy, able and willing to be inseminated. I foresee no problems. There is absolutely no reason why we cannot inseminate you and make you pregnant, and give you a healthy baby. Now, any more questions?"
"No, I don't believe so," she replied.
"Okay, if you're ready, we can begin. Just follow me. "
He led her down the hall to a door.
"Oh, just one thing more, Doctor.

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   The inseminator, the donor—who will he be?"
"Me," the doctor replied. "I will be your inseminator. "
"Fine," she said. Well, that's okay, she thought. He's not bad looking and he's husky and stout.
He opened the door and they entered a soft-lighted well-decorated room with a plush long wide sofa and a big-screen TV.
"Please, sit on the sofa, Mrs. Wright," he said. He poured her a glass of wine and sat with her on the sofa. He clicked the TV on and a film began showing—a very erotic film.
His cock began growing, getting stiff and hard. He looked over at her. She was voluptuous. Damn, but she looks like Nicole Kidman, or Jessica Simpson, he thought.
She watched the film and was growing aroused by it.

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Might as well get this started, he thought. I'm ready for it, and she is too.
He reached over and slid her skirt up and pulled her panties down and scooted her body down on the sofa. He unbuckled his pants, slid them down and moved over atop her. He clutched her ass and moved his crotch up on her pussy.
He dug his hard dick up her pussy, jamming it in.
"Ohh—ahh—umm," she groaned as he dug it up her cunt.
He thrust it all the way up her pussy, and then pulled back a few inches and thrust it up again. "Umm yeah—ahh yes," he hissed.
She wrapped her arms and legs around him and humped her cunt up, and he began fucking her good and strong and solidly.
"Ooh—ahh—oh god—ooh—ahh," she cooed as he pumped her pussy.
"Ahh—fuck baby fuck," he rasped.
"Ah yes—ooh yes," she replied. "Oh ah, yes!"
"Gonna fuck you, honey, till I knock you up," he panted. "Gonna fuck your sweet pussy till I squirt a baby in you.

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"Oh ah, yes," she gasped. "Fuck me, knock me up, fuck me!"
He pumped the meat to her, pounding her cunt. "Here it comes, baby, here it comes deep in your cunt. "
He heaved his dick deep in her pussy and let her have it. He squirted a gob of sperm deep in her pussy. "Yeah—hot cum deep in that sweet fucking cunt," he hissed.
"Oh god yes—ahh—squirt it deep," she panted, heaving her body up. "Oh god yes—ah yes now! Now! Ah yes—cuming now!"
He pumped sperm in her cunt as she jerked and thrashed. Her cunt muscles squeezed on his prick, sucking his semen up into her cunt.
"Ahh—umm—ooh—ahh yes," she crooned with delight.
"Umm—sweet fucking pussy," he breathed out heavily.
His cock grew hard again. He pulled her down, off the sofa, and onto his dick. He heaved his cock up into her cunt and began fucking her again. He raked her blouse up, and slid her bra up and sucked her titties as he pumped his prick in her.

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"Oh ah—umm—ah yes—ahh!" she wrapped her arms around him and locked her legs around his waist and began pumping her cunt on his dick.
He screwed her fast and hard, pumping his meat deep in her pussy. "Here it comes again, honey," he panted. "Yeah—here comes the sperm deep in your cunt. "
"Oh god yeah—aah!" she gasped. "Fuck me—fuck! Fuck!"
He jabbed his dick all the way up her pussy and spewed semen into her cervix. "Ah yeah—here's a baby for you, honey," he huffed.
He pumped glob after glob of sperm deep in her cunt.
He finally slid his dick out, got up and helped her to her feet, and told her that they should have another session in three days. "We need to inseminate you at least twice a week. We'll have another session on Friday. "
"Yes, Doctor," she smiled in satisfaction.
Friday came and the Doctor had her again. He was licking her pussy, jamming his tongue in her cunt. She clutched his head and mashed her pussy up against his mouth.

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He slid up her body and straddled her waist and guided his prick to her mouth. "Suck it, baby, suck my cock. "
He grasped her head and thrust his prick between her lips. "Yeah, suck that dick, baby—suck it good," he hissed.
He fucked her mouth for a minute, and then slid his cock out and got off the couch. He pulled her down onto her knees and got behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pushed up against her pussy from behind. He dug his dick up her cunt as he mashed and squeezed her tits.
"Oh god—ahh—ooh yess," she cooed and thrust her cunt back at him.
He slid his prick out of her pussy and pushed it against her butt. He thrust forward and pushed it into her ass.   "Ah yes—tight fucking ass. "
"Oh god—ohh Doctor, ohh," she gasped.
He dug his dick up her ass and screwed it for a dozen strokes, and then he pulled it out and slid it up her pussy.
He really began fucking her now.

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   He pumped his prick in her cunt, screwing her with strong lusty jabs. She jerked and bucked and hunched back at him as he fucked her.
"Oh god—it's so fucking good!" she panted. "Oh ah—your cock is so big and hard—god—so long and thick. Oh god—you're fucking me so good—unhh—you're filling me up. "
"Gonna fuck your pussy, honey," he rasped. "Gonna fuck you till I knock you up—gonna fuck you till I squirt a baby in you. "
"Ahh yes—give it to me," she gasped, "ooh yes—ahh—fuck me—fuck, squirt, fuck, squirt!"
He gave a mighty heave and thrust every inch of his prick up her cunt and spewed sperm. "Ahh yes—here it comes, baby, here's the cum you want—here's the sperm you want deep in your sweet-fucking cunt!"
He squirted what seemed an endless amount of semen in her pussy.
After they had finished fucking, the doctor told her that they needed to increase the insemination, that she should come to the clinic three times a week. "We need to inseminate you quite often," he said, "in order to increase the chances of getting you pregnant. "
"Oh yes, Doctor," she replied. "Every other day should do it. "
"If need be we will increase it to every day," he said. "We will get you pregnant though, don't you worry about that.

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And so it was. She was impregnated.
Dr. Masters sat at his desk and looked over the applications. "Hmm, this one looks promising," he murmured. "Married, twenty-five years of age, blonde, blue eyes, five foot six, hundred and twenty-eight. Yes, I believe I should check this one out. "


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