FAUZIA,S REUNIONSUHAIL BEGThis is a vivid rendering of a true happening and a rare coincidence. I'm in marketing profession and serving a multinational company  and my posting to Faisalabad last month brought me all the way from Lahore. It's true that I was a foreigner to this part of the country and knew none at Faisalabad. Actually on the day of the happening I was to board the Rail Car and heading to Karachi. My family was still at Lahore and I have been living alone at Bungalow in Faisalabad. I came to the Railway Station about half an hour before the departure of the Train. The time was about 7pm and since I always travel in 1st class . I never had to worry about any reservation and for all practical purposes I preferred travelling in the 1st class coupe. I had got into my cabin and settled down near the window and reading the Newspaper. Just then I heard a commotion outside the platform. Out of curiosity I glanced and found that there were about thirty to forty youngsters crowded outside and all of them speaking at the same time. I called the one who was closest to me and asked, what could be the matter. I came to understand that these are students from a local Christian High School and were on an excursion to Karachi via Lahore and were travelling by the same Rail Car. Further I found that the Students were allotted in three different 2nd class Sleeper couches and their berths were confirmed. There seems to be some confusion and the ticket collector was desperately trying to pacify them and some lady teachers were arguing Etc. Suddenly I noticed a familiar face among the teachers and found that she was my childhood friend whom I had known when I was studying my intermediate at Lahore but that was 8-years ago when I got away from Lahore for my MBA and subsequently my Job.

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   I took a closer look and confirmed that she sure was my childhood friend Fauzia. Actually Fauzia's father was a close friend of my dad and we were family friends. Sure she's the one I knew as a child and whom I longed after and lusted after in my younger years. I recollected how I used to pester and worry her for a Kiss when we were together alone during her visit to our house. But that was limited to only light kissing and fondling, nothing beyond that. She slowly became very close to me and we used to play even Daddy and Mommy game during those days. I remember one evening when we were at the terrace, I had wooed and led Fauzia to the corner and began kissing her on her mouth and feeling her buttocks boldly when her mother came to the terrace and saw us. Her mother stared at us as we parted away but I knew that her mother nurtured the idea of me marrying Fauzia. I did notice with keenness that Fauzia was now a full women and looked glamorously beautiful. She was very desirable in her blue dress. She stood at a side and her eyes looking confused and turned her head towards the compartment and she abruptly glanced at me. She stared at me as I smiled and waved my hands, immediately her eyes brightened and she boldly came close to my window and said 'Hi how do you do, heard you were posted here but we were not able to trace your telephone number, actually we have a problem two of my colleagues and me could not get reservation and we are requesting the ticket collector. Where are you heading to can I come and sit there with you?" She asked in a desperate move. "Well yes please be my guest" I said instantly. She told a student something and straight got into the compartment and entered my cabin with a briefcase and a vanity bag.

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   "Well thanks you didn't hesitate a moment, thanks" She said and placed her briefcase on the top berth and sat on the lower berth with the Vanity bag placed on the side table just an arms length away from me. "I've told them not to look for me as I'm accommodated" She told pulling out her mirror from her bag and looking at her face. Just than the Guard blew the whistle and the train started. "So you thought that I did not reply to your letters, but how dear sir all my letters were intercepted because I almost fell in a scandal after your departure from Lahore, You remember Asad from our high school, he was after me and wrote many love letters to me and my dad made it a point to tear away any letter that came with my name written" She blurted out and almost had tears in her eyes. "Ok baba don't worry at least now after 8-years I'm able to see you, I thought that I had lost you and look my God how pretty and lovely a full women and a Lady that I see". No sooner the train had started the ticket collector came into my berth and asked if he could arrange some dinner which would be served around 9pm. I politely denied and said would rather have a pot of tea at the next station. He noted down my request and bade us a thanks and left my cabin. Meanwhile my friend Fauzia was trying to sort out her ticket when I said "Well you don't need to worry about any tickets. I always book my reservation for two so that I can get a coupe allotted. She smiled at me and said "That means the ticket collector thought that I'm your wife?" I got sat up properly and started removing my shoes. I picked up the water bottle which had cold water and swung a couple of swigs from it and offered it to her. She took the bottle without a sound and had some water to drink. "Well you are  very well organised". We sat there as the train picked up speed and we discussed our family matters.

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   She told that she and her husband were transferred from the Lahore Christian High School to Faisalabad School only last month and that they were living near the main bazar in some flats. I took out my note pad and jotted down their address and the telephone number. "So at least now I have some one at Faisalabad" I spoke aloud. Fauzia asked about my family and I told her my parants are still in Lahore and they are planing to shift usa in near future. I spoke in a gentle tone "Fauzia you look lovelier than I had expected" She glanced at me and laughed an easy one and said "Well dear Sir I heard from family friends that you are planing to mary a very handsom lady living in Canada. I eased myself into a leaning position and brought my face closer to hers and inhaled her aroma and whispered "You are too lovely and one can't resist such a lovely lady". I lightly tipped a Kiss on her ears as she quivered and said nothing but closed her eyes. I took her gesture for granted and planted a kiss on her red lipstick on her lips. She immediately parted her lips and I gently eased my tongue into her mouth and smooched her again sucking at her juices from her mouth. She almost lost her breadth and pulled her lips away. "That was a good one" she exclaimed. I held her by her waist and pulled her up to a standing position. I felt her buttocks and drew her into my groin and she up held her face for me to kiss. I felt all her curves and tenderly traced her face and planted many kisses on her face and rested my face on her breasts. Fauzia pulled my face deep into her bosom and I could not but blurt out "Its been a long time since I held a Women and made love to one, Fauzia you have appeared like an Angel to bewitch me and haunt me I'm so happy" She eased herself off and said "Why dear Sir why are you in a hurry, we have all the night to carry on and next big station would come only at six in the morning" I too eased away and sat down on the berth.

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   I pulled Fauzia on me and made her sit on my lap. I held her firmly and felt her counters over her cloths and kissing her ears whispered "I had always sought you in a very secret way just see how hard one can get to be" I placed her hand over my hardness and Fauzia let her hand remain over my groin area and blurted "Yes we'll sure have a great relation and I'll have a place in your heart. My family too admire and give respect to your family, well this is a sort of union of the admirers" She went on to praise my position in the society and promised to maintain and have a decent relation with my family. She clutched my head and kissed me on my lips. "See how fate can play any game. Did you ever imagine of this encounter?" She quipped. She reminded me of those childhood frenzy sessions we used to have on the terrace back at Lahore during those good olden days. She smiled and told in my ears "Do you recollect that day when we were snuggled in a hug and my mother saw us?" She continued "Anyway you almost had my cherry and some how I resisted, Well that was long time ago and now you are married,there is nothing to stop us from being what you intended for me?" I came closer to her and took her in my arms and kissed her hugging her to me. I specifically laughed at my antiques of my childhood. "Well its written in our fate that we'll come together and see that too this way in Rail Car? But did you imagine that this is a Dream come true for us and that finally we have come to meet and mate because of my fate?. I noticed that the time was almost 8 O'clock and sound of the running train and the movement made us sleepy and Fauzia laid on my thighs and snoozed off into a sleep. I was reading a magazine and was looking at Fauzia now and then. The train stopped and I knew that our teapot would be served here, I slowly woke up Fauzia by shaking her slightly. She got up and made up her dress and unlatched the cabin door. The Cafeteria man knocked at the door and brought in the tea.

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   The hot cup of tea was reassuring and we both felt bright and it was Fauzia who picked up the conversation all over again. By about 9pm I started feeling hungry and suggested Fauzia we share our dinner. I fetched the container whish had some dinner. We savored our dinner enjoying its taste and we cleaned all the droppings and we were ready for the Show rather we were ready for our games. I latched the cabin door and pulled down the metallic shutters at the window and told Fauzia that I would rather change into a easy dress. Fauzia looked at me and smiled "Well I'll also change into some nightie". I quickly changed and wanted to feast on Fauzia changing into her nightie. She opened her briefcase and pulled out a pink Nylon Nightie. She put off the light and with only the blue nightlight on she changed slowly.
    First she let the Shalwar(Pants) off and stood with only her petticoat and bra on. I got up and helped her get rid of her shirt. Her breasts were a treat in the blue light and I could not resist from holding them and squeezing them. She shirked when I clasped her nipples in my teeth and started sucked them. My hands were around her waists and I tried to find the petticoat fastening string. Fauzia realized my plight and she brought my fingers to the knot at her string.

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       I slowly undid the knot and let her petticoat fall on the floor like a curtain and I stared at her Nudity. She stood Glittering there waiting to be. . . . My god Fauzia looked like a Sex Doll with her bare breasts showing their prime and she stood in front of me with only her dark red panty. I stopped and fell to the floor and knelt at her feet, I kept my hands around her buttocks and pulled her gently towards my face. I kissed her pussy over her panty and I licked her mound over it. The cloth felt crazy with the smell of her cunt musk. I slipped my hand into her Panty and felt her cunt. I pulled down her only clothing of her panty and there my Dream Girl Fauzia stood in front all naked except her necklace and her gold ornaments. I sat on the floor with my legs folded and asked to put her legs over my shoulders and to sit with her pussy forced into my mouth. She giggled at my antiques and volunteered to do just as I said. Fauzia was now seated with her legs over my either shoulders and her cunt was just pressed against my mouth. I held her in such a way that her buttocks were supported my palms and I asked Her to Grind her Cunt into my face.

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       I cleared her vagina's lips and sneaked my tongue in her pussy. Fauzia caught me by my hair and shook my head forward and backward, which aided the very act of tongue fucking her vagina and her cunt. I slowly lifted myself and Fauzia was giggling away like a crazy thing. I slowly laid her on the berth and crawled next to her. "My god Fauzia you have a very pungent and a musk laden aroma it makes me crazy" She lay there and without a word being said spread her legs apart and I had no other ambition but to lay siege to her Womanhood. I gently got in between her thighs and placing my hands under her buttocks, raised her torso and brought my face into her palate and Feasted on her pouted Bun of her Pussy. I crept my tongue into her moist vagina and licked her inner walls of her cunt. I tended her Labia lips and chewed her cunt lips. She just laid there cool and stroked my head. She was great and she cooperated and made way for me Sex-Extravagances. I tickled her clit and scratched it with my rough tongue. She moaned saying "Yes,YEEEESSSSS lick it up and take me with you oh gosh its heavenly yes just do it". Her clit started swelling and got inflated itself into a Rosebud. I started grinding my teeth by moving my jaw to the right and to the left, finally I clasped her bud in my teeth and started sucking her clit. She clasped my head and pushed more into her snatch.

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       By now I had separated her buttock cheeks and peeled at her bouts. I still had her mound in a raised and slowly maneuvered my right forefinger and started rimming her asshole. She jerked and heaved her hips squealing and grunting like an animal, She arched and glued her cunt into my mouth and I took this opportunity and stuck my entire forefinger up her asshole. I slowly pulled my finger and stuffed it into my mouth and inserted again. I pulled my finger out of her asshole and brought it to trace her vagina walls and I shoved it right into her pussy and turned my finger and made an arc in her inner vagina feeling her pussy from within. I scooped her cunt juice and smeared it on her asshole and I pricked her asshole again and pushed her cunt juice into her asshole. I flinched some slime from her asshole and again rubbed the mixed slime allover her vagina and Clit. I fastened my face on her groin and licked her entire Vagina and her asshole again and again. My face was smeared with the mixed juice of her pussy and the slime of her anus. Fauzia pulled my face near to her and sniffed at my face. The smell of her Muck was a rich aroma engulfing the entire Cabin. She started to kiss me and licked my face and sucked her own cunt and ass juices off from my face and mouth. My cock had automatically found its way and it was just positioned for a rich haul. I slowly pushed my waist forward and my cock slipped half way into her cunt into a deeper penetration. She exclaimed and howled as my prick jerked to its hilt and rested at her g-spot.

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       Her vagina muscles engulfed and squeezed at my hard on. I just let her have a feel of my cock as I stiffened and rested on her kissing her face with my cock deeply embedded in her cunt. I held her nipples and I started my fucking movements and rammed her cunt. Our fucking sounds thudded as I synchronous my thudding with rhythmic 'Gadag-gadag' sound of the train. Fauzia just looked mesmerized into my eyes as I continued to fuck her. I smiled at her sweet face and kissed her deeply at her red lips and pulled her tongue into my mouth while sucking the very saliva into my mouth. I swooped more of her mouth juices and requested her to part with her spit. She scooped enough spit from her throat and spit hot thick spit into my mouth. I sucked and gulped her spit and knew that I was at the Gateway to Heaven. I hastened my motion as I was nearing my climax and clinched my teeth to her cheeks and banged her pussy. I made rotational movements and I was grinding my Groin against her softness and finally sprouted my warm spunk into he womb and lay spent on her nakedness with my nakedness. I kissed her a thousand and thanked her as it was one of the best fucks I've ever had and promised to myself that I'll sure present her grand Gift whether in Cash or Kind, I just wouldn't dare such selfish deed of robbing her of her charms for nothing. We detached and slept together, I whispered my secret plans into her ears and she promised to keep company in my suit at Hyderabad and we also decided to travel back to Faisalabad towards the weekend. Well that was a great reunion.



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